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Technology Architect Resume Profile

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  • IT professional with over 20 years of expertise as an Enterprise, Business and Technical Architect. He specializes in breakthrough architectures that allow organizations to adapt to their customer, competition and environment changes. He began his career as a software programmer and has implemented manufacturing efficiencies in service sectors with companies like Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Prudential UK, Johnson Johnson with over 1B in business case for corporate America. Another company in energy trading was voted by Fortune Magazine as the most innovative company for 3 years in a row. At Dialogos he was involved with an award winning project at the US Mint for currency tracing and the first ever award for customer satisfaction for a government agency. Besides increasing web-based revenues, this architecture was subsequently leveraged for another private sector company that won the Web Retailer of the Year award. At J J he implemented an EA Roadmap for its 230 operating companies that eventually moved forward as a 1B global HR Finance Transformation initiative. He is adept in both individual contributor roles required of an enterprise architect and managing teams as a solutions architect. He has certified over 200 people in TOGAF and helped organizations embrace complex rules needed for compliance and changing reward behavior systems to address issues like terrorism, cancer and climate change.
  • Core Competencies: Enterprise Architecture, Compliance, Governance, Process Re-Engineering, Change Management, Business Intelligence, Information Assurance, Risk Management, Business Data Modeling, Integrated Marketing, Bioinformatics, Medical Devices, Systems Integration, Medical Tourism, Agile, Scrum, Big Data, MDM
  • Technical skills :
  • Areas of Expertise 15 yrs : Languages: C,C ,REST,JSON,UDEF, SOAP, RDF, SPARQL
  • Middleware 13 yrs : BEA, Vitria, Tibco, SeeBeyond, Webmethods, Cloverleaf, Tuxedo
  • Packages 15 yrs : Oracle, Clarify, Epiphany, Genesys, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Cognos, Trilogy, Troux, Lombardi, MS Office, SharePoint, Informatica, Lawson, Rational
  • Data Architecture 15 yrs : Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, SQL Server, MDM, SOA, BI, Big Data, SMP, MPP, AS/400, Terradata, Netezza, Spotfire, Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL
  • Frameworks 8 yrs : DCE, CORBA, J2EE, Zachman, BPMN, BPEL, WCF, UML, RUP.
  • App Severs 15 yrs :Unix,Linux,.NET,iOS,Citrix,Veritas VmWare, WebLogic, ATG, Websphere.
  • Networks 13 years : TCP/IP, SNA, LU6.2, SAN, VMWare, SNMP, VPN, PKI, Continua,HAN
  • Compliance/Std Methods 8 yrs : CFRP11, HIPAA, SOX, ITIL, COBiT, PMBOK, CMMi, PBA, 6 Sigma, DODAF, TOGAF 8, SOA certified



  • Chief Architect level work for NOAA providing vision, experience and strategy for long range planning on 1B Budget to meet Presidential Mandates like going paperless by 2019.
  • Target Architecture and Roadmap for Advanced Shared Services for make existing services, applications, data and infrastructure cloud ready while ensuring that another ObamaCare website type performance issue doesn't happen again.
  • Application development agile prototype for risk management security using BPM, BigFix, UDEF, CAC etc. with J2EE, .NET, FIRST Robotics to allow integration with one billing tracking system for monitoring the impact of say household spending on individual productivity and climate change.


Business Architect

  • Worked on 2 patents, Richmond 2.0 prototype and EA College Curricula book series to address obesity in individuals, organizations and countries. Strategy and technology architect work for Federal Reserve, USPTO, US Supreme Court, DOL, WMATA, TD Bank and several other companies for implementing the National IT Roadmap. Patents will also help move IT from a cost center to a revenue center - the original promise of e-commerce
  • Smart cities with digital wallets prototype to enable individuals and organizations integrate shared calendars with the eHealth Exchange and the Federal Reserve system using a UDEF-based Surround Architecture. Meets US President mandate to have electronic health records for all US Citizens by 2014 and going paperless by 2019.
  • Completed process for capturing object states, changing reward behavior models, workflows and stress tests for business events at local, state and federal level per financial mortgage crises and healthcare reforms using BPM, Human Workflow HWF Mediator.

Technology Architect

  • Developed prototype MDA applications for National IT Roadmap using UDEF taxonomy so that it could be used by EA Troux , BPM Lombardi , SDLC Rational , BI Netezza , ESB Tibco, Oracle Fusion , CRM Siebel , ERP PeopleSoft, SAP , RDBMS Oracle, SQL Server , ETL, CTI, Big Data Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL technologies in a virtualized IP environment with Verizon, ATT, iphones, Citrix. Telepresence Smart Glass will allow 6 Sigma type manufacturing efficiencies to happen in service sectors like Finance HealthCare for addressing issues like growing deficits and depleting social security.
  • Cross-channel BPM workflows cover the medical history of the home and all its residents. UDEF Avery labeled chips allow remote monitoring by creating a digital safety net. MDM bioinformatics standard simplifies the 7 layer OSI stack and allows for automation of EMR and digital wallets. Will help companies and countries respond faster to events whether it be due to natural disasters or understanding the impact of clutter on productivity and climate change.

Enterprise Architect

  • Align clients with US President's priorities in energy, healthcare and education. Applied for Federal Reserve grants for developing a Richmond 2.0 that could be modelled globally. Went as consultant to other organizations to report back to the President Federal Reserve on non-compliance and security issues going on a couple of levels below the CEO to which he may be oblivious to since critical information is being blocked from reaching his office.
  • 300M grant to simulate the impact of food, water, prayers, music, exercise, house cleaning etc. on a person's health via hair/blood monitoring. Wellness Homes will provide evidence on their impact on STEM subject scores for school children.


  • Provided technical expertise, operational support and leadership for SOA development and implementation activities via segment architecture for consolidating 48B annual spend across each of 2 DOD agencies via UDEF-based electronic health records
  • Ensured SOA standards, methodologies, and initiatives for ESB were coordinated at the MHS software and IT development centers from design through operational handoffs.
  • Mentored MHS software and IT development centers and facilitated knowledge transfer of SOA policies, procedures, techniques, and selection of software tools and hardware.
  • Performed compliance reviews and adjudication for IA, data analysis for creating EA artifacts in DODAF and prototype coding for the semantic web including languages like UML, VB, .NET, JavaScript, Oracle 11g, Fusion, SQL, J2EE Web Services, RDF SPARQL.
  • Raised SOA maturity level by applying 6 Sigma Mfg Principles for regulatory and security compliance needed for 3 process simplification via Provenance, MDM,UDEF,Continua, P2P, EMV, digital wallets to address issues like impact on health productivity from climate change.


  • Completed the Target State Segment Architecture for cross-country integration of central bank systems as part of the 9B Sidra Medical Hospital initiative for creating a greener, healthier, safer environment for next generation.
  • First phase involved BPM, HL7/SWIFT MDM integration via OO patterns and common services across SQL Server, CAFM, Lawson, Cerner and Cloverleaf.
  • Completed position paper on alternate options to reach milestones 50 faster, while leveraging technologies like e-tags, chip-shoes, Kirlean cameras, smart TV, BPEL, UDEF for remote monitoring of air, water, food and health of patient regardless of location.


  • Registrar for Tibco Web 2.0 Biz Tech Governance Repository with Oracle for SOA COE
  • Discover enterprise web services and commercial lending business events for integrating with a new SOA ESB Infrastructure and Tibco BPM iProcess using mobile and cloud computing.
  • Created complex rules for web services granularity SOA Governance that could be used by TIBCO BusinessEvents/Works Designer to model the Event Handling flows
  • Real-Time Catalog Service with Tibco, SOAP, SQL, ETL/BI tools using ABC principles


  • Technical design documents for next generation mobile ATMs on NCR platform
  • Provided SOA-Solution documents for Capital Markets, Credit Risk, Asynchronous connectivity and 360 view of employee, contractor or supplier to sr mgmt that could extend smart checks to digital wallets using IP network standards like SNMP, Continua and UDEF as BPM, BI MDM standard for J2EE,.NET, SQL, ETL OpenSource Interop.


  • Responsibilities included the National IT Roadmap. Since the Federal Reserve is a lender of last resort, group savings across multiple financial, insurance, warranty, tax instruments via household views was needed for accurately managing wealth at a country level.
  • Multi-generational program using EA standards like TOGAF, Segment Architecture and PBA to create transparency in governance via a paperless environment to address issues like 9/11, Enron, '08 mortgage crises and climate change.
  • Translated business to system requirements using TOGAF, Network Security via Continua, PKI, 2 Factor Authentication, PCI standards, UDEF for SSO with Websphere PeopleSoft into repeatable design strategies and operational support via SOA.
  • Created process to capture object states for business events involved in financial mortgage crises that could be used by ESB vendors like Tibco, WebMethods, Oracle SOA. BPM would also create Six Sigma manufacturing efficiency in service sectors like finance and healthcare
  • Involved in architect design and development of application integrating layers using Web Services, SOAP, WS- , UDDI, virtualization, canonicals, semantic layer, metadata repository
  • Lead/Participated EA, Data Management and MDM assessments and education workshops for FRIT and FRB clients in USA India. Blood and genomic data could be added as a dimension to CRM data within EDW. Vibration powered battery patents planned as part of academic cross-country prototype with FIRST Robotics for the multi-generational roadmaps.


  • EA Roadmap for a 1B Global HR Finance Transformation initiative. Responsibilities included hands-on leadership and operational support as chief architect on enterprise initiatives to align business and IT of the 230 operating companies through model-driven service-oriented architecture. Applied Zachman, TOGAF, UDEF in high-volume e-commerce portals like ATG to support business events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina with ESB like WebMethods and Tibco.
  • Rationalization of 30,000 applications across its 230 operating companies. Besides IT applications, this also included IT embedded products like medical devices. Federated ID management solutions for mobile devices were evaluated for SSO.
  • Business on a Page provided a basis to identifying reusable web-services and optimize the 1B IT Vendor Spend. Achieved 64 rationalization of portfolio. It would also allow personal health care records to be integrated into NHIN. Selected standards would allow for simulation of clinical trials. Netezza Spotfire evaluated for same.
  • Complied with Federal mandate to have EMR for all US citizens by 2014, while ensuring there is sufficient talent/knowledge transfer when 50 of the workforce baby boomers retired. Created a multi-generational roadmap using existing programs such as the US First Robotics, Open Group and regional entrepreneurial networks.
  • SOA maturity increased through coordinated control of top-down federated approach combined with a bottom-up network of affinity groups and communities of practitioners to promote work-life balance, continuous education, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Applied the 3 process simplification for currency tracing using Open Group standards like UDEF for J J to understand whether its collective products were actually helping or hurting the customer and her environment.
  • Demonstrated a real-time ESB architecture for a 40 faster early diagnosis and operational hand-offs. Architecture formed the basis for enhancing environment health safety, reducing legal regulatory compliance risks. Diabetes, AIDS cancer scenarios were evaluated based on open industry standards using technologies like Troux, Lombardi WebMethods. This federated architecture can be modeled across states and countries also.

Cross-company agile prototype completed with Stevens Institute of Technology. This senior design project for a 40 faster patient alert system used remote blood monitoring for diabetes. Used HL7, UDEF a UN/DoD standard and PBA. Working prototype completed for 5,000, a fraction of what it would have typically cost the companies involved. Open Group UDEF Vendor Challenge accepted prototype as the basis for electronic medical records mandate.


Increased repeat business by over 100 and A/R flow by over 50 within first 100 days of hire by meeting customers, creating proposals for repeat business and smaller contracts and stopping projects where payments were overdue.

Maximized profits and revenue per employee by increasing staff expertise, terminating non-performing employees and collaborating with other regions to optimize usage of in house resources before going to external contractors.

Used OO UML tools to codify semantics of process and data flows. Shared reference data warehouse along with derived conforming dimensions for data cleansing quality.

Expanded the company in emerging growth areas such as Life Sciences and CFRP11 compliance through alumni relationships, architecture proposals and phased implementation plan using .NET and SQL Server. Spotfire was later acquired by Tibco.


Developed a portal strategy for a rapidly growing Telecom company that integrated multi-lingual GB of customer contact point data in a TB D/W: Led an IT Strategy project with practice leaders for strategy and Call Center involving Cisco, Vitria, ATG, webMethods. Analyzed the existing 800 number contact points and built on the existing plans to improve product, process and perception.

Provided architecture to improve workplace productivity in USA 4-fold while removing 50 billion inefficiency in mental healthcare. Created Siebel/Genesys CRM architecture that would integrate across multiple industries. Ensured architecture provided for elimination of single points of failure by selecting COTS packages with overlapping functionality that could work with industry standards for security and web services.


US Mint achieved 1 Customer Satisfaction Rating as a result of building a blueprint infrastructure. It was a first for any government agency while competing with the private sector. COTS integration included Macs, PeopleSoft and Cognos. Data hubs and marts used for partitioning, parallelism and long term data storage rules. Leveraged by FirstFoto to increase its penetration of 75 of all hospitals nationwide.

Designed e-strategy for an Internet company which was voted Best Web Retailer of the Year and grew 300 to 360 million annually: Strategy included advertising, marketing and order fulfillment including partnerships for SAN, Veritas for virtualization with ATG and BroadVision


MIT startup technology solutions provider serving diverse clientele with 34 offices globally which grew to 600 million and 4000 employees Best performing IPO in 1993

Contributed to evolution and marketing of standardized 3-tier client/server solution, Surround while programming in all layers from the TCP/IP stack onwards.

Engineered solution's asynchronous PC to IBM mainframe connectivity using SNA, LU6.2, X.12, Tuxedo, MQSeries, As/400, SAP, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server. Created a performance testing simulation tool which achieved performance improvements of over 90 with 3Sigma confidence limits on simulation runs, while others managed to get 10-15 performance gains. Surround also helped in commercialization of Unix and accelerated internet adoption.

Open Enterprise Plan, Model Office, Virtual University, EDW, EDA work done with Tibco at company was voted most innovative company by Fortune for 3 years in row. Also laid foundation for remote offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London and Houston.

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