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Lead Business Analyst Resume

Reston, VA


  • Overall 10+years of diverse experience as a Senior Business Analystin different industry sectors and product lines - Telecom, Federal Government,Non-for-Profit, Healthcare,Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Advertisingand Product based domains.
  • CSCP certified wif strong exp in SDLC-Analysis, Design and Testing per Waterfalland Agile methodologies.
  • Solid experience facilitating, eliciting, analyzing, validating and documenting Requirements viaone-on-one interviews, requirements and working sessions and JAD.
  • Managed Agile and Waterfall projects; leadSCRUM calls, provided status update, completed tasks and identified open items that may effect sprint completion;managed teh product/sprint backlog, sprint pre-planning, epicsand backlog grooming.
  • Solid experience developing Use Cases, User Stories and creating user specific Screen Mockups and Wireframes.
  • Adept Confidential creatingUML standard UseCase, Activity (workflow) and Sequence diagrams via Visio, Confidential Process Modeler and similar tools; extensive expin Business Process Mapping (BPM)via creation of as-is and to-be process maps leading to a GAP.
  • Experience managing requirements and defects/issuesvia a suite of tools (IBM- RRC (DOORS), RTC, and RQM), ReqPro, BMC Remedy, JIRA, EMC Documentum, SharePoint, Confidential Process Modeler and Visio.
  • Proficient in creating Source to Target mapping docs per teh web services definition and Inbound data elements.
  • Exp creating Test Scenarios andTest Scripts; Performing System Integration, End-to-End, and Smoke Testing


Modeling Tools: (BPM/wireframes/Prototype) iRise, Confidential Process Modeler ( Confidential 7.2), MS Visio,Pencil (wireframes), Balsamiq, Snagit 11, Jing

Methodologies: SDLC, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile(SCRUM), Waterfall, OOAD

Requirements Mgt: IBM Rational Jazz (CLM) tool suite- RRC (DOORS), RTC, RQM, ReqPro,Rational Rose,JIRA,SharePoint 07, 10, 13, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Office

Project Mgt: MS Project

Modeling Methodology: UML standardUse Cases, Activity, and Sequence CRM/Business Process Management (BPM) Oracle Siebel CRM, Confidential 7.2, XML Testing, Issue & Defect mgt/ soapUI5.0.0 (web services), EMC Documentum 7, BMC Remedy, JIRA


Confidential, Reston, VA

Lead Business Analyst


  • Lead teh IT Business Analysis effort for Confidential & Confidential to perform Analysis, Design&Testing of teh ATT Power Management Platform.
  • Successfully created and uploaded (“on-time”) teh targeted 110 user stories on data interfaces and order management consisting on avg5-6 acceptance criteria and 3-4 business rules in 4 months.
  • Successfully validated wif ATT SME and uploaded 136stories in increments to IBM Rational under tight deadlines in 6 months.
  • Created teh source to target mapping of data from 7 disparate IT systems to teh ATT Power Management system.
  • Groomed user stories wif developers 1-2weeks prior to an iteration start date under extremely tight deadlines, so that teh dev team delivers on schedule.
  • Created highfidelityWireframes iniRiseand workflows in Visio for managing orders, submitting orders, receiving order responses, and teh power providing/consuming mapping screens
  • Developed teh logic of Managing Equipment Orders via a single screen (one stop shop) to select equipment’s to place orders.
  • Designed teh logic of Submitting Equipment Orders and receive Order submission statuses.
  • Developed teh solution to map Power Providing/Consuming Equipment’s to DC Power Plants located Confidential cell tower sites.
  • Lead teh Agile (SCRUM) process, created 136 user stories in IBM RRC, managed teh sprint backlog by grooming stories wif developers, and provided input Confidential teh sprint reviews and retrospectives.
  • Elicited reqs and validated functionality wif client in numerous absorbing working sessions to resolve complex issues concerning data interfaces and web services.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Senior Consultant (Lead Business Analyst)


  • Lead teh IT Business Analysis effort for teh core Confidential Reviews and Post Reviews product teamsto perform Systems Analysis, Design and Testing of teh Confidential EPC Reviews system per Agile SDLC standards.
  • Designed teh logic of theFORM 471 Reviews Assignment, Reviews, Escalation, Edit andOutreach Notificationcomponentsof teh systemand in terms of design funneled these into News-feed, Records, Reports and Action about teh Confidential Platform.
  • Managed andLead teh complex development (BI/Analytics) of 15 reports that included source to mappingtasks (data mapping) to point to teh Reviews EPC Application (database) to pull in necessary data for teh reports.
  • Lead teh Agile (SCRUM) process, created user stories in JIRA, managed teh sprint backlog by grooming stories, and provided input Confidential teh sprint reviews and retrospectives.
  • Analyzed and documented teh “as-is” and “to-be”viaAppian Process Modeler; re-engineered workflows and work wif development team to configure Confidential Process modelsto include these custom workflows.
  • Developed transformation logic associated theirin to trigger specific Exception conditions in teh Confidential EPC Application.
  • Created Wireframes (e.g. dashboards)in Confidential Process Modeler, Jing, and SnagIt to baseline teh requirements validation and coordinate wif teh dev lead to update teh LOE for teh user stories.
  • Authored SOPs and Job Aids, demo and train SMEs and end users on teh Confidential EPC platform.


Sr Business Systems Analyst/QA Tester


  • Elicited, analyzed and validatedFunctional Requirements pertaining to eRx, Bridge, Titration, Pharmacy Triage, PAP, Insuranceclaims, Eligibility, Prior Auth, Rx/refill fulfillment- to ascertain theBusiness Logic that would drivethe design of teh solution.
  • Mapped Business Processes via as-is and to-be, createdFRDs, RTMs, FDDs, and Test scenarios and Scripts.
  • Developed teh designof teh solution wif teh halp of SMEs; developed an InterfaceFunctional Design Document (FDD) and elicited and documented teh business rules (transformation logic to trigger specific actions in teh application) associated theirin.
  • Elicited and gatheird theInbound Data Elements from external vendors,developedData Dictionary and mapped (data mapping- source-to-target)teh inbound data elements to teh specific call center functionality (Picklists, MVGs, Screens etc.) in Oracle Siebel.
  • Developed Test scenario (340 rows) inventory, and Test scripts to validate teh scenarios(163) andperformed both System Integration testing by modifying/updatingthe XML messages and running tests via soapUI.
  • Performed End to End testing by validating XML messages forwarded by external vendors, and Smoke Test prior to PROD release; entered defects into EMC Documentum and liaison wif offshore resources to resolve defects; authored SOPs (Job Aids) and facilitated UAT.

Environment: Oracle Siebel, SharePoint 2010, EMCDocumentum, XML, Webservices,soapUI, HIPPA, Snagit,Visio,Iterative


Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager


  • Elicited and validate requirements from SMEs; Developed workflows (BPM) via for business functions via creation of as-is and to-be.
  • Dev Use Cases/stories, and created user specific Screen Mockups&Wireframes,Created Use Case, Sequence and Activity diagram; Created Test Cases/Scripts;

Environment: VS 2008, VS 2005, ASP, .Net framework 3.5, VB, ASP.NET, SQL 2000-2008, Windows server 2003, Unix,SAS, Kettle ETL, Informatica, STAT,Tibco,Visio, Project, SharePoint 2007/2010/2013, BMC Remedy,Iterative Waterfall


Sr Business Analyst


  • Responsible for facilitating, eliciting, validatinganddocumenting reporting requirements (Metrics) for VBMS-R Claims Processing Reporting Criteriawebpageby following an AGILE (SCRUM) methodology.
  • DevelopedUI Mockups/wireframes for VBMS-R Claims Processing Reporting Criteria functionality. Also, incorporated teh CRUD matrix in teh UI’s and brainstormedwif SME’s to gainconsensus on teh updates.
  • Developed User Stories; created AGILEspecific Functional Specifications(FSD)and documented user stories theirin. Also, developed Alternative flows/Exception conditionsfor teh User stories in teh FSD.
  • Lead SCRUM(SCRUM Lead)meetings wif SME’s and elicited enhanced functionality requests for VBMS-R through teh“Issue Management Screen” ofRBA2000;Incorporated these requests in teh form of User Stories in teh product backlog to be dev during sprint cycle.
  • Created Test Scenarios/Scripts andperformed System Integration/Smoke Test via Agile Test-Driven Development.

Environment: Agile Integrated Development Environment (AIDE), Java, Spring, XML, Documentum, IBM Rational Jazz (CLM) Suite Tools-RRC, RTC, RQM,JIRA,MS SharePoint, MS Project, MS Visio, Pencil, Balsamiq, Methodology- Agile

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Responsible for facilitating, eliciting, validating and documenting Data Specifications(DS) and Report Logic that populated teh EEO FORM 462 wif complaint related data from teh Title VI/VII database; adopted behavior drive Agile dev techniques.
  • Created, updated, and maintained User Storiesin JIRA. Also, used JIRA for Defect Management; Liaison wif teh Dev and Security teams to ensure compliance per 508,FISMA NIST 800-53, FIPS and mapped requirements to applicable NIST 800-53 controls; created requirements impact document for non-compliance.
  • Responsible for writing Data Specifications (DS) in teh Functional Requirements Document (FRD) in SQL code specific format to facilitate better understanding on part of teh FORM 462 development team; Developed Business Process workflow (as-is-to-be.)
  • Developed wireframes, test cases to cover teh story line, execute teh test cases-performed System Test &Smoke Test.

Environment: VS 2008, VS 2005, ASP, .Net framework 3.5, VB, ASP.NET, SQL 2000-2008, Windows server 2003, Unix,SAP BO-Crystal Reports 9.0/11.0,MS Office, MS Visio,MS Project, MS SharePoint 2007-2010, Methodology- Agile

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Business Systems Analyst/QA Tester


  • Conducted a detailed requirement analysis to capture different workflows (via Business Process Mapping) in each application that could be automated; also gatheird User Stories for six different applications- Core Payer, Care Management, Fulfillment, Letter, Pharmacy Claims processing (eligibility),and thirty-one unique workflows.
  • Involved in teh overall requirements management and to buildRTMs using HP ALM (former Test Director>Mercury)
  • Used MS Visio to model Activity & Sequence diagrams for teh applications design; Created Test Scenarios and Scripts and performed System and Smoke Testing via HPQC; created SOPs and facilitated UAT.
  • Logged defects into HP ALM and tracked defects and liaised wif teh technical team to resolve defects of teh System Test results.

Environment: MS Office, MS Project, MS Access, MS Visio, OS- Windows. Platforms- .NET, HP- ALM, HIPPA, Agile

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