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Business Analyst Resume Profile


Business Analyst with diverse experience in metrics and reporting, service level agreements SLAs , ITIL and call center management experience. ITIL Foundations certified in 2006. Experience in ITIL Methodology. Exceptional business and writing skills. High level proficiency in Microsoft Office products. Strong analytical and organizational skills. Customer-focused leader with a demonstrated ability to motivate team members and implement change. Able to work independently. Strong attention to detail. Highly skilled, energetic and accomplished professional with technical and administrative experience in Strategic Outsourcing contracts with Fortune 500 companies. Ability to develop and maintain excellent customer relationships along with the communications and leadership skills to resolve very challenging technical and business issues. Responsible for audit and compliances reports.



Business Analyst

  • Manage Service Levels with excellence, Manage service delivery support activities on the GM account. Accomplishing
  • while being skillful and tactful in working with Program Managers, Project Management, Technical Team Leads and Business Analysts. Collect and publish service delivery metrics on time, SLA's which has resulted in zero penalties.
  • Chair the bi-weekly IIM/OM PSO Team Meetings.
  • Attend and take the meeting minutes for the Internal Customer Prep Review Meetings with the Project Executive, Deputy Executive, Contract Negotiator, and the Financial Services Manager.
  • Attend the Joint Business Office meetings with the GM Customer along with the IIM/OM Project Executive, Deputy Executive, Contract Negotiator and Financial Services Manager
  • Responsible for getting the IIM/OM Management approvals on all Customer Contract Changes and submitting all approvals to the IIM/OM Contract Negotiator.
  • Interfacing with the GM Customer on a daily basis on various team needs. Coordinated a successful consolidation Project office Team move at the GM World Headquarters.
  • Regional Focal for the IIM/OM Team in gaining access to the GM Customer network.
  • Resource Management processing and submit a monthly Personnel Tracking Report for the DPE as requested.
  • Performing analysis of skilled resource requirements and the development and tracking of skilled resource planning for their area of responsibility.
  • Keeping track for GSC41 Goods and Services for Non SubK over 3,000.
  • Manage Service Level Management GSC 41 Service levels reports processing and review Service Level Improvement Plans from all the GM Customer Supplier's. Submitting with minimal effects on contract financials and all done with excellence and submitted on time to the customer without penalties which is a SLA requirement.
  • Global Service Contract Service Improvement Plan successfully tracking action items for all the GM Suppliers, following up when there is an issue with a change that has been submitted. Posting all action items into SharePoint for the GM Customer to see. This is a SLA resulting in zero penalties.
  • Responsible for the collection of the IBM Team Technical Training and ITIL training certification. This is a SLA requirement of which has resulted in zero penalties.
  • Maintaining the process that supports the IBM Leadership: Supporting the Project Executive, Deputy Project Executive and all other Management Staff.
  • Workplace Security Auditor for the IIM/OM Team, SOHS Team, and the CARS Team. Perform quarterly audits.
  • Purchasing on BOND software, and licenses for the IIM/OM Team, keeping track of who has the software and licenses.
  • Responsible for the IIM-OM Team PC Security Audits that is conducted quarterly.
  • Serving as the Regional Focal Point for the entire IIM-OM Team working directly with the GM customer to resolve any issues that come up between the IIM/OM Team and the Customer.
  • Responsible for reporting on audits and compliances for the team.


  • Successfully organized and facilitated CAB meetings with appropriate GM Stakeholders and with Performing Suppliers.
  • Scheduled the CAB meetings with appropriate stakeholders and facilitate the CAB meetings through a prepared agenda.
  • Responsible for keeping documented CAB decisions and logging these decisions in the Request for Change database.
  • Interfaced and coordinated with performing suppliers to achieve the desired outcome for the CAB in their responsibility.
  • Hosted the weekly CAB meetings with the Customer and all their Suppliers.
  • Resolved any issues between the Supplier's that would come up in regards to changes being implemented and presented to the GM Customer.
  • Recorded meeting minutes of meetings and final decision of the CAB.
  • Processed Urgent Change requests.
  • Served as Back-up Coordinator to other CABs as necessary.
  • Submitted meeting minutes and served as the single point of contact and communication lead for the CAB.
  • Provided support for Release Management as necessary.


  • Provided Technical support to the IBM CARS Project Office Team. This resulted in zero penalties.
  • Managed, created metric and statistical reports, monthly measurement reports, weekly technical reports, action items, issue reports and weekly server resource management reports that I submitted to the GM Customer.
  • Served as focal point for the CARS Team.


  • Provided excellent administrative support for several managers and IBM Executives.
  • Managed and created drafting letters, memos, scheduled appointments and arranged meetings with IBM clients.
  • Proficient in using many software applications.

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