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Business Systems Analyst Resume

West Des Moines, IA

Summary of I.T. Skills

  • Over 9 years of IT consultancy which includes Business Modeling, Business Process Reengineering, Business Process Reverse Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using RUP, Software Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management.
  • Experience in Business Analysis for enterprise systems in functional areas of Financials – Home Mortgage, Insurance services, Healthcare services, Confidential at Manufacturing Industry and experience in developing programs used for tracking the test flight of missiles.
  • Experienced working in all phases of Software engineering, such as business and software systems modeling with UML (Unified Modeling Language). Also in Requirement gathering (Functional Specifications/Use Cases), Systems Analysis and Design, Coding, Debugging and Testing, Acceptance Tests, start-up, Troubleshooting, Training , Benefits Analysis.
  • Exceptional ability to build productive relationships with colleagues, clients, and vendors across all functional and technical disciplines. Experience in providing constructive inputs to the project management team.
  • Facilitation of JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions and coordinating extensive communication networks (interviews, written correspondence, reports, implementation requirements, project status reports, oral presentations, e-mails, etc.) to keep executive staff and team members apprised of goals, project status, and resolving issues and conflicts.
  • Expertise in analyzing and redesigning business processes and systems in gathering business process information to create clear, concise and complete business and functional requirements.
  • Expertise in eliciting and synthesizing business requirements and in ensuring those requirements meet approved business plans. Seamless understanding of business and technology and their interrelationships.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills that facilitate success in attaining commitment and team work. Experience with training and mentoring team members with product knowledge and business processes. Strong time management skills in handling multiple projects, releases and deadlines under minimal supervision.

Technical Skills

Process Methodologies

  • RUP – Rational Unified Process
  • UML – Unified Modeling Language
  • EA – Enterprise Architecture
  • IM – Integrated Methodology
  • WUP – Wells Unified Process
  • CMMI – Capability Maturity Model Integration

Visual Modeling Tools

  • Object-Oriented
  • Rational Rose
  • Data-Oriented
  • Erwin
  • Universal
  • VISIO, Irise Studio
  • Requirements Tools
  • Rational Requisite Pro, Irise Manager

Languages: C,C++,, PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle 9i-10g,11g,DB2, MS SQL Server,


  • Reporting Rational SoDA, Artemis, Crystal Reports, MS Access, Irise Manager
  • Testing
  • SIT, UAT, Unit test, Rational Robot, Rational Test Director, Win Runner, Load Runner
  • Configuration Management
  • PVCS, CVS, Clear Case, Sharepoint
  • Change Management
  • Clear Quest, Sharepoint ,VSS
  • Project Management
  • MS Project

Office Tools: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook, Lotus 1-2-3

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, , Windows XP,7

RUP Essentials:

  • Configuring and Implementing Rational Unified Process
  • Requirements Management with Use Cases using RequisitePro
  • Configuration Management using Clear Case
  • Change Management Integration with Clear Quest
  • Rational Rose artifacts for Web-based applications including Use Case, Class, Sequence, Collaboration, Component, Deployment, Activity Diagrams
  • Business Modeling / Visual Modeling with the UML
  • Rational SoDA for Word
  • Database Design/Reverse Engineering with Rose Ada

Functional Areas:

  • Home Mortgage Products and Services (Web-based 1003 application, AOW - Apptaker On the Web)
  • Health Insurance Services (Enrolment, Claims Processing – Delivery System)
  • Manufacturing Industry ( Confidential )
  • Insurance Solutions ( Confidential System)
  • Policy Admin System ( Confidential )
  • Track test flights of Missiles ( Confidential )

Professional Experience

Client: Confidential , West Des Moines, IA

Confidential is a diversified financial services company providing banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance. Confidential is a division which provides technical support to various channels at Wells.

Project: Confidential

Description: The Confidential – is the horizontal integration of systems, processes and data of various channels of Wells: WFHM DR (Distributed Retail), WFF SP (Store Portal), and CCG ED (Equity Direct). DRED – focuses automating the 1003 Application On the Web (AOW) to improve the overall customer experience and achieve Wells vision to satisfy all of its customers’ financial needs.

Role: Business Systems Analyst

Environment: Irise Manager, Irise Studio, Visio, Sharepoint, Acrobat Reader, MS-Word, MS-Outlook, Excel, Rational Rose, Clear Case, Clear Quest


  • Elicited requirements and documented specific business and technical requirements for the construction of the DRED AOW system. The requirements set comprised of Functional Specification Document (FSD), Inventory Reports (BAC – Business Acceptance Criteria), FSR (Functional Specifications Report).
  • Extensively involved in the development of system agnostic Business/System Use Cases. Developed and pruned the artifact repository and templates to conform the WUP and IM standards.
  • Maintained released-based and baseline artifacts utilizing formal configuration management strategies.
  • Extensively involved in creating BAC’s and Functional Specifications for different capabilities under Deal Management, App Management, Common Service Management (ETS – Express Tools Suite, Prepaids, Rate Lock, Fees, Product Pricing, and Property) and Offline Data Capture (ODC); handled across multiple releases of the DRED AOW program.
  • Supported full traceability among all artifacts throughout the software development life cycle.
  • Performed GAP analysis on the Existing Baseline System (Classic AOW) against the given Business Needs and Requirements.
  • Extensively involved in communicating the Business Needs and Features to the technical teams: User Interface (UI) designers, Testing, Development and Data Modeling/Mapping to help produce their artifacts.
  • Extensively involved in the review process of all the technical documents including High Level Design (HLD), Detail Design Specification (DDS), Data Mapping Document (DMD) and Prototypes (User Interface (UI) lay-outs/WebPages).
  • Extensively involved in creating and managing Change Requests (CR) in multiple releases using Sharepoint.
  • Conducted JAD sessions with extensive involvement from Business, Development, Testing teams, Architects, SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), Stakeholders and Managers from different groups/platforms.
  • Extensively involved in the review process of Reverse Engineered System Requirements Specification documents of major components of existing system.
  • Involved in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process.

Client: Confidential , Jacksonville, FL

The Confidential is the nation’s oldest and largest family of health benefits companies and the most recognized brands in the Health Insurance Industry.

Project: Confidential

Description: The National Drug Code processing project is implementing the HIPAA (Health Insurance Profitability and Accountability Act) standards initiative of processing Professional and Institutional Claims using Confidential over to HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) which is the current processing standard.

Role: Business Systems Analyst

Environment: Rational Analyst Suite (Requisite Pro, Rose, ClearCase, SoDA, Clear Quest), PVCS, MS-Word, MS-Outlook, Excel, Diamond


  • Developed and pruned the artifact repository and templates to conform the RUP standards.
  • Conducted JAD sessions with extensive involvement from Business, Development, Testing teams, Architects, SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and Managers of various Business Units.
  • Instrumental in writing the Business and System Vision documents, Business and System Use Cases, Supplementary Specifications and extracting Stakeholder requirements.
  • Developed system agnostic Use Cases for the processing of Institutional and Professional claims using NDC.
  • Supported full traceability among all artifacts throughout the software development life cycle.
  • Realized Use Cases and their corresponding activity flows with complete entity relationship, recording all flows in Rational Rose and using ClearCase for Version Control. Also used PVCS for Version Control before migrating to ClearCase.
  • Generated reports for the realized Use Cases in Rational Rose, using Rational SoDA for Word.
  • Extracted the Business Requirements during various sessions with business leads and tagged all requirements in RequisitePro, tracing them all the way to the stakeholder requirements.
  • Designed conceptual and specification methodology using OOAD methodologies based on UML (Unified Modeling Language)
  • Extensively involved in integrating existing models for various LOB’s (Lines of Business) and highlighting issues due to abstraction of Use Cases from Process Flows.
  • Extensively involved in performing Gap Analysis in the upgrade of the existing Claims Processing system and highlighting related issues.
  • Co-ordination with multiple teams and integration architects, in performing analysis for issues regarding speed and stability.
  • Interfaced with Artifacts and Solutions delivery teams to provide input for planning a Web-based Architecture.
  • Extensively involved in performing the SIT (System Integration Testing) and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) testing of new system.

Client: Confidential , Columbus, IN

Cummins is a global power leader, a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems.

Project: Confidential

Description: Confidential one of the seven major Business Units at Cummins with a focus on developing a framework that supports the enterprise through best practices, processes, standards and technologies, with three different divisions each specialized for IT Architecture and Technology, Corporate Information Security and Functional Excellence works towards the improvement and betterment of the Confidential of Cummins as a whole.

Role: Business Analyst/ Business Planner

Environment: Rational ClearCase, Clear Quest, MS-Word, MS-Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, MS-Power Point, Artemis, MS-Project, VISIO


  • Extensively involved in redefining the ITPPT (Information Technology Product Proceeding Technology) business process documents to meet the current LOB (Line Of Business) requirements of CorpIT.
  • Designed and captured changes in the Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps documents per the usage of tools in multiple LOB’s.
  • Extensively involved in redefining the PEF (Preferred Environment Foundation) Blueprint Process documents based on the current state of multiple LOB’s.
  • Updated ITSPM (Information Technology Small Project Management) and ITPM (Information Technology Project Management) process documents as per current state of the LOB of CorpIT.
  • Involved in the Enterprise Architecture Review/PEF On-Ramp Review process for multiple LOB’s.
  • Created the POC (Proof Of Concept) for Search Engines.
  • Created Cookbook templates for multiple technology items.
  • Conducted JAD sessions with extensive involvement from Business Users’ of various levels (Business, Development, Testing, Architects, SME’s, Managers) from multiple Business Units.
  • Extensively involved in facilitating sessions with Architects and Owners of various Business Units to join the Technology Hopper Voting Process. Designed a Template to coordinate all the voting process into one spreadsheet.
  • Generated reports using Artemis tool and documented matrix defining technology migration from Oracle Application Server (Oracle 9iAS) to Web Application Server (WAS).
  • Extensively involved in redefining the Enterprise Architecture Standards and updating it on the internal Cummins Web Page (it.Cummins.com)
  • Identified and defined the User Levels and Workflow required to setup Clear Quest for the users in Crop IT team.

Client: Confidential , West Des Moines, IOWA

Fiserv is the world’s largest service provider to banks, credit unions, lending institutions, and investment advisors; a nationally-recognized single-source solution provider to insurance companies and agents; and a growing presence in health plan administration.

Project: Confidential

Description: Confidential is an open-architected, platform-flexible system conforming to J2EE standards, offering customers flexible billing plans and Web-based billing. The Confidential supports billing of personal and commercial lines of business in any combination and electronic viewing and payment capabilities for policyholders.

Role: Business Analyst

Environment: MS-Word, MS-Outlook, Bugzilla, CVS MS-Power Point, VISIO


  • Instrumental in writing the Statement Of Work (SOW) documents, Business Needs and Features (BNF) documents, Business and System Vision documents, Business Requirements documents, Supplementary Specifications and extracting Stakeholder requirements.
  • Created system agnostic Business and Functional Requirements to develop Confidential .
  • Supported full traceability among all artifacts throughout the software development life cycle.
  • Conducted JAD sessions with extensive involvement from Business, Development, Testing teams, Architects, SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), Stakeholders and Managers to extract various Business Needs and Features (BNF)
  • Documented System Requirement Specification for major components of existing system using the Reverse Engineering process.
  • Participated in UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with various levels of User Groups and logged the issues/defects in Bugzilla.

Client: Confidential

Project: Confidential

Description: With Confidential , underwriter review of applications and policy issuance or rejection is streamlined, yet flexible. Confidential includes a suite of web services, enabling insurance carriers to extend the Confidential and tie large business processes together more easily. Insurance carriers can implement Confidential independently or as an integrated system with Insurance Solutions: Claims Workstation, Advanced Billing, and Client CORE, the client management system that provides a single view of customer information.

Role: Business Systems Analyst

Environment: Rational Analyst Suite (Requisite Pro, Rose, ClearCase), PVCS, RUP, UML, MS-Visio, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Outlook, MS-Power Point


  • Extensively involved in creating the Business Case and the System Requirement Specifications for the existing process.
  • Responsible for writing High Level Design (HLD) documents and Detail Design Specifications (DDS) documents.
  • Generated comprehensive documentation including version control templates – Enhancement Change Requests, Defect Change Requests.
  • Developed the class mode, database implementation, detailed design (screen layouts, etc.) decided on what design patterns to enforce leading most walkthroughs.
  • Conducted RAD sessions with extensive involvement from Business, Development, Testing teams, Architects, SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and Managers from various platforms.
  • Recommended development techniques, specified development tools, mentored other developers. Used the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for the software lifecycle, Rational Rose for modeling, ClearCase and PVCS for source code management, and RequisitePro for document management
  • Participated in SIT (System Integration Testing) and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with multiple user groups of various platforms.

Client: Confidential

RCI, one among the 13 establishments of Confidential the defence sectors in India. Coordinates the activities and R&D Project related to Missile Range and Integrated Test Range (ITR) activities. Its major developments are for air defence related to Indian Armed Forces.

Project: Confidential

Description: Confidential is about developing a program embedded in a chip to monitor and capture various factors like Pitch Rate, Yaw Rate, Velocity, Acceleration, Roll Rate and some telemetry features of a missile (vehicle), during its run of 12-15 minutes. The test data is received by a PC Simulated Test Bed, meant for analyzing the run of the vehicle. The Test Bed in-turn is attached with different units like MIU (Missile Interface Unit), INS (Inertial Navigation System) and Telemetry to capture characteristics during flight trials of missiles.

Role: Programmer

Environment: Qnx 4.25, Watcom C/C++, Microsoft Word.


  • Extensively involved in code generation of the program and testing the efficiency of the chip during flight trials of missiles.
  • Documented a report on the functionality of the program and its efficiency during the trials.

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