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Database Administrator Resume Profile

  • Experienced Sr. Business Systems Analyst BSA with over 5 years, Configuration Manager, Deployment Manager and Storage Manager on TSM Tivoli Storage Manager for databases.
  • Experienced Sr. Database Administrator DBA with over 13 years on: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2, DB2 UDB - AIX/UNIX, Oracle 10g - AIX/Unix, DB2 - z/OS, IMS, IDMS and MS Access.
  • Proficient with BI tools on Visual Studio 2005 / 2008: MS SQL Server integration services SSIS , reporting services SSRS
  • Experienced TSM Administration performing system integration of large mission-critical Backup Storage Infrastructure
  • Experienced with: Transact-SQL and Stored Procedures and Data Warehouse.
  • Experienced with: Navy, DoD, federal government business systems and government business requirements.
  • Supported the Business Process/Workflow Data Analysis Mapping BPMN Specification 2.0
  • Supported the Requirements Determination System Functional management and data normalization
  • Supported the Business Continuity Program Management
  • Supported the Enterprise Continuity Planning in large enterprise environment
  • Experience using programming language Java Enterprise Edition JEE to develop business processes
  • Experienced with: Java Message Service JMS / Eclipse Java development tools JDT
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite 2010: Advanced Access Excel skills, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, Active Directory and Outlook Word.
  • Proficient with automated Configuration Management Tools: Serena Dimensions CM
  • Strong analytical skills and logical thinker Able to multi-task and still provide thorough and accurate results.
  • Great interpersonal skills able to efficiently work in groups or alone, without supervision.
  • Detail oriented workmanship with high self-accountability Fast learner and adaptable to changing environments.
  • Established methodical procedures to solve highly complex problems with perseverance
  • Experienced in fast-paced production environment
  • Conduct technical training for end users and at all organizational levels / developed training materials
  • Excellent analytical, critical thinking skills and organizational skills
  • Familuar with SharePoint
  • High Ethics / Values / Integrity / Trust
  • Secret DoD/ SF85 Level Security Clearance active


Business Systems Analyst

  • Assisting the Navy Personnel Research, Studies and Technology NPRST in the Production Management Office Business Process Reengineering Effort. Provide program support to Navy Client in the existing Navy Enlisted Supply Chain NESC process.
  • Support an assessment of existing NESC process as well as the related Tools to understand business rules, assumptions, and existing methodologies.
  • Support assessment of the business information needs and develop Functional Requirements to meet the changing business needs.
  • Collaborate with a cross section of Navy stakeholders to understand user requirements for flexibility and ability to adapt tool configuration locally as changes in priority or business need dictate.
  • Analyze and update the Business Process Reengineering BPR and Functional Requirements Document FRD covering the NESC Street-to-Fleet process.
  • Apply standards and templates in accordance with DOD, Navy and specific client direction.
  • Participate in discussions with Navy stakeholders and defined the scope and objectives, determining, business rules, developing, and documenting user functional and cross-functional requirements.
  • Analyze business and user needs, document requirements, and revise existing system logic difficulties, as necessary.
  • Identifies, communicates, and coordinates with all affected stakeholders for a project.
  • Conducts and/or participates in the analysis of business processes and functional requirements and in the preparation of appropriate documentation to communicate and validate the information.
  • Conducts stake holder analysis and information gathering techniques resulting in customized solutions.


SQL Server Database Administrator / Developer

  • Managed the SQL Database Administration, business analytics and reporting to meet corporate objectives.
  • Supported the oversight of all individual Microsoft SQL Server instances locally at the corporate office and retail locations.
  • Managed the database security by maintaining the policies and procedures ensuring the integrity of all databases and executed structure queries from different databases.
  • Developed and designed database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity issues.
  • Provided performance tuning, query optimization, by utilizing Performance Monitor, SQL Profiler and other related monitoring and troubleshooting tools.
  • Responsible for the configurations, administration, monitoring and maintenance of all databases in the organization.
  • Responsible for providing operational and development database services, including tracking and resolving database related incidents and requests, responding to database related alerts and escalations.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving database integrity issues, performance issues, blocking and deadlocking issues, data connectivity issues, security issues etc.
  • Created, monitored and maintained the backups, restores, recovery models, database shrink operations, and troubleshooting SSIS packages, T-SQL Code and design strategies stored procedures, functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, and constraints .
  • Experienced with creating in-house adhoc reports using SSRS per requirements to include the full life cycle for developing and enhancing of new project requests to meet the business needs.
  • Gathered project requirements from internal customers to design, build, test and deploy SSRS Reports.
  • Produced documentation manuals with written documents, and created other documentation for all process and procedures, as required and requested.
  • Created and modified new subscriptions for users on the SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Added new SSRS reports on the SQL Mail server by setting up SQL permissions for the users.
  • Provided on call support 24x7 for SQL databases, space on servers and break fix jobs.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Created a SSRS report to accommodate a backup-reporting project that would enable us to look at the status of all the backups of any SQL server in the company in a single report. I had to create a multi-server query SSRS backup report by using the Central Management Server CMS . First by establishing the CMS environment and registered all the SQL server instances. Then I generated two reports into one - a parent report and a sub-report to accomplish this task.



Sr. Business Systems Analyst / JAVA Developer / Configuration Manager

  • Was responsible for supporting a new Navy Future Pay and Personnel System NFPPS . Assisting the Bureau of Naval Personnel BUPERS Business Transformation Office BBTO , which was established to conduct policy research and analysis of all Navy artifacts associated with current personnel and pay systems using data maintained in various systems.
  • Developed, documented, executed and implemented configuration management and change control program for the development team, Business Analyst BA teams and quality assurance QA team.
  • Established and maintained consistency of a Navy's product's performance, functional and physical attributes and artifacts with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its lifecycle.
  • Coordinated with internal and external end users to understand user requirements, analyzed user business problems and business needs
  • Responsible for backup, monitoring and troubleshooting data sources to accommodate new data fields and data types.
  • Assisted in the developing, loading data, processing data, artifact images and testing of a custom Functional Metadata Repository.
  • Performed tests on Java code to ensure it can be delivered and run in a production environment.
  • Reviewed new Java code, and migrated with Eclipse Java development tools JDT to ensure that correct versions of the source code base has been compiled correctly.
  • Provided system support of all branches of the Directorate in reporting and analysis of Functional Metadata.
  • Assisted Data Team Leads with compliance of all required government deliverables and due dates
  • Established and maintain policy for storage and version control of produced artifacts and documentation ensuring positive control of artifacts for all departments work processes.
  • Experienced in developing and implementing a comprehensive Configuration Management solution programs, processes and managed data sources for artifact images.
  • Utilized Serena Dimensions CM as our CM tool and operated as our data repository for signed Configuration Item CI documents and Quality Assurance QA approved business process artifacts storing them as electronic files.
  • Involved in preparing, making presentations that include our findings and recommendations.
  • Ensured that proper Configuration Management practices are followed and government interests are protected.
  • Involved in the complete lifecycle of the data flow from diagnosing and managing the correction of data issues, Data Migration, QA and CM.
  • Participated in updating FRD's
  • Developed reports for Navy and DoD leadership to track overall progress of the Production Management Office's PMO initiative by analyzing and interpreting data and assisting in the developing of presentations, i.e., charts, graphs, etc. utilizing Crystal Reports.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Assisted in the development and testing of a Java based custom Functional Metadata Repository ETL tool running on a MS SQL Server instance and MS Access database. This tool allows access for retrieval, reporting of data collected in the data warehouse, giving the user the ability to load new data to perform ad hoc queries to provide a powerful analytical and reporting data store to assess the business. I also trained users on the utility and assisted in the documentation of the process and procedures using standards and templates in accordance with DOD, Navy.


Sr. DB2/IMS/IDMS / Database Analyst

  • Provided technical support and guidance in the acquisition, analysis and development of database related software for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Developed personal training objectives for CA-Log Analyzer
  • Participated in database design reviews
  • Managed database security
  • Provided the database referential integrity RI , indexes, keys and table metadata
  • Monitored Business Continuity Program BCP standards and procedures to insure recoverability and availability of production databases.
  • Provided problem resolution of all application process issues
  • Created and modify all database objects
  • Performance tuning and database monitoring
  • Established and met estimated time-lines for all production deliveries

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Automated a process for identifying Table Spaces that were not being backed up to the system control logs and transmitted an email.


Sr. Database Administrator / Business Systems Analyst / Deployment Manager

  • Provided System and Database Administration support for 35 database DB2/UDB environments.
  • Experienced managing and administering very large DB2 UDB V9.1 Database in a high transaction volume environment, supporting Unix, AIX based systems from a production standpoint. Experienced in the development, tuning, and debugging of clustered database servers, stored procedures, triggers, and backup recovery procedures.
  • Experienced in tuning DB2 and SQL performance. Experienced using, Websphere, Veritas NetBackup with DB2 to perform database backups. Maintained security and integrity controls. Formulated policies, procedures, and standards relating to database management, and monitoring transaction activity and utilization.
  • Was responsible for supporting a new IBM Technical Refresh application to production for the Navy and wrote all the documentation for passwords STIG compliance project, technical teams and configuration management.
  • On a day-to-day and weekly maintenance activities included Database monitoring, database backups, database restores, database reorgs and runstats and database SQL tuning.
  • Provided support for Selection Board.
  • Provided support for EMPRS primarily Production, User Services, Record Review Room and development/test environment .
  • Provided Core Records support, issues affecting Defense Personnel Records Imaging System DPRIS , COM/CD generation, Rimage support, Record Review Room support, fitness reports or any other input/output issue.
  • Provided application database administration support for: IBM Content Manager, IBM Records Manager, Websphere, Crystal Reports, and Tivoli application suites, Rational Team Concert, AIX, Unix, Windows O/S.
  • Provided System and Data Base Administration support for the development and test environment. Also, DB2 Content Management Database admin support.
  • Provided AIX Sys admin support, Windows Sys admin support, DB2 Content Management Database admin support and REMEDY Application Support.
  • Managed software applications, versions and upgrades
  • Responsible for database monitoring, tuning, debugging stored procedures, triggers, backup recovery procedures and management support.
  • SQL database design, configuration control, executing scripts and queries to assess technical performance.
  • Performance tuning and database monitoring
  • Coordinated and performed new application releases into production for STIG compliance effort
  • Initiated and facilitated meetings for the Security STIG compliance effort
  • Monitored the TSM workstation to ensure it is up and active

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: While functioning in the Deployment Manager role, I led the application administration support for IBM Content Manager, IBM Records Manager, Websphere, Tivoli application suites, Rational Team Concert, AIX, Windows O/S and Oracle for the IBM passwords Security STIG compliance. I also created the documentation of the process and procedures.


Business Systems Analyst / Deployment Manager

  • Responsible for supporting the development and new application releases for the new IBM technical refresh to production for the Navy. By assisting with problem definition, evaluation of requirements, and implementation.
  • Provided software support for the new refreshed workstations, software associated with the Selection Board and for other areas of Electronic Military Personnel Record System EMPRS .
  • Assisted in the analysis, prototyping, testing, and implementations of this new release
  • Deployed software builds for Test/Production to the test environments, production servers and WebSphere servers
  • Responsible for daily maintenance and upgrades while functioning in the role of Deployment Manager for all IT related equipment to meet deadlines and managed work to timelines.
  • Monitored and debugged all application processes for DPRIS and provided Core Records support for COM/CD generation, Rimage support, Record Review Room support and fitness reports.
  • Maintained and modified DPRIS in support of Navy Personnel Command NAVPERSCOM systems.
  • Maintained and operated COM/CD in order to provide authorized personnel, commands and agencies properly requested and Government authorized copies of the Official Military Personnel file OMPF on CDs.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: While functioning in the Deployment Manager role, I worked with programmers, project managers, operations, and Navy clients to understand the software requirements for the new IBM Technical Refresh. I was responsible for the requirements management efforts for new code implementation for this project. Successfully implemented the New TSM Tivoli Storage Manager software and components, new releases and applicable patch releases.


  • Supported and maintained the IRS DB2 and IMS mainframe databases
  • Performance tuning and database monitoring
  • Performed complex problem identification/resolution in support of both operating system and application level problems
  • Managed database security
  • Provided database administration to design, develop, and maintain database systems
  • Analyzed, planned, and managed all data storage to ensure BCP best practices
  • Developed and managed data backups and recovery procedures adhering to BCP best practices

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Trained IRS personnel for 24X7 coverage.

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