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Sr. Business System Analyst Resume

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Bentonville, AR


  • Highly motivated and result oriented Business System Analyst with 7+ years of professional experience in Retail/Ecommerce, Information Technology, Supply Chain and Transportation industry with focus on Inventory Management, Procurement, Resource Allocation, Merchandise Planning, Pricing and Invoicing, Demand Planning & Forecasting, Reverse Logistics, WMS, TMS, Accounting & financials
  • Well versed in end - to-end Software Development Life Cycle using Agile-Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), WaterScrumfall, Kanban, XP, RUP and Waterfall methodologies
  • Experience in managing project stakeholders through building stakeholder matrix, engaging stakeholders through appropriate stakeholder engagement plan and resolving stakeholder conflicts
  • Created workflow diagrams to document current (AS-IS) and future (TO-BE) business environment
  • Experience in eliciting, analyzing and documenting Business Requirement document (BRD) and Functional Specification Document (FSD) based on the requirements elicited from Business owners, users and SME’s
  • Experience in facilitating Joint Application Development (JAD) session, conducting various elicitation techniques like Brainstorming, Interviews, Questionnaire, Prototyping, Document Analysis, Focus Group, Reverse Engineering, Interface analysis, Introspection and Observation
  • Proficient in assessing Project feasibility through Cost-benefit analysis, SWOT analysis, Break-even analysis, What-if analysis, Gap analysis, ABC analysis, Risk analysis, ROI Analysis and Value chain analysis
  • Developed and maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) based on defined business rules to ensure all the requirements are fulfilled and all the test cases are executed according to the proposed plan
  • Well acquainted with Business and Process Workflows and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams such as Use Cases, Sequence, Activity and Class diagrams using MS- Visio to support system design
  • Audited development practices and introduced technical best practices including continuous integration, test-driven development (TDD), Behavioral driven development (BDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), pair programming, open team environments, and increased team morale
  • Experience in creating High Fidelity Interactive Graphic User Interface Design (GUI), UI mock-ups, Wireframes using Invision, Moqup, Balsamiq and Proto
  • Assisted Product Owner in creating and managing the product backlog using tools like JIRA, TFS
  • Participated in Sprint Ceremonies (Backlog grooming, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review & Retrospective) and efficient in using prioritizing techniques like MoSCoW, KANO, business value, technical risk based & estimation techniques such as Agile poker, T-Shirt Sizing & Relative mass valuation
  • Understanding on Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Hive, Impala, FlumeNG, Sqoop, HBase, and MapReduce)
  • Experience in implementing Salesforce platform Sales cloud, Service Cloud, Market Cloud, App Exchange
  • Experience in working with Salesforce tools like Apex Data Loader, Force.com Excel Connector, Visualforce
  • Proven experience in managing project risks through early capture of risks, assessment and analysis of the identified risks, impact analysis, risk prioritization and developing risk response plan
  • Strong knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), 3-tier and n-tier architecture systems, Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Proficient in API, Web Services Testing and documenting in Open API Specification (OAS 3.0) using Postman, Soap UI and Swagger tools
  • Experience in Data Profiling, Data Modeling (star schema, snowflake schema), Data Mapping, Data Normalization and ETL process consisting of extracting data from various sources, Data Cleansing, Transformation and loading it into the desired Data Warehouse
  • Experienced in executing SQL queries to validate the data in MS SQL SERVER, creating database objects like Views, Triggers, Stored Procedure, Joins
  • Experience in creating Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Plans, and Test result reports based on business requirements, technical specifications, and product knowledge in HPALM
  • Experience in Defect Management Life Cycle process such as identifying defect, creating Defect Log, reporting defect, defect prioritization, and defect resolution
  • Experienced in Unit testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, System testing, Black box Testing, Load testing, Performance and Stress testing
  • Versed in Tableau and PowerBI to create innovative and interactive executive dashboards, scorecards and weekly/ monthly reports on the status of key business measurements and increased sales and marketing opportunities
  • Documented solution using SharePoint and communicated to the non-technical business stakeholders


SDLC Methodologies: Agile-Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) 4.0, ScrumXP, Waterfall

Project Management: JIRA, Confluence, MS Project, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, TFS, Rational Requisite Pro

Platform: SFDC, Force.com, Apex, Data loader, Linux, Windows

Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Mock Up Screens, Lucid Chart, Balsamiq, Moqup®, CA erwin, Rational Rose

Reporting Tools: Tableau, PowerBI, MS Excel with VBA, SSRS

Big Data: Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Sqoop, FlumeNG, Hive, Impala, MapReduce, Kafka

Office Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS SharePoint 2013, MS Project, MS VISIO

Defect Management: ServiceNow, BugZilla, JIRA

Testing Tools: Selenium Test Suite, Cucumber, HP Quality Center ALM, Postman, Swagger

Languages: PLSQL, SQL, HTML, XML, T-SQL, R-Studio

Relational Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle 10g

Data Warehousing: Data Modeling, Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Slicing/Dicing, Drill Up/ Drill Down, Pivot, Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1, Data Mining


Sr. Business System Analyst

Confidential, Bentonville, AR


  • Gathered requirements conducting JAD sessions, one to one interview with Data architects and solution advisors, existing system documents and created Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Determine operational objectives by studying business functions, gathering information, evaluating output requirements and structure for reporting
  • Performed Gap Analysis by creating AS-IS and TO-BE documents to identify existing business process, deficiencies in current system, areas of enhancements and improvement
  • Created Wireframes and mock ups using Balsamiq and MS Visio, to effectively communicate the user-interface platforms to the system development teams
  • Ran a research story with SMEs to identify appropriate tools available in the market that can interface with the enterprise data hub
  • Prepared and analyzed UML diagrams like Process Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Use-Case diagrams and Activity diagrams using MS-Visio
  • Contributed in drafting user stories to the Product Backlog Items (PBIs), helped further slicing of user stories by business values, and employ INVEST criteria as a quality check for making the user stories ready
  • Provided clarity on user stories to the development team, defined acceptance criteria, added any necessary documentation as inputs to the stories and provided sign-off on user stories to mark them as “ready”
  • Collected and assembled data from various data sources as input to run research and spikes to identify and test available visualization solutions
  • Involved in creating Data mapping specifications document to create and execute detailedsystemtest plans
  • Performed Data Profiling of the current state of data by doing data analysis using advance SQL queries and Microsoft Excel, finding gaps in the data and formulating solution for the same
  • Identified various data sources that must be stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Assisted in increasing Data Integrity by performing Data Normalization and adding Data Verification and Data Validation to maintain accuracy and effectiveness of data
  • Acted as a liaison between the Hadoop administrator, Hadoop-Impala developers and Business owners
  • Wrote SQL Queries to extract data from different data sources to map into central repository using Informatica
  • Aided testing team to develop test plans, test cases, test scenarios and traceability matrix in JIRA; reviewed test cases and added test scenarios for visualization tool
  • Experience in Testing Life Cycle and supervising Black-box Testing, Functionality Testing, Unit Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Load/Stress Testing, Smoke and Sanity Testing, and Performance Testing
  • Used Tableau to generate internal reports to study and analyze the planned interfaces

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Confluence, JIRA, Tableau 9.0, Balsamiq, MS Office suite, MS-Visio, Apache Hadoop, MySQL, Java Virtual Machine, Impala, Zookeeper, HDFS, Kafka, Map Reduce, REST service

Salesforce Business Analyst

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Discussed about the feasibility and effective way of leveraging Salesforce.com CRM features to best serve the requirement purpose
  • Performed GAP Analysis between the AS-IS model of the current system and TO-BE model to identify gaps
  • Conducted JAD session involving Project stakeholders and Sponsor group to elicit, analyze and understand the Business requirements, also to arrive at common consensus with stakeholders
  • Developed UML Use Cases, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, and Data Flow Diagram to understand the business process flow and the interaction of system with the users
  • Collaborated with Data Teams for understanding current system and used SQL to query current Data Tables
  • Created various Report and Dashboard (summary reports, matrix reports, and pie charts, dashboards) using Tableau to assist managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales tool
  • Implemented search, filtering, and tagging features to make it easier for sales to locate relevant marketing content and documents in SalesForce.com CRM Content
  • Well versed with CRM processes like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Customer Support, Business Processes and recommended solutions to improve their processes using SFDC
  • Worked closely with the sales cloud and marketing cloud team to identify prospective users, creation of Case, understand consumers, personalize experience, and engage them across channels
  • Developed various SFDC Custom Applications, Validation Rules, Page Layouts, Custom Objects, Tabs, Custom Reports, and Dashboards
  • Created Profiles, Roles based on Organization role hierarchy, implemented Record-Level, Field-Level security, and configured their sharing settings
  • Responsible for designing, building, supporting the components of data warehouse, such as Salesforce ETL processes, databases, reports, and reporting environments using Informatica
  • Involved in documenting and validating of Salesforce APIs such as REST, SOAP, Bulk Streaming API using Swagger and tested them using Postman
  • Created Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts for Unit, System, Regression, and Load testing
  • Facilitated User Acceptance Testing to check if all the requirements were met according to the specification and carried out Defect management using JIRA

Environment: Scrum, Salesforce, Java, Windows 8, MS Office, JIRA, Confluence, Cucumber, Visio, UML 2.0, APEX, Data Loader, Informatica, Swagger, Postman, XML, Salesforce Classic UI, Salesforce Wave analytics, Tableau

Sr. Business System Analyst

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Facilitated JAD sessions to design Data Flow Diagrams (DFD's) for the different phases of requirements
  • Created Business Requirement Documents (BRD) by gathering functional requirement from the System Users that provided boundary of scope for technical team to develop prototype and overall system
  • Acted as liaison between end users and technical team to address issues and recommend solutions
  • Involved in analyzing different source systems and assisted technical team to understand the systems and data
  • Analyzed source database, identified cardinalities and created conceptual and logical ER diagrams
  • Identified and analyzed data sources by performing data profiling and updated the existing Data Dictionary
  • Involved in identifying facts and dimensions and created data mapping document and Coordinated with database developer to create star dimension modeling and enhanced the targetDatawarehouse
  • Analyzed ETL jobs and mappings to document the existing transformation logic and understand ETL strategies
  • Assisted in developing different dimensions such as slowly changing, rapidly changing, and conformed dimensions and fact tables with facts and measures as perbusinessrequirement
  • Extensively used MySQL Toad for querying underlying database tables and resolving data issues
  • Actively participated in validating the data, manipulating and, updating the table using SQL CRUDS Statements
  • Extensively used XMLSpy to verify and validate XML files
  • Actively involved in Identifying and documentation of SOAP API and tested them using SOAPUI
  • Assisted testing team and Responsible for creating and monitoring Requirements traceability matrix (RTM), test cases, test plans, defining User Acceptance criteria and tracking defects using HPALM
  • Assisted dataanalystin enhancing OLAP cubes by communicating newbusinessrules and Performed Rollup, Drill down, Slice and Dice operation to provide secured, timely, accurate insights
  • Designed & executed automated unit, regression and performance tests using QTP & facilitated UAT
  • Assisted Business Intelligence (BI) team in creating dashboards using PowerBI as required by the end users

Environment: Waterfall-SDLC, MS-Access, MS-Excel, MySQL-DB, MS-Office, Informatica 9.0, HPALM, Power-BI, Oracle Database 10g, SOAPUI, HPALM, XML, Postman, Swagger, QTP

Business System Analyst



  • Gathered and documented user stories, acceptance criteria, use cases, functional specifications, Business requirements and other mapping documents by interacting with business stakeholders and SMEs
  • Created the AS-IS and TO-BE document and performed GAP Analysis to identify existing system, current business process flow, current system process flow, requirements, and assumptions
  • Performed the Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Impact Analysis to check the feasibility of the proposed solution
  • Worked on various aspects of Salesforce Application like visibility rules based on positions and responsibility
  • Used Apex Data types, Variables, Expressions, Assignment statements, Conditional statements, Loops, SOSL and SOQL queries, locking statements, Transactional control and Exception statements to invoke Apex triggers
  • Customized various SFDC Standard Objects including Leads, Account, Contact, Opportunity and Custom Objects
  • Outlined the organization hierarchy and created profiles, roles accordingly in Salesforce; worked on visibility and security settings around them as required by the business
  • Developed various SFDC Custom Applications, Custom Objects, Tabs, Custom Reports & Dashboards and Created Tab permissions, Record Type and Page Layout permissions
  • Maintained Test Scripts, analyzing bugs and interacting with development team members and fix the defects
  • Documented identified issues during QA and UAT testing period, logging bugs and UAT defects in JIRA
  • Involved in documenting & validating of API’s. Documented Salesforce APIs like REST, SOAP, Bulk & Streaming API using Swagger & tested them using Postman
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and verified performance, reliability and fault tolerance issues
  • Documented requirements associated to change requests and tracked the changes throughout the lifecycle
  • Used Tableau to derivebusinessinsights from OLAP cube and used Salesforce-Tableau connector (Canvas Adapter) to embed those insights to employee dashboards

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Salesforce, Java, Windows 8, Jira, Confluence, Cucumber, MS Visio, Swagger, Postman, XML, Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce Lightning Component, Tableau 9.0, MuleSoft

Business Analyst



  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business process requirements, functional and nonfunctional requirements and translated them into functional specification document
  • Created UML diagram such as Activity, Use Case, Sequence diagram in MS Visio to define system requirement
  • Organized JAD Sessions to resolve issues, and to arrive at quick agreements regarding the architecture design
  • Worked with SMEs and business partners to gather business requirements for Retail Pricing Management
  • Assisted QA team in writing test cases, test plans and created test result reports document
  • Maintained a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) to keep the clients and all the teams up-to-date with the current progress of the project
  • Created SQL statements & CRUD operations to validate the data in the backend process
  • Developed test scripts in PL/SQL to check the data integrity from the databases and Used different Join statements to Join multiple tables in the database
  • Created Hierarchies as per the business rule for the reports to be viewed at various Drill-down, Drill-up reports

Environment: Waterfall, MS Office, MS Visio, Business Object 6.5 Designer, IBM DB2, PL/SQL, Linux 7, RTM, UML

SQL Developer



  • Created logical and physical models using Erwin and Entity Relational (ER) Diagrams to the proposed Database
  • Wrote DDL, DML and DQL queries to implement data loads, data migrations and validations
  • Migrated data from heterogeneous data sources and legacysystemto centralizedSQLServer databases, which involved cleansing, data mapping and data conversion
  • Created database objects such as Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and SQL Joins
  • Maintained referential integrity, domain integrity, column integrity by using constraints
  • Performed Query Optimization for improving the performance and response time of the Database
  • Performed data integrity testing by executing SQL, PL/SQL statement, manually verifying the contents
  • Extensively worked in the performance tuning of the programs, ETL Procedures and Processes
  • Analyzed reports and fixed bugs in stored procedures on the ongoing operations, to resolvebusinessproblems
  • Developed reports in SQL Server Reporting Services and created cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services

Environment: Waterfall, T-SQL, PL/SQL,SQL*Plus,SQL*Loader, Erwin, UML,SQLServer, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Rose, MS Office, MS Project, SharePoint 2007, HTML, CSS

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