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Sr. Analyst Resume



  • Moving over by 6 years of experience in Telecom Consulting, Requirements Gathering, Business Analysis, Testing, Implementation, design & Integration of various unified and contact center solutions along with data networking projects.
  • Extensive experience in overall end to end implementation by providing conceptual design to propose feasible solutions, roadmap by coordinating with sales teams, channel partners and OEM.
  • Strong leadership traits having proven acumen in managing and collaborating with Project Teams and demonstrated skills to track and execute projects in time yielding ROI.
  • Articulate communicator who can fluently speak the language of both people and technology, blending technical expertise with interpersonal skills while interacting with the cross - functional teams, customers and stakeholders.
  • Experienced in pre-sales design, pricing of circuits, proof of concept, understanding SOW, preparing RFP for MPLS, VPLS, IPVPN and L3 network circuits.
  • Providing root cause analysis for incident raised for Voice and Data network problems.
  • Proficient in understanding Call Manager, CUCM, CM, Communications Manager, Presence, Emergency Responder, and Shoretel Contact Center.
  • Experienced in installation and administration of Confidential S8xxx series Media Servers, Media Gateways, Confidential AES, Confidential AACC, Confidential Modular Messaging, Confidential CMS.
  • Proficient knowledge of Confidential Session Border controller, Session Manager, System Manager, Voice Portal and VXML based IVR application for self service options and WFO, Quality Monitoring tools in a complex customer ICR based solution.
  • Versatile in networking concepts TCP/IP, Routing, Switching, WAN protocols (MPLS, BGP) and skilled in SIP/H.323 based architecture, Responsible for Test Plan creation deployment and implementation and administration.
  • Participating in Various projects like video, WebEx related and audit the Systems, evaluating the bandwidth and suggesting information on security requirements on the open and close ports.
  • Server OS: Red hat Linux 5.4 & 5.5 6.0, Windows 2003, XP, VMware.
  • Languages: C, C++,HTML, Shell Scripting.
  • Call Centre: Confidential, Cisco Call center Packages - BASIC, DELUX.
  • Unified Communications: Confidential CM, SM, SMGR, AAM, CISCO UC Manager.
  • Call Center Reporting: Confidential BCMS, Confidential Call Management System (CMS)
  • IVR-Self Service: Confidential IR, Confidential Voice Portal & Confidential Expérience Portal
  • IP Telephony: Confidential, CISCO VOIP, SIP & IP Trunks
  • Telecom: E1-T1, ISDN PRI/BRI, SIP, H.323, SBC Trunk
  • Networking: H.323, SIP, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, TCP/IP, SNMP.

Converged Products:

  • Confidential CM 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, Confidential Aura SM, SMGR 5.1, 5.2 6.0, 6.1, 6.2
  • Cisco UCME 7.1, 8.0,UCCE, Cisco Voice Gateways.
  • Confidential Media Servers: S8300/S8500/S87xx
  • Confidential Media Gateways: G250/G350/G450/G650/G700/G430
  • SIP Enablement Services (SES),One-X Phones, Nice logger.
  • Call Center, VDN, Vector programming etc.

Confidential Unified Messaging: Modular Messaging servers

  • S3400 / S3500 - Hardware platform for MM’s AAM, MAS and MSS servers.
  • MAS - Message Application Server, based on Unified Messenger using Windows 2000.
  • MSS - Message Storage Server.

Confidential Contact Center Products:

  • Call Management System (CMS)
  • Voice Portal (IVR/VP)
  • AACC,AIM,WFO deployments.
  • Application Enablement Services (AES)

Data Networking:

  • Cisco routers 5300,4000,3925,2911,1921 and switches 5000,3500, and 2900.


Confidential - Working in Malaysia

Project #1:

Client: Confidential

Company: Confidential .

Role: Presales Systems Consulting Sr. Analyst

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Analysis of existing ICT solutions, gathering information of various vendors and working on the new request for proposal.
  • Role involves in examining the present design, requirements, checking in capacities and providing the custom proposals to account managers and provide transpacific Low-Latency Solutions and win competitive bids.
  • Integrating and supporting Data center solutions between NTT com Malaysia and America which includes Routing, Switching, and VOIP call to the agents and back to the Service provider.
  • Involved in trouble shooting of IPT components of Lync integration with Confidential CM and other audio, Video and Telepresence servers.
  • Proactively coordinating and assisting on IPT Multi-vendor UC based applications which are integrated with CUCM, Confidential contact center and support the full delivery of completed service/solution.
  • Has knowledge on other integration UC devices Like MS Lync with exchange and Presence servers.
  • Working closely with the Operators ISP/ITSP’s and also with Empanelled partners NI/SI across global centers across NTTA nodes.
  • Assisting Sales and Project Management Division with technical specifications and proposals.
  • Involving in Product & Solution Presentations, Preliminary Demonstrations, organize and handling workshops.
  • Working on overall business application lifecycle such as development, maintenance, operation, in order to provide solution.
  • Making Feasibility Analysis of Contact Center reports running periodically every month and measuring the performance of the bandwidth utilization and maintain the SLA signed with vendors.
  • Designing Visio based to solutions page layouts, site definitions, content types, workflows, wikis, and listing templates .
  • Deliver ROI and TCO analysis to partners and prospects for proposed solutions
  • Ensuring that potential Business & Performance impacting issues/constraints/risks/dependencies are addressed in a timely manner so as not to have a negative bearing on Project Delivery.
  • Write the Process flows “As-is” & “To-be” Business Process Models at Program Level, Service specific & Review the Process flows prepared and ensure quality of the same Key Player in deploying the Data Migration Solution in servers in three different environment Servers.
  • Interacting with sales, design, and Vendors providing the competitive solution with respect to Design, price, and reliability for Customers across US, EMEA, APAC.


Project #2:

Client: Confidential

Company: Confidential

Role: APS Technical Consultat

Roles and responsibilities:

  • As A Technical consultant handling the tasks which involves in design, implementation, integration with unified components like Confidential Aura Messaging, CM Confidential Evolution server with session manager all other adjuncts of Confidential and non- Confidential .
  • Role involves in examining the present design, gathering the requirements, verifying the scope of work, checking in capacities and providing the custom proposals according to customized requirements.
  • Integration of desired components with session manager, making SIP trunks, participating in client calls understanding the dial plan design and suggesting the best practices to suit the requirements.
  • To Install, Program, do Alpha Phase Testing, Beta Phase Testing with UC components Integrated with Session Manager and other VOIP based soft switches.
  • To deliver the and supporting Data center solutions with Contact center solutions like Voice Portal and Presence Services which are used extensively for email, Chat and web requests.
  • Involving in Functionality based testing, Feature based testing with solution architects, service providers and other business Vendors till the First day of Business (FDOB).
  • Involved in learning’s on Session manager/System manager integration projects with orientation to integrate with service provider components such as PSTN/SBC, Audio codes AACC, Presence server and WFO servers.
  • Performing SIP level tracing on session manager and troubleshooting the aspects during integration
  • Analyzing Linux logs during the case reviews & intimating the customer to take an immediate action on any concern reported during the analysis.
  • Doing extensive analysis with Netmon, Wire shark and give the root cause analysis.

Project #3:

Client: Confidential, GE Money

Company : Confidential

Role : APS Technical Consultant

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Involved in gathering fundamental information on components which has to be integrated with Contact Center Servers.
  • Work in tandem with other team managers and associates to refine and implement processes and services having to do with Confidential Contact Center Application Solutions.
  • Preparation on Work flow plan with respect to scope of components involved in the project and sharing the key technical blue prints of Installation, configurations, Design testing AACC,SBC.
  • With SBC, Audio codes involved in tweaking the digits and adapting to program according to requirement for 911 emergency customer care in order to get the proper address and location verification.
  • Involved in Integration issues with CS1k Nortel Media servers with SM and AACC integration and following the process of identifying the issues with definite product related features and escalating to the development teams to fix the bug in the next release of patches.
  • Making use of the Lab environments to recreate the issues by capturing the logs and identifying the root cause of the problem with respective to integration components involved in the scope.
  • Working for AACC planning and integration with Quality monitoring tools and Confidential Aura WFO servers which enhance the effectives of the custom reports designing.
  • Implemented couple of projects on CTI interfaces to client servers, WFM tools, real time monitoring & reporting tools, etc.
  • Responsible for configuring the integration till the day1 phase of the project and participating in feature level testing.

Project #4:

Client : Confidential, Arizona

Company : Confidential

Role : APS Technical Consultant

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Provides consultation to independently solve problems in broad, complex, and unique Unified Communication and VOIP networks comprised of SM, CUCM, Cisco Unity, Voice Gateways, Presence Server and protocols such as H.323, SIP Trunks and VOIP.
  • Acts as a Single point for large account network problem resolution and manage incident management process with end customer to ensure “best in class” service delivery.
  • Involved in High Level and Low Level designs with Solution Architects and Business Vendors.
  • Test new product releases from vendors such as Genesys, Seibel, VoIP, Media Gateways, IP telephony, off-shore contact centers, quality recording, work force management and many more.
  • Administration of SIP End points registered to Session Manager, Support and Feature testing of End Points between Cisco and Confidential End points.
  • Core knowledge of UNIX & Linux and very good hands on experience on “Vi” for both. Running the Scripts, accessing the Databases entries.
  • Analyzing the bandwidth requirements of Webex, Video related transmission and suggesting the best practices of avoiding delay, latency and Jitter.

Project #5:

Client : Confidential,

Company : Confidential

Role : APS Technical Consultant

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Provides consultation to independently for integration issues with Session manager and Microsoft UC components. Involves in SIP Routing and Design of call flows.
  • Involve in various technical aspects of the Project including designing and deliver solutions to clients and focus on competence enhancement activities.
  • Oversee all aspects of project implementation. Project Management, Consultation, Installation, Administration, First day of business support for newly installed product & coordination with telecom service provider. Provide Knowledge Transfer & system handoff review to customer.
  • Upgrading firmware of Media servers, Media gateways for better network load balancing and bandwidth zone management between UC/CC components.
  • Transitioning customers from implementation phase to the support phase.
  • Performing SIP level tracing on session manager and troubleshooting the aspects during integration
  • Participate in recreating the customer integration setups in the lab and checking the feature oriented issues and pass on the information to product house in case of limitations.

Voice Network Analyst - Confidential

Roles and responsibilities:

  • As a NOC Engineer we do interact with All the Products in the Portfolio which are being used by all Our Fortune and Premium Customers.
  • Working in a Process Driven role to View the Network Diagrams across all the Customers and Gained in site in technical troubleshooting on Confidential Converged IP Telephony solutions.
  • Developed Insight over the Integrations Issues with Third Party Products ( Confidential and Non Confidential ) Applications Products connected over the Confidential IP Communications systems.
  • Involved in cross learning opportunity and working with Confidential Unified Messaging along with the converged And Application products
  • Involved in cross learning opportunity and working with Cisco routers 5300,4000,3000 and switches 5000,3500, and 2900 with the client NOC team and suggest for Data and VOICE QOS and vlan changes.
  • Using ITIL process methodology, the primary goal of the incident mgmt process is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained
  • Conducted training Boot Camp Session for New Joiners.
  • Acquired excellent Technical and problem solving skills along with the operational insight to all kinds of voice, data and Network related problems.

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