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Scrum Master Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Extensive working knowledge of all teh phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and have hands on experience working in waterfall; agile methodologies Scrum, Kanban & Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 4.0); hybrid methodologies Water - scrum-fall, Scrumban. Knowledge of Extreme programming (XP), Spiral methodologies.
  • Provided all support to teh team using a servant leadership style. Conducted sprint planning sessions, enabled improvements in team delivery commitments & capacity planning for sprints by identifying & tracking hidden tasks.
  • Facilitated agile adoption retrospective for teh organization with teh leadership and guided teams with outcome resulting in enhanced performance.
  • Facilitated release planning, sprint planning, backlog grooming, and retrospective meetings.
  • Removed team impediments on a daily basis to allow teh team to deliver teh sprint goals and deliverables.
  • Associated with product owner, business and developments teams to develop and maintain product backlogs.
  • Utilized Agile scrum practices to halp teh team increase their velocity. Worked with business and product owner to prioritize and validate requirements.
  • Coached and empowered teams to self-organize and grow cross functionality.
  • Experienced in Program increment planning. Facilitating Iteration execution and finishing teh program increment.
  • Highly skilled in structured planning methods for project evaluation like GAP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Cost-benefit Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Risk Analysis, various Root cause analysis techniques (5 why’s, Ishikawa diagram) to assist Project Manager in Release Planning & Product Owner in setting good stakeholder expectations.
  • Skilled in conducting and facilitating Requirement Gathering Activities to gather SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) requirements using diverse elicitation techniques including, but not limited to Interviews, Requirement Workshops, Prototyping, Survey/Questionnaire, JAD Sessions and Brainstorming.
  • Adept in performing both Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis using techniques such as Delphi technique, Root cause analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation analysis.
  • Assisted PM in preparing Project Schedules, establishing Milestones & creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Assisted Product owner in backlog grooming activity by utilizing prioritization techniques like MoSCoW, Business Value, Kano, Technical Risk and estimation techniques, assisted in picking Product Backlog Items (PBIs) to commit
  • Detailed understanding of RACI chart to manage overall project risks & mitigation plans, prepared Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to map requirement with its origin throughout teh process to verify adherence.
  • Excellent knowledge of Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams including Activity Chart, Use Case Diagram, and Sequence Diagram to support business process flow around entities and in identifying primary actors.
  • Strong experience in Data Analysis, Data Profiling, Data Migration, Data Integration and Metadata Management Services. Utilized different ETL tools like Informatica power center, SSIS. Designedand implementedSQLqueries, stored procedures; utilized joins,unions,group byandaggregatefunctions to extract data.
  • Assisted Data Architect in creating Data Models like Conceptual data model and logical data model in teh form of entities and relationships to capture teh user requirements properly in teh underlying database.
  • Practical knowledge of Data Warehousing architecture, implementation approaches, dimensional modeling and translating teh business requirements into various types of dimensions like snowflake schema, starflake schema and galaxy schema, and performed source to target mapping and created Data Mapping Specification Document.
  • Documented requirements for API development me.e. was responsible for technical writing of both XML and JSON utilizing Api. Used SOAP UI and Postman for API testing. Used Swagger tool for API documentation.
  • Comprehensive experience and knowledge in using Data Modeling and Business Intelligence tools OBIEE, IBM Cognos, SAS 9.2, TABLEAU, Microsoft SSIS, IBM Infosphere MDM.
  • Performed Rollup, Drill down, Pivot, Slice and Dice operation on OLAP cubes to provide timely, accurate insights.


Requirement Management: Atlassian-JIRA, CA Agile, HP-ALM, iRise and VersionOne.

Project Management Tools: Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Lotus, VISIO, MS Project, PowerPoint, Web conferencing, Pivotal.

Business Modeling tools: Oracle Enterprise Report Builder, Crystal Reports, COGNOS BI, Informatica Power Center 8.x/9.x, SSIS, SAS

Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Draw.io, Google Drawings, iRise

Testing Tools: HP Quality center, Selenium, Load Runner, Cucumber, Swagger, SoapUI


Reporting Tools: Tableau, MicroStrategy, MS office suite, Google Analytics, Oracle BI

Languages: JAVA, C, C#, SQL, CSS, XML, HTML5, SQL, JAVAScipt.

Databases: MySQL Server, DB2, Oracle Developer, PL/SQL, SAP HANA DB, Oracle 12g, SQL Server 2000.

Business Skills: Conflict Management, Project Planning, Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Fit/Gap Analysis, Delta Design Workshops

Other: FTP, SFTP, Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagram, UML, Scrum, Agile Methodologies, MDM


Scrum Master



  • Arranged daily Scrum stand-up meetings, facilitate and schedule meetings, demo and facilitated scrum ceremonies (daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint review and retrospective, etc.)
  • Managed teh backlog and halped team in determining suitable commitments for product backlog items and sprints.
  • Communicated process and improvement opportunities to teh business in writing and verbally.
  • Participated in program increment planning sessions and conducted scrum calls.
  • Enforced Kanban principals as a Scrum Master dat resulted in reduction of Cycle time by 20% thus increasing team's output in less than 8 weeks.
  • Coached teams on Agile and eXtreme programming practices following Scrum, Kanban, SAFe methods.
  • Experienced with multiple agile team, to put forward dependence impacting both team, active involvement in scrum of scrum and get teh cross dependencies visible and address any impediments.
  • Identified, evaluated, and communicated issues, dependencies and risks related to business process to project.
  • Facilitated agile adoption Retrospective for teh organization with teh leadership and guided teams with outcome resulting in enhanced performance.
  • Participated in solution reviews and validated teh business/technical value of proposed solution.
  • Coordinated at all levels of system and user testing and acceptance.
  • Used Jira as a tool to assist scrum team efficiency.
  • Involved in analysis and implementation of Apache Kafka. Used Aha to create project road maps and features.
  • Communicated teh progress to senior management thru 'Burndown Charts'. Mentored team throughout teh project.
  • Communicated with teh off-shore development team to clearly communicate and collaborate on technical requirements along with ensuring application designs met business requirements and train teh Scrum process.

Scrum Master

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Interacted with Business Analysts, Product Owner, Development team and other stakeholders to define teh scope and set teh expectations. Facilitated and time-boxedScrumceremonies such as Sprint planning, dailyscrum, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective and backlog refinement meeting.
  • Assisted teh Product owner in decomposing teh Epics into User Stories and maintain teh Product Backlog.
  • Assisted teh product owner in prioritizing teh PBI using prioritization techniques like MOSCOW and 100-point method.Assisted Product Owner in managing product backlog with DEEP, INVEST and DIVE Criteria.
  • Ensured coordination between product owners, analysts, developers and QA. Created and routinely updated Sprint Burn-down Chart, Sprint Burn-up Chart, and Task Board to track team’s progress toward goals.
  • Tracked stories using JIRA software and maintained teh entire project related documents and decisions in Confluence and collaborated with teh Traders and teh technical team. Created widgets on dashboard to halp teh scrum team view progress. Reported sprint progress, metrics like Burndown, Burn up, and velocity to teh upper management and teh team.
  • Exceptional understanding and skill in Prioritizing Techniques such as Moscow, Kano, Business Value, and Technology Risk; Estimation Techniques such as Planning Poker, T-shirt Sizing, and Relative Mass valuation.
  • Conducted Retrospective Techniques such as ORID, Happiness Histogram, and Star Fish etc. every sprint to improve teh upcoming sprints and also teh overall team's productivity.Organized Scrum Workshops to educate teh team about Scrum concepts. Also, conducted User Story Writing Workshops for teh stakeholders to train them in story writing.
  • Used JIRA for allotting tasks, user story management, issue tracking, and requirement traceability. Co-ordinated with teh team to document plans and product knowledge in Confluence.
  • Used Kanban board to simplify teh workflow of sprint tasks and encourage self-organization in teh team.

Environment: Oracle SOA 11g, Oracle 12c, Oracle R12, J2EE, AJAX, Tibco, Informatica, HTML, XML, SoapUI, Rally.

Scrum Master

Confidential, Framingham, MA


  • Collaborated with Scrum Masters to resolve commonly occurring impediments by identifying teh true cause. Held re-/knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Discovered opportunities to champion agile values and adopt across teh Technology & Operations Group.
  • Conducted session for teh development team to estimate user stories in story points using techniques like Planning Poker, T-Shirt Sizing, and Relative Mass valuation to follow relative estimation practice.
  • Assisted teh Business Analyst in eliciting well-defined user stories from Product Owner and internal business users to ensure teh delivery of high-business value products.
  • Facilitated Time-boxed Scrum Ceremonies, and tracked teh team’s performance by maintaining sprint burn-up and burn-down charts, created internal reports to track team progress for individual sprints.
  • Collaborated closely with product owner on backlog grooming to keep product backlog relevant and prioritized, ensuring acceptance criteria are agreed upon and stories are ready for sizing. Effectively tracked team’s progress, including burn down, velocity and release forecasting. Facilitated and workshops including Agile Principals and Practices; Scrum Master and Agile Estimation and Planning.
  • Assisted Project Manager in Project planning and work breakdown structure using MS Project.
  • Facilitated Sprint Review Meetings and invited stakeholders and business sponsors to review potential shippable product increment (PSPI) after each sprint. Tracked and communicate team velocity and sprint/release progress.
  • Resolved Impediments within teh development team, identified and resolved external impediments by communicating with member of external teams to achieve sprint goal and ensure scrum process is followed. Collaborated with PO to prioritize User Stories based on Business Value using Moscow and Kano.
  • Employed various retrospective techniques during Sprint retrospective meetings such as Silent Writing, Happiness Histogram, Sail Boat and Dot Voting to identify teh development team’s issues and resolve them.

Environment: Scrum Hybrid, ASAP Methodology, SAP systems, SD, MM, PP, ME, FICO, components and tools: SAP ERP R/3, ERP2005 / ECC6.0, SAP Solution Manager, HP Quality Centre, Quick Test Pro, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Load Runner, Jira, Database SQL testing

Scrum Master/Business Analyst

Confidential, Pennington, NJ


  • Interviewed Regional Plant, Banking, Supply Chain, and Finance Managers to gather System Requirements
  • Assisted in Project Planning & implementation and integration Road-Maps, for bringing productive results. Completed all necessary documentation including Project Charters, Project Management Plans, Communication Management Plan, Project Cost Plan, Requirements Matrix, Project Staffing Plans and Project Budget Plans.
  • Created Mock-up Screens, Wireframes using UI Components (check box etc.) and demonstrated it to stakeholders.
  • Developed Business Requirement Documents, functional requirements specifications, use cases, storyboards.
  • Extensively used MS Visio for Process modeling, Process mapping and Process flow diagrams creations.
  • Constructed Requirements traceability matrix (RTM) to determine teh source of teh requirement, to ensure all requirements are met and to locate affected system components when their is a requirement change.
  • Implement Standardized Data Quality Processes including Data Profiling and Cleansing on legacy database system
  • Accountable for Development and Testing activity to ensure development work meets teh required Quality Standard and aligned with teh approved Statement of Work (SOW) .
  • Collaborate with System and Business owner to identify Events, Correlation, and Pattern-Matching.
  • PreparedTestData and preformed Positive and Negative Testing used in Data Driven Testing.
  • Demonstrated ability in utilizingPostmanand SoapUI for testing web services (SOAP & REST API).
  • Documented teh REST API and SOAP API requests and responses in XML format and their respective performance
  • Used RALLY Software Extensively in Agile Business Model with 2-Week Sprints and Coordinate with Offshore teams for Time Bound deliverables.

Environment: Scrum-Hybrid, SAP FICO, SAP, SAP PI, Web Services, SOA, API, REST, EDI, JSON, HTML, Swagger, XML, SQL, JavaScript, Jenkins, MS Visio, Tableau, Postman, LoadRunner.

Business Analyst



  • Involved in System Requirements analysis and conceptual design.
  • Experience in using VSS as source control & developed teh application’s UI using Spring, Html and JavaScript, CSS.
  • Experience in using JSON, JavaScript functions to get dynamic data and client-side validation.
  • Experience in design and Implemented document transformation applications using XML Spy tool and XSD's.
  • Experience in developing JDBC to interact with teh database. Involved in developing applications for workflow using JSP's, spring MVC module, Hibernate, AJAX, JavaScript technologies using Apache Tomcat and integrated it with teh actual system to improve teh quality.
  • Experience in initiating with 'Workflow module' of teh Project which intended to automate teh workflow related functions of any organization. Created and maintained documentation for supported applications.
  • Coordinates with customers to resolve technical support issues. Reporting of status to project management.

Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Spring, Ajax, Hibernate, Java JDK 1.6, Apache Tomcat 6.0, MySQL Query Browser, Windows XP Professional.

Jr. Java Developer



  • Involved in designing & implementing teh User Interface for teh General Info pages & Administrator functionality.
  • Developed internal administration interface. Designed front end using JSP and business logic in Servlets.
  • Used Spring Framework for teh application on teh MVC-II Architecture and implemented validator Framework.
  • Mapping of teh servlet in teh Deployment Descriptor (XML). Performed unit tests and integration tests.
  • Used HTML, JSP, JSP Tag Libraries, and Spring Tiles develop presentation tier. Deployed application on JBoss Application Server and also configured database connection pooling.
  • Involved in writing JavaScript functions for front-end validations. Used CVS as a documentation repository and as version controlling tool.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, EJB, JSP, Spring, HTML, CSS, Java Script, UML, JBoss Application Server 4.2, MySQL, Linux and CVS.

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