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Management/program Analyst Resume

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Program/Management Analyst with a progressive work history and consistent delivery of high - quality work. Proven ability to organize and manage a high volume of work. Adept at serving in a business analyst capacity implementing quality assurance methods. Also skilled in requirements gathering, software testing, and technical documentation work.


Management/Program Analyst



  • I routinely investigated the findings generated by new and revised Crystal Reports to ensure that program operations run effectively to produce accurate information for assessment of factors such as workforce productivity, work and sleep balance, and scheduled hours of operations.
  • After extensive investigation of data from different sources and attempts to reconcile the data, as well as regular coordination with IT specialists and program analysts, I made recommendations as a member of the User Acceptance Team to either accept each report as accurate or return it for further development.
  • These reports were revised as necessary to produce more accurate findings that assisted with the maintenance of effective operations.
  • Software systems used include Aircrews, Real Time Flight Display, Next Generation Portal, and the Federal Air Marshal Information System.
  • Learned and utilized Agile methods to assemble and write comprehensive user stories for Crystal Reports that were new or under further development.
  • The requirements analyst role was in addition to my work as a software tester for about four years with the Confidential .
  • Through completion of monthly audits for all Confidential (FAMS) field office personnel, I maintained access controls over the various MSNS IT applications.
  • These controls pertain to access as well as to appropriate access levels regarding each of these applications. MSNS is an IT application platform comprised of functions used for building, scheduling, repairing, and researching Federal Air Marshal (FAM) mission assignments.
  • Completed workflow and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation explaining some of the access audit procedures for the internal audit process pertaining to FAMS field office personnel.
  • On a four-month detail as a Communications Specialist for the Office of Finance and Administration (OFA) at Confidential, I completed communications and presentation functions such as e-newsletter editing and layout; web page editing (using SharePoint, a content management system); and revision and dissemination of OFA-wide flyers and emails.
  • I respond in a continuously timely and effective way to questions and concerns posted by the traveling public to Confidential.
  • These are questions pertaining to Confidential programs, policies, and practices. This work involves frequent interaction each day, both verbally and in writing, with internal and external stakeholders such as other team members, the manager on duty, and Secure Flight Reporting and airline personnel.
  • On a rotating basis during the initial detail assignment period, I compiled the day's Confidential metrics and issues for resolution.
  • This required research into pending issues, to determine whether some had been resolved and could be removed from the Confidential, and to check that all new issues were included in the report.
  • The research into pending issues was in a special project role that required analysis of information from some different sources to ensure accurate responses.

Program Analyst

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • For a large Specialized Security Training contract, supported Contracting Officer Technical Representative functions such as detailed review of invoices to check for discrepancies and errors.
  • Provided assistance with monitoring of personnel actions for vetting of contractor personnel and editing of documents such as Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans for various large task orders.
  • Conducted program coordination functions for Security Training Instructor facilitator training by preparing documentation such as Statement of Work, cost estimate, and project plan for this training.
  • Participated in meetings to help establish arrangements for this training.

Administrative Specialist

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Tracked division's monthly budget for various accounting strings representing training, travel, and supply expenses.
  • Developed budget template for use within the division.
  • Compiled various sets of cost data from Confidential reports and purchase order logs.
  • Served as designated purchase-card holder for the division.
  • Built and maintained an Access database to track course development status for the Instructional Systems Design Division.
  • Completed comprehensive documentation sets, one to explain design of the database and the other to explain how to use the database to enter and track project data.
  • Created another similar project tracking database for use within the division.

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