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Lead Business Systems Analyst/ Process Engineer Resume

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  • A result oriented Sr. Business/Data Analyst having more than 6+ years of experience in Credit Card, banking, financial and secondary mortgage industry.
  • Well versed with all phases of various SDLC’s with extensive experience in business requirement gathering and strong understanding of Lending, direct Collateralized Assets (ABS, CDO, MBC & CMO) account reconciliations and PeopleSoft general ledger.
  • Over 7+ years of diverse experience with 6+ years as a business analyst.
  • Extensive experience in financial and banking sectors including mortgage backed securities (MBS), collateral mortgage obligation (CMO), asset backed securities (ABS), collateral debt obligations (CDO), account reconciliations and general ledger (GL) journal entry (JE) automation, Credit card and direct banking, Auto loans, Small business lending.
  • Strong knowledge of many software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies including Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile, Extreme Programming (XP), Waterfall, Spiral Model and other proprietary technology delivery frameworks and processes.
  • Hands on experience in creating Business Process Models, which defined teh high level business activities and processes and provided a foundation for teh Use Case model.
  • Expertise in teh development and interpretation of Business Requirement Document (BRD), Business Process Document, Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS), Use Case Specification (Business and Application), Use Case Models, Systems Design Specifications (SDS), and Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Experience in implementing RUP methodology, Agile methodology
  • Hands on experience in managing requirements using Requisite Pro and Doors.
  • Extensively used Unified Modeling Language (UML) to graphically represent system's blueprints, business processes and; teh as - is and to-be system functionality.
  • Expertise in modeling using Use Case Diagram, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams.
  • Adept in creating test cases and scripts; and conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Extensive experience in creating SQL queries to facilitate UAT.
  • Excellent at coordinating extensive communication networks and facilitation of joint application design (JAD) sessions, brainstorming sessions and interviews.
  • Extensive experience in managing and controlling change using Clear Quest and performing version control using Clear Case.
  • Well versed with Cost benefit analysis and ROI analysis.
  • Exposure to PeopleSoft Enterprise General Ledger, PeopleSoft Enterprise Cash Management and SQR.
  • Experience with Data modeling in a decision support environment.
  • Exposure to QA Principal SEI CMM levels, ISO 9001, Software Development Analysis.
  • Knowledge of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act, Section 404 key controls as implemented through project management methodologies.
  • Strong analytical skills and excellent at identifying root causes and executing corrective actions.
  • Experience in preparing Project Schedules and performing; Milestone Tracking and Resource Allocations using MS Project.
  • Exceptional ability to work under high pressure and proven to work independently or as a part of a team.
  • Strong Knowledge of Document Management and Workflow automation.


Requirements Management and modeling Tools: Requisite Pro, Doors, Rational Rose, Raven, Microsoft Visio

Change Management and Version Control: Clear Case, Clear Quest, Quality Center

Statistical Tools: Minitab, SPSS

Programming Language: C, Java, SQL

Databases: MS SQL server, MS Access, Oracle 9i, My SQL, DB2, Sybase

Project Management: MS Project 2000, MS Project Server

Other Tools: MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel), Interwoven, Test Manager, RapidSQL


Confidential, NY

Lead Business Systems Analyst/ Process Engineer


  • Worked as a facilitator to conduct assessment sprints with lines of business and horizontals
  • Teh team followed teh Agile Methodology to achieve results and coordinate effort with fast results
  • Worked with business users and compliance advisors to gather requirements
  • Analyzed regulations and teh legalese in circulars, bulletins and news releases to extract requirements
  • Documented requirements and maintained teh high profile Applicability Matrix in a requirement management tool
  • Created Business Process Maps, SIPOC, RACI and standards to be used as tools to communicate information, progress and approach to senior management, VP and SVP level and to be used as guidance documents by Businesses to build new processes
  • Provided Process Engineer support to conduct assessment to various lines of business and horizontals such as CBR (Credit Bureau Reporting), Privacy, AML, US Card, GFS (Global Financial Services), Confidential Auto Finance and Staff Groups such as Brand
  • Analyzed teh US Card business processes, such as acquisition campaign and card offers, soliciting customers, customer management intent, credit policy, collection of delinquent accounts, recover charged off accounts, payment processing, authorizations.
  • Worked with Credit Bureau Reporting to assess teh controls and monitoring surrounding various business processes
  • Worked on figuring out gap remediation plan surrounding controls and monitoring for business processes such as developing new products/product features, collateral fulfillment (secure card), identity verification processes, and fulfillment. (Fulfillment includes, correspondence, plastics, funds disbursement, rewards redemption, etc.).
  • Created detailed process documentation to figure out and implement action plan for compliance to in corporate new or changed regulation and legislation and changes in existing applicability
  • Conducted release planning to lay out teh plan and product backlog for next 8 sprints(4 months) including LOE and timelines
  • Documented Assessment results and facilitate communication between various teams and business groups to conduct follow ups and issue resolution
  • Created CMAS (Compliance Management Assessment Spreadsheet) which was a key product of assessments
  • Worked with Issue Resolution Team to work on teh Gaps identified in teh Assessments and to create Gap remediation document dat involved figuring out teh steps to remove teh control and monitoring gaps
  • Worked with teh CREST team to figure out teh most efficient way to store teh live requirements document and Applicability Matrix
  • Worked on designing teh database and uploading teh Requirement and Assessment data to CREST.
  • Conducted extensive testing (system and acceptance) to teh system to identify any problems in teh CREST system dat may have arose due to changes in teh database design
  • Designed reports of monitoring results to be used by SLT to manage compliance and report out to auditors and examiners
  • Acted as a liaison between teh team and lines of business to communicate business ideas to teh team and get team’s feedback and suggestion to be taken to business.
  • Identified teh requests dat should be taken into sprints and initiated dialogue with customer
  • Used Interwoven as a tool for Enterprise content management.
  • Gatheird and documented requirements for enhancement requests from customer. Used Quality Center to manage requirements and traceability
  • Managed delivery expectations from customer and keep teh team priorities on track. Worked on managing multiple projects with varying priorities and different delivery dates.
  • Provided suggestions for a better product to customers with half baked requests.
  • Assisted in testing of deliverables and managed feedback from customers
  • Worked on change management and help decide which changes to accept and communicate to customers
  • Created burndown chart and tracked team’s progress
  • Drove sprint planning to give performers enough direction on customer requests to plan tasks for teh sprint
  • Participated in various activities like hours estimation, story sizing, team velocity determination to use as tools to manage work for teh team dat will enable us to deliver high value at sustainable speed.
  • Participated in various program management activities like conducting feasibility analysis of incoming requests and negotiating with customers for expectations and deliverables.
  • All teh tasks listed above involved extensive back and forth communication across businesses (SMEs’ and performers) to extract teh knowledge and then obtain feedback and conduct implementation of new or changed business processes.

Confidential, McLean VA

Sr. Business/Data Analyst


  • Analyzed business processes and created process maps. Wrote standard and complex SQL Queries ( tool: RapidSQL) to perform Data Validation, Analysis and Data Mapping of Sybase and DB2 data.
  • Owned a complete Liquidity and Contingency (L&C) portfolio for Non-Mortgage Instruments
  • Created one-to-one mapping of data submitted to OFHEO and reporting instructions provided by OFHEO
  • Performed in depth analysis of teh data processing code (primarily coded in SQL for Non-mortgage instruments) to determine discrepancies and deviations from teh required format and content
  • Worked with business users and SME’s to analyze teh existing business processes and document teh same
  • Obtained required information from business users, OFHEO report instructions and MDR (Meta Data Repository) and reported any missing or wrong information in MDR and also supplied teh right and relevant information.
  • Suggested efficient and optimal methods of data processing (data formats and coding) for submission to OFHEO
  • Created inventory of manually maintained tables, data dictionary of reported fields and tables, formats and their valid values for use in analysis and planning for all teh arms of teh initiative
  • Conducted walkthroughs with SME’s and Stakeholders to describe teh ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ business processes
  • Removed unwanted and inefficient data processing steps including temporary tables and consolidated teh code for optimal performance
  • Identified manual processes and manually maintained tables and worked with business users to automate data processing
  • Trained teh new resources joining teh team for data analysis and created training manuals for new data reporting methodologies for teh business users
  • Prepared Business Rules Spreadsheets, Code Narratives and Summary Reports for gap analysis.
  • Conducted reviews of documents prepared by data analysts and business users to be submitted to teh directors for signoffs
  • Obtained signoffs on Code narratives and Business Rules Spreadsheets from SME’s and Business side Directors
  • Identified data element dependencies and processing trails and created to-be business rules and code for extracting, transforming and loading data from transactional database to CDW and then to teh tables reported to OFHEO.
  • Created and maintained issues log and identified ways to tackle issues and discrepancies
  • Communicated project status to various arms of teh project including stakeholders, business users, initiative and SME sides

Confidential, Washington, DC

Sr. Business Analyst


  • Analyzed business needs and requirements for new business processes to integrate teh E2E business flow to follow teh new PSR (Payment System Risk) Policies enforced by FRB on GSE’s
  • Used a hybrid of RUP and waterfall as teh SDLC. Also worked in teams dat followed Agile methodology
  • Created and managed extensive documentation on Business Operating Procedures (BOP) for DLOD (Daylight Overdraft) E2E as-is and to-be business processes
  • Worked with teh end users, development team and upper management to communicate progress and to keep every team on teh same page
  • Interacted extensively with FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) to understand teh new methods implemented to enforce overdraft policies
  • Lead parts of UAT to test teh trade entry, settlement and maturity system dat was integrated with IWT (Integrated Wire Transfer) for sending and receiving teh wires to and from FED.
  • Created business process maps for teh as-is and to-be process in Rational Rose.
  • Worked on teh complete analysis and documentation of every Wire transaction process and functionality of IWT system (Integrated Wire Transfer)
  • Tested teh messaging system SWIFT for day to day funding and investment trading
  • Conducted individual and group (JAD) sessions with business and technical units.
  • Followed teh RUP guidelines and created RUP artifacts.
  • Analyzed business requirements, business process and system architecture/design.
  • Responsible for defining and documenting Business Requirements (SRD) and Functional Specifications (FSD).
  • Designed Use-Case Models after understanding scope of teh project and teh business model.
  • Followed teh UML based methods to create Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams and Class Diagrams.
  • Responsible for facilitating and arranging JAD Sessions, Business Interviews with teh stakeholders and end users.
  • Developed system and defined metrics to evaluate performance in innovation, customer satisfaction & employee participation.
  • Worked with business users on legacy systems to generate expected results.
  • Conducted walk through sessions with users and SME’s to get sign-offs on expected results.
  • Worked with Cash Management and Wire Room to conduct tests and provide training to business users.
  • Conducted DLOD end-to-end UAT testing on teh various systems such as ORION, STAMPS, SWIFT, STATS, DTA, STN, IWT, PISCES, iSTAR, Automated Trade Blotter.
  • Refined and validated requirements and create RTM (Requirements Traceability Matrix) to validate teh completeness of requirements and test plan. Used Quality Center for dis purpose.
  • Conducted data extraction and data validation to test teh system from teh business perspective.
  • Identified and tested one-off scenarios to test teh robustness of teh system.
  • Coordinated and prioritized outstanding defects and enhancements identified during UAT, and escalated teh same if necessary to achieve teh deadline.
  • Updated teh issues log with all issues identified during UAT and communicated teh same to all stakeholders.
  • Participated in daily UAT status meeting with all teams involved to resolve outstanding issues.
  • Conducted walk through sessions with users and SME’s to get sign-offs on testing results.
  • Sent UAT status e-mails to stakeholders and involved teams outlining teh UAT progress, issues and unresolved defects.

Confidential, NJ

Sr. Business/Systems Analyst


  • Assisted project manager with teh creation of project plan covering Project Schedule, Assignment of tasks, Risk management Plan and Test Strategy.
  • Conducted multiple one on one and brainstorming sessions with teh SME’s to understand teh as-is process and gather business requirements.
  • Created as-is data flow and work flow diagrams and to-be data flow and work flow diagrams and conducted walkthrough sessions for these diagrams to make sure dat teh business and SME’s were on teh same page as us.
  • Worked with teh SME’s, and baseline team to redesign teh business process.
  • Created Business use case model, business use case specification, supplementary GUI requirements, reporting requirements and non functional requirements to capture all teh business requirements. Used DOORS or requirements and documents management.
  • Created Use Case model, Sequence Diagram, activity diagrams in UML using rational rose.
  • Managed all requirements and traceability between requirements, design, SIT test cases and UAT test cases using DOORS.
  • Managed change and was responsible for creating CQ tickets for all defects, enhancements and change requests.
  • Mentored my team to use FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis; a Six Sigma tool) to identify critical test scenarios for UAT to minimize teh risk caused by aggressive timeline.
  • Created UAT test plan and conducted a walkthrough session to make sure all other teams (Development, SIT, Deployment, SME and Baseline) understood their roles and effort.
  • Created test cases and test scripts for user acceptance testing and maintained them in Rational Test Manager and created traceability to Doors.
  • Conducted UAT and made sure all identified defects and enhancements were logged in clear quest.
  • Coordinated and prioritized outstanding defects and enhancement identified during UAT, and escalated teh same if necessary to achieve teh deadline.
  • Overlooked teh project binder and approvals log and ensured dat all approvals and signoffs were attained as per schedule and met with teh guidelines laid down by TDP and SOX.
  • Ensured dat changes in business process have strong controls and meet teh reporting requirements of Confidential ’s internal audit, PriceWaterHouseCoopers audit, and SOX.
  • Lead teh baseline and SME training.
  • Created teh Service level agreement to meet all current business requirements and anticipated future enhancements.

Confidential, NJ

Sr. Business Analyst


  • Worked with a team of 4 Business Analysts.
  • Was an integral part of business process redesign.
  • Interacted with teh stakeholders to get a better understanding of client business processes and gather business requirements.
  • Worked as a systems analyst on COTS products, being involved in teh complete SDLC process
  • Created business process workflow diagrams (Activity diagrams) for teh as-is and to-be process in Rational Rose.
  • Created Business Use-Case Model and Business use Case specifications after accessing teh status and scope of teh project and understanding teh business processes.
  • Produced functional specifications and led weekly meetings with OutlookSofts consultants and business units to discuss outstanding technical issues and deadlines dat had to be met
  • Created and managed use-case templates and traceability relationships in RequisitePro.
  • Managed all teh requirements (Business and Application use cases) in RequisitePro, making requirements available to all team members and to maintain traceability between requirements, design, SIT test cases and UAT test cases.
  • Prepared Logical Data Models dat contains set of diagrams and supporting documents containing teh essential business elements, detailed definitions, and descriptions of teh relationships between teh data elements to analyze and document business data requirements.
  • Managed and controlled change using Clear Quest, associated requirements to specific change request/enhancements/defects and made sure dat other teams were following teh change requests guidelines.
  • Linked business processes to organizational objectives, performed critical path analysis, and identified opportunities for business process improvement.
  • Collaborated with Quality Assurance Analyst in Automated and Manual Black box testing using Mercury's WinRunner.
  • Updated teh issues log with all issues identified during UAT and created defect tickets in clear quest for all defects and enhancements identified during UAT.
  • Analyzed user requirements, attended Change Request meetings to document changes and implemented procedures to test changes using teh Rational Clear Quest.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Business Analyst


  • Gatheird requirements from business users and created business requirement documents.
  • Identified and documented business rules and created detailed Business Requirements and Software Requirement Specifications.
  • Performed Gap analysis by identifying existing technologies, documenting teh enhancements to meet teh end state requirements.
  • Worked on writing functional specification for reporting module dat handled credit and consumer risk management services.
  • Supported and assisted Developers (JAVA, JSP) and QA in developing Quality Control (QC) test plans and test scripts, as well as supporting and assisting clients in all testing phases through UAT.
  • Organized and Performed GUI Testing, Functional Testing, Regression, General Acceptance Testing (GAT) and support for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Created requirement traceability matrix (RTM) using excel.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Business Analyst/Business Engineer


  • Facilitated requirement gathering sessions for different business areas reporting needs.
  • Conducted tools and platform selection analysis. Worked with developers and software vendors to conduct POC.
  • Assisted in developing use cases, test scenarios and implemented test plan.
  • Functioned as teh primary liaison between teh business line, operations, and teh technical areas throughout teh project cycle.

Confidential, Arkansas

Business Engineer


  • Identified teh vital few processes, implemented process improvements and applied Six Sigma where ever appropriate.
  • Planned supervised and coordinated all tasks required to design, develop, implement, test and document a custom Production planning Application.
  • Communicated and coordinated activities with Production Control, maintenance and outside contractors
  • Software Technologies used: MS SQL SERVER, Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Access

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