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Senior Obiee Consultant Resume Profile


  • Business Intelligence Consultant 9 years of IT experience which includes analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses and Data Mining applications.
  • Extensively worked on OBIEE tool OBIEE 11g/ 10.x environments .
  • Expertise on OBIEE Administration Physical, BMM and Presentation Layers , BI server, Answers Dashboards, BI Publisher, Job Manager, Catalog Manager and Disconnected Analytics.
  • Experience in OBIEE migrations.
  • Expertise in creating Calculation Measures and Dimensions, using Initialization Blocks and Variables System and Repository , creating aggregate tables, adding multiple sources, executing direct Database requests, etc.
  • Expertise in converting Oracle BI Apps pre-built reports and RPD's HR, Financial, and Marketing Analytics, etc. according to business requirements.
  • Expertise in creating operational reporting using BI Publisher/ XML Publisher from ERP sources.
  • Expertise in fine tuning reports by using view selector, column selector, is prompted, drill down- drill through analysis, creating master/detail reports, using database, numeric, date and time functions, etc, where ever necessary to increase report visualization experience.
  • Specialized in developing BI Reports/ SQL queries according to best practices and experienced in fine tuning query's to improve query performance.
  • Experience in Dimensional Data Modeling using Star Schema, Snow-Flake Schema, Fact and Dimensional Tables.
  • Expertise in providing the BI solutions through BI best practices and OBIEE tool.



  • Business Analysis
  • Architect Reporting proposals and solutions
  • Data Analysis
  • Dimensional Data Modeling
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition OBIEE 11g/ 10.x
  • Oracle BI pre-build Applications, Informatica, DAC
  • Operational Reporting using Business Intelligence Publisher
  • Co-ordinate lead offshore team
  • Business Intelligence Best Practices
  • Designing end to end Business Intelligence project plan
  • Advance SQL
  • Testing
  • User Training
  • PeopleSoft HR Data, Oracle EBS
  • Oracle Certified Associate








Senior OBIEE Consultant

Project 1:

  • Forward Buy Release 1
  • Forward Buy is the process where each Division stocks up on products that have: 1 approved price increases, 2 expected price increases that are formula based, or 3 price discounts deals to take advantage of the inventory gain or sales potential.
  • Forward Buy Release 2 3
  • In Forward Buy Release 2.0, additional data and reports will be provided to support approved Off Cycle price increases as well as approved Deals/Promotions and weekly recommendations.
  • .
  • Project 2: Sales Coverage
  • A new process has been identified for the Sales coverage model whereas the division sales analyst will be providing the Territory Managers with sales opportunities to be working on as goals in the TMs TMBR Territory manager business review monthly.
  • The reports will help analyst identifying customers in top merchandising categories based on customer type.
  • Project 3: Executive Summary
  • One of the major goals of the Executive Summary Merlin dashboard is to provide more focused summaries at the Region and Corporate levels. Additionally, the major objective is to advance the functionality of the Merlin system to be more analytical, focusing on trends and exceptions, to be more prescriptive and to help users focus on the items requiring their attention.



  • Working with client team to implement multiple OBIEE projects using MUDE Environment.
  • Responsible for the high level design and development estimates.
  • Worked with Business Analyst in the creation of functional design document and mock-ups.
  • Prove out technical feasibility of proposed solutions.
  • Ensure that proposed solutions follow USF and ER DW standards.
  • Involved in the fit-gap analysis of the USF financial reporting requirements against the OBIA out of the box functionality.
  • Built Subject Areas for several projects with multiple fact and dimension tables.
  • Working on OBIEE tool Answers, RPD, and BI Publisher etc and Oracle databases.
  • Development of new Repository variable, Session variable and Initialization blocks.
  • Implemented object security in the RPD.
  • Involved in migration of RPD and web catalog objects from one environment to a different environment.
  • Creating Security Groups and users, created OBIEE Roles based on the projects and assigned users to it.
  • Created Physical joins on table alias and named the tables based on BI Best practices Fact , Dim and Outrigger
  • Created Dimensional hierarchies, Level based measures, and calculated measures and set its aggregation based on Hierarchy.
  • Used database evaluate functions to call SQL functions from the report, used time series functions to calculate the measures in the rpd.
  • Wrote/Modified custom HTML and Java Script code to validate prompts.
  • Wrote custom Script to show only one Go/Clear button. Changed Cascading Style Sheet files to show custom USF colours.
  • Created new reports and dashboards, saved filters, navigations using Go URL and dashboard links using OBIEE best practices.
  • Created Briefing books on OBIEE 11g and scheduled these reports using iBots for Executive Summary project.
  • Done the fit-Gap analysis comparing OBIEE 10g to 11g.
  • Involved in the OBIEE upgrade from 10g to 11g.
  • Created new reports and dashboards using OBIEE 11g.
  • Created Action Links and Actions in OBIEE 11g.
  • Involved in OBIEE 11g performance testing on multiple browsers.
  • Developed reports on OBIEE 11g to test the Mobility Project.
  • Developed BI Publisher reports from multiple sources Creating Data Models, Master-Detail reports, creating RTF templates, Scheduling Report Bursting .
  • Worked with the ETL team to design informatica mapping.
  • Worked on the ETL mapping customization whenever necessary using Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Customized tasks, tables, table groups and indexes in DAC tool as per requirements.
  • Customized DAC Client to execute out-of-the box DAC execution plans to run all ETL mappings at specified interval.
  • Loaded data into tables using nightly incremental job loads using DAC.
  • Build the BI Reports based on the BI Best Practices and perform Unit Testing.
  • Worked on Performance Tuning of reports using backend table indexes and caching.
  • Coordinate with testing team, analyze and resolve assigned defects and deploy fixes accordingly.
  • Built the Project Component Inventory and is up-to-date and in sync with code changes.
  • Develop the implementation plan and resolve technical issues during warranty.
  • Prepare the transition to support documentations.

Environment: OBIEE 11.1.x/10.x Administration, Answers Dashboard, BI Publisher , ETL SQL/ PL SQL , OBIA 11g with BI Apps 7.9.x and Informatica 9.5.x, Master Data Management, DAC, Oracle 11g on Exadata, MS Office, SQL Developer, CSS, Java Script, J2EE environment, Windows NT and UNIX.



  • Responsible for the delivery of the whole project. Acted as the Onshore-Offshore lead for the BI Delivery .
  • Responsible for gathering BI requirements and do the initial analysis.
  • Review the source systems and identify the feasibility.
  • Responsible for the delivery of the High Level Design and Low Level Design documents.
  • Developed the BI project plan and timelines.
  • Identify the related facts, dimensions, metrics and fact grains for the Subject Area.
  • Designed the Dimensional Data Mart.
  • Designed and created the physical database objects.
  • Designed the ETL jobs and sequences
  • Designed and developed the BI repository and Reports using OBIEE Answer's and Dashboards, Business Intelligence Publisher.
  • Responsible for the process set-up for CA7 Scheduler, FTP, SFTP etc.
  • Responsible for OBIEE migrations DEV to QA environment .
  • Merged the project Web Catalog and RPD with the Core Web Catalog and repository using Catalog Manager and 3 way Merge.
  • Developed below BI Publisher reports on a standalone environment.
  • Involved in the Security set-up. for external customer.
  • Distributed reports to external customers, using BI Publisher's report busting.
  • Employee with Missing time Employee history reports, Pre-payroll processing Payroll reports, etc
  • Mentored offshore resources for the OBIEE Development.
  • Developed Unit Test Scripts, Helped QA team and business users to write the initial test scripts.
  • Given User training on developed dashboards and reports to Quality Analysts and Business Users.
  • Involved in setting up ibots to run rep orts at scheduled time for Cache Seeding to Improve Query Performance using Caching.
  • Created many Oracle Materialized Views to fasten slower queries with complex joins.
  • Trained users to use the reports.

Environment: OBIEE Administration, Answers, Dashboard, BI Publisher, BI Server, Delivers/ iBots , DataStage 7.5, Oracle 10g, MS Office, TOAD, Java Script, J2EE environment, File Zilla, Ultra Edit, Windows NT and UNIX.



  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements from various business groups labor and sales , ensuring the needs and delivery feasibility.
  • Analyzed the new metric requirements for Phase 2 and did the end to end metric mapping for various business subject area HR labor and Sales ,
  • Developed the measure objects in BI Administration Tool.
  • Modified and customized the existing metadata Repository .rpd based on the Phase 2 requirements.
  • Provided Proof of Concept on Time Dimension, to implement hourly and 15min sales and labor data reports.
  • Developed the Proof of Concept to identify performance issues related to Phase 1.
  • Consolidated the Repository and Session Initialization blocks to reduce the impact on the BI Server and Database Server.
  • Involved in the design of creating consolidated queries at the dashboards to reduce network traffic.
  • Involved in identifying the business needs and there technical requirements.
  • Designed Physical relationship using Fact and Dimensional tables.
  • Designed the data model for labor, sales, merchandizing, PPM data marts.
  • Designed and developed Physical Data Layer, Business Model Mapping and Presentation Layer using BI Administration Tool.
  • Developed Dimensions and Time Series objects in the BMM Layer.
  • Created logical facts with multiple physical source tables.
  • Created reports and dashboards based on the BI Requirements using OBIEE Answers and Dashboards.
  • Developed the rpd in MUD, Involved in the migration of the modified rpd to the QA server.
  • Wrote unit test scripts for the Phase 2 Implementation.

Environment: OBIEE Administration, Answers, Dashboard, BI Server, BI Publisher, iBot's, Briefing Books , DB2, Data Stage, PeopleSoft HR, Oracle 10g, J2EE environment, Windows NT, PUTTY, and UNIX.


Oracle BI Specialist


  • Responsible for Project Delivery's at various client sites.
  • Develop small medium size Oracle Business Intelligence Project Estimations and Proposals
  • Development of PoC for OBIEE Reporting
  • OBIEE tool demos to Business Users and various clients
  • Conducting OBIEE answers training for Power Users
  • Development of reporting based on Oracle related technologies.
  • Worked on Oracle SQL Development.
  • Worked on PeopleSoft HR Data, creating custom reports using SQR.


Siebel Analytics Developer/Support Team


  • Involved in requirements gathering from the End Users.
  • Responsible for the extraction, mapping, and delivery of CSV legacy data files to SMART application.
  • To perform the correction and cleansing of legacy data errors identified by the migration process.
  • Responsible for answering questions surrounding the legacy data being migrated from BT's legacy systems to Single View.
  • Responsible for the incremental enhancements and maintenance of various modules in the project.
  • Resolving queries and ensures delivery on-time.
  • Created reports like Reports by customer, by Period, demographic reports and comparative reports as per the end user specification.
  • Analyzed reports using Slice and Dice, Drill Mode and Scope of Analysis.
  • Created Master/Detail and Cross Tab reports.
  • Organized data in the reports by using Filters, Sorting, and Ranking and formatted reports as per business requirements.
  • Set alerts to enable users to perform exception highlighting in the reports for business conditions.
  • Scheduled reports based on Specific time, events and calendars and in various formats such as Excel and PDF.
  • Created reports for end-users to access and navigate reports over web using info view.
  • Created project related documents and published them to Project shared folders.
  • Involved in Unit Test Plan preparation.

Environment: Siebel Analytics 7.x, Oracle 9.x, Informatica 6.x, Mainframes, SQL Server, UNIX and Windows NT.

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