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Business And Qa –analyst Resume


A result oriented professional with an experience of more than 10 years in Test Analysis (Automation- Manual) Business System Analysis, Application Development and Project Management for all phases of the SDLC (Waterfall & Agile/SCRUM environments) under various platforms.Involved in Quality Assurance activities including Test Planning, Design, Resource Administration, Estimation, Scoping, Risk Management, Contingency Planning and Business Analysis. Hands on experience in Manual and Automation testing, establishing Onsite-Offshore Model.Ability to manage various perations as per the set parameters & standards and developing procedures for operational excellence. Excellent communication and analytical skills with proven abilities in resolving issues.Excellent track record to meet deadlines in Agile/SCRUM environments collaborating in a fast-paced, cross-cultural work environment across different time zones.

Technical Skills
Languages & Tools : Ruby, Java, HTML, SQL, XML, VB
WINSQL, SQLPLUS, EDIT plus, VB, VBScripts. DOORS, Attachmate Extra, SQL Explorer, TOAD, PUTTY, Clear Case, Clear Quest. BIRT.
Version control : GIT, Clear case, VSS
Defect Tracking : Lotus notes, Clear Quest, Test Manager, JIRA, Version One, TFS
Data warehousing tools : Informatica, KETTLE, Business Objects, Trillium (Discovery, Quality)
Databases : All base, Oracle10g, DB2, and MS Access.
Packages : Lotus Notes, MS Office Products
Operating Systems : MPE/iX, Win 9X, Windows XP, MS-DOS, HP-3000, HP-9000.
Testing Suites : Ruby-Mine, Intellij, Selenium, DOORS, RMT
Application Servers : Web sphere, JBOSS.
Mainframe Tools : File Aid, SPUFI
Hardware : IBM Mainframe, HP-9000 and HP 3000 series servers, AIX, LINUX.
Agile Tools : JIRA, Version One, TFS

Functional Skills

  • Retail – Order-Entry
  • Media
  • Credit Bureau - Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Predictive Analysis.
  • Insurance – Claims processing (P&C)

Project : Order-Entry Rewrite
Client : Confidential , USA
Domain : Retail
Role : Business and QA –Analyst
  • The purpose of this project was to re-write current order-entry system using the latest .NET framework.
  • Project involved both Agile and Waterfall approach.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions with Business SME’s and stakeholders to gather project requirements.
  • Conducted the current state assessment, identified and documented new business requirements in to functional requirements.
  • Test Automation using Ruby –Cucumber BDD Framework
Confidential , USA
Domain : Media Entertainment
Role : QA –Analyst
  • The purpose of this project is to enable user to access purchased movies on any device viz website, iPad, iPhone and android.
  • Project involved agile approach.
  • Development of Test cases. Perform integration Testing.
  • Developed Test Automation scripts, selenium-JAVA using BDD framework.
  • Create XML SOAP requests and test web services using SOAP UI.
  • Demonstrate the deliveries at each milestone.
  • Designed and Execute Integration test plans, test cases and test data.
Environment: & Tools: SQL Explorer, Windows XP, UNIX, Linux, UNIX Shell Script, JAVA, IOS, MAC, Cucumber, Intellij, Selenium.
Role : QA –Lead, Business Analyst
  • The purpose of this project is automation of low-risk probation check-in process using a kiosk technology in a geographical area consisting of several locations. The system typically consists of a set of intranet web application modules that are used by Probation Officers, Confidential , Probationers and Application/Business Administrators in order to automate the low-risk Probationer check-in process for a particular geographic area. RCMS KIOSK (Reusable Case Management System) is designed to plug into an existing case management system or to be run with a stand-alone database schema. These two modes of operation are referred to as CMS-Plug-in and Standalone modes, respectively. In both scenarios, the product can be easily configured to an existing environment and it is modelled as service oriented architecture (SOA) and is made up of a set of services that work together to provide the application business logic.
Key Deliverables:
  • Analysed business requirements and prepared requirements specifications.
  • Handled onsite and offshore coordination.
  • Executed Test Management, execution and control.
  • Involved in team formation, knowledge transition, technical guidance and client communication.
  • Performed Manual and Automation Testing.
  • Project involved agile approach.
Environment: SOAP UI, SQL Explorer, TOAD, Windows XP, UNIX, Linux, UNIX Shell Script, Perl Script, JAVA,

  • Test Automation: Process automation using in house developed tool “LATITUDE” (Uses Selenium framework) used for data comparison of web application.
Key Deliverables:
  • Analysed business requirements and prepared requirements specifications.
  • Handled onsite and offshore coordination.
  • Executed Test Management, execution and control.
  • Involved in team formation, knowledge transition, technical guidance and client communication.
  • Performed Manual and Automation Testing.
Environment: JBOSS, WEBSPHERE Application Server, Clear case, Clear quest, IBM - DB2, RFT, COBOL, Windows XP, MS Office, MS Excel, TOAD, SQL EXPLORER, PUTTY, UNIX, AIX, LINUX, Selenium (Web service , TestNG)
As Senior Software Engineer

Client : Confidential, USA
Domain : Insurance
  • Confidential is huge web based application of State Farm Insurance Co, USA, and the largest Auto Insurance Company in US that deals with Insurance Claims across all 50 states of US.
  • State Farm replaced the existing claim system with a new Web-based system (ECS).
  • This new system runs on technology used by other business applications, providing an ability to assign work independent of location, allowing processing of any claim, by any claim handler, anywhere.
Key Deliverables across various projects:-
  • Made Test estimations & conducted Requirement Analysis (Technical and Functional).
  • Managed the billing information of the offshore resources.
  • Involved in coding, unit testing & support and maintenance activities of Service Requests.
  • Functional and Integration Testing.
  • Design and Develop Testing Frameworks. (Manual / Automation)
  • Test Data preparation.
  • ETL analysis and Data Cleansing
Environment: J2EE, WEBSPHERE Application Server, AICS FRAMEWORK, Clear case, Clear quest, IBM - DB2, Selenium, DOORS, COBOL, Windows XP, MS Office, MS Excel, Trillium Discovery, SQL,UNIX.

As Software Engineer
Client: Confidential , USA
Domain: Insurance
Key Deliverables across various projects:-
  • Conducted Requirement Analysis & Unit Testing.
  • Coding (involves Service Requests and Enhancements).
  • Estimations.
  • Assigning work to offshore resources.
  • Managing and reviewing the team & offshore delivery.
  • Integrating the delivery into onsite platform.
  • Managing the billing information of the offshore resources.
  • System Test cases.

Role : Team Leader, Defect Prevention Representative
The new application developed, is a web-based technology designed to better service the clients by making it easier for the agents to work with the system and make instant changes to their client information.
Project : Centralized Asset Management System
Role : Team member, Configuration Manager and Defect Prevention Representative
  • The new Information Management System was designed to maintain the activities and expenses related to Catastrophe Services operations.
  • The applications within existing system are used to deploy personnel, maintain absence records and the history of work assignment.
  • The outcome of this project is a new application within the current system that will link effectively & track Catastrophe Services computer hardware, at an office level, that has been deployed to catastrophe sites.
Project : CSR Production Support’
Role : Group Leader/ Programmer
  • The project provided 1st level production support & quick troubleshooting to the business users of the various applications catering to handle insurance claims. Integrated into a uniform system known as Claims Service Record. Provided emergency code changes to resolve production problems, & functional support to enhance projects for particular work areas. Addressed problems faced by the business users. Approved changes in a particular application area by providing effective review to design changes. Conducted regression and system testing for new issuances. Handled small enhancements in applications due to changed business needs as separate ‘Service Requests (Change Requests)’ which followed the SDLC. Handled a team of 3.
Environment: HP-3000, HP-UX, MPEX, COBOL, J2EE, WEBSPHERE Application Server, ORACLE, Windows XP, MS Office, MS Excel, VSS , IBM message queue.

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