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Program Analyst Resume Profile


A challenging position that will capitalize on my organizational, programmatic, technical and analytical skills. This position will allow me to work in an organization where strong administrative, organizational, and planning experiences are welcome.


  • Master of Science Degree - Interdisciplinary Management
  • Strategic Planning, Management Plans Program Management
  • Excellent research, analytical skills, organizational skills
  • Concentrated studies and experience with Organizational Development and Design
  • Expert and hands on knowledge of Response Recovery related programs and information under the Department of Homeland Security
  • Extensive experience with Emergency Management Government Personnel of all levels
  • Policy, program and oversight experience
  • Strong written and oral communications ability
  • Broad knowledge and experience in federal government organization, operations, and structure
  • Expansive knowledge of local, state, and federal government programs



Management Analyst

  • Analyst representing the Missile Defense Agency MDA to the Government Accountability Office GAO . Reports directly to Sr. level staff to research extract and document the MDA mission and position. Works with the Division of Operations External Review Team as MDA Liaison to the GAO. Collaborates and coordinates complex responses and documentation through the ranks of MDA for presentation to GAO to include the Office of the General Counsel. Ensuring that the response fully represent the agency's position via the agency director and senior staff
  • Collaborates with Division Directors, the Office of the Secretary of Defense OSD Staff, and other subject matter experts to corroborate responses. Remains abreast of element/ program changes, policies and procedures to appropriately apply them to GAO/OIG audits. Maintains an expansive range of knowledge of missile programs to guarantee accuracy in documentation, management advice and other required work interactions
  • Performs pre-audits of documentation drafted by the Missile Defense program offices for content, conciseness, quality and overall presentation for Sr. Management approval. Once Director's office approves, presents information/documentation to GAO offices
  • Drafts diverse documentation i.e. position papers, information papers, and various briefings on GAO audits for presentation to high level MDA staff to include the Director
  • Conducts weekly reviews of government publications and other media outlets for information pertaining to the Missile Defense Agency. Creates reports, performs analysis, determines MDA applicability and provides suggestions for level of engagement to the External Review Director
  • Evaluates division practices to draft, create and implements relevant tools, processes and procedures to support changes agency challenges and operational change


Program Analyst

  • Facilitated and coordinated Individual Assistance Program Management project solutions. Developed and determined best practices and processes to meet division goals. Ensured division goals and deliverables ere met on target. Provided integrative solutions to managing program related issues
  • Served as a member of the Mission Planning Team MPT for disaster incidents in Alaska. Drafted mission plans based on findings and recommendations of the MPT for FEMA HQ approval. Previously drafted documentation to provide guidance for managing disasters in insular and U.S. outlying areas
  • Provided management advice on the improvement business and process to disaster response and recovery preparedness including the interpretation and creation of emergency management regulation and/or policies for Sr. Management review
  • Represented the Individual Assistance Division for Devolution Planning and Continuity of Operations COOP activities with counterparts, at FEMA HQ, Regions, and other federal government organizations. Coordinating devolution planning activities and created plans to support the Individual Assistance Division. Developing Standard Operating Procedures SOP and extensive devolution plans. Attends briefings to articulate Management's preferences on policies regarding program issues
  • Liaison for Individual Assistance to the General Accounting Office GAO /Office of the Inspector General OIG gathering relevant information and providing responses to outside organizations to include but not limited to Congress, General Accounting Office inquiries, Secretary to the Department of Homeland Security, etc. Developed responses and provided perspective and insight on behalf of Individual Assistance
  • Represented the Individual Assistance Division on various transition teams providing specific information, policy and guidance to the transition team. This calls for extensive knowledge of guidance and policy governing the disaster program as it relates to individual assistance


Senior Business Analyst/Management Consultant

As Senior Analyst for Drayton, Drayton Lamar, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owed Company, I am experienced in performing both in the corporate office and on various Federal client sites.

Corporate Responsibility

  • Developed business and strategic plans to ensure success in compliance with the mission, goals and objectives of federal clients nationwide
  • Identified critical functions to create appropriate business contingency plans to ensure continuity of operations to support project management planning. Worked with subcontractors to create risk management planning to support business and technical recovery solutions
  • Reported directly to the Sr. Vice President of GSD responsible for the oversight and creation of strategic and management plans enabling the development of new business in the Federal and Civilian markets. Effectively created management plans and solutions resulting in the award of several contracts worth in excess of 50 Million dollars
  • Developed and implemented strategies for developing new programs and/or expanding existing programs based on client requirements to include transition planning
  • Developed and implemented effective recruiting strategies in order to attract, screen, recruit, and select high quality candidates to support corporate, client, and business requirements
  • Advised senior management and government clients with a broad range of strategic and management plans to facilitate growth. Responsible for project vision, design, stakeholder management, creating integrative plans, strategic analyses, and decision making
  • Assessed, analyzed and identified improvements for change management projects and integration into ongoing projects. Recommended improvements for business processes, procedures and practices to improve client work environments
  • Developed integrated task management systems, transition plans, quality assurance and reviewed plans for business proposals
  • Provided support at all levels of the government and other stakeholders ranging from strategic-level enhancement of government and corporate readiness and response to emerging industry best practices and emerging market trends to operational improvement via business process reengineering BPR or process improvement and applied business analytics. Participated in the delivery of complex change programs that enhance the client's business and often serves as a primary thought leader in the development of business solutions
  • Provided technical and business consultation services to include organizational and process analysis and redesign. Analyzed such problem areas in organizational structure, personnel and equipment utilization, documentation designs and functionality procedures, and policies to determine needed modifications or improvements
  • Researched and created a competitor analysis for the capture and its consideration in the capture strategy. Performed expert and detailed analysis of requirements documents RFP, RFQ, SOW, etc.
  • Drafted, implemented and monitored business rules to ensure compliance to federal client policy and mission. Developed policy, guidelines, and other written requirements for federal clients. Provided interpretation and feedback to federal client on policy related documents, i.e. Code Federal Regulations, CFR executive orders, etc

Client Site Responsibility

  • Collaborated with client teams to define strategy based on strategic initiatives and business goals. Managed requirements using industry best practices and CMMI standards and processes
  • Proposed and created new policy and guidance for Housing and Urban Developments Sanctions and Forbearance Monitoring Program for use by Public Housing Authorities nationwide. Policy created accepted by HUD and currently in use by all housing authorities based on a benchmark of 95 error reporting
  • Created corrective action plans CAP for Public Housing Authorities failing to meet the 95 reporting standard. Created and disseminated technical guidance and information designed to raise reporting rates. Drafted, implemented and monitored business rules to ensure compliance to federal government policy and mandates
  • Applied an integrated task order management approach to solving major Freedom of Information Act FOIA issues and concerns in preparation for a new document and content management system. Created deliverables that provided constructive feedback to government customer based the to-be model created at the conclusion of the project
  • Reengineered the Section 50058 Assessment business process through analysis of adequate controls in critical areas of verification and contributed to management reports for distribution to senior HUD staff for presentation on Congressional Appropriations Hearings
  • Created and provided guidance on sub-module design and implementation. Performed quality control by verifying sub-module's system rules alliance with business rules. Provided corrective action plans for sub- module noncompliance
  • As a team member created business plans to support the HUD Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project including public housing management data for income verification


Program Specialist

  • Declarations Manger responsible for administrative system additions, updates and maintenance for new and existing presidential declared disasters. Responsible for complete set up and research for designated disasters
  • Worked with team of system developers and engineers to ensure system compliance for disaster management programs. Corroborated with contract staff to create the National Emergency Management Information System NEMIS for the Department of Homeland Security FEMA
  • Created guidance and procedure for FEMA staff at Headquarters and regional offices based on the Code of Federal Regulation CFR 44 governing disasters. Determined applicable information and disseminated as necessary to staff
  • Managed grants for disaster relief, response and recovery. Coordinated disaster and human services module set-up collaborating with disaster site and regional staff ensuring the input of disaster specific information into the NEMIS system
  • Trained and created training modules for employee development on FEMA policy, procedures and guidelines. Facilitated classroom training including computer-based training facility-wide
  • Developed guidelines and procedures to promote effective coordination of the records management program for NEMIS. Analyzed and provided resolutions to problems and issues concerning development of records management during the record conversion process. Created FEMA procedures to manage imaging and scanning process in accordance with FEMA guidelines. Point of contact for providing program knowledge to records management and data entry staff
  • Created and implemented the FEMA NPSC's nationwide Equal/Civil rights database including guidelines, procedures and form documents. Managed all Equal/Civil Rights related issues relating to benefits processing to ensure that issues were resolved
  • Liaison to the FEMA Regional and Field staff providing technical and programmatic expertise and information as required to facilitate and enhance disaster response and recovery efforts. Traveled onsite to disaster field offices to coordinate recovery activities as needed


Program/Enforcement Specialist

  • Chairperson of the Metropolitan Area Task Force, a metro multi-jurisdictional committee of child support professionals created a tool to enhance interstate communications and jurisdictional indifferences among representatives working in the child support arena
  • Program liaison responsible for coordination of collection efforts with the Department of Justice DOJ Criminal Non-Compliance Program. Identified non-custodial parents for DOJ enforcement of child support orders based on established guidelines and level of non-compliance
  • Provided technical and analytical assistance to a computer software team that designed new child support system for the District of Columbia
  • Processed all aspects of child support issues as mandated by Federal guidelines and regulations that govern state agencies administering child support programs
  • Negotiated payment plans on established orders including the location of obligators for administrative and court proceedings
  • Administratively reviewed cases to determine necessary actions via court or administrative processes.
  • Drafted documents jurisdictional documents to initiate court action domestically and in international jurisdictions and discussed issues with court officials, and legal representatives as necessary

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