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Systems Analyst Resume Profile



Senior Business Systems Analyst

  • Interviewed customers and analyzed business rules and process requirements identified and analyzed complex, ambiguous and/or conflicting work processes, information management and reporting issues developed and refined business process and entity relationships met with customers to discuss systems and process alternatives capable of meeting their business needs recommended work process and/or operating changes to complement technology solutions translated business needs into computer software designs.
  • Analyzed system data, processes and system interactions identified alternatives for establishing systems and data interfaces and converting legacy systems to new technologies developed specifications for assigned elements of system enhancements and maintenance projects.
  • Team leader for vendor product packages evaluation and their fit with customer requirements researched and recommended hardware, network and/or software characteristics and requirements created system requirement and/or specification documents.
  • Met with customers on assigned projects or project components to: develop and refine systems requirements, evaluate the cost benefit of business process/technology alternatives, gain agreement on project deliverables, metrics and service levels, determine and resolve problems, seek customer cooperation, involvement and action to achieve objectives and report on project progress served as an advocate for customer needs.
  • Defined application data requirements identified data sources created data flow diagrams and data relationships in consultation with customers, data management and database administration staff, lead and facilitated and/or participated in the logical design of applications databases developed database specifications defined file/table structures analyzed systems interface requirements, coordinated the integration and migration of data between databases used query tools to develop and generate reports, KPI's and dashboards performed database maintenance, administration and recovery on applications databases.
  • Designed the parameters for test environments and testing scenarios participated in conducting systems tests, conversions and installation processes identified types and causes of test problems and worked with customers and IT staff to recommend and implement solutions ensured performance of all quality assurance reviews were completed successfully ensured newly installed applications are functioning correctly proposed disaster recovery plans.
  • Trained customers on how to use new applications coordinated customer support for assigned applications developed customer manuals for applications. Coordinated and integrated assigned work with other team members evaluated work products and hardware/software interfaces developed by outside contractors to ensure conformance with customer requirements. Diagnosed problems found with software and recommended/implemented solutions.


Application Developer

  • Created a pre-project business solution design while developing core relationships with internal technology team and external technology vendors, identified opportunities for operational efficiency, directing project towards desired technology strategies and negotiated SLA's.
  • Rapidly gained understanding of business strategies to assist in evaluation of solution delivery, project objectives, project prioritization, issue resolution, long-range technology strategies.
  • Designed and built a web deployed Marketing Order Entry platform with financial management, inventory tracking, marketing measurement dashboards, and conduits to connect to trading partners using SQL Server 2000 as a backend, IIS 6.0 to serve the UI in C .NET.
  • Upgraded platform to SQL Server 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0. Managed the project plan for additional module upgrades setup and created automated installer applications for disaster recovery. Wrote comprehensive technical documentation with visual diagrams for the end users, system administrators, and future developers.
  • Created OLAP environment using MS SQL 2005 Analysis and Reporting Services to tie applications to corporate Cognos TM1/OLAP budget and tracking system to offer multi-dimensional analysis of datasets for budget and planning. Reduced workload by 75 and created an application with a useful life of 6 to 10 years.
  • Deployed Microsoft SharePoint 2007 to offer a single point of entry and management of documents for intranet and extranet users to limited versioning of critical information flows as well as offering a simplified UI for BI.
  • Created an application to track advertising efforts such as Insert Cards, Direct Mail and Online Advertising.


Trial Presentation Consultant

  • Various Law Firms Electronic trial presentation including electronic document flow, video depositions via Verdict Systems platform with MS SQL Server 2000 backend.
  • Built a customized wireless retail POS using the Compiere Open Source ERP Business Solution shell on SUSE 9.0 with Linux 2.6 Kernel, Oracle 9i database backend and a Java Web Start front end UI with JBuilder. Integrated ERP/CRM blended with financial back office QuickBooks SDK to enhance cash flow monitoring, unpaid revenue tracking/collections and inventory/supply chain management.
  • Deployed a multi-state based application using MSDE to warehouse local transactions and transfers of the delta to MS SQL Server 2000 to prevent downtime during network interruptions/outages. Created a UI using Visual Basic 6.0 to connect to backend data source.


Vice President / Relationship Manager

  • Managed and developed a new business portfolio through lending, deposits, and investment management.
  • Maintained zero defaults by guiding debtors to align with industry percentages, critiquing business plans, and helping to ensure strong financial fundamentals, FCCR and EBDITA.
  • Underwrote revolving and non-revolving lines of credit, term loans, letters of credit and other specialized debt structures for high net worth individuals, partnerships, venture capitalists and corporations. Assessed financial condition through interviews, financial statements analysis and site visits to ensure the banks position was protected prior to extending credit.
  • Increased loan portfolio by 56 in 15 months through special event planning, customized debt structures, strategic alliances and creation of specialty financial instruments.


Systems Integration Analyst

  • Planned, executed and managed the integration of new applications into existing network infrastructure, systems and software throughout the enterprise. Participated in and supported capacity planning and the development of long-term strategic goals for systems and software in conjunction with end-users and stakeholders.
  • Communicated technical improvements, restrictions, or road block for new systems. Provided technical support and developed training for internal users on a variety of software platforms.
  • Managed projects for new systems or upgrades to existing systems in-house development as well as vendor chosen solutions.


Assistant Vice President / Project Manager

  • Cost center manager responsible for securities moving into and out of positions at DTC, PTC, FED and BONY.
  • Project manager for implementation of Lotus Notes application for management of securities re-registration from certificated form to book entry.
  • Led integration for WAN accessibility via Lotus Notes platform for internal customer service department and field client service officers.


Assistant Comptroller

  • Tracking/reporting of all revenues pledged to pay for construction of the Third Harbor Tunnel Project Big Dig .
  • Created an actual to forecast database to track revenue pledges for repayment of 990,000,000 bond offering.
  • Management of revenue tracking systems to identify deficits/surpluses for budgetary process and enforcement of cash flow policy with terminal/property/security managers.
  • Financial systems advisor to track performance measurements, financial cash coverage ratios, and create internal as well as external reporting for senior managers, auditors, and elected officials state, federal and local .
  • Created a revenue management system for the Massachusetts Trade Delegation.

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