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Business Analyst Resume

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  • Confidential is a Senior Business Analyst with 10 years of analyst experience in deep consultant skills, knowledge, and strong relationships with third party clients as well as an additional 5 years as a project manager.
  • His background includes experience gathering requirements from stakeholders at all levels within highly collaborative agile frameworks. He has built a reputation for being the voice of reason and trusted advisor for his clients and takes great pride in contributing to the success his projects.
  • As the senior analyst on numerous projects, Confidential has extensive experience leading teams of analysts throughout all stages of various types of projects.
  • His recent work on various custom development projects has been crucial to its success.
  • He has shown great strength as a leader and mentor to his team and as a guide for the business and IT teams in managing client’s projects with strong partnerships with internal and external clients by prioritizing tasks to envision optimal solutions to complex challenges.
  • Confidential has honed his skills as an analyst while participating in Software projects, Process improvement, new product implementation, Operations success delivery, Client satisfaction management and Digital Transformations as Business Analyst, Operation lead and Project manager.
  • These roles also allowed him to practice the popular Agile frameworks of Scrum. Further strengthening his expertise in the Scrum - Agile environment.
  • Confidential is an excellent communicator and recognized for liaising effectively between various stakeholders to accurately identify clients’ needs and translate them into well-defined, top-line technical solutions by preparing and interpreting process flowcharts and models contributing to the success of projects.
  • Maintaining strong professional relationships has enabled Confidential to build a high level of trust.
  • His attention to detail and ability to understand a customer’s business make him a valued member of any team.
  • Confidential employs the latest methodologies and best practices for facilitation, requirements gathering, stakeholder relationship management and documentation.
  • Confidential has excelled in the Telecommunications, Healthcare, Finance, Public Institutions, Insurance and Retail sales industries, with projects involving large firms and critical software development projects.
  • He has used his wide range of experience to his advantage through skills acquired and lessons learned.
  • He currently holds the volunteer position of financial secretary at his Engineering Society and has helped with a Career business analysis event in the past.



Business Analyst


  • Established acceptance test criteria with client and working closely with the in - house development team to implement the solution
  • Participated in user story development and prioritization with the Scrum Team
  • Leveraged the BABOK practices and framework, with a focus on the core values of change, need, solution, and value, to guide the COVID-19 Calculator and RRSP Receipts projects.
  • Wrote and documented use cases for various projects at Confidential .
  • Developed use cases for the COVID-19 calculator, which outlined how users could access the system and input various pieces of information, such as dates of immunization.
  • Developed use cases for the RRSP system, which outlined how users would interact with the system, what data they could input/output from the system (e.g. salary information), and what staff information was logged within the system.
  • Developed functional test cases and supported testing efforts of Development Team
  • Collected, documented, and analyzed workflows, as well as develop business process models in collaboration with multidisciplinary stakeholders
  • Participated in process reengineering initiatives across all projects.
  • Conducted process reengineering as part of the development and implementation of the COVID-19 calculator, reviewing existing processes and making recommendations for change in order to ensure agents could use the calculator support contact tracing and notifications. Developed the business case for this initiative, which supported the Government of Manitoba contact notification process.
  • Assisted in the development of the RRSP solution, which required extensive process engineering and the implementation of Avaya, a COTS solution, into the client location to help extract tax information from the existing system, a major change from a manual process to an automated process.
  • Demonstrated a high level of communication, consulting, and client relationship skills across projects at Confidential .
  • Met with external clients and project teams to communicate and explain complex technical and business concepts related to building the COVID-19 calculator prototype using Macros DBA. Negotiated and informed all stakeholders about the changes required to integrate the immunization and contract tracing technology into Confidential ’s infrastructure.
  • Met with external clients and project teams to communicate and explain complex technical and business concepts related to developing the solution to extract tax receipts and optimizing its overall speed. Explained and negotiated the reasons behind the change from the legacy system to an automated, upgraded application mainframe.
  • Analyzed process gaps and information flow obstacles or system issues, and identified opportunities for improvement. Led the collection of information elements through research and observation, and translated this information into decisions and options for Confidential .
  • Liaised with management and project stakeholders to gather detailed project information and develop and document statements of requirements for business alternativesthat were to be considered.
  • Facilitated requirements gathering meetings with project stakeholders.
  • Documented business requirements and functional specifications and worked with business and technical stakeholders to refine the solution and obtain sign - off on the specifications.
  • Collaborated with SMEs and senior management and defined and documented the interfaces of manual to automated operationsto create the overall solution between new and existing systems.
  • Worked closely with the in - house development team to implement the solution.
  • Wrote, updated, and maintained Business Requirements Documentation.
  • Deliverables: BusinessRequirements Documents, Functional & non - functional requirements documents, Process Models, Facilitated JAD session, Activity Diagrams, and RACI Matrix.


Database Consultant


  • Conducted business process mapping and requirements gathering sessions with customers to determine configuration requirements for both on - site and remote locations. Facilitated sessions with appropriate stakeholders to review business needs assessment, process mappings, and requirement documents in order to gain approval and sign - off.
  • Documented process reengineering, which required moving data from the core database using CSV5 format to ensure the data, such as ETL data, was not lost in the transfer.
  • Integrated new systems into existing infrastructures, training end users, and preparing reports
  • Improved monthly Bank Statement Processing and Reconciliation with the rest of finance team using Intelligent Transaction Matching on Oracle NetSuite
  • Developed use cases to outline how customers could input and/or access information, such as name, payment plans, methods, and preferences, within the database.
  • Developed use cases to outline how various users, vendors, and departments, including Oracle vendors, Accounting department, and Shipping department, would interact with the Shopping Centre system.
  • Collaborated with customers and Operations team to determine how the old database works.
  • Conducted Technical and functional, user - acceptance test on Oracle NetSuite to confirm the auto - backups.
  • Demonstrated a high level of communication, consulting, and client relationship skills across projects .
  • Met with external clients and project teams to communicate and explain complex technical and business concepts, as well as the reasons behind the change, related to moving the database and ERP solution using Celigo platform solutions, which would allow for more interaction with customers.
  • Met with external clients and project teams to communicate and explain complex technical and business concepts related to merging and seeing into parent sites between websites. Negotiated the change with vendors, and filled in communication gaps to ensure a successful change.
  • Prioritized the team’s work backlog for all bi - weekly sprints.
  • Conducted and documented business needs assessments
  • Completed the Request for Proposal process including documentation and vendor management
  • Deliverables: BusinessNeeds Assessment, Functional & non - functional requirements documents, System Use Cases Document, Process Models, SWOT analysis, and Test Strategy/ Plans.

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