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Sn. Business System Analyst Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Sn. Business System Analyst with over 8+ years of experience working primarily in Banking and Finance in Commercial and Consumer Banking, Fintech and Payment Network, Financial Crime Risk Management, Salesforce E - Commerce, Wealth Management, Digital Banking apps and excelled in Project management, Business Analysis of In-house and Client Server applications.
  • Achieved comprehensive knowledge with the compliances like FRR(Federal Reserve Regulations), CRA(Community Reinvestment Act), KYC(Know Your Customer), EFTA(Electronic Fund Transfer Act), BSA(Bank Secrecy Act), CIP(Customer Identification Program), CDD(Customer Due Diligence), SAR(Suspicious Activity Report), CTR(Currency Transaction Report) and FinCEN Act.
  • Worked in various SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) environments like Waterfall and Agile frameworks like Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, Scrum, Kanban and DevOps principles of CI, CE and CD of software lifecycle.
  • Extensive practical experience with Project Management deliverables like Project Plan, PSS (Project Scope Statement), SWOT Analysis, Impact Analysis, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), CPA (Critical Path Analysis) and EVM (Earned Value Management).
  • Perfected in defining As-ls and To-Be and GAP analysis with proficiency in performing Risk analysis, Root cause analysis, SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats), Cost-Benefit analysis, identifying KPI’s and Feasibility Studies.
  • Managing Change Management, handling change requests and conducting root cause which effects Triple Constraints, Scope Creep.
  • Hands on experience in creating artifacts like BRD (Business Requirement Documentation), FRD (Functional Requirement Documentation) and RTM (Requirement Traceability matrix), CRD (Change Request Document), Release Plan Documentation.
  • Acclimatized to and practiced a wide variety of requirements elicitation techniques such as Document Analysis, Interviews, Brainstorming, JAD sessions, Focus Groups, Prototyping, Observations and Requirement Workshops along with the surveys.
  • Well familiarized with Use Case design and analysis, Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN), Workflow diagrams, along with Proficiency in UML diagrams: Use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Wireframes and prototyping using various modelling tools like Microsoft Visio, Star UML, Balsamiq Mockups and Lucid Chart.
  • Discovered MVP/MRF features by evaluating the needs from stakeholder interviews and market research and developed comprehensive Release plan which included scope, high level requirements, out-of-scope elements.
  • Participated in Scrum ceremonies like Product Visioning, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and, also acted as proxy to Scrum master by facilitating Daily Stand-ups and represented PO during the Review meetings.
  • Extensive knowledge on Prioritization techniques (Moscow, Walking-skeleton, 100 point method), Estimation techniques (Planning Pokers, T-shirt sizing, Bucket system), Slicing techniques (Vertical, Horizontal), velocity and capacity calculations.
  • Used JIRA to break down themes to epics to user stories and acceptance criteria’s with INVEST criteria and maintained RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) by connecting test cases to the user stories using add-ons like zephyr, cucumber.
  • Also integrated a team collaborative tool SharePoint, Confluence to give updates on meetings and for requirement management.
  • Hands on experience in writing and executing SQL queries like VIEW on database and experience in executing SQL queries like Joins, unions, group by, Subqueries and Aggregate functions for verification on DB as per the requirements of the mapping document.
  • Assisted in writing Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Scripts, Test Planning and defining entry and exit criteria.
  • Maintained defect and bug logs and linked the user stories to respective issue through HP ALM testing tool.
  • Participated in different testing like System, Regression, Integration, Smoke, Sanity, functional, performance and familiar with Agile testing- TDD (Test Driven Development), ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavioral Driven Development)
  • Strong knowledge in Data Modeling involving creation of conceptual, logical models, E-R Modeling, Data Mapping, Migration, Profiling, & Integration, data extractions, transformations like source qualifier, Union, joiner, lookup, aggregate, normalize, sorter.
  • Exhaustive knowledge on Data Warehouse architectures and Schemas like Snowflake, Star and Galaxy, and OLAP cubes like MOLAP, HOLAP AND ROLAP. Performed different operations like Slicing, Dicing, Roll-up, Drill-down, pivot.
  • Operation knowledge on different extracting, transformation and load process using ETL tool INFORMATICA Power Centre (IPC)
  • Solid knowledge on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Client-server Architecture (CSA), Application Programming Interfaces (API), Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP), Representational State Transfer (REST), extensible Markup Language (XML), Java Script Object Notation (JSON), the Web Service Design Language (WSDL) & Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).
  • Zestful part played in testing SOAP API, REST APl with security tests and Documented them using Postman, Swagger.
  • Conducted UAT (User Acceptance Testing) by writing test plans, scenarios and cases and user training manual to test the correct functionality of the system and drafted the feedbacks and defect log for future references.
  • Prodigious expertise with BI tools like Power Bl, Tableau and IBM Cognos to visualize the business statistics.


Methodologies: Waterfall, Scrum Waterfall Hybrid, Scrum, Kanban

Designing Tools: MS Visio, Balsamiq, Star UML, Lucid Charts

Testing tool: HP QC, HP ALM

Collaborative Tool: SharePoint, Confluence, Smartsheet

Transformation Tool: Informatica Power Center

Reporting Tools: Tableau, MS Excel, SSAS, SSRS, JReport, Power BI

Data Base: SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Apache Kafka, Sales Force -Sales and marketing cloud

Technologies: Java Scripts, XML, http protocols, html, .NET, ASP.net


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sn. Business System Analyst


  • Worked on various lines of business-like Fintech, Payment Networks and electronic transfers which involves Bill payment, Banking and electronic payments.
  • Also worked with various products like Zelle, Transfer Now, verify now and Open now for Client Connect application.
  • Extensively part of Market research, Planning Sessions, Risk assessment for new proposed system, Data Migration and user Migration strategies.
  • Gathered requirements for Migration from Oracle to Netezza and developed changes to the Reporting Applications for Administration and serving external clients, OBIEE to SAP BO, upgrading from BO 4.1 to 4.3.
  • Worked on SAP BO Universe, SAP BO SDK, CMC, Content Management Application, Client Connect Reporting tool, Client Sync and Provisioning jobs.
  • Drafted the artifacts Business Requirement Document, Functional Requirement Document, Technical Flow of As-Is System.
  • In effort to artifacts worked on various low-level process flows, business, technical and data flows addressing various elements and sub-models of the existing system.
  • Gathered functional, business, security, data, performance requirements for Reporting tool development.
  • Performed the GAP Analysis and identified various performance metrices, security attributes, Subject areas to be developed.
  • Created use case and activity diagrams using MS Visio for the new system. Also worked on Wireframes and Mockups using MS Visio for the Content Management application and used Confidential web designing tool for creating prototypes for the new system.
  • Worked on the java code which includes various classes, methods and conditions in order to efforts making for the artifacts.
  • Worked on documenting Apache web services changes and Restful API’s using Swagger and tested using Postman.
  • Worked with SAP Business Objects 4.1 and BO Universe for introducing different report formats and patterns as a new use case.
  • Worked with the Data modeler with new proposed requirements, developers during migrating tables and created Data Mapping document in the Excel.
  • Assisted in increasing Data Integrity by performing Data Normalization and adding Data Verification and Validation to maintain accuracy and effectiveness for effective transformations.
  • Worked on research tasks and identified different strategies for User Migration from Compass Portal to Client Connect portal.
  • Drafted various test cases for testing like unit, integration, front-end testing, Black box testing, Regression and UAT.

Environment: WaterScrumfall Hybrid, MS Visio, UML, Oracle, Netezza, SAP BO 4.1, LDAP CMC, Postman, Swagger, Apache Webservers, Restful API, java code, jsp format, jdbc, web development.

Confidential, Johnston, RI

Sn. Business System Analyst


  • Functioned closely with the Corporate business team, control teams and technology teams to understand the end to end process, data security and Federal regulations like EFTA(Electronic Fund Transfer Act), FRR(Federal Reserve Regulation) E, K, CC sections, FRB-CRA(Federal Reserve Board- Community Reinvestment Act) and KYC(Know your Customer).
  • Good knowledge on ISO 20022/MT standards including pacs/camt/remt real-time message types and category MT 1xx (Customer Payments and checks), MT 2xx (Financial Institution Transfers), MT 9xx (Cash Management and customer status).
  • Developed requirements for Open REST API’s based on the requirements using Node JS and html language with http protocol and the format is in JSON. Developed a virtual private cloud for security needs and an elastic load balancer for case management.
  • Used Amazon lambda for automated background task performance and built the business logic on AWS EC2 processing server.
  • Also used a JDBC to restrict the allowance for number of users to Amazon Aurora on Identity and Access Management framework.
  • Worked with PO in developing the Scope and Vision document that define the primary goals, objectives and Cost benefit analysis.
  • Performed GAP analysis and understood the As-Is and To-Be business process of Same day ACH to real-time payment and calculated any bottlenecks involved. Documented business process mapping for the web service/application using Lucid Charts.
  • Interacted with the stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME) and gathered requirements to assist in real-time payment process and payment gateway security features to support the payment cycle using different elicitation techniques like Focus Groups, JAD, Interviews and Document Analysis and documented Business Requirement Document and Requirement Traceability Matrix.
  • Discovered MVP/MRF features by evaluating the data from stakeholder interviews and market research and developed comprehensive Release Plan which included Scope, high level requirements, out-of-scope elements.
  • Created UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams like use case diagrams using Lucid Charts to identify different actors and interactions who use the app, Activity diagram to understand the conditions for a payment to go through and Sequence diagram to define the sequence of the flow the payment system should work and also the workflow to refine any requirements overlooked.
  • Participated in various Scrum ceremonies like Product Visioning, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and acted as a proxy for Scrum Master during daily standups.
  • Analyzed business and performance risks during features development phase and came up with roll back and mitigation plans during.
  • Discussed all the risks during the retrospective meetings to elaborate and make them transparent for the team to understand.
  • Created user stories with INVEST criteria and assisted PO in writing acceptance criteria and maintaining Product Backlog items.
  • Hands on experience in writing and executing SQL queries using Data Query Language to perform CRUD operations like READ on database and experience in executing queries like Joins, unions, group by, Subqueries and Aggregate functions.
  • Linked the user stories to test cases using RTM and tracked them using JIRA. Also assisted QA team in functional, regression testing and verifying Test Plan, scenario and cases and defined entry and exit criteria using HP ALM maintained bugs and defects logs.
  • Conducted UAT by creating test plans, cases and scenarios and trained the end-users and drafted feedback document.
  • Leveraged Confluence for sharing requirement documents, MOM and created links and shared them through integrating it to JIRA.
  • Identified different sources and target modules, data formats, start-endpoints, different parameters, triggers and understanding different security needs and tested functionality to ensure API’s getting correct data from and also to checked the response time and tested the REST API’s using POSTMAN and documented using Swagger.
  • Performed ETL operations like extracting and transforming (union, joins and aggregations) and mapped the data from legacy to AWS RedShift and analyzed transactional data, fraud calls triggered on weekly for domestic and bi-weekly for international payments.
  • Performed various slicing and dicing operations on OLAP cubes like roll-up, slice down to enhance reports on type of payments.
  • Used Tableau to create dashboard by integrating data sets and reports on credit transfer, tickets count on fraud calls.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, MS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio), IAM framework, MS SQL, AWS (Ec2, Lambda, Aurora, Elastic File system, Redshift)Node JS, html scripts, http protocol, VPC, JDBC connector, REST API, Tableau, JIRA, Zephyr, HP ALM, Swagger, Confluence

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Sn. Business System Analyst


  • Performed document analysis and existing business processes for developing the Scope and Vision of the project.
  • Gained knowledge and strategies in overcoming Financial crimes which included Trade Surveillance, Case management for developing risk profiling models and assuring compliances like Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence.
  • Conducted As-Is and To-Be and GAP analysis of the process to identify and gathered requirements for Web API’s, credit risk modules, ML and documented using and facilitated JAD, Interviews, Brainstorming Session involving business stakeholders, architects, developers, SME, portfolio managers to gather requirements and have better understanding in creating Business Process Mapping.
  • Contributed in carrying out market research, user research, Scope creation, Product Visioning, Requirements Analysis, Product Minimal such as MVP, MMF to realize maximum values for clients.
  • Used IBM case manager and FileNet P8 to access stored content in the application server and controlled unstructured data.
  • Created different UML diagrams by identifying Use Cases and developed Use Case diagram, Activity diagrams and Sequence diagram using Star UML and, also designed UI components, screen mock-ups, and business logic diagrams.
  • Prepared requirement artifacts such as BRD and articulating features & epics, splitting epics into user stories and acceptance criteria in JIRA and mapped test cases with respective stories using Cucumber add-on to JIRA.
  • Assisted the QA team in writing Test Plans and Test Cases to verify actual result against the expected results, also exported test case created through HP ALM testing tool, regularly submitted report and communicated with the development team about them.
  • Used JIRA for user story writing, backlog management, issue tracking, user story management and forward and backward requirement traceability and tracking the user stories with respective test cases using RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix).
  • Aided in writing Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Scripts and Test Scenario for User Acceptance Testing, System Testing and Regression Testing. Logged all the defects, bugs and Test reports and systematically managed them in HP ALM testing tool.
  • Used Ad-hoc filtering using JReport tool for analyzing different reports of customers like customer credit score, clearing debits, Transaction monitoring and reporting watch list, risk based filtering, Detection engine.
  • Reviewed systematic Anti Money Laundering (AML) alerts and determined if transactions occurring are valid risks based on triggering event driven review for dynamic downgrade of customer risk rating.
  • Documented API using Postman defining the end points, triggers, objects interactions and performed different CRUD operations.
  • Hands on experience in writing and executing SQL queries like Joins, unions, group by, Subqueries and Aggregate functions to extract data from different databases for timely reporting and Validation.
  • Supported UAT Coordinator/Test Lead in UAT Plan preparation and logged feedback for the changes need to be made.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, MS Office Suite, JIRA, Java Script, Web API, Oracle DB, Star UML, HP ALM, JReport, Postman, cucumber, FileNet P8 5.2.1, MySQL, Power BI, Data warehouse

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Business System Analyst


  • Conducted Gap analysis to understand the As-Is and To-Be of the new business model and additional functionalities to be incorporated into the new application and worked on change requests impacting Salesforce Communities.
  • Documented business process flow, mentioning all conditions and triggers of the events using Lucid Charts.
  • Authored BRD, use case and Data Dictionary for SFDC implementations such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Chatter by engaging with the sales team, stakeholders and elicited business and user requirements by conducting JAD sessions, prototyping and Document analysis and facilitated ongoing requests and administrative needs of the users.
  • Provided Product Owner with regular status updates and assisted in the overall project management initiatives.
  • Worked closely with Sales Cloud team to identify prospective users and creation of Case when User tries to use any self-serve features and faces issues with existing system creating low and high fidelity mockups and wireframes for Visualforce pages (Home, App pages and Tabs) using Balsamiq. Also coordinated with the designing team in developing UX/UI designing.
  • Used Rindle in handling Project Management tasks like creating workflow and run collaborative boards to assign and track the tasks.
  • Worked on Confluence to share the requirement documents and created spaces and mapped their tasks and tracked them.
  • Assisted developer in creating Email templates in HTML format which is customized and in Visualforce format. Also guided in creating Visualforce pages to provide UI look to the custom objects. Created workflow rules, validation rules, approval processes and defined related tasks, time triggered tasks, email alerts, field updates to implement business logic.
  • Developed and configured Dashboards, Ad hoc Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization using Einstein bot.
  • Involved in data mapping and migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce.com Objects and fields.
  • Deployed, configured and supported the prototype application for its system demo and UAT for various line of business and trained the end users for UAT & gathered feedback and followed up with further updates on the prototype and related documents.
  • Used Force.com Web services for API calls and outbound messaging for implementing web services through WSDL in the application for access to data from External systems and websites.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Salesforce.com: Commerce Cloud, Rindle, Confluence, HP ALM, Balsamiq, Informatica Power Center, MS Office, Data Loader, MS Visio, Einstein bot, AJAX Toolkit, SOAP API, Power BI, Data warehouse


Business system analyst


  • Interacted with users, stakeholders to identify business needs, evaluated solutions for business problems and developed problem definition. Documented Work breakdown structure, Earned Value Management and Critical Path Analysis.
  • Evaluated risks and identified Scope Creep when Change Control procedures came up and maintained Change Management Document (live doc) throughout Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Elicited business requirements by conducting JAD sessions, Interviews and consulted existing systems documents to draft BRD, FRD and assisted the development team in documenting SRS document. Also created RTM where requirements are mapped with their test cases and tracked throughout all phases.
  • Created UML Diagrams like Use Cases and Activity Diagrams with the help of GUI requirements using Star UML.
  • Used MS Visio for Business Process mapping and understood the As-Is system and To-Be system by performing GAP Analysis.
  • Shared Documents and Minutes of Meeting with Project team, including key IT and Business stakeholders through SharePoint.
  • Developed Conceptual and Logical ER diagrams for the database and created Data Dictionary for the data models.
  • Performed ETL process using Informatica Power Centre to map data in source analyzer, assemble data repository and created data transformation logics by running different queries. Designed target system with the data formats and integrated workflow. Also created Mapplets. Used Data Center for integrating Legacy systems, supported in decision making, maintained Repository.
  • Performed different transformations like Aggregate and Unions from legacy system and transformed them before mapping to target system and maintained the Metadata and repository manager.
  • Extracted data using MySQL from various sources using select, inner and right joins and carried out regular data cleansing and standardization processes. Interpreted data and analyzed results using statistical techniques like identifying, analyzing, and implementing trends & patterns in complex data sets using data visualization.
  • Assisted in increasing Data Integrity by performing Data Normalization and adding Data Verification and Validation to maintain accuracy and effectiveness of data to find correlation and pattern in existing data by constructing SQL queries.
  • Assisted in creating Data Hub with Bus Architecture with individual data marts to address different LOB (Line of Business Interest).
  • Assisted in creating Dimensional modeling like Snowflake Schemas to providing business rules.
  • Integrated various OLTP to the OLAP using Informatica and running SQL queries to run reports using SSIS/SSAS reporting tool.
  • Worked with QA team to design and developed Test Plan, Test Cases and assisted in UAT, Functional and Regression Testing.
  • Maintained bug and defects logs and documented Test Reports using HP ALM and maintained RTM document with the test cases.

Environment: SDLC- Waterfall, MS Office Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio), Amazon Redshift, Informatica Power Center, Star UML, HP ALM, JIRA, Smartsheet, SharePoint, Power BI


Jnr. Business System Analyst


  • Developed the scope and vision document that defined the primary goals and objectives and performed Cost benefit define budget of the project, risk and SWOT analysis to identify the competitors. Excelled the as-is & to-be and GAP analysis for BPM.
  • Interacted with the stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME) and gathered requirements using different elicitation techniques like focus groups, JAD, Interviews and documented BRD and, also created API document using Swagger.
  • Used Kanban methodology which is one of the Agile frameworks to develop the application. Helped in creating Kanban Board with the team and maintaining the tasks and WIP limits are controlled and deliverables are achieved every sprint.
  • Documented the roadmap defining MVP and MRF and date-driven release plan for every sprint.
  • Created prototypes like wireframes and high/low fidelity mockups using Balsamiq Mockups to have outlined idea on the UI.
  • Created UML (Unified Modelling Language) diagrams like use case diagrams using LUCID charts to identify different actors and their interactions, also activity diagram to understand the conditions the workflow should pass/fail to reach future steps.
  • Decomposed the requirement documents to user stories and helped PO to prioritize backlog and writing acceptance criteria for potentially shippable product (PSPI).
  • Assisted in writing Test Plan, Test scenario and helped the QA team with test cases, defining entry and exit criteria.
  • Linked the user stories to test cases and tracked them using RTP and managed the testing process with team.
  • Also participated in different tests like functional, regression and UAT (User acceptance testing) to ensure API’s getting correct data from and, also to check the response time. Also maintained the bugs and defects logs using HP ALM.
  • Maintained burnup and burndown charts to track the accomplished work using JIRA Board.
  • Used Confluence as a collaborative tool on creating team and personal spaces and, also linked the issues with JIRA.
  • Identified different sources and target modules, their data formats, start and endpoints, different parameters and triggers. Performed some CRUD operations like GET, POST to test end-end functionality.
  • Performed various data retrieving and validation tasks using SQL queries (joints, views) understanding functions and triggers of the system. Created SQL Queries for Portfolio Drill Downs to pull necessary data from data sources.
  • Used BI tool (Power BI) for data visualization by creating reports (bar chart, dot graphs) for business analysis.
  • Develop solutions to leverage Oracle applications Fusion and Cloud functionality for the Financials and Treasury areas reporting dashboard and suggest process improvements. Assist in development of the conceptual Oracle OTBI reporting and analytics.

Environment: s: Agile-Kanban, MS Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), PowerBI, HP QC, JIRA, Morningstar, Java Web Services, SharePoint, XML, SOAP API, IBM WebLogic, MS SQL Server 2012, HTML, JavaScript, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Postman


Jnr. Business Analyst


  • Implemented Scrum-Waterfall hybrid for the project by executing Planning, Documentation from waterfall and implementation using scrum. Created a release plan with high level overview of the requirements.
  • Good knowledge on SWIFT ISO 20022/MT standards including pacs/camt/remt real-time message types of RTGS payments.
  • Familiar with category types of messages MT 1xx (Customer Payments and checks), MT 2xx (Financial Institution Transfers), MT 9xx (Cash Management and customer status) .
  • Good knowledge on batch payments of NEFT and regulations and compliances
  • Documented the functional and technical specification requirements BRD, FRD after conducting focus groups, interview sessions.
  • Created wireframes and mock-up screens utilizing Balsamiq and got them validated by stakeholders. Developed UML diagrams like use case, activity and sequence for modelling static and dynamic aspects of Online Banking systems using LUCID Charts, Star UML.
  • Maintained Change Management Documentation and created Requirement Traceability Matrix using HP AC Tool to track the requirements with respective test cases.
  • Participated in various scrum ceremonies like Backlog Grooming, Sprint planning meeting, Daily stand-ups, Sprint Review meetings, Sprint retrospective and achieved towards a release goal.
  • Decomposed the requirement documents to user stories and wrote acceptance criteria for potentially shippable product (PSPI) and mapped to current sprint the user story will be worked on using JIRA board.
  • Extensively used JIRA to record and maintain the artifacts like product backlogs, sprint backlog and user stories. Defects and bugs logs are tracked using HP ALM tool and tracked RTM to test cases to identify the done issues. Worked on cross-browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers, missing images and broken links.
  • Contributed to the HTML and CSS codes to make changes in the layout with positioning of the images and sections. Used Trello as a team collaboration and project t management tool and toggle for tracking time spent on tasks.

Environment: Scrum-Waterfall Hybrid, JIRA, Trello, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT, JavaScript, jQuery, Windows, manual testing, Quality center, MYSQL, MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio), Power BI


Jnr. Quality Analyst


  • Prepared and reviewed daily operational reports, ad hoc reports. Monitor and recorded client audits to ensure that goals and objectives are met.
  • Supervise and provide employee coaching for client audits and internal audits than 95%.
  • Developed, Document and revised system design procedures, test procedures and quality standards.
  • Train staff and users to work with computer system and programs. Observe job performance or perform the job to determine what information is processed and how it is processed.
  • Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations. Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve software or other network problems.
  • Maintain user profiles to access QA tracking software. Consult with managerial and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems and suggest changes. Develop and execute test cases, plans, and procedures.
  • Define the goals of the system and devise flow charts and diagrams describing logical operational steps of programs. Responsible for all aspects of testing from identifying scope and scenarios, executing end-to-end testing and automation scripting. Makes recommendations and directs improvements to the software development lifecycle process.
  • Performed different tests like unit, integration, regression, UAT, Smoke, Sanity, TDD, BDD, ATDD.
  • Managing defects found during testing by tracking in Quality Center, facilitating Defect Review Meetings
  • Execution: Performing testing on websites front ends, mobile applications and application back-ends including the following types of testing to check the performance and response time of the application.
  • Entry level knowledge of basic testing concepts including: Test Case usage, Bug writing, Regression testing, and Ad hoc testing
  • Provide low-level estimates to support Management headcount analysis and project timeline planning.
  • Provides an independent assessment of how the project's software development process is being implemented relative to the defined process and recommends methods to optimize the organization's process.

Environment: SDLC-Waterfall, JIRA, Trello, Bootstrap, jQuery, Windows, manual testing, Quality center, MYSQL, MS Visio, MS Office (Word, Excel), HP QC, Power BI

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