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Application Programmer V Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Data and business analyst in advanced analytics, architecture, credit risk, and marketing analytics, with focus on data governance, systems, and model validations.
  • Work with management, business, and technology teams, to develop effective solutions for business requirements.
  • Emphasize best practices, technology, data security, compliance, cost, process improvement, and efficiency.
  • Advanced Analytics: Understanding business requirements, programming, analyzing, resolving financial risk, data governance, and compliance, to implement smart business solutions and practices in scorecards, credit risk, financial crimes, anti - money laundering, and economic sanctions, utilizing AGILE methodologies
  • Data Mining, Data Structures and Warehousing, and ETL Enhancements: Strong proficiency in SAS, SQL queries, UNIX shell scripting, and Tableau development skills, methodologies, and efficiencies to develop solutions architecture, process flow, data mining, data warehousing, data modeling, ETL processing, and data visualization
  • Project Management and Interpersonal Skills: Collaborate in multiple information technology improvement projects with AGILE teams, audit, compliance, legal, consultants, developers, and quality assurance by achieving cooperation and consensus with interpersonal communication skills, support, trust, appreciation, and respect


Business Applications: Affinium-Unica, Business Objects, EXCEL, MS Project, MS Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint, Tableau Desktop, Teradata - Aprimo Marketing Studio, JIRA, Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop, Spotfire, SAP PowerDesigner

Lending Applications: ACAPS, Alltel, CACS, FISERV, HOGAN Loans, Kirchman FL

Programming Applications: SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, UNIX VI Editor, JCL, Mainframe, MVS, SQL, VSAM, ORACLE, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Visual Basic: Script, Java, Haas


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Application Programmer V


  • Business analyst and data analyst bodies of work with business, technology, and project management in AGILE to develop and implement Haas automation for Ongoing Monitoring Report of scorecards across Confidential ’s lines of business.
  • Coordinate and facilitate quarterly Ongoing Monitoring Report production utilizing SAS in current operational processes, while concurrently coordinating and facilitating the same in Haas OMR automation development and production.
  • Provide knowledge, expertise, and direction as business lead to technology and project management to further develop, progress, coordinate, and monitor business requirements.
  • Perform advanced analytics SAS and SQL queries, research, and support of business reporting functions and requirements for current operational processes and automation development.
  • Provide process improvements consultation to Business and Technology leads in regards to management and advancing multiple bodies of work in varying facets of scorecards reporting and oversight.
  • Provide documentations and communications in outlines, procedures, Business Requirements Documents, Detailed Requirements Documents, and JIRA epics and stories writing, planning, grooming, and execution.
  • Perform user acceptance testing (UAT), verifications, validations, and sign-offs on technology applications and report deliverables.
  • Participate and contribute to project intake sessions to plan for large bodies of work coordination between AGILE teams.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Contractor Data Governance Consultant


  • Business Analyst capacity work with senior level management and researchers on implementing data governance and management for best data practices and data security.
  • Gathered business requirements of research projects in regards to data governance work, data management, data security, and procedures implementation.
  • Analyzed various research data to assign data classifications in accordance to Confidential data classifications and NIST data classification standards.
  • Provided planning, documentation, training, and implementation of data governance procedures in accordance to data governance policies across data governance pilot projects.
  • Collaborated with Professional Services, Technology Solutions, Information Security, and Information Technology groups at Confidential to scale up for enterprise wide implementation of data governance procedures to policies.
  • Researched and referenced data usage agreements, proposals, and contracts, to adhere to data policies and regulations for education, social, and health services research and publication work.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Business Data Analyst


  • Worked on Investigation Support Solution project, using SQL Assistant to write complex SQL queries in Teradata environment, in regards to data analysis, governance, and reporting of account, party, and transaction data.
  • Sourced data from multiple sources to be uploaded into application after analyzing, cleansing, standardizing, profiling, and scoring data for data integrity, validation, and governance, utilizing SQL queries for stress testing and user acceptance.
  • Worked with business partners on of Coverage and Control Management tool application to consolidate data integration into one application, for financial crimes, anti-money laundering, and economic sanctions for regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborated with management, solutions architect, developers, and quality assurance to develop and enhance application for business to deploy into production for bank wide utilization, using Balsamiq mockups and SAP PowerDesigner.
  • Implemented requirements from Mandatory Required Actions, Business Requirements Documents, High Level Design, Low Level Design, and Functional Requirements into the application with business partners’ detailed inputs in grooming sessions.
  • Wrote JIRA stories, directed Java developments, communicated daily progress updates, wrote SQL queries to conduct user acceptance testing on data implemented in UI application, and assisted with project management of the project in AGILE.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Data Analyst


  • Utilized Tableau Desktop to consolidate processed data from multiple sources and SQL queries into Tableau for dashboard reporting and querying abilities for management and analysts use in business decisions and solutions.
  • Converted manual EXCEL reporting process of quarterly Business Continuity Metrics reports from a weeklong process to two minutes SAS code run, and EXCEL report deck output delivery.
  • Worked in Operational Risk Management to gather and analyze data, and report on business continuity plans and testing metrics for all lines of business for the bank.
  • Performed trending analysis to develop methodology and set thresholds and parameters for Operational Risk Management’s business continuity plans, tests, and validations.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Marketing Consultant


  • Analyzed and reported on Confidential partner demographics, campaign response, and key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Worked with marketing managers and partners to scope, develop, and implement marketing campaigns.
  • Managed ETL and MIS processes, program in SAS and SQL, and provide data analytics for modeling and marketing analysis.
  • Managed data requests in Teradata - Aprimo Marketing Studio for campaign requirements, for direct mail and email lists.

Confidential, Timonium, MD

Credit Risk Analyst


  • Developed and implemented credit risk reports and alerts for users, for timely reporting to leadership team.
  • Managed large vintage volumes, transactions, credit, and performance data for credit risk analysis and standardized reporting.
  • Worked with internal team and external teams across organization, IT, collections, and decision science, to collaborate on projects, process improvements of BAU projects, and high level projects for senior management, using AGILE methodologies.
  • Provided in-depth knowledge of data structure, systems, and requirements, as the subject matter expert (SME).
  • Worked on in-depth data analysis and validation for modeling and scoring data, able to manipulate data to affect model scores, change model algorithms according to requirements.
  • Developed and implemented SAS automated reports, crontab, alerts, and data scoring in support of BillMeLater and Confidential credit production processes, to run at specific time intervals, comparing daily and period averages, for standard deviations.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC 

Technical Consultant


  • Developed and produced monthly decile reports for direct and telemarketing channels for home equity marketing campaigns.
  • Utilized SAS and Teradata SQL Assistant in the SASPlex environment to extract data from multiple sources, including the bank’s ‘W’ Teradata environment for marketing campaign analysis and reporting.
  • Managed data directories and repositories in the UNIX environment of ad-hoc and production data, required for analysis.
  • Produced post-campaign performance analysis and PowerPoint presentations of home equity lines marketing campaigns.
  • Interacted with data modelers to gain knowledge, understanding, and feedback of the data modeling process for campaign development, analysis, data compilation, and reporting purposes.
  • Provided specific detailed work on merging of internal data with external vendor data to develop data lineage trend analysis.

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