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Software Engineer Resume Profile

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Work Experience


Business Analyst Technical Project Manager Business Support Systems

  • Billing Process review and gap identification
  • Postpaid Billing Invoicing
  • Interconnect Settlement / Revenue Assurance Operations
  • WiMax Roll Out Planning, Design, implementation launch
  • New Marketing Products Development Prepaid/Postpaid
  • Data warehouse reporting
  • Systems Integration
  • Oracle DBA support
  • Mobile Banking
  • 3rd Party Application development
  • Vendor Selection and project monitoring
  • WAP/MMSC gateway integration
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Hire and train staff


Director Application Development Business Intelligence Reporting

  • RFP writing review for BSS/Mobile Application systems
  • Vendor selection
  • Customer care operations
  • Business process implementation
  • DWH solution end to end design implementation to cover all reporting requirements companywide revenue, cost traffic
  • CADCOMMS corporate website / Mobile portal development customization
  • E-Top Up application end to end implementation to overcome physical scratch cards over head
  • Revenue Assurance modules development to minimize revenue leakage
  • Timely Interconnect Billing Settlement Reconciliation with national international operators
  • New Price plan end to end implementation to facilitate business and gain more subscriber base
  • Conduct Team building Training sessions for application development BI reporting team on regular basis
  • Automate every process to give an organization paperless environment in an effective way.
  • ERP / POS End to End implementation All over Cambodia for Cadcomms covering 25 shops plus for 1000 users in phase one
  • Monitor Stock, Sub stock Sales on real time basis
  • Managing 3rd party contract applications management
  • Hiring training of new staff


Senior Engineering Consultant

  • Implementation Integration of Point of sale system Oracle/PlSql
  • Transform raw data from text files into database.
  • Cost Revenue reporting module for management using crystal reports.
  • Sales tracking module
  • Invoice verification module
  • Billing module.


Senior Consultant Billing RA

  • Implementation Integration of Interconnect Billing, RA FMS Products.
  • Proactively implementing, operating and designing processes to make sure maximum revenue collection. Design Review of ITU, Moneta Nikira Systems.
  • Mitigating business challenges and preventing any compromise to revenue associated with the implementation of new technology.
  • System configuration to make sure data is correctly pumping into systems. Strategic planning of migrations and testing of network elements.
  • Implementation of Interconnect agreements and settlement reports.
  • Improvements to existing Interconnect Billing Revenue Assurance controls and processes.
  • Detection of real and potential risks.
  • Defining best practices and recommendations to mitigate Revenue Leakages.
  • Development of reports using Oracle PL/SQL, excel crystal reports.
  • Reconciliation of different network billing nodes Rating of Cdrs, rejected cdrs analysis, billing settlement dispute resolution.

Environment: MS Visio, MS Project, Oracle, Pl/SQL, Nikira FMS, Moneta RA, ITU Interconnect, SQL Loader, Toad, MS Office


Assistant Manager BSS System Integration, Database design, Pl/SQL, Packages, Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, Jobs, ETL, Data Marts, Data Cubes, Partitions, Index, Performance Tuning, Statistical Reporting, Crystal Reports

  • Reviewed request for Proposal and compliance matrix for Warid Telecom, Congo
  • Requirement gathering Mediation Huawei Interconnect Billing, Roaming Billing Systems Sitronics
  • Completed Business Requirement Specification document
  • Managed System Implementation, Design Deployment
  • FORIS NG InterPart Interconnect Billing System
  • FORIS NG InterPart Roaming By Sitronics, Chez Republic
  • Business Intelligence Reporting ETL Modeling
  • Least Cost Routing implementation
  • Revenue Assurance reconciliations
  • Interconnect Billing Settlement
  • International Roaming Billing Settlement
  • Business Intelligence System Management Reporting ETL, Oracle, ASP. Net
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Pre Paid provisioning
  • Tibco Adapters Monitoring
  • Microsoft CRM

Environment: MS Visio, MS Project, Oracle, Pl/SQL, InterPart Interconnect Roaming Billing, MS CRM, Tibco, Business Intelligence system, ASP, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Loader, MS Office


Senior Executive BSS System Integration, Database design, Pl/SQL, Packages, Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, Jobs, ETL, Data Marts, Data Cubes, Partitions, Index, Performance Tuning, Statistical Reporting, Crystal Reports

  • Interconnect Billing Settlement
  • Operators Credit Limit Monitoring
  • Revenue Assurance Reconciliations
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Subscriber Billing
  • Oracle Database Administration/Performance Tuning
  • Business Intelligence ETL
  • Design Implement web-based in-house Statistical Reporting Engine

Environment: MS Visio, MS Project, Oracle, Pl/SQL, ASP, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Loader, SQL Server, Inopac Interconnect Billing System, CRM, IIS, MS Office


Research Associate

  • Teaching of advanced Database with PLSQL
  • Managing core issues in order to launch MS CS program
  • In charge of Computer Science Lab
  • Environment: Oracle Pl/SQL


Software Engineer

  • Development Implementation of Web Based Financial Management Inventory control System
  • Sales Tracking
  • Implemented Local Area Network

Environment: Apache, PHP, MySql, MS Office

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