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Technical Business Analyst Resume

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St Pete, FL


  • Information Technology professional with over 10 years of experience in System Analysis and design, Manual, Functional & Performance Testing, Load, Integration Testing, System & Software Customization, Configuration and integration, problem identification, reporting and remediation, Functional & Technical Analysis and resolution.
  • Configuration Management, Build management, Product installation & Release maintenance and management.Over six years of technical expertise in utilizing a wide array of IBM Rational tools customization & implementation in various product development and working with engineering teams in hardware, software and firmware based on their requirements and needs.
  • Experienced in identifying performance issues, bottleneck, reporting bugs, performance remediation using logs and reports.
  • Hands on experience in planning testing procedures for determining the effectiveness of applications with sound knowledge of software testing life cycle and software development life cycle.
  • Four plus years of experience with build and release code and deployment processes.
  • Identify, track and communicated the build and release issues using IBM Rational ClearQuest, ROBOT, DOORs(NG), BUILD FORGE and JIRA.


  • Comprehensive Knowledge of software testing life cycle and software development life cycle, UAT (5 + years)
  • Knowledge of Performance testing, Functional testing & Manual testing
  • Hands on knowledge of analyzing systems, evaluating system performance and responses
  • Knowledge of testing and analyzing medium to large systems
  • Ability to communicate effectively with strong technical and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to identify performance issues, provide solutions, fixes & remediation.
  • Experienced in working with DBA on database server administration as well as creating process and procedures to work with product development teams for their requirements
  • Good understanding in software testing/QA as well as complete SDLC, Waterfall, RUP, SCRUM and Agile methodologies
  • Over five years of experience in Business Analysis and QA/Testing, as well as coordinating with other SQAs, Test Leads and other Business Analysts on requirement gathering, test cases, test plans, Change Management, Change control, detailed design documentation.
  • Isolating the bottlenecks done through executing plans, profiling code (Measure Performance, Identify the Hot Spots where performance tuning has the most impact, Identify the root cause, change the program)
  • Isolating the bottlenecks done through executing plans, profiling code (Measure Performance, Identify the Hot Spots where performance tuning has the most impact, Identify the root cause, change the program)
  • Performance, Allocation, Coverage, Exception Load Library Trace, Platform Compliance, Resource Identifier,
  • Bug Reporting, Event Logging, Remediation of Bugs & BottleNecks with Test Reports, Results & Plans
  • Deliver code with optimal solutions following the industry standards, best practices & Design Patterns
  • Over six years of experience in developing quality control processes, continually meeting business objectives and resulting in highest level of client satisfaction. Experienced in working with Developers to integrate automated unit tests into builds
  • Well - versed in Performance analysis tools such as CodeAnalyst, Gprof, Rational PurifyPlus, cProfile(Performance Analysis tool for Python), FunkLoad(Functional, Load Testing web based tool)
  • Using RUNBOOK for implementing processes, procedures and best practices.


Languages: VB & VBA, Python, Django,(Python framework for Web Development), flask, Perl Scripting

CRM/ERP: OpenTaps, OpenERP

Project Management: Vendor Management and vendor Application selection, Requirement gathering and documenting Business requirements, Project strategy planning and development, Scope development and implementation, Requirement gathering & analysis with ReqPro v 7.x, Requirement Composer 4.x, DOORs (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirement System by IBM), Microsoft Project, Visio

Testing/Quality Assurance: Develop QA Test specification, Use Cases, Testing scope, User acceptance testing, Performance testing, Functional testing, Functional specifications, QTP (v 10 & 11) & QC, Manual, Functional & Performance testing with IBM RMT, RFT & RPT (5+ years)

Issue Management: McAfee, Remedy Action Request system, IBM Rational ClearQuest & Team Concert, Serena, GRS.

Platforms: Linux Red Hat, UBUNTU 12x, SUSE & PCLinux, UNIX Server (Solaris 10x), Administration & shell scripting, Administration of Windows 2000, 2003 & 2008 Server. MS Virtualization, VMWare Workstation

Database/Database Tools: SQL, SQLlite, MySQL, Oracle (v 10 & 11), MS SQL Server, MS Access, TOAD

Networking Tools: SolarWinds, WireShark, Enterprise Packet Analyzer.

Content Management System: Joomla, Drupal.

Upgrades & Migration: IBM Rational RPE(Publishing Engine), ReqPro 2000 to 7.x, ClearCase 7.x to 8x, BIRT, RTC, Requirement Composer, Rational Software Architect.


Confidential, St.Pete, FL

Technical Business Analyst


  • Gathering Requirements to create a RunBook/Cook for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Worked with Technical Writers, Management, Key personals, Technical Directors
  • Convert all the requirements to usable data for RunBook recipes, convert all the recipes to RunBook, convert RunBook into CookBook
  • Automating task using Python, Windows PowerShell
  • Git/GitHub for project collaboration
  • UAT

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Performance Tester SQA/Technical Business Analyst


  • Gathering Requirements for porting .NET code written in C# over to Ubuntu 12x
  • Help Re-Writing .NET code (C# code) on JAVA for portability on Linux,
  • Create images to deploy on Win7 Embedded & Ubuntu 12x.
  • Configure I/O components such as Magnetic Card Reader, Camera for Ubuntu 12x.
  • Perform System, Unit, component, User Acceptance, Performance, Functional and Manual Testing for Ubuntu 12x & Win7 Embedded.
  • Isolating the bottlenecks done through executing plans, profiling code (Measure Performance, Identify the hot spots where performance tuning has the most impact, Identify the root cause, change the program)
  • Performance, Allocation, Coverage, Exception Load Library Trace, Platform Compliance, Resource Identifier,
  • Bug Reporting, Event Logging, Remediation of Bugs & BottleNecks with Test Reports, Results & Plans
  • Deliver code with optimal solutions following the industry standards, best practices & Design Patterns
  • Perform System, Unit, component, User Acceptance, Performance, Functional and Manual Testing for Ubuntu 12x & Win7 Embedded.
  • Automation using PowerShell, Perl & Python for system administration and automating tasks.
  • UAT for converted code for Ubuntu

Tools: GIT, CodeBlocks, FlashDevelop, AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer, Gprof(Performance analysis tool for Unix based systems), JProfiler(Java Performance Tool), JIRA(Issue Tracking, bug tracking, Project Management), Bugzilla(Bug tracking & Testing), Windows Performance Tool by Microsoft, DOORs(NG), Rational Software Architect.

Confidential, Minneapolis

Technical Business Analyst/Data Mapping Analyst


  • Data mapping, design, develops; manage functional & technical requirements,
  • Working with Production Support & Infrastructure, as well as DataBase Administration Teams,
  • Technical Business Analyst working as a liaison between the Business Units and the Infrastructure Teams to gather, organize and create requirements, gather, map and streamline data using SQL queries,
  • Create reports
  • Using Python to automate the system admin processes
  • Visual-Intercept tool for workflow, along with Microsoft Office 2010, Visio, Project, Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint. SDLC

Tools: & Utilities: Visual Intercept, JIRA(Issue Tracking, bug tracking, Project Management), Bugzilla(Bug tracking & Testing), SQL Server, Rational Requirement Composer, Rational Team Concert 3.x, Beta Tested 4.x, Visio, Project, Access, Excel, Outlook, Python & PowerShell for system administration, Python & import.io for data scraping and data analysis, Git/GitHub, GitHub, DOORs(NG)

Confidential, Saint Paul

IBM Rational Engineer/SQA


  • Customize, Design, Develop & Configure, IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.x & 8.x using Perl & VB Scripting,
  • Rational Publishing Engine, Rational Requirement Composer & Rational Team Concert versions 3.x. Working with Senior BA,
  • SQA, Production Support, Infrastructure Teams and DBAs, create reports for the management,
  • Performance Testing, profiling and code analysis on IBM Rational Tools after configuration
  • Python scripting to automate the IBM Rational Tools and system admin processes.
  • Windows 2008 Server preps for IBM Rational ClearQuest, Rational Publishing Engine, Rational Requirement Composer and Rational Team Concert 3.x.
  • End User Testing, End User Training. Unit, Module and System Testing using Manual, Functional & Performance Testers
  • Working with different Business Units as well Hardware, Software and Firmware Engineering Teams to customize the IBM Rational Tools according to their needs and specs. ClearQuest as a workflow tool along with Microsoft Office 2010 (Visio, Project for the project management, Excel & Outlook). SDLC.

Tools: & Utilities: ClearCase, ClearQuest, RequisitePro, Requirement Composer, Rational Publishing Engine (Upgrade & Migration), Rational Team Concert (Upgrade), JProfiler(Java Performance Tool), QC, QTP, Oracle 10g, 11i, IBM Rational Manual, Functional & Performance Tester, JIRA(Issue Tracking, bug tracking, Project Management), Bugzilla(Bug tracking & Testing), cProfile, Python for system administration & Security tasks, Git/GitHub, SPARX System's Enterprise Architect v 11.x for requirement management, document generation code Engineering & UML. UAT for RPE.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

QA Team Lead/Technical Business Analyst


  • Requirements gathering, documentation, coordinating with the developers to work on the business and technical analysis (Functional & Technical requirements)
  • Manual Testing, Functional, Performance Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing,
  • Configuration Management,
  • Policies and procedures for OnLine Learning Management System with Open source tools like, OpenTaps (ERP+CRM), Joomla (Content Management System) to be used for Phoenix Online & other Online educational institutes.
  • Test case and defect management with QC along with automation (QTP for functional and regression testing) and manual testing
  • Gap analysis and detail design documentation & coordinating with SQAs and Test team for completion of the project as well as working with Production Support, Infrastructure and DBA teams.

Tools: & Utilities: Microsoft Office 2007 for Project Management, Workflow, eMail, Excel & Access for database management, QC, QTP, JIRA(Issue Tracking, bug tracking, Project Management), Bugzilla(Bug tracking & Testing), Python for system administration and automating tasks, Git/GitHub.

Confidential, MoundsView, MN

IBM Rational Developer, Administrator/Production Support/QA


  • Design, customize and implement ClearQuest/CQTM report using Crystal Report 10,
  • Supporting ClearCase 7.0.1 & 7.1.2(Multisite administration as well as UCM),
  • RequisitePro 7.0.1, DOORs 8.x, Manual Tester 7.0.1, Functional Tester, Performance Tester 8.1.1, Robot 7.0.1, PurifyPlus, Rhapsody, Rational Software Architect (Visual Modeling with UML), Rational Software Modeler, SoDA (Software Documentation Automation), BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool), Rational Team Concert 2.0, RQM (Rational Quality Manager), RRC (Rational Requirement Composer replacing ReqPro), Rational Publishing Engine (RPE),
  • Gathering customer requirements,
  • Support and management of IBM Rational License Server (FlexLM License Server), generate the IBM monthly usage report.
  • Performance tuning of IBM Rational applications of all business units and capacity planning.
  • Account management on both the UNIX LINUX as well as Windows platforms.
  • End user training,
  • Documentation and application of principles of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).
  • Worked individually as well as with other teams like SQAs, DBAs, Infrastructure, Hardware, Software, and Firmware Engineering Product Development Teams to gather requirements for all Business Units in Confidential for their Hardware, Software & Firmware design and development.
  • Upgrade of IBM Rational Tools, Requirement gathering
  • Pre/Post-implementation issue tracking for different business units,
  • Detailed design specifications & documentation,
  • Application servers (ClearCase, ClearQuest, ReqPro) prep, administration & deployment, data migration,
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Serena PVCS support: Administered & supported over 500+ end users for PVCS (Version Control System) as well as server administration, account administration and maintenance.
  • Aldon (legacy version control system): Administered and supported over 500+ end users as well as account administration.
  • Production Support. DBA and Infrastructure Team collaboration, meetings.
  • HP Quality Center: Backup support person for QC. Design, develop & run test cases & test scripts (Automation) using QTP.
  • Complete SDLC from concept to delivery.

Tools: IBM Rational Manual, Functional, Performance Tester, Rational Robot, Rational PurifyPlus(Performance Analysis Tool), Rational BuiltForge, ClearQuest (Upgrade, Data Migration, Support, Customization), ClearCase (Upgrade, Data Migration, Support), RequisitePro(Upgrade, Data Migration, Support), Requirement Composer, Software Architect, Rational Publishing Engine, Team Concert, DOORs, BIRT(Business Intelligence Reporting Tool), TOAD, QC, QTP, PVCS, ALDON, Oracle 10g, 11i, TOAD, SQLite DataBase Browser, cProfile(Python Performance Testing tool), FunkLoad(Web Based Load Testing & Functional tool), Python for system administration & data gathering, SPARX System's Enterprise Architect v 11.x for requirement management, document generation code Engineering & UML, UAT, after upgrade Rational Tools.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

SQA/Windows Application Support Engineer


  • Maintain, configure, implement changes and primary support person for Confidential in-house applications, keeping the system up and running 24x7.
  • Configuration and Customization of applications include RTA, Ultra/Verint, eWorkForce Management, Scala, Knowlegent and eSchedule planner.
  • Working and maintaining relationship and keeping constant communication with the various vendors, Oracle DBAs, overseas Windows applications support teams and Call Center Delivery Team.
  • On Call rotation,
  • Release and version control,
  • Performance, Functional & EndUser Testing,
  • Gathering requirements for new or next versions of Confidential applications,
  • Production support and end user training
  • Issue tracking with Remedy system,
  • Knowledge base implementation and design.
  • Reporting of 200+ servers, patch management and maintenance along with Windows support team.
  • Automating Windows administration & Application administration with Power Shell
  • Design and implemented IBM Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest & RequisitePro application Servers
  • Requirement Gathering & detailed design documentation
  • UAT, QA & end user training for ClearCase, ClearQuest & ReqPro v 7.0, worked with the application deployment team to create customize packets for IBM Rational products using SMS
  • Requirement gathering and pre and post-implementation issue tracking for different business units.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Applications/Production Support


  • Day to day Network, Telecom, Applications, Desktop & Server support
  • Configuration of hardware and software, deployment, management of specific software packages using SMS
  • Configuration, management and troubleshooting of CISCO IP based switches, AVAYA and CISCO telecommunication systems using CMS
  • Issue tracking using McAfee
  • Configuration, troubleshooting the Network ports, hubs and switches with the help of Network Engineering team
  • EndUser training for different applications
  • User Acceptance Testing, Beta testing for Windows based payment applications.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

WIndows Applications/CITRIX Administrator


  • Hardware/software support, installation; testing and deployment of windows based applications to the members of the medical, nursing and administrative staff, as well as End Users of of Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
  • Design Strategy, Implementation and Deployment of iPorts in the New Data Center
  • WorkStations, Servers assessments, configuration, image creation, deployments, Pre and Post evaluation of performance of deployed hardware and software applications
  • Requirement gathering, pre-implementation, issue tracking and integration of Legacy systems such as CERNER & FirstCoast with Windows & Linux RedHat.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Production Support/System Administrator


  • Technical customer support for nation-wide Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) initiative.
  • Interact with technical teams (DBAs & Network engineers, UNIX Administrators) and middle management to identify, manage and resolve issues.
  • Monitor, update and issue management with Remedy issue tracking system.
  • Performed daily checks and proactive monitoring of all assigned servers (Windows and UNIX).
  • Responding to outages in NOC. Performed basic to high level problem identification, isolation and suggested best course of action in cooperation with technical teams and business units. Assisted with bandwidth capacity planning, maintenance and administration of on-demand systems for WLNP.
  • Project support, Requirement gathering & documentation, implementation of all the in-house web-based applications, account maintenance
  • Reporting as well as End User training.
  • Windows workstations, Servers, Web interface integration with Castelle Fax servers. Implementation of templates for the fax server
  • Administration of Active Directory, data migration with OCRFF by DCA.
  • Support of web applications for local service requests through Neustar. Alltel, Verizon, SBC communication, Bell South and Qwest.
  • Administration of all the WireLine GUIs as well as taking care of all the shared resources for the port center, maintained to streamline the manual fax process and keeping the bi-directional communication with our OKC center from the administration/production support perspective.
  • Maintained support for web based application for Syniverse from testing to production.
  • Disaster Recovery (DRP) exercises and off-site testing for production environment for WLNP business continuity, all well as lesion between the technical teams and the implementation managers.
  • Provid production support for Roaming Management System (RMS), working with Access S&E team to help eliminate discrepancies with Saudi and French customers
  • Backend server support & patch management for Sun Solaris 9, shell scripting for automation and better administration and monitoring & alert
  • Worked with SAP CRM Functional team to help out Beta testing and end user testing for SAP CRM (Functional) for implementation.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Technical/Production Support/System Engineer


  • Problem identification, determination, diagnosis and repair of south-eastern regional network infrastructure for fortune 500 Internet Service Provider
  • RF hardware testing, networking hardware testing; problem identifications and resolution by implementing TCP/IP on transmission facilities like DSL, Cable, Satellite and dial-up connections
  • Assisted with testing, upgrade, maintenance of Digital Network Control System (DNSC).
  • Production support, issue tracking, monitoring and resolution using Remedy issue tracking system
  • Monitored network traffic, call volume and bottlenecks using AOL in house applications
  • Collaborated with other system administrators to identify, purchased, deployed new hardware and software throughout the call center and automated the day-to-day administration task by testing and creating new scripts in Windows environment
  • Daily, monthly & weekly backup of the data based on the schedule, automated the system alert and monitoring system and disk usage for the end users
  • Maintained security access, account access and account administration, disk, data utilization and reporting.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

System Engineer/QA


  • Creating detailed designs and configuration, installation, administration and troubleshooting of network, servers, and internal applications
  • Active directory administration
  • Develop and manage risk management and migration strategies
  • Ensure compliances with Network, QA Standards,
  • Requirement gathering, assessments, problem determination, system analysis for various hardware/software
  • Administration of WIN2K servers
  • Administration of Unix HP-UX 9 & 10
  • Patch management, automation & monitoring through scripts

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