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Programmer Analyst Resume Profile


Business Systems Analyst


Microsoft SQL including SSIS, stored procedures, functions

Visual Studio

Microsoft Office Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint

Cognos Powerhouse

Digital OpenVMS

CONNX an ODBC tool.

Cognos Powerplay/Impromptu


Systems Analyst


  • Programmer Analyst maintained and enhanced a mission critical ERP application.
  • Oversaw and implemented all aspects of development and support for the ERP system.
  • Met with customers to determine needs and requirements.
  • Addressed conflict resolution to fit customer needs within existing data structures.
  • Determined development plans and technical requirements to address implementation strategies.
  • Prepared documentation of upgrades and extensions to existing systems.
  • Projects managed and completed during my tenure include:
  • Developed Purchase Order extension to the existing system.
  • Added EDI extensions to the ERP system.
  • Built an Excel format output via Cognos Quiz.
  • Built interfacing options to external entities ie Created methods to send credit reports to credit reporting agencies via FTP .
  • Added reporting options. Where the system originally produced high volumes of hard copy reports to high speed printers , I created network reporting methods. Now over 85 of reports are handled electronically, reducing paper consumption.
  • Assisted in upgrading and transforming the ERP system to SAP.
  • Maintained the OpenVMS system, including backups, software updates.
  • Used Cognos Powerhouse Quiz, Qdesign, QTP , a 4th generation programming tool including Database design, Screens, Reports and Transaction processing functions.
  • Supported customer requests as they relate to the ERP.
  • Ad Hoc reports

Programmer Analyst


  • Worked primarily in a support role to maintain an in-house Municipal Accounting Software System including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, and Utility Billing systems
  • Maintained the OpenVMS operating system, including backups, software updates.
  • Supported customer requests as they relate to the Municipal Accounting System.
  • Ad Hoc reports

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