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Aml/fraud Analyst Resume

Gambrills, MD


Experienced Compliance Analyst wif strong background in Anti Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, Due Diligence and Compliance. An expertise in utilizing and collecting data for AML investigations and transaction monitoring. Demonstrated ability to develop and modify BSA procedures to meet the ever - changing regulatory requirements. Highly detail-orientated and organized wif keen attention to detail.


  • Proficient in the use of Actimize
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Clear
  • World base
  • World check
  • Google search
  • Fidelity
  • SAS
  • FileNet
  • RDC
  • (Enterprise Client Risk Rating)
  • DDIQ
  • MS Office 365 Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Pivot tables
  • Excel


AML/Fraud Analyst

Confidential - Gambrills, MD


  • Conduct objective, fair, thorough, unbiased, and timely investigations into allegations of fraud
  • Reviewed documentation to prevent fraud money laundering and identify theft losses.
  • Assist in an effort to improve processes and procedures ensuring that assigned processing is performed according to the standards set forth by the Bank in addition to government and industry regulations.
  • Completed analysis of transactional information to identify fraud and risk, trends, and potential wary activity.
  • Maintain a current understanding and noledge of AML, KYC, Due Diligence, and financing issues, policies, and procedures.
  • Identify excessive risk, fraud, and reviews of misrepresentation in a transaction.
  • Develop relevant recommendations and solutions to improve efficiency and mitigate areas of risk
  • Working noledge of client database and transactional monitoring processes to identify excessive risk, fraud, and reviews of misrepresentation in a transaction.
  • File Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) originating from various investigation units including correspondent banking, retail banking, Sanctions, Fraud, and compliance to FinCEN
  • Investigate international and domestic wire transfers for suspicious activity; terrorist financing and money laundering for high risk alerted transactions for correspondent banking and US dollar clearing.
  • Utilize proprietary and online software/ databases such as KYC, Lexis-Nexis, World-Check, Regulatory Data corp (RDC).
  • Provide risk control and technical solution noledge to ensure due diligence, documentation, decisions, and corrective actions meet the bank's procedure and regulatory standards.
  • Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, AML and OFAC laws as a guideline for carrying out investigations on individual and company accounts.

AML/KYC Analyst

Confidential - Richmond, VA


  • Develop and implement practical client solutions and execute projects based on key compliance principals
  • Ensure that information obtained is consistent wif BSA/AML Policy and Procedures and satisfies regulatory requirement.
  • Substantive content noledge of key compliance principals applicable to compliance-based documentation
  • TEMPEffectively conducted AML /KYC formality reports on questionable accounts and transactions.
  • Ensuring compliance wif all AML laws, regulations, guidelines, written procedures; OFAC, CIP, KYC, customer/transaction monitoring.
  • Performed the required KYC screenings on customers documenting the information obtained on the client's as required by global KYC procedures.
  • Responsible for Enhanced Due diligence reviews of Consumer and Business Banking customer
  • Identify excessive risk, fraud, and reviews of misrepresentation in a transaction.
  • Evaluated transactions and customer relationships for Money laundering activities, identifying red flag issues, and escalating wifin the AML framework for further investigation.
  • Provided additional support wif the AML compliance organization on more complex issues, including research techniques and capabilities, as well as other solutions.
  • Reviewed negative news and OFAC/Watch List/PEP alerts generated by automated systems.
  • Reviewed monthly and daily transaction alerts, client trading activity, client file review, conducted due diligence searches and metrics.

Confidential, Hyattsville, MD

Financial/ Regulatory Compliance Analyst


  • Monitor monthly and daily transaction alerts, client trading activity, client file review, conducted due diligence searches and metrics.
  • Review all company policies and identify which ones will need to be updated based on review dates and current changes to processes.
  • Formalized enterprise policy (Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP)) to ensure systems and processes meet regulatory requirements.
  • Developed, implemented, and managed annual enterprise risk assessment and the organization action plan to address enterprise risks.
  • Recorded invoices and prepared purchase orders.
  • Participated in all due diligence activities.
  • Ensured compliance wif local state and industry sanitation standards.
  • Worked wif other team members to update policies and procedures.
  • Develop weekly/period communications for stores of changes to new compliance processes, laws, updates, and training.
  • Create period cadence reports for operating committee of store core and cash audit results, government inspections, etc.

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