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Assistant Researcher Resume

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Madison, WI


  • Seeking position which requires excellent synergy of technical, programming, organizational, communication, management, leadership and problem - solving skills.


  • I am trained, energetic and accomplished Project Manager, with a track record of success in assisting with complex projects.
  • Dedicated advocate for change to identify, support and enhance business value from concept to completion. I have a large portfolio of leading supplier selection and negotiations, managing the business relationship with clients, delivering in-depth and on-demand business analysis and intelligence, data analysis, data visualization and building customer satisfaction.


Assistant Researcher

Confidential, Madison, WI


  • Developed specialized data analysis methods, web-based delivery platform and front-end for large part of Proxy Data Team’s near-real time visualization and validation of synthetic data generated for future satellite instruments like ABI (Advanced Baseline Interferometer). Project used Agile methodology for software-oriented Project Management.
  • Managed the testing and deployment phases of IMAPP cloud, fog and fire detection software (using C, Python, HTML, comprehensive shell scripting, Agile methodology used throughout the project lifecycle).
  • Streamlined real-time operational web-based delivery scripts and customer-oriented validation of synthetic data using existing satellite data (using Perl and shell scripting, deployed on Apache server).
  • Developed new capabilities of WRF-Chem community atmospheric modeling system in assimilation of additional datasets originating with newly phased-in satellite systems. (mostly Fortran, some C, Python, SLURM workload manager for HP computing)

Founder and Managing Officer, Business Analyst



  • Led product requirements gathering, project planning, risk assessment and mitigation efforts with multiple business projects.
  • Led multiple meetings with stakeholders (including clients), delivered various presentations using Tableau BI, Power BI, MS PowerPoint.
  • Prepared various snapshot and operational dashboards using both Tableau and PowerBI using multiple data format, sources and specially developed connectors.
  • Analyzed various market and regulatory data sets and synthesized thorough and informative business intelligence reports for clients.
  • Developed business contacts abroad to deliver on-demand and in-depth business intelligence and analysis; fostering strategic relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Developed and managed 3 employees, marketing programs, strategic planning, KPI goals, budget management, execution, and ROI tracking.
  • Developed MS Project plans and SAP workflows for project planning, execution, reporting and tracking.
  • Successfully developed US market channels for several non-US companies.
  • Reduced costs/delivery time without compromises in delivery standards; identified key areas for improvements by conducting thorough cost and profit analysis.




  • Participated in successful development of the novel system producing and validating synthetic (modeled) satellite data in near real-time.
  • Developed and redesigned various algorithms (in Interactive Data Language - IDL) for visualization and manipulation of model and satellite data for web-based delivery and validation of synthetic data using existing satellite data.
  • Enabled streamlining of the modeling system used in the project via preparation and support of model-to-model and model-to-observation validation tools.
  • Developed and maintained web-based delivery system of modeled and analyzed satellite data

Research Associate



  • Developed spectral, statistical and qualitative methods and algorithms to analyze various meteorological and climatological data (in multiple temporal and spatial scales) using IDL, Matlab and Fortran visualization and computing languages.
  • Created methods and algorithms for computational fluid dynamics modeling and visualization of results.
  • Developed large atmospheric data modeling and analysis tools via cooperation with various scientists and groups in the geophysical sciences ( Confidential Langley Research Center, Global Modeling and Assimilation Office - Confidential Goddard Space Flight Center, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere - Kyoto University) on data assimilation and modeling techniques.
  • Redeveloped the Univ. of Wisconsin-Nonhydrostatic Modeling System to work in quasi-global mode allowing for variable forcing options, successful, novel and unorthodox approach.

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