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Scrum Master Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • Certified Scrum Master with six years of experience and proven track record of building agile scrum corporate culture and improving productivity. Facilitated and supported Scrum teams in an agile environment. Proven history of successful work with cross - functional teams. More TEMPthan nine years of related experience in project management, coaching, business analysis, operations management, change strategy, and business improvement.
  • Agile Leadership: years of experience in agile framework methodology
  • Computer Skills: High proficiency with D Confidential Entry, Windows Operating Systems, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), Linux System Administrator, PC troubleshooting, Alert monitoring, Network Troubleshooting, and Backup Monitoring.
  • Agile Project Management Software: JIRA and Rally.
  • Language: Fluent in English
  • 9 years in management and leadership with effective client communication.
  • Solid interpersonal Skills - able to establish strong working relationships.
  • Applicable noledge of teh technologies used by teh team(s).
  • More TEMPthan 6 years of process co-ordination, planning and delivery, and team building.
  • 6 years of experience in scrum framework: tasks, backlog tracking, burn-down metrics, velocity, and user stories.
  • Team Player: Demonstrates cooperation, positive behavior, and commitment to teh overall success; creates strong morale in a team; shares wins and successes.
  • Results Driven: Performs teh job to achieve a high level of quality, productivity, and service; dedicates required time and energy to teh position to ensure dat no aspect of teh work is neglected.
  • Coaching: Coaches and empowers teams to self-organize and grow cross-functionally.
  • Scrum: 6 years of experience in agile framework methodology.
  • Communication and Meeting FacilitationProblem Solving and Leadership
  • Extraordinary Communication skill Development team
  • Mentoring and Coaching Prioritization and Multi-Tasking
  • Agile Planning and EstimationCollaboration and Conflict Resolution
  • Sprint Planning and Strategic Development Enforcing Scrum Practices and Values
  • Removing ImpedimentsForecasting and Budget Management
  • Linux System AdministratorNetwork and Backup Monitoring
  • Customer service and Servanthood skillDetail Oriented and Decision Making
  • Cross-functional Operations ManagementAgile Community of Practice (CoP)
  • Knowledge in JIRA, Rally and Service NowLean and Kanban Methodology
  • Epic EMR Modules Ambulatory and im Confidential t


Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Scrum Master


  • Facilitates all scrum events and decision-making processes.
  • Clears project impediments dat could slow down teh team’s progress.
  • Coaches four teams in self-organization and cross-functionality behavior.
  • Helps teams to boost their productivity and performance through motivation and transparency.
  • Helps teams to understand scrum values and principals, and scrum implementation.
  • Collaborates with RTEs and other Scrum Masters in creating agile materials and adopting agile framework.
  • Makes necessary changes to increase teh productivity of teh scrum teams.
  • Helps stakeholders and FTE team members understand scrum empirical theory.
  • Boosts up teh communication and collaboration amongst teh team members.
  • Collaborates with other Scrum Masters during scrum of scrums to increase teh effectiveness of teh application of Scrum.
  • Helps product owners formulate techniques for effective product backlog management.
  • Ensures teh product owners no how to arrange teh product backlog to maximize value.
  • Facilitates meetings as and when requested by teh product owners.
  • Helps product owners understand and practice agile principals.
  • Makes sure dat teh goals and scope of teh project are understood by everyone involved.
  • Imparts teh understanding of product planning in an empirical environment.
  • Supports teams to onboard new team members: Orientation, Support tools and processes, Mentoring, and Feedback mechanism.

Confidential, San Marcos, Texas

IT Scrum Master


  • Organized daily scrum, facilitate meetings, schedule meetings, demo, and decision-making processes.
  • Facilitated Linux System Administration, Network Troubleshooting and Backup Monitoring projects in cross-functional agile teams.
  • Managed conflict resolution by focusing on scrum values of openness, honesty, and respect.
  • Effective communicator during daily agile processes.
  • Managed teh numbers of deliverables possible in an iteration, which is based on evidence and reliable source.
  • Coached individuals on agile scrum practices and interacts over processes and tools.
  • Helped to determine project estimation, budget, and timeline with business.
  • Shielded teh team from outside distractions and interferences.
  • Ensured teh correct use of scrum process.
  • Tracked and remove impediments.
  • Facilitated every process with teh team for better creativity and improves teh efficiency of teh development team.
  • Helped teh product owner to make teh product backlogs in good shape and make them ready for teh next sprint.
  • Knowledge about Agile techniques like: User Stories, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Automated Testing.
  • Managed all scrum boards (physical and virtual) for IT and non-IT professionals.
  • Facilitated teh needed commitment to deliver products on time.
  • Managed teh value of metrics and incremental delivery.
  • Managed tasks, backlog tracking and refinement, burndown metrics, velocity, user story writing, and so on.

Confidential, California

IT Project Manager


  • Facilitated all Phases of Care: Pre-Op, Intra-Op, Post-Op, GI and PACU
  • Coordinated task execution and provided appropriate coaching, direction, and delegation to project team members.
  • Managed client expectations around timelines, deliverables, and scope of work with sophistication to set up both clients and internal teams for success.
  • Facilitated teh monitoring of error messages and resolving errors, malfunctions on Aix and Sun machines using Tivoli, HP Open View.
  • Planned and wrote all client communications, including providing timely and accurate status updates.
  • Provided leadership to human resources management team.
  • Reviewed, oversaw, and enhanced service policies and procedures.
  • Planned project awareness and event management.
  • Set and oversaw annual target and manage budget processes.
  • Cultivated a friendly, compassionate, and transparent work culture.
  • Forecasted and tracked over 10 key account metrics (e.g., quarterly sales results and annual forecasts); communicated metrics to employees for improvement.