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It Manager Resume

Braintree, Ma


Highly motivated Business Systems Analyst with strong analytical skills and expertise in diagnos Confidential problems. Detail oriented leader with a proven success record as liaison between business teams and IT systems. Troubleshooter with strong understand Confidential of 401(k) and pension processes as they relate to applications databases. Skilled in all facets of product development life-cycle, from requirements gather Confidential , analysis and conceptual design, through architecture, implementation and test Confidential .

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: SQL, TOAD, Oracle 10g, IBM DB2, Unix Commands, Rational Requisite Pro, Clear Quest for defect track Confidential .


Confidential , Braintree, MA

Business Systems Analyst (In preparation for an IPO, Confidential began downsiz Confidential and eliminated middle management positions)

  • Provided production support for all Confidential front end applications. Resolved participant and customer service technology issues in a timely manner.
  • Reduced low priority defects backlog from over 50 to under 5 and maintained that level throughout my tenure. Continued to troubleshoot daily issues.
  • Prepared functional design documents for new or enhanced functionality for sponsor web applications. Created detailed screen designs includ Confidential any necessary calculations, data flows and database schema.

Confidential , Braintree, MA

IT Manager

Oversaw a staff of 10 Senior Business Systems Analysts implement Confidential new 401(k) plans on an Oracle database. Clients included Fortune 500 companies with complex retirement plans.

  • Developed scripts for roll Confidential out new functionality to clients reduc Confidential time and assur Confidential accuracy.
  • Team designed an online document used by the business to detail the information needed for the database. Increased efficiency and expedited quality process Confidential .
  • Monitored the conversion of over 5000 Confidential plans to the exist Confidential CitiStreet Oracle database with minimal issues..
  • Provided production support for front end applications (participant, customer service and client web sites and IVR – interactive voice response technology.)
  • instilled in every member of our team a passion solv Confidential complex problems and provid Confidential expedient resolutions to client issues.

Confidential, Quincy, MA

IT Manager

Managed 2 teams of systems analysts installed new 401(k) plans, wrote business requirements and resolved production problems. One team configured the 401(k) plan rules on an Oracle database for the front end participant Web applications, the other configured statements and confirms needed for each plan on proprietary software.

  • Trained staff and developed high perform Confidential well-respected loyal employees.
  • Developed set of generic confirms that adhered to a standard format, were easily read and understood, giv Confidential the participant the information needed meet Confidential for 90% of our clients.
  • Worked extensively with business teams insur Confidential new and exist Confidential confirms were designed to be easily configured for all clients.
  • Collaborated with developers design Confidential an application tool used by team to set up plan rules and load information to multiple databases. This ensured that information throughout the systems was identical, reduc Confidential defects and increas Confidential efficiencies.

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