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Business Analyst Resume Profile

Eveleth, MinnesotA

Professional Summary

Over a decade of Information Technology experience with expertise in I.T. Business Analysis and Application Programming and testing on the mainframe platform. In addition, possess extensive experience in System Development Life Cycle process, requirements analysis, process improvement, as well as excellent documentation, presentation, interpersonal, and project management skills.



Business Analyst

  • Served as a System / Programmer Analyst / Business Analyst in support of the Claims Processing and Adjudication team for Health Insurance Plan of New York.
  • Translated requirements into highly specified project briefs after providing requirement analysis defined and functional components via user communication and/or meetings in initial stages of development cycle.
  • As a member of the Claims team, I developed and changed Cobol programs in a COBOL/CICS/VSAM environment TSO/ISPF -EDI to process, create, and edit, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, HIPAA codes, claim types, provider types, and other codes as well as claim item pricing and duplication to determine if claims were to be paid/denied/pended for review and processed. These health care claims covered over 500,000 recipients in the New York City area
  • Develop process performance metrics
  • Conducted unit, system, acceptance, and regression testing for all changes made to claims processing Cobol programs and CICS on line processing including all map definitions.
  • Designed test cases and ensured that the test cases fully document and test all aspects of the required subsystem functionality
  • Provide task estimates, develop task schedules, and meet defined task schedules.
  • Responsible for moving changed Cobol programs from a test environment to a production environment using Librarian, or similar Change Management Software.
  • Document existing and proposed business processes utilizing process modeling
  • Provided timely status and project updates to project management and others as required.
  • Maintained VSAM file structures using IDCAMS to include setting of Primary/Alternate file keys for KSDS file structures.
  • Worked with programs associated with Recipient, Provider, Prior Authorizations and Medicare subsystems.
  • Coordinated and conducted Cobol Programs deployment and installation tests and validation with other Development and Production programmers.
  • Used Expeditor to test and debug file/syntax errors in individual Cobol/CICS Programs.



Current responsibilities include and not limited to the following: system and program analysis, design, coding, testing unit tested and integration , spec writing and documenting of systems and applications in the SEC areas Banking DTC - SEC corps and customers the areas I worked were global in nature developing trading and risk management tools for the corporate credit group. I was directly responsible for managing a small development team producing market data entry and analysis tools for our structured credit desk. This involves a lot of interaction with the traders to gather requirements and answer questions about the tools created. A typical day will often involve development maintenance of a project maintenance requests from users/ modifications to existing systems Screen maintenance and implementation, on-call coverage, user communication. Projects to-date includes the NY Window securities exchange and enhancements. I also designed and developed a pricing system that allowed clients to price manage trades from a website. I was able to deliver timely and with great success. Efficient in the methodology of creating a Gantt chart, project Workbench summary reports.

Environment: IBM 3090 Test and 4300 prod Cobol, Cobol II, Os/JCL, TSO/ISPF, Adabas/Natural, SQL, CICS, VSAM, BMS, TCAM Expediter case tools CEDF, OS/MVS/XA, JES2-3, DB-2, Dylakor, processing and tools.


Staff Consultant / Senior Programmer/Analyst

System and program analysis, design d, functional spec writing, coding, testing implementation, on call coverage and user communication. Projects included the following: Credit Bureau Assessment Report The Small Balance Recovery System and The Post judgment Collection Letters for Rental Leases. Mobile digital Transmission Systems STARS law enforcement utilizes to tow track fees and fines of registered vehicles as well as payment info. . Efficient in the methodology of creating Gantt charts, Project Workbench summary reports in a LAN WAN environments with Mainframe emulation. Also, walk-thru with commissioner of PVB on new development production ready assignments.

Environments: COBOL, COBOLII, OS/JCL, ADABAS/NATURAL, SQL, TSO/ISPF, CICS, VSAM, BMS, TCAM, Expediter case tools, CEDF, OS/MVS/XA, JES2-3, and DB2 processing and interactive tools.

Software Design Associates


Provided the Group Claims Systems Development Team with technical support for existing systems thirty 30 programs . Applications were driven by business programming in BAL and COBOL utilizing VSAM key sequenced and alternate key files to extract information from various segments of the relative databases. Also, worked With Guardians' Administrative support group: providing users Accounting, Human Resources, and Tax Reporting, and Field Administration departments technical support for developing new systems, EEOC reporting to governmental agencies races and ages disclosure reporting , Employee 6,000 employees payroll processing statistical programming . Assisted New DP professionals in learning systems and software wrote special programs in MSA applications, while solving production problems, also assisted Quality Assurance on developing new DP standards to support moving all new procedures and programs approved into production. During life cycles of all projects, I was also responsible for creating documentation to support all work finalized and completed.

Environments: IBM 3033 3380 COBOL/CICS, COBOLII, OS/JCL, SQL, TSO/ISPF, VSAM, BMS, IBM Utilities Dylakor, HRMS benefits and administration MSA report generation.

Technical Skills

CERTIFIED TAX PREPARER FOR tax whiz Incorporated TAX SOFTWARE: profiler, Drake, Taxwise

HARDWARE: IBM 3090, 3270 43XX, PC and Compatibles

SOFTWARE: MVS/OS/JCL, DB2/SQL, Syncsort, IBM Utilities, Panvalet, Change Control, TSO/ISPF/PDF, ROSCOE, VSAM, COBOL 2 Workbench, CICS, DB2/SQL, Eztrieve, IMS DL/I, Endeavor, Librarian, File-Aid, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation 3.51, Microsoft Access, Word, Office, Project, Excel, Outlook,, Internet, Expeditor, Project Life Cycle Methodology

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