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Solutions Architect Resume Profile

Executive Summary:

  • I am a Senior Level Engineer and Solutions Architect with experience in small and large over 135,000 users enterprise technologies including:
  • Active DirectoryDesign and implementation of Active Directory 2003, 2008, 2008 r2, 2012 Standard and Enterprise Forests, Domains, Sites, OUs, GPOs, FSMO, Identity Management and DNS
  • ADFS Design and implementation in Multiple Forests and Multiple Domains, Web access and Single Sign On
  • FIM Design, installation and troubleshooting in Multiple Forests, Multiple Domains
  • MessagingExchange 2007, 2010, 2013 Assessing, Design, installation, support and troubleshooting
  • Lotus Notes Support and migration
  • Domino Server
  • Messaging/Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • BES
  • Good
  • BoxTone
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Lync 2010, 2013
  • VMware
  • vSphere 5.1
  • vSphere 5.5
  • ESXI 5.5
  • VMworkstation
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft SharePoint architectural level and some design level
  • SharePoint 2010, 2013
  • Migrations Using Quest Migrator Tools
  • Novell to Active Directory Quest NDS Migrator
  • Active Directory to Active Directory Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory
  • Lotus Notes to Exchange Quest Migration Manager for Notes, Notes Migrator for Exchange
  • GroupWise to Exchange Quest Migration Manager for GroupWise
  • Exchange to Exchange Quest Migration Manager for Exchange
  • Cloud
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft BPOS
  • Azure
  • Enterprise Multimedia
  • Qumu
  • Windows Media
  • Accordant
  • Structured Methodologies
  • Waterfall
  • Incremental
  • Spiral
  • Modelling
  • Enterprise Conceptual, Enterprise Logical, Enterprise Physical
  • ANSI/SPARC Three Level Architecture
  • Entity Relationship Models
  • Disaster Recovery and Storage
  • Symantec
  • Arc Serve
  • Enterprise Architecture within the SDLC construct



Senior Active Directory Solutions Architect

  • Complete design of Active Directory 2014 environment and full migration strategy from Active Directory 2003. This project encompassed 15,000 users and 113 Domain Controllers over four forests and six domains worldwide for the eighth largest global causality insurer. It involved the upgrade of three forests from 2003 to 2014 and the migration of users from one forest to the main forest, retaining the 2003 forest as a resource forest.
  • Documented entire current state
  • All Domain Controller settings
  • All GPOs
  • Performance metrics for 113 DCs
  • Inter Forest trusts
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Designed autonomous testing environment to vet upgrade and migration process and application compliance
  • Complete scaled replica of production environment
  • Designed testing strategies
  • 815 applications
  • 232 Services
  • Upgrade testing
  • Migration Testing
  • Resource Forest Testing
  • Designed complete end state and strategies
  • Consolidation of 113 Domain Controllers to 50
  • Resource forest to house legacy applications
  • Inter-Domain and Inter-Forest Trusts
  • GPOs
  • DNS replication
  • FRS to DFRS replication migration
  • Performed ADUA testing with Microsoft
  • Designed remediation strategies
  • Worked with global branches in the UK as-well-as American business units to design site structure with a hub and spoke replication model


Senior Solutions Architect

  • Engagement to provide architectural solutions in the arenas of:
  • Exchange
  • Exchange environment assessment and design of Exchange 2010 1,000 mailboxes
  • Exchange 2013 server builds for 2007 migration to Exchange 2013 22,000 users
  • Exchange Confidential migration of 8,000 users
  • Lotus Notes to Exchange migration Lotus 8.1 to Exchange 2010 12,000 users
  • Office 365 migration Exchange 2013
  • Active Directory 2008 r2 and Active Directory2012 Standard/Enterprise
  • ADFS Active Directory Federation Services, Design, implementation and trouble shooting of ADFS, Single-Sign On 2.0 for client with 27 domains in three forests
  • FIM Forefront Identity Manager Join and projection rule creation and troubleshooting for multiple clients
  • Active Directory Assessment and Design Windows Server 2008 Single forest, three Domains, 27 sites
  • DNS troubleshooting
  • GPO troubleshooting
  • VSphere 5.0 and 5.5
  • Upgrading 5.x to 5.5
  • Appliance provisioning vSphere 5.5



  • Assessments and design
  • Hybrid solutioning
  • Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Azure No on-prem. Design of complete Server 2012 environment single forest/single domain. 2 DCs, DNS, back-end ADFS File server, back-end Web Server, Exchange 2013 server, front end proxy.


Senior Engineer / Lync Consultant

This position involved heavy travel out on Sundays and back on Thursdays, every week. I was assigned to customers and projects involving Architecting solutions, Implementation of new Messaging and Active Directory platforms, and migrations in 15 states across the country.

  • Active Directory 2008 r2 and Active Directory 2012Assessments of existing Active Directory environments for performance and best-practice adherence
  • Troubleshooting Active Directory, DNS, GPOs, ADFS with a variety of toolsets
  • Troubleshooting FIM Join rules and projection rules, filtering
  • ADFS Federation design and implementation enabling external access to internal apps, cross domain access
  • Domain, Site and Replication creation for Server 2012 environment single forest, dual domain
  • Clustering of Server 2008r2 servers and Exchange 2010 servers
  • DHCP and DNS design, implementation and troubleshooting
  • Lync 2010 design and implementation 35,000 users
  • Migrations Quest tools
  • Designed migration strategy for Active Directory 2003 to Active Directory 2008r2 6,000 users
  • Designed migration strategy and performed Novell to Active Directory migration of over 35,000 users complete design of AD environment, managed 15 Engineers
  • Designed migration strategy and performed GroupWise to Exchange 2010 migration 35,000 mailboxes
  • Lotus Notes/Domino to Exchange 2010 37,000 mailboxes, Designed migration strategy, performed proof-of-concept, performed successful pilot migration
  • Designed migration strategy and performed Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 migration 11,000 users
  • Assessments Enterprise level
  • Networks Assessed Active Directory Environments for performance, best-practice adherence and solutioning for remediation for numerous clients nationwide
  • Exchange environment - Assessed Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 Environments for performance, best-practice adherence and solutioning for remediation for numerous clients nationwide
  • Documentation
  • Detailed System Design Specifications, Blueprints and Process Flows
  • Detailed System assessments and recommendations
  • Detailed As-built documents
  • Training guides
  • Building and tuning numerous:
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 servers
  • Windows Server 2012 Standard servers
  • Domain Controllers
  • Exchange 2010 and 2013 Servers
  • Client interfacing Onsite, hands-on client interfacing nationwide
  • Managing Engineer Team and Project Management
  • PowerShell scripting


Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect on an Exchange/Messaging project for the Department of Energy at the world's premier Nuclear Laboratory - Los Alamos National Laboratory. The focus of this project involved migrating the Lab from a number of disparate email, calendar and communication systems to Exchange 2010. It included Active Directory assessment and clean-up, BES redesign and migration, Good Server Design and proof-of-concept for Android and iOS, SCOM monitoring, BoxTone Monitoring, Lync Design and implementation, while supporting their Exchange 2007 and Lotus 8.x environments.

My role encompassed:

  • Active Directory
  • Object management The directory structure over a single-forest multi-domain model had thousands of orphaned objects requiring removal and metadata clean-up for properly functioning monitoring.
  • Best-practice assessments were performed to tune the entire system and adhere to best-practices
  • PowerShell Scripting I designed a number of scripts to export data from non-Microsoft databases and ingest it into Active Directory, as-well-as scripting migration and management tasks
  • FIM Forefront Identity Manager Designed FIM rules to provide more efficient AD object creation from home-spun HR application and Single Sign-On capabilities
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration 17,000 mailboxes
  • Supported Exchange 2007 Environment
  • Supported Lotus and Domino Environment until migration
  • Meeting Maker to Outlook calendaring
  • Unified Messaging/Lync 2010 Design, implementation and testing
  • Lotus SameTime to Microsoft Lync migration
  • Lotus Notes and Cyrus Mail to Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration
  • Messaging
  • Designed BES 5.x platform and migrated 2,000 users from BES 4.x
  • Designed and installed BoxTone Monitoring platform for BES
  • Designed and installed Good Server platform for Android an iOS
  • Deliverables included:
  • Extensive documentation, assessments, recommendations, blue-prints
  • Migration plans
  • Testing regimen plan
  • BES 5.0 Infrastructure
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Exchange 2010 Messaging Platform
  • PowerShell scripts for managing Active Directory objects
  • Training guide creation
  • Created and conducted classroom and auditorium training
  • Created SharePoint sites to
  • Monitor all project documents and deliverables,
  • Track consultant tasking and progress
  • Client facing FAQs, knowledge bases, self-help and training sites.


Exchange Migration Engineer BPOS Dedicated/ Office 365 / PowerShell Specialist

Responsible for the development of PowerShell scripts to facilitate the support of Active Directory objects and 30,000 mailboxes during and after Hyatt's migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010 BPOS. I trained Tier-three and Tier-two support personnel to use BPOS tools Exchange Control panel ECP, CMPMT, FIM Tool provided Tier-three support, escalating issues to Microsoft and delivering solutions to end-users, and extensively documented the processes and transferred knowledge to the business.


Exchange Engineer/Enterprise Architect

Responsible for the hands on design and development of Enterprise Conceptual Data Models, ECDM, and Enterprise Logical Data Models, ELDM, and Enterprise Physical Data Models, EPDM, for a number of Allstate's business units. The projects required the use of various Structured Methodologies for the design and implementation of a variety of business systems in accordance with Allstate's business rules and System Development Life Cycle.

Exchange Engineer Exchange Migration:

Built 24 Exchange Servers and migrated 160,000 mailboxes and over 300,000 public folders from a six data center model to a two datacenter model.

Enterprise Architect Active Directory Engineer

  • Worked with Enterprise Engineers to revamp the Active Directory tree
  • Active Directory Tree design
  • Rights Management
  • Identity Management
  • Domain Structure
  • Site Structure
  • ADMT

System Architect Allstate Collaboration:

  • Used Symantec Modelling to prove SharePoint's viability as the de-facto collaboration tool for Allstate.
  • Conducted dozens of interviews with stakeholders and SharePoint site managers.
  • Produced business use cases for SharePoint
  • Reviewed many Microsoft competitive collaboration suites
  • Determined SharePoint as the collaboration tool for Allstate

Data Architect

  • Allstate Roadside Service ARS Division
  • Used ANSI/SPARC three level architecture models in conjunction with IDEF1X Entity relationship diagrams within the Waterfall Structured Methodology to:
  • Analyze content
  • Created ELDM to determine how the content would be structured in compliance with Allstate's data retention policy
  • Documented content for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Implemented ELDM to manage over three terabytes of newly acquired data

Systems Architect/Project Manager

  • Confidential is the internal broadcast network used to deliver live, rebroadcasted and locally produced content to 150,000 Allstate personnel worldwide. The existing system had reached end-of-life and was not compliant to Allstate Data Center standards.
  • Description: Used a Spiral Methodology within the construct of the Incremental Structured Methodology and top down approach to create and implement a complete Camera to Audience portal driven multimedia environment to replace existing sun setting system.
  • The Incremental Method was used to govern the many milestones of this project and incorporated the Spiral Methodology to evaluate, test and complete each phase existing in a multi temporal constraint
  • Personal interviews were used to determine the user interface scope
  • Personal interviews and system analysis were employed to determine the current environment and depict it with IDEFIX Entity Relationship diagrams, Symantec, Enterprise Logical and Conceptual models.
  • Conferences with Microsoft, Qumu, Adobe and Cisco determined the physical Schema.
  • Developed a vendor scoring system consisting of 113 attributes
  • Engaged vendors for Focused demonstrations within the ERP construct
  • Developed high level system blueprints, ERMs, conceptual, logical, and physical models for new system
  • Created over two-dozen business cases depicting the current uses and comparing them with the new topology and methodology.
  • Developed alternative Cloud Solution with Akamai
  • Developed and performed the proof-of concept testing
  • Presented designs to Architecture Review Board to obtain approval


Project Manager - Senior Engineer Active Directory Architect Messaging Architect



Messaging/Active Directory Engineer

  • Project Scope: Design, install and configure Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2007, BES 5.0, and Hyper-V network
  • Used Incremental Structured Methodology and bottom-up modelling to derive project plan
  • Designed Active Directory OU structure
  • Installed and configured Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Printer Server
  • Installed virtualized Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in Hyper-V environment
  • Managed external DNS record changes, obtained and installed SSL certificates
  • Transitioned users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007
  • Migrated public folders and distribution lists
  • Virtualized BES 4.1 server and upgraded to BES 5.0
  • Extensive documentation and knowledge transfer


Global Backup Administrator/Project Manager

  • Project Scope: Diagnose, fix and re-engineer Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies, maintain server 2000 and 2008 environment. Achieved a global increase in backup success rates from 34 to 99
  • Managed Backup and Storage Re-Engineering Project
  • Responsible for managing backup and storage strategy for 126 servers centered around three global hubs in China, Europe and North America
  • Responsible for monitoring and recovering over 60 virtual servers globally using VMWare and Virtual Iron
  • Managed Clustered Servers Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and EMC SANs.
  • Developed database to analyze and track backup and storage metrics identifying performance issues
  • Created Documented entire network
  • Worked with WSUS and SCCM for enterprise updates
  • Microsoft Operations Manager MOM
  • Managed and documented all worldwide file replication on 17 replicating servers in 15 namespaces
  • Gather customer requirements, define scope and estimate resources for projects involving Backup and Disaster Recovery process re-engineering
  • Prepared and presented recommendations to Executive Team
  • Created and implemented Global Backup Policies and Procedures
  • Identified capacity issues in Europe, China and North America and managed SAN environment
  • Process changes resulted in increased efficiencies, saving over 9.000 for European Hub alone
  • Work with VERITAS Backups enabled recovery of Exchange servers to the message level and SharePoint servers to the document level eliminating the need to purchase additional software saving the client another 20,000
  • Resolved DFS/File Replication DFSR problems between China and Bangkok
  • Implemented measures to correct storage and process issues in Barcelona, Spain
  • Created Server Administration Policies and Procedures
  • MPLS environment


Exchange Engineer

  • Project Scope: Diagnose, redesign and support Exchange 2003 messaging system
  • Determined performance metrics for failing messaging system consisting of one front-end OWA and one backend exchange server connected to SAN, Surf Control/WebSense email filtering and Ziv firewall/encryption system
  • Redesigned Exchange system utilizing clustering Active, Passive and alternative passive nodes connected to SAN distributing load across multiple LUNs to accommodate approximately 4,000 users in this 400 bed tertiary care hospital and associated clinics


Active Directory Engineer

  • Project Scope: Develop and implement project plan to perform in-place migration of Windows N.T. Server 4.0 network to full Windows 2003 Active Directory.
  • Using a bottom-up modelling approach I developed an project plan within the Waterfall Structured Methodology for migrating system comprised of over 100 file servers and domain controllers from Windows N.T. to Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory
  • Thoroughly document existing network structure created Conceptual, Logical and physical models along with Entity Relationship diagrams to depict Servers, Roles, Service Packs, WINS Configurations, DNS Configurations, Software, PDC and BDCs, Citrix servers, Windows 2003 Servers, Windows 2000 servers and Windows N.T. servers.
  • Designed Access Database for asset management and system documentation
  • Designed Active Directory structure including Domains, Trees, Organizational Units, Groups and Group Policies.
  • Virtualized servers using VMWare
  • Implemented Windows Server Update Services


Exchange Engineer

  • Project Scope: Responsible for architecting and proving the process for migrating 6,700 Novell GroupWise clients and over ten terabytes of data to Microsoft Exchange and Quest Archive Manager.
  • Team Lead on the Migration side Quest GroupWise Migrator for Exchange
  • Team Second of the Archival side Quest Archive Manager for Exchange
  • Built test lab
  • Conducted hundreds of test migrations to develop final methodology
  • Worked with Quest Engineers on pre-release testing of their Archive Manager for Exchange 4.x product
  • Worked on bug remediation with Quest Engineers
  • Identified bugs
  • Documented entire process for DOA's approval
  • Developed training and support materials for end users
  • Successfully Migrated all 6,700 users
  • Exchange 2003 and 2007
  • Primary Exchange Administrator
  • Managed and monitored mail flow
  • Troubleshoot queues
  • Monitored system performance
  • Identity Management ILM
  • Used Exchange Management Shell and Windows PowerShell to manage Exchange and Active Directory Objects
  • Create and manage Shared Resources and Distribution Lists


Project Manager/Systems Architect

  • Managed all I.T. Projects for this Global Leader of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Migrated entire company from Novell to Windows 2000 server with Active Directory
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership via: Contract Procurement, Enterprise Licensing, Efficient use of servers and strict maintenance schedule for all end users.
  • Architected the entire Active Directory Structure
  • All DNS, DHCP
  • Identity Management
  • DFSR Distributed File System Replication
  • Forests, Domains, Sites, OUs, GPOs
  • Designed and implemented BES Platform
  • Designed and implemented Good Server Platform
  • Designed, Configured and Installed Microsoft 2003 R2 Servers with Distributed File Services
  • Migrated from Windows 2000 Server raised Domain and Forest Levels.
  • Designed DFS Strategy for file sharing and version control between the two offices
  • Migrated email from GroupWise to Exchange 2000
  • Migrated Exchange Server 2000 to Exchange Server 2003
  • Managed Exchange 2003 environment
  • Performed system monitoring for performance metrics
  • Managed queues and troubleshoot mail flow issues
  • Supported OWA Access and mobile interfaces
  • Designed, built, deployed Blackberry Enterprise Server for global communications
  • Configured Cisco Routers for VPN Tunnelling
  • Installed and configured wireless network utilizing HP Access points on the 802.11g spectrum
  • Managed SPAM system which blocked over 17,000 messages per day.
  • Designed Disaster Recovery protocol
  • Installed and configured ArcServ Backup system
  • Managed cellular service and contracts
  • Procured and managed contracts with CDW, Microsoft, AT T, T-Mobile, Blackberry and Cisco
  • Procured AT T MPLS solution


I.T. Director/Senior Systems Architect

  • Managed the multi-million dollar Chicago Board of Trade account
  • Hired and managed a team of 10 technicians providing Tier III support for all four trading floors, over 2000 bankers, traders, and support personnel for this major commodities exchange
  • Increased service base over fifty percent by closing exclusive service contracts with Navistar International
  • Serviced all Dell PCs and laptops for Grant Thornton as Dell Premium Service Provider

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