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Business Systems Analyst Resume Profile



Specializing in integrating IT solutions for business data analysis with emphasis upon procurement, budgeting and accounting functions in a training, call center help desk, and management consulting capacity at varying stages of the project life cycle.

Work Summary


Business Systems Analyst

  • Administered and managed business process model for consolidation of business units.
  • Administered bank accounts, ADP and Quick Books pay roll, office set up, and IT set up with comparative analysis during corporate change over.
  • Analyzed commercial lease agreements, CAM Costs, utilities, storage etc. for merger of assets.
  • Analyzed Data Analytics and Visualization, Infrastructure and ETL projects for business consolidation.
  • Administered SOP, business and technical requirements for Human Resources, Marketing, Finance departments and IT Software as Service departments.
  • Developed functional requirement plans from pay roll ADP, Peoplesoft to quick books for CPA
  • Developed technical SDLC requirement plans for active directory and server set up.
  • Developed financial requirement plans for operating budget forecasting.
  • Analyzed logistical and supply chain destruction of good and services channels for merger.
  • Provide functional and technical support for the Access and Excel Project module and all other modules that interface with it HRMS, Quote to Order, CRM procurements, GAAP for AP, AR and GL, Workflow, Order service Management, and Time and Labor to be migrated to Oracle and SAP.
  • Produced SQL reports from various departments and uploaded to SharePoint groups for migration and change management during on line viewing.
  • Produced ODBC SQL reports from various sources out of which included Cognos, Access, SAP and Oracle.


Project Business Systems Analyst

  • ETL global migration of SAGE Abra Human Resources Management Systems Data to JD Edwards and validated data via Excel and various reports.
  • Helped to facilitate mapping business requirements from Human Resources to technical requirements for change management.
  • Assisted benefit manager in cross referencing null and replicated data values via Excel pivot tables.
  • Cross referenced both payroll systems with process flow documents to validate calculations.
  • Helped to administered collaborative stakeholder meetings using Power Point presentations.
  • Produced SQL Access reports for data validation.


Project Business IT Systems Analyst

  • Analyzed senior management PMO and ITO weekly and monthly reports process business models, dashboards from various branch and vendor locations to assess trends, forecasts, compliance, service level agreements, risks, security, quality assurance and process improvements for service and asset management for Network Data Support and Network Data Security Divisions.
  • Utilized Microsoft Access SQL Queries, Excel Pivot Tables, Vertical Look Ups, Oracle ETL, HPSM help desk management systems, knowledge based articles, VPN and Remote access for Data Analysis and Access Validation for project server.
  • Made sure info was in compliance with SOX / Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd Frank and other government regulations.
  • Gathered requirements for GAP, Pareto and SWOT analysis via JAD Sessions, vendor and management reports and Stakeholder meetings and updated info in MS Project.
  • Tracked vendor sourcing, Microsoft Office upgrade and service level agreements through Archer.
  • Reviewed technical Procurements in SAP Material and Maintenance, FICO modules from Vendors AT T and Verizon.
  • Reviewed vendor data via requisitions and purchase orders funneled from Ariba to Archer, Excel and HPSM for analysis.
  • Created Incident management, Change management, Knowledge Based, Dash Boards, and various charts and graphs from HP Service Management Systems in Visio and Excel.
  • Analyzed Global Supply chain of technical Assets.
  • Utilized SharePoint as Global resource management tool to interact with on shore and off shore geo teams who worked on knowledge based Content Management Systems.
  • Analyzed Human Resource Management reports for mean time to recovery, down time, severity levels, customer impacted and service cost outs.


Per Diem Project Business Systems Analyst

  • Reviewed various billing medical ICD-10 data and insurance claims from field service RN Nurses as part of requirements gathering process for preinstallation.
  • Worked with development teams on SharePoint interface with various groups to customized account payables and receivables.
  • Executed the initial installation of network for remote user on VPN. Monitored and controlled application testing of designed screens, indexes, and approval processing.
  • Provided technical remote support for users. Assisted users in producing various SSR and Cognos FSR reports. Trained users to recognize that ICD10 coding SOP had to have between 3 and 7 Characters with the beginning Alphabetical and decimal after third character record.
  • After producing business and technical requirements, trained users what billing codes mapped to a particular medical procedure or treatment for insurance payouts.


Project Business Systems Analyst Consultant

  • Assisted in procurement of real estate, merchandise, equipment and services while establishing office relocation. Provided technical and logistical support for small boutique retail stores.
  • Produced retail status reports out of which included Excel, SQL Access, MS Project, Share Point and Visio. Analyzed Financials and maintenance agreements on assets from vendors. Assisted in corporate PowerPoint presentations.
  • Updated website with HTML or ETL Access and Excel reports from Amber Pro through SharePoint.
  • Assessed Procurements via accounts payable through Amber Pro Point of sale applications migrated data to Excel.
  • Assessed business requirements after Joint Application Sessions for configuring Amber Pro POS Systems with UAT test scripts 3 iterations.
  • Mapped inventory specs to technical requirements.
  • Worked with CPA for tax analysis
  • Transferred servers to new site. Catalogued inventory, legal and accounting documents out of which included payables and receivables. Customized Amber Pro POS sales and inventory reports.


  • Trained managers and staff to resolve Financial and Technical issues from various software applications while analyzing budgets, accounting and procurement issues using FMS, FMS 3 SQL, Crystal Reports, and SAP Business Objects.
  • Managed supply Chain of Procurements between Government agencies and their vendors.
  • Supported MS Office, RMDS, DMS, supported human resource functions via PMS, PPMS, W2, Cognos Financial Statement Reporting ran HR Reports and active directory security password resets. City Time, PeopleSoft NYCAPS Vendor Source, Vendex, Payment Information Portal, Maintained ETL Access, Excel, SQL reports, UAT, Clear Quest and BMC Remedy. Maintained Application Security and Active Directory, Trouble shoots and escalates LAN issues via Windows, Citrix and Juniper via phone, email or fax.
  • Gathered requirements after Joint Applications Sessions for Gap and process analysis for PIP, FMS3, PPMS, PMS, People Soft New York City Application Payroll System, Vendex, and BMC Remedy updated info in MS Project.
  • Produced technical manuals, memos, bulletins, test scripts, and knowledge based articles via Share Point.
  • Facilitated upgrade and rollout of FMS 3, BMC Remedy and Payment Information Portal with MS Dynamics CRM module and SharePoint.
  • Migrated ODBC Cognos, Oracle,Crystal Reports, Access and Excel reports along with BMC Remedy data to Share Point through SAP Business Objects with Info advantage and updated alerts with Out look.
  • Created service level agreements, business process models, organized training logistics in house, on line and out sourced. Produced product and service progress reports at varying stages of project management life cycle.


Retail Store Key Holder Project Manager

  • Managed retail store with assistance managers and supervisors. Produced SQL POS sales reports.
  • Hired and trained staff on in house accounting procedures and JD Edwards point of sales register.
  • Provided technical support for computers, registers and copiers. Managed Supply Chain Procurements between stores and banks.


Technical Client Service Project Manager Software Data Report Analyst Special Projects

  • Monitored and controlled Medicaid and Medicare billing and disbursements through FAMIS application systems.
  • Managed client information to certify various entitlements out of which include cash, food, medical, and emergency assistance, and housing, employment, and education programs using specialized software.
  • Gathered business requirements to certify qualifying criteria.
  • Create technical data reports in Access, act as liaison between other resource agencies, function on special projects for refugees and political asylum recipients.
  • Provided technical support. Reported to managers on three tiers.


Networking Support Analyst Call Center Specialist Consulting Project

  • Managed technical assessments with Businesses.
  • Help establish service level agreements. Setup domain names and email addresses, solved email problems on DNS servers using NsLook up, telnet, and pinging.
  • Used Remedy to monitor and control call center trouble tickets for business-to-business clientele.


Asset Management Data Analyst Consultant Project

  • Used SAP, SQL Access, and Excel to managed data and track technical procurement inventory via breakers, transformers, regulators, reactors for Asset Management Engineering Dept.
  • Provided technical support for each administrator in those departments
  • Worked with SAP modules Materials Management, Production and Planning, Plant and Maintenance, Distribution, FICO, Asset Management, Basis Group


  • Managed inventory procurement of disaster recovery and disposable computer systems. Performed diagnostic hard drive partitioning and reformatting using Fdisk method.
  • Help to catalogue other technical equipment and store info in database.
  • Helped to Supervised technical equipment moving crew and supported two managers.


Information Technology Project Coordinator Grant Compliance Officer

  • Coordinated grant funded Multimedia Technology program between IYO, Rutgers University, and Newark School System. Provided help desk support and training for staff and help to set up and maintain Windows NT computer labs. Developed SQL Access databases.
  • Administered payroll requirements for grant participants.
  • Monitored and Control program budget through assessing payables, grant stipulations, and disbursements.
  • Facilitated advisory board meetings. Over -saw grant compliance and managed the budget using Excel.
  • Recruited program participants, help supervised and train Americorps and Vista staff. Supervised personal assistants.
  • Produced presentations and marketing materials.


Administrative Operations Manager

  • Managed Operations, data collection and trained supervisors. Reviewed budgets and Access data base reports to establish employee goals and regional assignments.
  • Hired and terminated staff. Set Schedules to budget pay roll using Excel.
  • Facilitated office meetings tracked inventory by monitoring shipping and receiving of supplies.
  • Coordinated multi-media efforts and stakeholder meeting.


SAP Project Consultant

  • Provided front line support for SAP field implementation users in a Windows NT environment, recorded daily reoccurring problems, and trained new employee on Remedy help desk system. Prioritized calls from pin pad, desk and lap top users.
  • Provided solutions to email, intranet, and Microsoft Office Problems.
  • Trained and tested SAP modules Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, HR, Plant Maintenance, FICO, Production and Planning, ERP, for supply chain effectiveness.

Specialized Skills

Business Analysis, PMI Project Management and ITIL certificates. MS Project, Visio, Macintosh OS Systems 10.1, SQL, Meditech, ICD 9, ICD 10 medical coding. Agency Systems and CMHC4 medical applications. Medicare and Medicaid FAMIS applications. Active Directory, BMC Remedy, SAP Business Objects, SAP plant maintenance, material management, production and planning, sales and distribution, FICO, HR Management System FMS 2, FMS 3 , MS Dynamics Nav CRM Module, PMI Project Management Concepts, Cognos, SSR, PeopleSoft NYCAPS, Amber Pro POS, JD Edwards POS, SharePoint, SAGE Abra HRMS, UAT, IITL, Payment Information Portal, City Time, Citrix, Juniper, HTML, Software As A Service, Service Level Agreements, Vendor Source, Vendex, DMS, PMS, Clear Quest, Wages, Loops, DABS, FAMIS, UAP. Archer vendor sourcing, Oracle SQL, Visual Basic , C , Application Testing and Training .

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