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It Web Development Project Manager Resume Profile


  • Experienced Business Analyst in gathering user requirements, functional operations, targeting project scope, testing, technical/training documentation, organize peer review and manage meetings.
  • Expert in software and web applications deployment, and establishing comprehensive operational procedures.
  • Over 10 years of expertise in developing Certification and Accreditation C A documentation for software and web applications. In addition, have valuable experience in the developing documentation for the System Development Life Cycle SDLC .
  • Over 10 years of expertise in web maintenance procedures based on NIST 800 publications applicable to United States Government requirements.
  • Familiar with Agile and SCRUM processes.
  • English and Spanish bilingual


  • Proficient in MS Office Suite and MS Project, PeopleSoft, Acrobat Writer, PhotoShop, RoboHelp 2000, Rhythmyx Content Management System, Remedy Applications, SharePoint 2007/2010, eRoom Software, and MS Visual SourceSafe application. Experienced VPN and Citrix user and self-troubleshooting.
  • Experience in implementing Web 2.0 tools Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter to business missions.
  • Experienced user of Crystal Reports, Webtrends, Google Analytics, basic experience with WordPress and Dreamweaver CS3.
  • Familiar and frequently used the following publications, NIST SP 800-18, NIST SP 800-26, NIST SP 800-137, NIST SP 800-37, Rev1 NIST SP 800-53, and OMB Circular A-130. In addition, mid-level experience on applying ITL, CMMI, and PMI recommendations PMBok .
  • Team player planning deployment experience, manage and execute multiple projects under tight deadlines. Excellent verbal communications, writing, and editing skills. Expert in customer satisfaction success and implementing positive customer experiences. .



IT Web Development Project Manager

  • Redesigning the Dimatco Construction S.L. website to provide information on available real estate throughout Cochabamba and other cities. Ongoing support.
  • Developed a project plan featuring a schedule on the SDLC for the website.
  • Featured use case scenarios.
  • Activity diagrams and use case models as illustrations.
  • Captured user requirements for the development of the functional system requirements specifications featuring traceability matrix addressing the website's online presentation.
  • Provided consulting analysis and briefing to MasterHouse S.L. on their website lifecycle development and user experience. The consulting service was for only a few days in November, 2013.
  • Assessed information on requirements gathering and the success of the functional system requirements specifications.
  • Identified the need for use case scenarios capturing the needs of the customer.
  • Described the need and purpose of a project plan focusing on scheduling and SDLC expectations to local developer and client.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the web development and the IT infrastructure for Intelsa and sister company at an enterprise level. Contract ended on July.
  • Provided guidance and recommendations to the web development for Intelsa and sister company Lumitron.
  • Developed a project plan featuring a schedule on the SDLC for the website:
  • Use case scenarios.
  • Activity diagrams and identified illustrations.
  • Captured user requirements for the development of the functional system requirements specifications featuring a traceability matrix addressing website's online presentation.
  • Evaluated and provide guidance by conducting interviews with employees on the desktop support, necessity of applications, and technology reliance.
  • Gathered requirements on usability of available applications and measured these against cost and benefits to productivity.
  • Provide guidance on the purchase of IT tools such as desktops, servers, and software. This has been an investigative assignment measuring the Internet strength within three cities in concert with the world while operating applications for accounting, importing, and industrial management.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations to establish management procedures for the implementation of the IT infrastructure and new office policies for the company. This assignment is the end result to efficiently use the new technology and improving company management procedures to be executed by implementing SIX SIGMA, CMMI, and PMI procedures.


Webmaster/Business Analyst

  • Developed and managed overall strategy in terms of navigation/performance and engaging visual design. This responsibility included project plans, proof of concept documents, systems analysis, and functional requirements documentation. This responsibility included the development of UAT scripts' execution, analysis, and implementation of results.
  • Lead in the implementation and development of the office website as the web architect, web developer, site author, and website administrator support responsible for daily maintenance including test plan/cases, test scripts development and execution.
  • Analyzed content to establish effective site organization and navigation. This responsibility includes the administration of technical change requests that required additional plugins or programming development in the CMS.
  • Worked directly with the SMEs to design and create web content, including creating and editing images and video.
  • Provided direct assistance, as needed with the design and development of the management toolkit and innovation forum to ensure visual design and usability are consistent with the website.
  • Worked with third party vendors providing technical services.


Business Analyst/Technical Writer

  • Designed and built the deployable SharePoint 2010 SDLC document library template for the IRM Intranet. The document library improved the office knowledge management for project execution and development approaches.
  • Managed six developers for the successful documentation development such as SOP, User Requirements, and other documents required by the client. The result provided technical information for the three operating websites and 11 SQL Servers.
  • Wrote the Monthly Patch Wednesday SOP. The completed document provided technical guidance on the procedures, roles and responsibilities on patching the Microsoft SQL server, WordPress, ColdFusion, and JavaScript.


Business Analyst 6 month contract

  • Administered the lifecycle development of the operating system based on CMMI, and PMI recommendations. Gathered requirements and feedback from clients to prioritize deliverables in an agile environment.
  • Produced web analysis reports to provide potential market opportunity assessments.
  • Functional lead for system and regression testing in an ETL environment on OCC applications and websites.
  • Coordinated and provided guidance to the User Acceptance Testers UAT in the new implementations in the system.


Web/Knowledge Project Manager

  • In collaboration with the entire agency, planned and managed the implementation and deployment at an enterprise level for the Intranet, sensitive-but-unsecure Internet, and Internet portals residing in the public domain.
  • Planned and implemented necessary guidance on cross-functionality operations using ITL, CMMI, and PMI business management approaches to develop SDLC documentation and successfully obtain the C A Internet login portals.
  • Managed a staff of four web developers, specialist, and three interns to support the bureau 300 planners cross-functional collaborative operations. Wrote job descriptions to support cross-functional concept of operations and mentored team on career goals.
  • Collaborated with the Office of Information Resources Management's SharePoint Change Control Board and the Information Assurance office for testing, implementation, and deployment of enterprise releases.
  • Standardized portal implementation, deployment, and maintenance confirming to requirements gathering, development, test script, user testing, continuous quality assurance, and provide final test results.
  • Developed the planning documentation based on heuristic evaluation procedures for the redesign of the secure site featuring the assessment of sites, implementation, development, user testing, quality assurance and maintenance.
  • Maintained project schedules and deadlines using MS Project. Ensured team operations met bureau cross-functional operations with inter-agency, foreign governments, international, and non-profit organizations.
  • Approved standardized weekly reports and presented monthly reports to the KMIT Directors.


Web Traffic Manager/Intake Lead

  • Managed and maintained the daily change requests for the http://travel.state.gov TSG , http://adoption.state.gov websites by assigning the change requests to Senior and Junior Web Developers, enter change requests to management maintenance spreadsheet using VSS and SharePoint 2007. Supported updates maintenance of the website using Rhythmyx Web Content Management System that administers RSS feeds and Mailman subscription applications.
  • Managed Travel Warnings TW and Travel Alerts TA through the Consular Consolidated Database CCD website and maintained up to date the CSI submissions on the IBRS ListServ.
  • Improved the efficiency of online content updates by coordinating procedures with content providers from multiple Consular Affairs bureaus.
  • Developed SOPs, and Work Instruction WI documents for the TSG and Adoption websites to apply for daily operations or tasks to meet the Bureau's and Department's missions and goals.
  • On 2007I designed the wireframe for the newly SharePoint 2007 portal system assigned to CA for the use of knowledge management and back-end content archive.
  • Wrote Memorandum of Agreement MOU for the Limited English Proficiency LEP project for the TSG website between CST and Language Services L/S that initially launched independent Spanish version CSI. This project consisted in continuous collaboration on knowledge management for the translation of CSI data.
  • Developed C A documentation for the TSG and Consular Affairs Classified Internet CACLI Websites for approval by the agency's Information Security System Officer ISSO Division. Obtained approval in the first submission.
  • Wrote Weekly Activity Reports WAR highlighting web team feedback on ongoing projects, modifications to procedures. The WAR was presented to upper managers, in turn, reviewed by the Government Technical Monitor GTM . This process ensured effective customer services to the agency's Bureau of Consular Affairs CA and American citizens.
  • Enforced the continuous use of meta data tags applicable to section 508 compliance, guidelines on copyright laws, web and graphic contents.
  • Lead Internal auditing for ISO 9001:2002 for multiple government contracts focusing on quality assurance, customer satisfaction, continuous data requirement and specifications issued through the course of the operation of the deliverable outlined in the contract.


J-Waiver Review Officer/Systems Analyst

  • Provided on-site support systems analysis for case management application Waiver Review Systems by adjudicating J-Waiver No Objection applications for the DOS Waiver Division.
  • Established contacts with sponsoring government agencies and foreign embassies issuing Objections.
  • Researched Exchange Visitors background information through DOS websites to ensure Visa entry to the United States was legitimate and/or the applicant is not a suspect to fraud or part of illegal activities.
  • Developed and maintained user documentation for training purposes and measurement on improvements.
  • Used bilingual skills to communicate with foreign personnel.


Software Development Technical Writer

  • Developed and reviewed documentation drafts and managed the C A process for software for delivery to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Developed the System Security Authorization Agreement documents through the Department of Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation. These documents were deliverables for the SDLC of the deliverable software and hardware.
  • Developed and maintained user documentation and graphic images for software applications uses.


Latin America Research Manager

  • Assisted General Attorney in bilingual contract negotiations to obtain financial reports on Latin American stock markets and Fortune 500 companies as well as purchasing archived reports from private elements and issued authorization to use company logos in compliance to international copyright laws.
  • Interpreted/translated instructions on stock market electronic/executive procedures on uploading data into servers.

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