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Senior Business Systems Analyst Resume

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Chatham, NJ


  • Exceptionally motivated, detailed oriented and focused Senior Business Systems Analyst, with 7+ years of experience in the general IT sector specializing in Supply chain, Healthcare and Finance & Banking.
  • Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of advanced technology and capacity planning skills to successfully fill the role at your company.
  • Frequently praised as hard - working by my peers, Adept at ensuring all work complies with all operating procedures and processes.
  • Strong understanding of banking and finance domain concepts such as Wealth Management, Mortgage Solutions, Retirement Management Systems, FINRA, Know Your Customer (KYC), BSA act.
  • Operated in various organizational structures such as functional, Projectized, Strong, Weak and Balanced Matrix.
  • Involved in ongoing projects, newly initiated ones, Capital expenditure projects, operational expenditure and Off the Shelf Software (OTSS) Projects amongst others. Exposed to a lot of documentation as part of the job profile.
  • Adept in various System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) frameworks and interacted with business, functional and technical stakeholders during the lifecycle from project Initiation till Maintenance, Operations and Disposition.
  • Elicited requirement from stakeholders by using many of the techniques such as Interview, Questionnaire survey, Brainstorming, JAD sessions, prototyping amongst others and created artifacts and documented requirements.
  • In depth knowledge in traditional methods such as waterfall and Agile methods such as scrum, waterfall scrum hybrid and Kanban wherein majority of the time was spent in creating and baselining of artifacts such as BRD (Business Requirement Document), FRD (Functional Requirement Document) and SRS (System Requirement Specification).
  • Experienced in managing change request, mitigating various risk, and updating the risk register accordingly.
  • Understanding the As-Is and To-Be systems, performing various business analysis such as GAP Analysis, Risk Analysis, Feasibility analysis, Change Management, SWOT Analysis, Impact analysis, Benchmarking and Market Analysis.
  • Skilled in using the JIRA tool for writing and managing Issues, Epics, User Stories and Tasks in Scrum environment.
  • Participated in Scrum ceremonies such as Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint review and Sprint Retrospective.
  • Assisted Product Owner in prioritizing PBI’s using techniques like Moscow, KANO, Bucket system and worked with the team to estimate the effort using various techniques like Planning Poker, T-shirt sizing and 100-point method.
  • Facilitated retrospective meetings and techniques such as Star fish, Mad Sad Glad, Sailboat, Silent writing and ORID.
  • Actively involved in all aspects of software development, troubleshooting, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Script: Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Specifications, Bug log.
  • Assist testers in Black Box, grey box, functional, negative, regression, System integration, User acceptance, performance, security, browser compatibility, performance, Smoke, Sanity, Integration, Unit, Component testing.
  • Maintained Defect Tracking using JIRA and reporting for both Manual and Automated Testing Environments.
  • Utilized Swagger for documentation and Postman to validate and created industry standard for REST & SOAP API.
  • Assisted PO in release planning, backlog grooming by outlining the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature, MRF (Minimum Releasable Feature) and PSPI (Potentially Shippable Product Increment).
  • Experienced in analyzing workflow and developing and reviewing business solution model using Use Case, Sequence and Activity Diagram with Lucid Charts and MS Visio. Assisted in creating low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups and wireframes using Balsamiq and Modeled Workflows using BPMN Notation (Business Process Modeling Notation).
  • Good practical experience in analyzing, retrieving, and manipulating data using various SQL commands and queries.
  • Familiarity with Data mapping, Data modelling, Data migration, Data cleansing and Normalization and have an experience in creating Entity Relationship (E-R) model and creating Data mapping specification document.
  • Skilled at using Star and Snowflake schema, Dimension Modelling using various types of fact tables and various dimensions such as slowly changing, Rapid changing, Junk, static, inferred and Role playing.
  • Widespread knowledge in identifying the various data sources and the extraction of data from source systems, transformation and its logics, and load process (ETL) for the Data Warehouse using tools like Informatica.
  • Working knowledge of database concepts like Data Warehousing, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Data Marts, ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP and OLAP operations such as Roll up, drill down, slice, dice, and pivot.
  • Experienced in software application built using System Architectures like 3-Tier Architecture.
  • Extensive knowledge about Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool like Tableau for creating reports such as Ad-Hoc, Heat Maps, Tree Maps, Bar Graphs, Dashboards, Interactive MOLAPs, and Standard static reports.


Business Skills: Gap analysis, Change Management, Impact Analysis, feasibility analysis, Risk Analysis, JAD Sessions, SWOT Analysis

Project Management Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile Scrum, Agile SAFe, Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid

Project Management Tools: MS SharePoint, MS Office 365(Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Atlassian Jira, Confluence

Databases Tools: My SQL, Oracle DB, SQL Server

Data Warehousing: Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Multidimensional Analysis, OLAP Operations

Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Lucid Charts, Balsamiq

API Tools: Postman, Swagger

ETL Tools: Informatica PowerCenter

BI and Reporting Tools: Tableau


Confidential, Chatham, NJ

Senior Business Systems Analyst


  • Lead the continuous development, improvement, and expansion of Banking platform.
  • Played a main role in Elicitation of functional and non-functional requirements from stakeholders and Clients.
  • Had a one-on-one interview with subject matter experts to get clarification with respect to business needs.
  • Assisted the PO (Product Owner) in scope creation, requirements analysis, creating MVP, during backlog grooming meeting by decomposing the Epics into user stories, assisted team in writing user stories.
  • Implemented SDLC which included Requirements, Specifications, Design, Development, Analysis and Testing.
  • Elicited requirements using Surveys/Questionnaire, Document Analysis, prototyping and Interview sessions.
  • Performed AS-IS and TO-BE analysis to identify a gap between the existing Store Management System and layout, thereby documenting the analysis and figured how it can be constantly updated into the application.
  • Actively participated in various ceremonies like Product vision meeting, Backlog refinement meeting, daily scrum meeting, sprint review meeting and sprint retrospective meetings to make sure that team is working towards the goal and to see what went well in the previous sprint and what must be changed in the upcoming sprint.
  • Performed the XML and JSON Request and Response data validation via SOAP UI and Postman Tool.
  • Acted as primary point of contact for any clarification related to requirements and scheduled production releases.
  • Created Conceptual and Logical Data Models for the system and Database using the tool Visio and Lucid charts.
  • Played key role in source exploration and identified various data source such as websites, mobile application, blogs, and was involved in data profiling by crating Data Mapping Document and identified target system.
  • Responsible for all aspects of CPQ including configuration of products, process, and configuration documentation and Used Agile with the help of RTM to track the progress of the work in the form of User Stories and Epics.
  • Helped visualize the data by creating static reports, interactive MOLAP reports and Ad-hoc reports using tableau.
  • Facilitated end-to-end Web Service testing for RESTful API through Postman Tool and Swagger for documenting requests and responses for RESTful APIs and HTTP calls like GET, POST, DELETE and PUT on application layer to test web services and to see if the calls are responding as expected and checked the API Standard codes.
  • Experienced in using Lucid charts, Visio and Balsamiq to create various UML diagrams such as Use case, Activity and Sequence diagrams and Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) diagram to see the workflow.
  • Performed retrieval queries in SQL stored procedures using SELECT & JOIN for drilldowns to pull data while being actively involved in reading data from varied file types, created standard, tree maps, Heat maps, Bar graphs and ad-hoc reports using SQL, generating delimited files and SQL script to load data into SQL tables.
  • Involved in dealing with Change Requests by performing Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis and change assessment.
  • Used Tableau for data reporting, studying the trends, data patterns, data forecasting and visualization.
  • Identified APIs like REST APIs, SOAP APIs, Analytical APIs and documented them in swagger.
  • Was a liaison between clients and development team in Transferring functional requirements and user stories.
  • Assisted in developing Test Plan, Test cases and Test Scenarios for testing based on functional requirements, technical specifications, and business knowledge to facilitate the testing process and created Bug log.
  • Involved in dealing with Change Requests by performing Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis and change assessment.

Environment: Agile-SAFe, Tableau 2022.2, MS Office, Informatica 10.5.2, JSON/XML, MySQL, MS Visio 2021, Lucid chart, Balasmiq, JIRA 8.13, SWAGGER 4.0, POSTMAN 9.0

Confidential, Troy, Michigan

Business System Analyst


  • Functioned as primary liaison between business line, operations, and technical areas during the project cycle.
  • Identified key stakeholders and gathered functional and non-functional requirements associated with Store Management, Marketing, Inventory Management and Potential Stores through interviews, document analysis, JAD sessions and brainstorming and included Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in the JAD to get a clear view.
  • Designed and developed Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using Unified Modelling Language.
  • Conducted Demo sessions to make sure our Scrum Team understood the requirements thoroughly.
  • Worked closely with the Design/UI team in converting the functional requirements into technical specifications.
  • Created Mock-Ups and Wireframes using MS Visio and lucid charts for UI components for client verification.
  • Assisted stakeholder in UAT and documented the tested results to share with the team and to work on defects.
  • Prototypes, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and User Interface (UI) mock-ups using the Balsamiq and Lucid charts.
  • Documented User Stories and Acceptance Criteria for the PSPI (Potentially Shippable Product Increment).
  • Worked with the Mobile application team to create a wireframe and Mockup which contains the final design elements of the website to appear the same on the Mobile platform.
  • Enforced a new workflow pattern in the Jira Dashboard which includes elements like To-Do, In-Progress, Development Complete, Test Complete, Demo-Present and Accepted-Done.
  • Created Workflow for mobile application platforms to update the product catalog and user profiles and Captured customer engagement through Mobile application and desktop application.
  • Participated in Scrum ceremonies and assisted Product Owner in converting requirements into User stories, writing acceptance criteria, Definition of Done (DoD) and prioritizing them in the Product Backlog using JIRA.
  • Documented the API endpoints using Swagger and tested those endpoints using Postman.
  • Developed the test plan, test conditions, test scenarios and test cases using Jira, MS Excel, and MS Word to be used in testing based on business requirements and technical specifications.
  • Created interactive reports and detailed dashboards using Power BI tool for forecasting and marketing needs.

Environment: Scrum, Microsoft Visio 15.0, Tableau, Office 365, REST, UML, Balsamiq, BPMN workflow engine, JIRA 8.1, MS SQL server.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Business Analyst


  • Understood the processes by interacting with stakeholders and participated in JAD sessions and interviews.
  • Reviewed Project Charter Documents, Business Requirement Documents for tagging and tracing to Use-Case Specifications, System Requirements Specification (SRS) and UI Functional specification documents.
  • Defined user stories based on information gathered from stakeholders and estimated and prioritized them.
  • Understood and analyzed the current system to create data dictionary and defined meta data fields.
  • Assisted Data modelling process by creating conceptual and logical ER diagrams and designing database schema.
  • Performed dimension modelling and assisted the system architect in creating dimensions and fact tables.
  • Used Informatica PowerCenter to perform ETL process to extract and manipulate the sources data to load it.
  • Created different Informatica Workspace (Sources Analyzer, Target Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet designer, and transformation Developer) to transform the data from source to target and perform required task.
  • Helped with data normalization for elimination of redundant and unnecessary data for faster query processing.
  • Involved in creating mapping design between source and target and performed various transformations.
  • Managed and tracked bugs and defects using JIRA and Posted bugs on Organization’s page used for joint effort.
  • Worked with QA team to design and develop Test cases and Test plan to perform User Acceptance Testing.
  • Assisted in Validation testing, Metadata testing, Data completeness Testing and Transformation testing.
  • Performed SQL queries like join commands (inner, outer) and supervised the source to target mappings (STM).
  • Was involved in using Tableau for effective ad hoc reporting, standard static reporting to provide Business Intelligence (BI) to facilitate expenditure tracking using various matrices critical to decision making.
  • Timely tracked progress are reported to stakeholders and project manager by referring to the documents.
  • Facilitated the transition from waterfall to Agile scrum by educating the development team about the change.
  • Guided the development team in iterative sprints by establishing a rigid DoD (Definition of Done).
  • Supported PO in creating Product Roadmap and in ceremonies such as Product vision, Sprint planning, Daily stand up, Sprint review and retrospective meetings by ensuring that DoR (Definition of Ready) is met.
  • Assisted in writing user stories which meets INVEST criteria, 3c’s and SMART Criteria for individual tasks.
  • Ensured smooth delivery of integrated code base and data scripts to deployment team for delivery to client.

Environment: Waterfall - Scrum hybrid, MS Office 2017 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), Tableau 10.4, JIRA 7.1.0, MS SQL Server 2012, UML, UAT testing, Confluence.


Business Analyst


  • Utilized the RACI matrix to identify the important internal and external stakeholders for the project.
  • Interacted with Business Analysts to understand the requirements by using elicitation techniques like paper white board prototyping, Requirement workshops, Reverse engineering, SWOT analysis and observation.
  • Helped them in segregating Data Requirements, thereby providing high quality data to our end customers.
  • Analyzed the existing business workflow and documented the future state using Business Process Model.
  • Provided clarification to developers regarding System Design Document and Software Development Document.
  • Worked on business needs and data specifications analysis, design, and Maintenance.
  • Assisting BA in the creation of High fidelity and Low fidelity mock-up screens and wireframes using Lucid Charts and Balsamiq for user interface components to gather inputs from clients.
  • Used Microsoft Excel to perform multiple ad-hoc data pulls for business analysis and monitoring.
  • Using Microsoft Excel, I created monthly and quarterly company monitoring reports for examination.
  • Verified and validated data in monthly and quarterly reports to ensure accuracy.
  • Scripts, requirements, and other processes were documented, as well as the creation of Technical Design Documents and Conducted walkthroughs of the various functional documents and involved in the preparation of the test cases, test scripts and Project plan.
  • Worked on business needs and data specifications analysis, design, and Maintenance.

Environment: Waterfall, Supply Chain, Lucid Charts, Balsamiq, HP ALM, Microsoft Excel (365), and PowerPoint

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