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Business Analyst Resume Profile

Kabul, AfghanistaN


A driven senior management professional combining program management, project management, logistics and procurement expertise to deliver optimal research, analysis and processes improvement. A Federal Special Agent possessing exceptional briefing, problem solving and critical thinking techniques. Highly accomplished leadership skills, with the ability to cultivate and guide teams in the right direction. A disabled 10 Point Protected Veteran, with an Active Federal Top Secret Clearance. Technical proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Windows operating systems, and working knowledge of MS Project.

Professional Experience


  • Intelligence Analysis Production Senior Advisor
  • Led 10 mentors on a project designed to operationally establish the Afghan National Military Intelligence Center NMIC - an 80M US funded facility designed to fuse and integrate National Level Intelligence for the Afghan Army.
  • Facilitated the introduction of their personal National Information Management System for archiving intelligence products and streamlining real world intelligence analysis.
  • Led national level intelligence center, succeeding in a national-level training validation exercise that had visibility of 25 US General officers.
  • Led project designed to support strategic level operations by providing training and guidance on basic intelligence doctrine, procedures, and processes for Afghan Officers.
  • Led and coordinated multiple projects for Afghan Intelligence to become proficient in all source, open source, and geospatial and imagery intelligence leading to a significant reduction in attacks within the Afghan Theater of Operations.


Business Analyst

  • Contributed to project designed to support deployed personnel serving in Afghanistan by identifying counterintelligence CI threats to Coalition Forces via extensive intelligence research and analysis.
  • Project contributions neutralized over 100 CI threats to Coalition Forces in less than 120 days by performing thorough, in-depth investigations through extensive intelligence research across a multitude of intelligence databases.
  • Maintained 100 efficiency rating in meeting project deadlines for analytical reports, and recognized by management for completing self-initiated analysis for over 100 persons of interest.


Program Manager

  • Second in Command for 6th largest of 65 Military Enrollment Processing Stations MEPS in the United States for over 40 personnel - oversaw unit command and supply discipline, budget, procurement/logistics, property inventory, and administration.

Professional Experience Continued

  • Balanced 30K monthly budget with strict budget constraints, and regulated 500K worth of government property leading to no loss of equipment and no impact on mission.
  • Led 180-day project and improved processes that drove MEPS from 63 of 65 MEPS in the nation to ranked 3 in less than 2 quarters, and led the MEPS to receive a 90 commendable rating on critical Command Inspection.
  • Improved force protection and personnel safety to the facility by consulting with local Air Force Office of Special Investigations Department.
  • Educated and guided MEPS staff on CI reporting channels and procedures by providing semiannual Threat Awareness Reporting Program TARP briefs.


  • Assured the fullest exploitation of all data received, by referring it to all interested members of the intelligence community throughout the entire Iraq Theater of Operations.
  • Ensured offenders of espionage were brought to justice by scrutinizing and reviewing countless CI Investigation Reports.
  • Attributed to decrease in attacks on installations in and around Baghdad by liaising with Government Agencies and Force Protection entities throughout Baghdad.
  • Protected classified material from getting into enemy control by leading the way for theater-wide compliance inspections.


Executive Officer Special Agent

  • Directed CI Company of over 50 personnel in charge of unit command and supply discipline, budget, procurement/logistics, property inventory and administration for 13 Field Offices dispersed over 22 northeastern states.
  • Maintained 90 conviction ratio while conducting numerous counterintelligence investigations.
  • Drafted and implemented Company Logistics SOPs that were previously nonexistent, and conducted property book inventories leading to zero loss of equipment - despite property being dispersed across 23 states.
  • Maintained 100 operational readiness and no loss of equipment while delivering supplies routinely to 13 Field Offices over 22 states.


Senior Intelligence Officer

  • Oversaw a 7th Brigade, 2nd Division Iraq National Police Brigade Transition Team, including training and assisting Iraqi National Police NP intelligence personnel on US Army standard intelligence procedures.
  • Led 11 month project designed to train Iraqi NP Intelligence personnel on basic functions of military intelligence to become an independently operating organization.
  • Organized and facilitated project designed to conduct first senior level joint targeting meeting between Iraqi and US senior officials.
  • Set prime example for advisory teams throughout the combat theater by implementing joint targeting process.

Senior Intelligence Officer

  • Headed over 500 people responsible for collecting and analyzing up to the minute intelligence about the enemy situation.
  • Achieved 10 decrease in attacks in unit's area of operation by disseminating intelligence to senior intelligence officials.
  • Provided in-depth analysis to Squadron Commander by collecting and evaluating intelligence from a variety of sources.

Tank Platoon Leader

  • Managed 5 M1A1 Main Battle Tanks and equipment valued in excess of 20M, while monitoring and enhancing the morale, health, welfare and combat readiness of 20 Soldiers.
  • 1 of 2 platoons only Tank Platoon Iraq-wide chose to work with elite Joint Multinational Special Operations Task Force.
  • Rated best platoon of 5 by Troop Commander, 2nd in Squadron 12 and top Lieutenant in Troop 4 .

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