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Integrys Business Support Resume Profile

Chicago, IL

Core Competencies

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience working directly with US
  • customers for more than 10 years on
  • different roles as Developer, Team Lead,
  • Analyst and Project Manager
  • Large sized Projects execution

Other Skills / Activities:

  • Co-authored a book on BASIC Computer language,1992 McGraw Hill publications, India
  • Written a book on Unix Operating system, 1995 Published in India

Functional Business Areas:

Retail Industry

Supply Chain Management


Payment Processing

Credit Cards


Hospital Management

Financial Accounting


Technical Areas:

System Integration

Software Design

Software Development

Database Design

Data Modeling

Operating Systems:

Windows XP/7, AIX-UNIX, Solaris, Linux


GXS' Application Integrator 3.1 5.2,Enterprise 7.6, Tradeguide, Workbench, EDISIM, GIS 5.3, Bots, FTP, VAN

Programming Languages:

VB 6.0, C, C , FoxPro, Java, JSP, Java Servlets, Python, HTML, Unix Shell programming, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL


Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, DB2, MS Access


  • EDI Electronic Commerce Getting Global A comprehensive presentation on EDI Electronic Commerce Technology, and its scope of application in the Indian market.
  • Presented at Tata Consultancy Services, India
  • Electronic Commerce for Supply Chain Management.
  • Presented at Tata Consultancy Services, India


Integrys Business Support

  • EDI Development, implementation and Production support for all major Applications using GXS, AI
  • Supporting the various File transmissions for all application systems.
  • Independently coordinating with external customers, server teams, business, accounts, etc.
  • Adding new trading partners, testing file transmissions, encryption/ decryption, FTP, PegaSys jobs
  • Communication setup, testing using FTP, Cleo LexiCom. Job scheduling using Autosys, Unix script.
  • Creating PGP keys, PGP encryption / decryption, certificates.
  • Unix HP , Unix Script, AutoSys, Cleo LexiCom, GXS AI 5.0, TG, FTP, PGP,


Product Lead / Developer

  • The engine is hosted in a web based cloud environment and provides a seamless interface to your application systems using all standard data communications protocols like HTTP, FTP, Email, Web Forms etc. Data from your application system flat file, XML, etc is transformed by the engine into a format that your trading partner's system can understand and work with. Apart from your proprietary application data formats, all standard EDI formats like X12 and EDIFACT are supported. Data communications between EDI Engine and application systems is protected by multiple layers of security including encryption and password protection.
  • Enabled by EDI Engine, business transactions from application systems can now directly flow into your trading partner's application system, and vice versa, thereby dramatically shortening the business transaction cycle, and eliminating errors associated with manual transaction processing.
  • EDI Engine is designed to handle complex business data flows that allows for advanced transaction handling features like holding, releasing, scheduling, replication, and aggregation of transactions in batch or real time mode.
  • GXS AI, BOTS or any other translator tool can be used to integrate Application Software with EDI Engine.
  • Used to integrate Electronic Medical Record System EMR with Insurance Company for sending and receiving EDI transactions.


  • Designed EMR mapping specifications.
  • Designing the solutions based on requirements and assigning work to analysis and mapping teams.
  • Configured AS2 connection for sending / receiving data through secure channels.
  • Writing standard grammars and setting up channels
  • Writing mapping scripts for various EMR maps and testing
  • Coordinating product development with onshore US and offshore India development teams.
  • Provide regular status reports and escalate issues to Project Manager.
  • Testing the product at high level.
  • Windows, PHP, Java, Google App engine GAE datastore, Google Queues, GXS AI, BOTS, EMR, NT script, XML, DTD, XSLT, JSON


Sr. EDI Analyst

  • Developed several inbound and outbound maps on GXS Application Integrator for data in all kind of application data formats including XML, IDOC, X12 and other custom formats.
  • Enterprise mailbox setups for various Trading Partners.
  • End-to-end implementation of EDI projects Analysis, requirements specification, development mapping , testing with application teams and the external end clients and managing the deployment into production.
  • Provide periodic 24 x 7 Production support, end-to-end testing with the application teams and client coordination.
  • Migration from GXS to GIS Redesigning and converting various Inbound and Outbound maps from GXS AI to GIS 5.3
  • Windows Unix IBM AIX , GIS 5.3, Sterling Commerce Map Editor 5.3, BPML, GXS's Application Integrator 4.1, Enterprise 7.6, Unix Shell Scripts


Program Manager

  • Managing 4 Project Managers
  • Worked towards establishment of business for the company
  • Recruited and Trained Software Professionals for the projects
  • Made Presentations on the EDI/EC Technology and its applications
  • Formulated the pricing model for the products services of the company
  • Project Management activities
  • Monitoring and Tracking all the activities of all the projects.
  • Issues / Risk / Change Control management as per AMEX processes
  • Budgeting, Resource Management


EDI Developer/ Team Lead

  • Development testing of inbound and outbound maps for 810,820,824,830,850 and 862 using AI
  • Set up trading partners in Trade Guide

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