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Senior Data Analyst Resume

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Business Data Analyst with extensive experience using Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft Access, SQL, QMF, SAS, OLAP, Hyperion Intelligence Explorer, Confidential Cognos, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, C, CA Data Advantage Transformer, Infopump, Web Site Development, HTML, CGI/PERL, Microfocus COBOL, MCO CICS, XDB, Lotus Notes, TCP/IP, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office VBA, Microsoft Project, UNIX, AIX, Microsoft Windows Administration, Microsoft Server Clustering, COMPAQ SAN Administration, Confidential Mainframe OS/MVS/ESA, VM/CMS, JCL, TSO/ISPF, OS System Utilities, VSAM, Assembler, OS/VS, COBOL, COBOL II, CICS, Endevor, EDF, INTERTEST, ADS/SLO, XPEDITER, FILEAID, REXX, ChangeMan.


  • Extensive experience in SQL, data analysis, and reporting
  • Expert in ETL
  • Extensive experience in application programming mainframe, midrange, and PC systems
  • Subject Matter Expert on the Confidential sales opportunity pipeline.


Confidential, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Senior Data Analyst


  • Senior consultant to the Confidential Global Finance executive team, providing financial data analysis and reporting, and creating new metrics, in support of marketing programs.
  • Senior consultant to the North America Systems Technology Group executive marketing and communications team, providing financial data analysis and reporting on the Confidential sales opportunity pipeline.
  • Senior consultant to the Maintenance and Technical Support team, developed an automated email marketing program that notified Confidential customers in advance of expiring hardware maintenance contracts.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Senior Consultant


  • Senior technical consultant to the Motorola Mobility Finance BPO team, implementing Computer Associates Data Advantage Transformer upgrades, installing Infopump servers and debugging Infopump scripts and resolving Oracle and connectivity issues for the successful CSC data center exit migration project.

Confidential, Armonk, NY

Senior Data Analyst


  • Senior Data Analyst with the global sales operations analytics team analyzing, reporting and forecasting in support of yield maximization for the world wide Confidential sales opportunity pipeline. Created new metrics, databases, reporting tools, and provided ad hoc financial analysis and advance reporting to the senior executive management team.
  • Created a Global Services sales stage conversion factor tool, an Integrated Technology Services product line summary tool, and made many updates to these tools in response to rapidly changing business requirements in the Confidential executive Business Intelligence data warehouse.
  • Created an alternate metric tool for combining pipeline metrics projections below $5M with manually input deals above $5M to produce a hybrid coverage view for the Integrated Technology Services sales operations team.
  • Provided proof of concept impact analysis, reporting, and recommendations on a transaction size pipeline metrics factor creation method for the Integrated Technology Services, Application Management Services, Systems Integration, and Core Consulting brands prior to implementation.
  • Coded the prototype, and provided direction to the team that managed the world wide executive global sales information review reports to create a new automated process to allow unattended, parameter driven data refresh of the reports in batch mode, combining Excel Macros and the Windows Scheduler; saving hundreds of hours of manual work previously done by a five man team on a weekly basis.
  • Created a customized, automated project status report generating tool and process for the data analytics team.
  • Managed complex global project plans for the Program Management Office supporting the Confidential Global Services outsourcing account for Confidential .
  • Managed the customer payment milestone percentage completed reporting process.
  • Developed customer relationships with executives and peers in the Confidential Program Management Office, while developing tools, processes, and methods supporting global program and project control and collaboration.
  • Managed the project plan for the Mainframe Mid Range and Output program, and created customizations of Microsoft Project which enabled cross program dependency management for all five global programs Cross Services, Data Center Infrastructure, Global Contact Center, Mainframe Mid Range and Output, and Network, and enhanced management analysis for the transition and transformation programs.
  • Created an automated status report generating tool featuring a traffic light presentation of progress on all global projects, saving the Project Managers on the global transformation teams many hours of manual work when producing weekly reports.
  • Managed a team of ten support technicians for all Confidential managed servers and Storage Area Networks on the Confidential Global Services customer account supporting Johnson & Johnson. Directed all outage recovery operations for Confidential managed servers.
  • Coordinated metrics and root cause analysis reporting on all server outages.
  • Managed implementation of required server hardware and software upgrades while maintaining chain of custody documentation supporting the integrity of FDA mandated validation requirements on all Confidential managed servers and Storage Area Networks.
  • Created a data storage management procedure for the Raritan campus.
  • The procedure was created in order to address a need to re balance the distribution of critical business data across all available disk partitions on Confidential managed enterprise server clusters; it was designed to be a repeatable process by which capacity management issues could be handled in a proactive way, giving better visibility on data growth and reducing server outages.
  • Successfully completed a project to transition contractor server support tasks and responsibilities at J&J corporate headquarters to on site Confidential personnel.
  • Directed or coordinated many large scale hardware migration and software integration projects for the Confidential Global Services outsourcing account for Confidential . Technical lead for the Confidential team on Confidential middleware server migrations.
  • Coordinated gathering of data and design and creation of a database of all legacy Confidential client server applications, which was critical to the Confidential firewall and network security teams in order to certify that Confidential servers could be migrated and integrated into Confidential 's network.
  • There were three logical, and three physical server migrations involving 45 servers, 116 applications, and 51 software platforms and application programming interfaces.
  • Project Manager and technical lead on the Confidential middleware Code Asset Management server migration project which was successfully implemented on schedule within budgeted time allocation according to project plan, with no disruptions to the source code version control process and workflow for the entire account.
  • Production application support leader for all Sybase DBA's for the Group Provider Systems Sybase medical provider databases in the five US regions. Resolved serious problems with the IBNR Development environment in one day that a team of Visual Basic experts had been unable to resolve for six weeks.

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

Programmer Analyst


  • Technical coordinator on many critical application development projects for Confidential Group.
  • Directed or coordinated many successful software integration and conversion projects under tight deadlines.
  • Helped to design the process to convert the legacy variable length VSAM master file of medical provider data into a heavily normalized DB2 relational database and coded the critical contract programs.
  • Helped to design the DB2 pick list, and coded the shared selection criteria module, the name search, and ZIP search modules, and the utilization management module.
  • Took over a major DB2 Extract project from an outside consultant that was in complete failure and produced correct results in less than a month, hitting the original target date.
  • Provided configuration, trouble shooting, and support to all provider systems colleagues in Microfocus XDB and the claim system application development environment.
  • Designated representative for the provider systems area to the PC LAN support group.
  • Provided consulting, assistance,, and coordination to all provider systems colleagues for PC LAN help desk requests, and for hardware and software procurement requests.

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