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Sr. Workday Business Analyst Resume

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Minnetonka, MN


  • 7+ years of IT experience in analysis/design/development/implementation Expertise in Workday.
  • 6+ years of experience as a Workday Business Analyst for Integrations, Reporting and Workday Studio.
  • Expertise in workday Reporting, Advance Reporting, iLoad’s, Business Process and Configuration.
  • Experienced in workday Studio, EIB's (INBOUND and OUTBOUND), Core Connecters.
  • Working Knowledge in Workday Studio Integration, Custom Integration, Packaged Integration.
  • Skilled in both technical and functional design, coding, unit testing, and user acceptance testing to support multiple deliverables.
  • Experience on various Workday integration tools such as EIB, Document Transformation, Workday Studio and library of Workday Cloud Connect.
  • Hands - on with configuring EIB, building Custom Report using Calculated Fields.
  • Extensively involved in trouble shooting and fixing problems at development, system testing and post-production stages for various HRMS modules.
  • Expertise in SQL, XML, XSLT, and Web Services technologies.
  • Experience with the various technologies involved in Simple object access protocol (SOAP) development (XML, XPath, XSLT, Web Services).
  • Experience in End Users on Job Requisition System, Benefits and Payroll.
  • Created custom Workday reports and modify/troubleshoot existing custom reports.
  • Done research existing functionality for fit-gap analysis for new HCM requirements.
  • Modified customized Hire, Change Job, Request Compensation Change business processes to include executive management 'send back' notifications.
  • Done Mapping PT employee data to WD Templates. Creating custom inbound EIBs to load part-time employee information into Workday Tenant. Processes include Employee Hire/Terminate.
  • Provided Workday which included Fundamentals, Simple Inbound/Outbound Integrations, Business Processes, Calculated Fields, Report Writer, and Security Fundamentals.
  • Designed business flow diagrams and processes, which included processes in Staffing, job benefits, compensation grades and packages.
  • Worked with different staffing models, defining Hire restrictions to Job Management, Position Management and Headcount Management.
  • Experience in creating Job Profiles, Job Families and Job Family Groups.
  • Worked with creation of Position and Headcount Groups.
  • Expertise in creating Compensation rules, Compensation components and setting up compensation segment security features.
  • Good understanding of Integrations including Web Services, SaaS, Workday Architecture, Business Process Framework and I Loads.
  • Expertise in various Workday Integration tools in Workday such as Workday Studio BIRT, EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder), Core Connectors/Document Transformations.
  • Good understanding of Integrations including Web Services, SaaS, Workday Architecture, Business Process Framework and iLoad’s.
  • Expertise in various Workday Integration tools in Workday such as Workday Studio BIRT, EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder), Core Connectors/Document Transformations.
  • Performed tasks in creating the Business process like Role assignment, compensation and payroll and configured them.


Workday Functional: Organization Structure, Staffing Models, Compensation, Business Process, Configurable Security, Benefits, Absence management.

Tools: SQL, PL/SQL, SQR, Crystal Info, Citrix and Visual Basic 6.0, Oxygen XML, XSLT.

Taleo: Taleo Connect Client.

Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Unix (Solaris), Windows XP/07/10/vista and Linux 7.1.

ERP Tools: People Soft, Workday.

Workday Technical: Integration, EIB, Report Writer, BIRT Design, Document Transformations, iLoad’s, Calculated Fields, Business Object.

Cloud Technologies Workday: Core Connector, EIB, Report Writer, Workday Studio and Security

Web Programming Tools: ASP, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, IDE/ Editors Visual Studio 2008, Eclipse, Net Beans.


Sr. Workday Business Analyst

Confidential - Minnetonka, MN


  • Involved in creating the Technical Design Documents for the Integration's based on the Functional Design Documents.
  • Configured Workday's business process framework configured conditional rules to guide workflow or validate data as required to accommodate desired outcomes.
  • Managed Data conversions, HR and Compensation related Custom Reports, Security Management, Business Process configuration and configuring the application according to customer requirements and developing system Integration.
  • Developed, maintained & troubleshoot data integrations with other systems including third party systems. Managed system security, worked and updated on user roles.
  • Created and maintained custom and ad - hoc reports as well as, run scheduled reports needed by end-users and created Custom Workday reports and modify/troubleshoot existing custom reports using Calculated Fields.
  • Worked with Workday Report Writer, Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT), and worked on custom integrations with third party applications using Workday Core Connector & EIBs.
  • Developed Inbound and outbound integrations using EIB, Web Services SOAP, WSDL, XML, and XSLT Document Transformation for several integrations from Workday to downstream internal and vendor systems and provided necessary security for related functional area to launch the EIB.
  • Developed Core connector and Document Transformation integrations to get changes file of CSV format from XML Output.
  • Developed simple and secure integrations using Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) and worked with Workday Studio and Cloud connectors to fix integration related issues.
  • Implemented Workday Techno Functional and Data Migration using EIB, Core Connectors and Workday Studio in addition to creating Simple and Advanced reports.
  • Built an integration to report taxes to ADP for periodic, monthly and quarterly tax filing.
  • Created new integrations to pull new hire information using core connector worker and delivered using document transformation, which uses core connector XML outputs as its data source input.
  • Configured business process for Hire, Create Requisition, purpose compensation, Assign Organizations and created web service in the integrations to replicate the BP automatically.
  • Responsible for loading stock exercise tax amount using off cycle payroll inputs web services for W4 tax calculations.
  • Worked on solutions for the implemented HR functions of compensation management.
  • Worked on Job Profiles, Compensation Components, Setup Compensation Eligibility Rules, Compensation Grades & Grade Profiles and Compensation package in Workday system.
  • Worked with implementation partners to configure Payroll and Time Tracking application.
  • Creating the new business processes and notifications in deployment and sandbox tenants based on the designed business flow diagrams.
  • Used sequence generators, generating templates and validating inbound integration system results.
  • Worked on configuring Domain Security Policy and Business Process Security Policy.
  • Developed test cases and test scenarios to perform UAT, SAT on the newly developed integrations.
  • Used Excel (Macros) to maintain the project status and to do tasks across the agile development process.

Workday Business Analyst

Confidential - San Jose, CA


  • Developed various Inbound and Outbound Integrations for transferring data from legacy system to workday and workday to other third - party systems using EIB, Core Connector, Data Transformation and Workday Studio.
  • Created new integration to pull the new hires information using Core Connector Worker and Document Transformation which uses connector integrations XML Output as its data source input.
  • Building custom integration using various integration tools and various integration technologies like XML, XSLT.
  • Used delivered ETV/XTT functions from a Custom XSLT file to transform the content into CSV file format.
  • Used sequence generators, generating templates and validating inbound integration system results.
  • Created and used calculated fields in reporting, business processes, integrations and other areas within Workday.
  • Worked with the vendors for debugging issues with integrations and mapping the requirements.
  • Responsible for preparing the migration and deployments for integrations to Sandbox and Production.
  • Scheduled the integrations, Reports to run on the specific times, Setting up email notifications for failure and other events.
  • Developed Complex reports using Workday Reporting Platform, Workday Report Designer and Calculated Fields.
  • Modified and troubleshoot of custom reports and configuring Custom Reports into Work lets and use appropriate Related Actions of Workday Business objects that apply to the parameters of the reports.
  • Developed Studio Integration for the Headcount and Salary Statement Report and created those reports from the scratch by using Matrix Reports and Composite Report.
  • Primary role as Inbound Integration creation using Studio to load Payroll data into Workday system using Web services
  • Worked on Studio for doing several Modifications on Payroll by splitting the pay codes for Deferral Percent and Deferral Amount.
  • Created various reports using multiple calculated fields by applying sorting, filter and sub-filter.
  • Managed Data conversions, HR and Compensation Related Custom Reports and other important documents.
  • Created Business Form Layouts for Supplier payment and Ad Hoc payment notifications using BIRT in Workday Studio.
  • Created Complex BIRT layouts for Compensation merit and talent statements.
  • Participated in all testing including, system testing, parallel testing, and UAT through the approved project testing tool for the Workday system.
  • Entered Time off Requests through the Calendar, Time off Requests through the Grid, Time off Requests through the Grid.
  • Managed Absence Management Tracking System (AMTS), an online tool that allows supervisors and absence administrators to document, track and manage employee's absences.
  • Created the new business processes and notifications in deployment and sandbox tenants based on the designed business flow diagrams.

Workday Business Analyst

Confidential - Santa Monica, CA


  • Worked on inbound and outbound integrations on EIB's, Core Connectors and Workday Studio.
  • Used inbound Enterprise Interface Builders (EIB) and Web services to load the new employee data, benefits data, commissions data etc. to Workday.
  • Done document transformation and expertise in XML, XSLT, HTML, BIRT and other web service technologies.
  • Conducted knowledge transfer sessions to customer business users to run and support integrations.
  • Responsible for break fixing, debugging and maintaining Studio Integrations within the organization.
  • Worked on Workday tools like iLoad s and EIBs.
  • Developed and modified custom reports for Business Transactions, Action Events, Payroll and Benefits.
  • Responsible for testing of Full - Cycle Payroll run, which includes Pay Sheet creation, pay calculation and Pay confirmation.
  • Created multiple advanced reports, dashboards, score cards, matrix reports and composite reports using sub filters and sorting according to the requirements from the business users.
  • Created calculated fields like evaluate expression and True/False and used them in custom advanced reports. These reports were prepared according to the requirement of the benefits vendor and used in workday studio integrations.
  • Worked Closely with HR Partners, business users and Finance Auditors to collect requirements for Benefits, Compensation, Payroll and Talent Reports.
  • Created PDF reports using BIRT Reporting, tested the data by pointing the data source to Sandbox, Implementation and Production tenants.
  • Configured Organizational Hierarchies, Supervisory Organizations, Reorganizations, and Subordinate Supervisory Organizations.
  • Responsible for creating new positions using position management and job management staffing models and hiring new employees into these positions.
  • Created user based and job based security groups, added them to domains in various functional areas like benefits, compensation, etc., and assigned these security groups to the new hires.
  • Provided support for issues related to Workday HCM, Compensation, Reporting and Security.
  • Worked closely with implementation partners and handled multiple business end meetings.
  • Worked on functional tickets on core HR, compensation and absence management.
  • Created several Custom Security Groups and Custom Security Roles.

Workday Business Analyst

Confidential - Reston, VA


  • Participated and Support the Integrations and Custom Reports and Security, and ADP payroll, benefits, Kronos.
  • Responsible for Create and Maintain the Studio Integrations, EIB, and Custom Reports.
  • Responsible for High Priority Tickets issues in Workday, Identify the Problem and Fix the issue on time
  • Participated in maintain the Service now, Insite, Chatter, Angel Points, Fidelity Etc.
  • Worked as a Reporting Specialist to create custom reports using Workday Report Writer to meet the business needs of HR and Payroll application report consumer groups And Produced Ad - Hoc reports as required, often combining data from multiple sources to achieve desired results.
  • Maintained Studio Integrations within the organization, Responsible for break fixing, debugging of the integration
  • Troubleshoot Workday configuration and reporting issues to identify and fix root causes
  • Maintained EIB outbound and inbound Integrations with sin the organization and 3rd party Vendors.
  • Performed unit test on the developed integrations.
  • Created test cases consolidating developer's test cases, business use cases.
  • Performed three rounds of system testing which involves connectivity test, file formatting and Business cases.
  • Maintained data analytics and dashboards to satisfy requirements.
  • Maintained log of issues for existing reports & document new report needs.
  • Managed integration deliverables associated with Workday Implementation projects.
  • Responsible for developing the reporting strategy for the HCM Domain. Advised the business on the use of leveraging Workday Standard Delivered reports.
  • Done daily Implementation of company data into Workday and migration of system information.
  • Responsible for Build and Delivery of Workday Integrations that were built using EIB's, Cloud Connect and Workday Studio.

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