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It And Business Technical Consultant Resume Profile


  • Versatile Technical Manager with 10 years experience providing IT solutions. Developed and delivered over 25 different systems including Knowledge Bases, Workforce Management Web tools, Time Route Optimization, integration of GPS, Dispatch and technician assignments and most recently project s in the Healthcare industry. These projects were successfully completed, on-time and within budget.
  • Exceptional talent for identifying technical strategies and transforming them into successful business solutions.
  • Excellent presentation, training, facilitating and interpersonal skills at all levels.
  • Successful leadership skills based on integrity, enthusiasm and technical ability
  • Excellent SQL programming experience


I have been almost every IT position during my 15 year career from programmer to manager. I understand the time and effort to produce functional programs and also recognize talent and believe in peer reviews to keep the team communicating and in tunes with corporate initiatives. Also, using any known methodologies, can monitor progress and create and/or improve current processes and procedures.


  • Networking/Hardware: Designed and built private ISP's. Built and maintained web servers, load balancing, email servers, fault tolerance, and CDP continuous backup solutions, Possess a good understanding of routers, switches, FTP, TCP/IP, and DNS Services. LAN: Ethernet, Token Ring, Remote Access and 2-factor authentication.
  • Software: Advanced SQL Server Database, SSIS, Crystal Reports, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Visual Studio, ASP Classic, .Net , HTML, CSS, VBScript, SharePoint, VB, JavaScript, Photoshop, Visio, Windows Scripting, MS Project, Lotus Notes, Outlook, IIS, Exchange.
  • Security: IDS/IPS, Web and Application log files, reporting tools, nmap, Nessus, Snort, Wireshark, Qualysis Zenoss, SNMP monitoring tools and various Vulnerability and Penetration testing software.



IT and Business Technical Consultant

Audit IT Network Computers for HIPPA compliance. Run vulnerability and penetration tests. Prepare IT Consultation reports and assist executive management with establishing policies and procedures for businesses containing sensitive data. In additional preform preliminary IT Audits in preparation for State, Federal or any local audits they may be facing. In several instances, prepare business recommendations, process improvement or IT automation they wouldn't currently think possible.


Sr. Applications Developer

  • Worked on the deficiencies of a converted HRIS program that was affecting payroll, W-2's, 401k and healthcare benefits for over 2000 employees. Initially created a data mapping tool to cross reference the legacy data elements to new elements and then programmed SQL stored procedures and functions needed to correct HRIS interface programs.
  • Additionally, gathered requirements, wrote technical specifications, coded and deployed SSIS ETL scripts to transmit membership information to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and 401K data to Fidelity. Several additional scripts were required to receive similar EDI files.



  • Performed overall network consulting services in preparation for HIPAA and HITECH compliance required for all Federal Qualified Healthcare Systems.
  • Served as project manager and CEO 'right-hand' for software development projects including software migration, EDI interfaces, process automation and day to day IT issues. In addition, created financial reports in SQL Server as required for state and healthcare industry audits.



  • Worked a combined role as an Analyst and Developer for a diverse medical managed care company. Due to the additional governance in the medical industry, several new processes and programs were being implemented.
  • Each of these projected required in-depth analysis, fact-finding and impact of legacy verses proposed solutions. In performing these tasks it was vital to reach out to various departments, extract knowledge, generate data mapping translations and provide knowledge base documentation.
  • On a more technical level, as developer, resolved data issues by writing SQL Scripts and SSIS Packages as needed to process Medicare and Medicaid Claims. Most of these programs interfaced with external sources such as the HIPAA Gateway and CMS which require strict compliance with standards and formats as outlined in the Health Care Reform Act.



  • Worked with executive management at Telecommunication Company to identify strategies and recommend technical solutions. Directed professional team of programmers, analysts and support staff to create and execute over 25 large scale IT solutions including:
  • Workforce Management /Time Attendance Program that analyzed the dynamic workload against the actual workforce to create optimum monthly work schedules. Automatic adjustments were made throughout the days based on high volumes in certain area's that may be low in others. This tool calculated whether overtime was needed but allowed tweaking of the schedule and shuffling of the workers so that none would be required. Ultimately, this tool reduced the need for overtime by 15 .
  • Designed an IT dispatch solution to restore large scale phone outages caused by natural disasters. This new solution allowed technicians to dispatch by cross box facilities instead of customers address. It reduced the number of trips necessary to restore service by 30 thereby freeing up additional workers to serve expanded areas and cleanup outages must faster.
  • Implemented a guidance tracking system integrating GPS and cell phone activity. This product provided a detailed history of technician previous activities, traffic stops, customer visits and driving behaviors. This information was then used to improve routes and constructively assist technicians.
  • Managed security issues for the region administration to include incident handling, security ID issuance and revocation, intrusion detection and other computer forensics. This process allowed every remote user to possess the correct security and authentication needed to access the VPN.
  • Programmed intranet solutions, pulled SQL data, created business reports, and worked on special projects for the executive management staff of Verizon Southeast . Used Microsoft Platform, IIS, SQL Server, Classic ASP, Excel, .NET Framework, Visual Basic and JavaScript.
  • Received prestigious Verizon Excellence Award, Presidential Circle Winner, Individual Excellence Award



  • Developed successful IT consulting company that specialized in turnkey business solutions for a variety of midsize companies including banks, insurance companies, hotels/restaurants, colleges and government agencies.
  • Some of the larger projects included an international Knowledge Base, Internet ecommerce site builder, Internet check authorization program and a wide area network spanning 10 states running our custom database application.
  • The Internet ecommerce site builder was one of the first web-based shopping cart programs to surface. Companies could build their own web site presence with full shopping cart functionally by selecting from various options and menu prompts. The Knight Group hosted over 100 of these sites when we decided to partner with a company that could offer a credit card processing option. This ultimately led to the successful sale of the product/concept.

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