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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume



  • Seasoned IT professional with 8+ years of global experience in techno - functional roles across various domains including Banking and E-Commerce.
  • Served as a Developer, Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst and Scrum Master Roles with proven ability in leading cross functional and self- organizing teams.
  • Knowledge, expertise in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies such as Waterfall, Spiral, Agile Framework-Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming and Hybrid Model - Waterfall Agile.
  • Helped business in decision making by providing SWOT Analysis, Root cause analysis, Cost- Benefit Analysis and AS-IS To-Be business analysis.
  • Proficient in networking with individuals at various levels while organizing, conducting and facilitating requirement elicitation sessions such as survey/questionnaires, interviews, brainstorming, focus group, requirement workshops, document analysis and JAD sessions.
  • Has thorough understanding of Change Management Process and ensured each change goes through a systematic Project Impact Analysis.
  • Well acquainted with workflows and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams such as Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Dataflow diagrams using Rational Rose and MS- Visio to support system design.
  • Good Understanding on Bank Secrecy Act, CASA, Check 21 Act, FACT Act, PCI, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, FCRA Act, and BASEL Acts.
  • Proficient in Requirement Management, Sprint Planning, Issue Tracking, Impediment Management and Work allocation using ServiceNow, JIRA, Rally.
  • Used Tableau to create innovative executive dashboards, scorecards and weekly/ monthly reports on teh status of key business measurements.
  • Worked with Architects and Developers to create Conceptual and Logical Models.
  • Extensive implementation knowledge of Databases, Schemas, Data Marts and OLAP operations such as Roll-up, Drill-down, slicing, dicing and pivoting using Excel.
  • Experience working in Three-Tier architecture, Web Services (SOAP, WSDL), Client-Side and Server-Side Validation. Possess good knowledge of validation scripting like JavaScript, JQuery and Angular JS.
  • Collaborated on creating Work Breakdown Structure to define and group project’s discrete work elements using MS project and achieving teh milestones by tracking schedules, and evaluating teh impact of changes.
  • Understanding on Hadoop big data concepts and tools such as Spark, Hive, Pig, Flume, Sqoop, Kafka, Job tracker, Task Tracker, Master Name Node, Slave Data Nodes, and H-Base.
  • Possess experience in monitoring large volume of streaming data using Apache Flume and Apache Kafka.
  • Good knowledge on Data Warehouse related concepts such as Dimensional model (Conceptual and Logical), Star, Snowflake schema and Fact Tables.
  • Extensively used joins, unions, outer joins, group by, order by to extract data from different data sources and to perform DDL (Data Definition Language) operations to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) teh data in teh database for data manipulation & data analysis.
  • Experience in Data Profiling, Data Modeling, Data Mapping and ETL process consisting of extracting data from various sources, Data Cleansing, Transformation and loading it into teh Data Warehouse.
  • As a Scrum Master, facilitated and time-boxed teh scrum ceremonies such as: Daily Stand-up meeting, Sprint Prioritization, Sprint planning, Sprint Review, Retrospectives meetings including Grooming sessions.
  • Proficient in estimation techniques like Planning Poker, T-shirt sizing, Dot Voting and Relative mass evaluation.
  • Experienced in conducting Scrum Training Workshops and User Story Writing workshops to familiarize stakeholders with Scrum process.
  • Well versed in writing User Stories and breaking down Epics into user stories satisfying INVEST criteria.
  • Worked closely with Product Owner in prioritizing user stories using techniques like Moscow, Kano and Business Value based methods.
  • Knowledge on Agile techniques featuring User Stories, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming.
  • Guided teh team to remove impediments by finding teh right personnel to remove teh blocker.
  • Facilitated fun retrospectives such as Secret Box, Circle Celebration, Sad Mad Glad and teh Wheel techniques.
  • As a Scrum Master coached my cross functional team on agile principals/scrum principals and made sure teh team is following them. Collaborated with both off-shore and on-shore team members.
  • Experience in breaking down teh user stories into task satisfying SMART criteria with teh halp of Scrum Team.
  • Experience in recording and maintaining teh artifacts like Product Backlog, Impediments list, sprint burn down charts and sprint burn up charts to track my team’s performance and keeping it visible to teh team members and business owners.
  • Well versed in documenting and reviewing teh Business Requirements Document (BRD), Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and Functional Specification Document (FSD).
  • High experience in tracing requirements throughout teh development process and verifying to Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Expertise in Graphic User Interface Design (GUI), wireframes and UI mock-ups using Balsamiq tool.
  • Worked with QA team to design Test Plans and Test cases for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) using HP QC/ HP ALM.


SDLC Methodologies: Agile-Scrum, Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, Waterfall, XP, SAFE, Kanban.

Requirement Management: ServiceNow, JIRA, Rally, Confluence, HP ALM.

Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Mock Up Screens, Rational Rose, Balsamiq.

Reporting Tools: IBM Cognos, Tableau, MS office Suite, Spotfire, MS Excel

Big Data: Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, MapReduce, Zoo Keeper

Office Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS SharePoint 2013, MS Project,MS VISIO

Testing Tools: HP QC/HP ALM, Bugzilla.


Databases: MySQL, MS Access, Oracle.

Data Warehousing: Data Modeling, Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Slicing/Dicing, Drill Up/ Drill Down, Pivot, Informatica


Confidential, OH

Sr. Business Systems Analyst


  • Facilitated various Scrum ceremonies like Daily Scrum, Product Backlog Refinement, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Planning and Sprint Review.
  • Coordinated with Product Owner during Prioritization meetings and making sure teh Product Backlog is well refined and ready to be played.
  • Performed Entry /Exit amigos before teh stories are moved to Testing phase, to make sure teh developers had a clear understanding on teh requirements captured.
  • Touch based with stakeholders on regular intervals to gather requirements and to provide status report of teh project.
  • Worked with tech leads in breaking down teh Epics into User stories and writing well defined Acceptance Criteria in teh “Given, When, Then “format.
  • Created user stories and wrote Acceptance Criteria for all teh Incidents and Change requests that were assigned to ServiceNow.
  • Used teh Planning Poker technique during Backlog Refinement sessions to get teh estimates from teh development team.
  • Created UML diagrams like Use Case, Activity and Sequence diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Worked closely with Scrum Master in preparing teh Sprint Burn down chart and halped in calculating teh team’s velocity.
  • Scheduled Demo sessions with business users to walk them through teh application built before moving teh code to production.
  • Coordinated with testing team during our ServiceNow upgrade from Helsinki to Jakarta, by executing teh test cases for each module interacting with Servicenow to make sure no module is broken after teh upgrade.
  • Created test cases and test plan to halp teh testing team for better understanding of teh process.
  • Involved in API and WebService Testing while integrating with Maximo and Telenium tool to validate teh response.
  • Created Requirement Specification documents for all teh enhancement projects and uploading them in our team ShareNow site for future reference.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, ServiceNow tool, MS Visio, ShareNow, MS Project, MySQL,javascript.

Confidential, NJ

Sr. Business Systems Analyst / Scrum Master


  • Facilitated JAD sessions, focus groups, Interviews, quizzes to elicit requirements from teh business owners and teh technical members of teh project to understand teh GAP Analysis.
  • Acted as a liaison between teh Hadoop administrator, Hadoop developers and Business owners.
  • Well versed in documenting and reviewing teh Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Software Requirement Specification (SRS).
  • Performed data analysis and gatheird reports to show Business owners teh kind of platforms and segments that TEMPhas to be targeted to enhance teh customer experience.
  • Worked extensively on creating UML diagrams- Use Case Diagrams, Activity diagrams using business modeling tools such as MS Visio.
  • Was involved in conducting API Testing and Web Services Testing to check if teh API’s are returning teh right response for teh request’s made.
  • Identified teh customer’s behavior that are loyal to a specific category and provided teh information to teh merchants halping them in customer retention by optimizing those customer’s rewards.
  • Worked on querying data and creating on demand reports and involved in data validations and performed Sentiment Analysis in Social Media & used Sqoop to transfer data from RDBMS to HDFS.
  • Piloted research to collect and assemble teh data from various data sources. Ensure monitoring of teh important data elements for data quality and integrity.
  • Identified areas for improvement and increased sales and marketing opportunities of our clients through various comparative analytics, statistical and data mining techniques using Tableau.
  • Created Mock Up screens and Wireframes using Balsamiq for client verification.
  • Wrote test cases, test plans, and test scenarios and traceability matrices used by teh Quality team for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Facilitated and time-boxed Scrum ceremonies like Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Refinement, Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings.
  • Helped negotiating commitments and assured parallel understanding of requirements and deliverables amongst team in Sprint Planning Meetings.
  • Created User Stories and led teh Planning Poker game to estimate them in Sprint Planning and Backlog Grooming meetings.
  • Reviewed Sprint Burn down and Release Burn down Charts to maintain team’s velocity.
  • Timely assured development team had necessary resources to perform up to potential, tracked and removed impediments.
  • Worked with teh Product Owner during teh Sprint Review Meeting for teh Potential Shippable Product Increment (PSPI) and halp decide which features met teh definition of Done.
  • Helped resolved team and organizational level impediments.
  • At teh end of each sprint conducted Sprint Retrospective meetings such as Circle Celebration, Sad Mad Glad techniques so each stakeholder can freely express their opinions and suggest improvement measures.
  • Helped teh Product Owner to Prioritize teh Product Backlog items using MOSCOW technique for developing Sprint tasks by taking suggestions from team.
  • Used JIRA for drafting user stories, allotting tasks, backlog management, issue tracking, user story maps and generating reports.
  • Maintained teh Task Board that was referred to during teh daily stand-ups that halped teh team track teh stories To Do, Work In Progress, Done and Ready for SignOff.
  • Developed wireframes and coordinated with UX team to convert them into prototypes and visual design.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, JIRA, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML5, CSS3, Tableau, Devops, Informatica, Balsamiq, MS-Visio, MS- Project, HPQC/ALM, Google Analytics Big Data ( Hadoop, Map Reduce, HBase, Sqoop)

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ

Role: Senior Business System Analyst


  • Elicited business requirements by conducting JAD sessions, one to one session with teh SME’S, Interviews, Document Analysis with project stakeholders and business owners.
  • Good understanding on Check21 Act, FACT Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
  • Coordinated with teh Project Manager in defining teh scope/business area and requirements of teh project.
  • Conducted GAP Analysis to understand limitations of teh existing system and contributed to design of future system; assisted in modeling teh AS-IS and TO-BE business workflow.
  • Performed document analysis to drive business rules and validated them with stakeholders for consistency and completeness.
  • Helped PO and PM in ROI Analysis, Cost - Benefit Analysis and SWOT analysis in order to be prepared for potential business and technical risks to teh system.
  • Reviewed and analyzed Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD) and halped transforming them into a complete System Requirement Specification (SRS) to enable all teh stakeholders to accurately understand requirements.
  • Coordinated with teh development team in breaking down teh Epics into User Stories by using Invest criteria and coordinated with Product Owner to prioritize teh Product Backlog Items during Grooming Sessions.
  • Created Use-Case diagrams, Activity and Sequence diagrams, ER Diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Worked on UI mockup screens using Balsamiq, developed prototype and produced wireframes for demonstration to teh project stakeholders, business users and give them insights of teh ‘TO- BE’ system.
  • Developed reports and analysis template using internal tools and Tableau.
  • Built test cases, test plans, and extensively involved in System Integration testing and facilitated UAT.
  • Responsible for tracking requirements, tasks, defects and impediments resolution using Rally
  • Coordinated with QA in functional testing of an application, prior to demo in teh sprint review meeting.
  • Extensively conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure teh requirements and functionality of teh system was in accordance to teh users and their feedback was incorporated.
  • Assisted teh team in post-production maintenance of teh system as a liaison between teh business users and teh project development team.

Environment: Agile methodology, MS Visio, Balsamiq, Confluence, Rally, HP QC and Tableau, MS Visio, MS Office, Java, HTML, Apache Tomcat .

Confidential, NY

Business System Analyst


  • Identified and analyzed business needs using techniques such as JAD Sessions, Document Analysis, Requirements Workshops and Interviews with SME’s and Stakeholders.
  • Prioritized teh development of missing tools and content in teh existing framework by performing teh GAP Analysis for documenting teh gap between teh existing system and teh TO - BE State.
  • Created project plans, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and identified & managed risks using MS Project.
  • Developed a high-level Business Requirements Document (BRD) and had them base-lined from teh business owner and stakeholders.
  • Worked with GUI development team to assist them in creating teh initial UI wireframes and mockups using Balsamiq.
  • Created activity diagrams to represent teh current business process, context flow diagrams to identify teh interfaces and teh data flow of teh system.
  • Used IBM Cognos to generate internal reports to study and analyze teh current business performance
  • Extensively used MS Share Point for team collaboration.
  • Constructed RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) to determine teh source of requirement, ensure all requirements are met and locate effected system components when their is a requirement change.
  • Performed Change Management by handling change requests and performing change impact analysis and getting teh approval from teh Change Control Board (CCB) to make teh appropriate changes.
  • Worked with QA team to design and develop Test Plan and Test Cases to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Developed Conceptual and Logical ER diagrams for teh database.
  • Assisted in Snow Flake schemas with teh Dimensional model architects providing business rules.
  • Wrote SQL queries like Select, Update and Joins to retrieve desired information

Environment: Waterfall Methodology, Balsamiq, MS SharePoint, MS Project, MS Office, HPQC, IBM Cognos, SQL Server.

Confidential, Washington

Sr. Business Analyst / Scrum Master


  • Devised complete process model of state of teh art processes and to-be processes.
  • Identified Business Rules for credit check approval by conducting extensive one-to-one and focused group interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Business Document Analysis.
  • Conducted Scrum Workshops to familiarize teh team with Scrum as a concept and process skeleton. Also, conducted User Story Writing Workshops for teh stakeholders not proficient in teh art.
  • Analyzed and gatheird requirements for preparation of Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Software Requirements Specifications (SRS).
  • Handled Requirements churn during teh project by performing Impact Analysis by checking teh feasibility, maintaining teh Triple Constraint.
  • Prepared and analyzed UML diagrams like Process Diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Use-Case diagrams and Activity diagrams using MS Visio to analyze design structure, behavior and interactions in teh system design.
  • Collaborated with team in performing Continuous Integration, TDD and ATDD
  • Performed extensive data analysis using IBM Cognos to fetch teh customer’s credit history.
  • As a Scrum Master, facilitated and time-boxed teh scrum ceremonies including Daily Stand-up meeting, Backlog refinement, Sprint planning, Sprint Review, Grooming sessions and Sprint retrospectives meetings.
  • Facilitated fun retrospective techniques such as Mad, Sad, Glad, and Circle Celebration to halp teh team collaborate better.
  • Assisted teh Product Owner in prioritizing teh Product Backlog and created User Stories from EPICS using teh INVEST criteria
  • Coordinated with teh billing and sales team to gather requirements on teh type of payment, billing date cycle.
  • Used JIRA for requirement and defect management, test analysis and test logging.
  • Aided teh QA team to identify Test Scenarios and Test Cases to conduct User Acceptance Testing using HPQC.

Environment: Scrum Methodology, MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point), MS Visio, IBM Cognos, JIRA, HPQC, UAT Testing.


Business Analyst


  • Collaborated with Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to gather requirements by facilitating JAD, Focus groups, Interviews.
  • Created Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD) and Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) artifacts after gathering input from teh business owners and other stakeholders.
  • Performed GAP analysis, cost-benefit analysis and feasibility analysis within teh triple constraints.
  • Creating GUI mock-ups using MS-Visio to understand UI and UX requirements.
  • Organized focus groups to discuss and ensure effective adoption of feedback to improve teh usability of teh web based application.
  • Defined business rules pertaining to carbon copy feature.
  • Created UML diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Coordinated in creation of Test Plans, User Acceptance Test scripts and Requirements Traceability Matrix( RTM)
  • Maintained and shared documents using MS SharePoint.

Environment: Waterfall Methodology, MS Office (MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint), Rational Rose, MS SharePoint, MS Visio, Bugzilla, SQL Server.


Jr Business Analyst


  • Elicited requirements by identifying SME’s, stakeholders and conducting interviews, JAD and Brainstorming.
  • Acted as a liaison between teh stakeholders and teh technical team
  • Worked closely with teh development team to verify that business needs are fulfilled and deliverables are produced within specified budget, quality and time.
  • Assisted in creating teh BRD and FRD artifacts after gathering input from teh business owners and other stakeholders.
  • Worked closely with teh Project Manager for any change requests and halped to do teh Impact Analysis.
  • Assisted Data modeling process by creating conceptual and logical ER diagrams and designing database schemas to halp development of an accurate Data Warehouse Structure.
  • Integrated various OLTP to teh OLAP by using Informatica as an ETL tool and used Tableau as reporting tool.
  • Created mock-ups static and dynamic prototypes of webpage’s and GUI, visualized process flows, using MS Visio.
  • Defined teh context of teh system by creating various UML, Use Cases for teh development system requirements specifications encompassing Functional and Non-Functional requirements.
  • Aided teh development team in unit testing within development environment.
  • Worked with teh QA team for designing Test Plan and Test cases for teh User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Created Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) using HP QC tool.

Environment: Waterfall, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio Outlook), HTML, Oracle, MS Visio, Informatica, HP QC tool.

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