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Business Architect Resume

New York City, NY

Professional Summary:

  • 25 plus years of Migration experience starting with my first job at Zeta in 1984, where I migrated an IDC hosted system to a internal VAX/VMS system, later migrated Banks from SWIFT I to SWIFT II system in 1990, followed by Data Center Migration projects at Confidential ( 1999 - 2004), Confidential ( 2011) and recently AWS migration at McGraw Hill.
  • Strong Project Management Skills. Has successfully managed and delivered projects on schedule, within specifications and within cost. 100’s of implementations at Fortune 100 companies.
  • Astute at designing and planning POC’s. Conducted several POC’s for SWIFT, Confidential, Braid, Sun resulting in million dollar purchase orders. Recently managed and designed a POC for SQL Server Cluster running on VMware.
  • Recently used PMO skills in successfully managing migration of Windows 2000 Servers to Windows 2008 in a private cloud based on VMware on schedule and within cost constraints.
  • Proven Track record of adapting to different technologies and successfully delivering projects on time.
  • 15 years of experience in Leading Migration and Integration projects. Experienced at Requirements Gathering and documenting the current/AS-IS and future Architecture and planning the migration to the future state.
  • 20 years of experience in Project Management, Architecture, Designing and Implementing IT Applications using SDLC methodology to deliver solutions encompassing SOA Applications, Clustering, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Middleware Solutions, Systems, Network, Storage, Virtualization, Identity Management and security Solutions for customers such as Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Instinet, World Bank, Fidelity Investments, Itau Bank, CS First Boston, Hartford, Confidential and T. Rowe Price.
  • 2 plus years experience in Architecting Solutions for Thin Clients Sun Ray and Citrix. Architected Solutions for Health Care industry that allowed personnel to maintain their User Sessions while they moved from one office to another via Smart Card.
  • 12 Years experience working as a Sales Engineer, teaming with Sales Management and Product Management to achieve Sales Quota. In my first year at Sun exceeded the goal by 225%. Managed for 5 years an account with a goal of $25 million.
  • 5 years experience as Enterprise Architects working with CXO level management in planning Enterprise Architecture Standards.
  • 10 years experience in delivering, designing, deploying, testing and implementing successfully large scalable infrastructure multi site projects.
  • 7 years experience in designing, deploying and implementing large scale enterprise applications.
  • 15 years of experience in Leading Migration and Integration projects. Experienced at Requirements Gathering and documenting the current/AS-IS and future Architecture and planning the migration to the future state.
  • 5 years experience as a Solution Architect well versed in working with Application Development Team, Storage Team, Database Team, Server Team, Network Team, Security Team and Operating Environments Team.
  • 7 years plus experience in using Architecture frameworks like ZACHMAN, TOGAF and Sun’s own Architecture Method called AIM ( Architect Implement and Manage) leading to successful deployment of Blade Servers, Storage and Virtualization at leading Financial Institutions allowing clients to centralize and achieve their goals of high server utilization and low power consumption leading to a private cloud.
  • An IT professional with a successful track record in working with senior business executives at Fortune 100 Institutions.
  • 10 years of experience in Installation, Training and customization of S.W.I.F.T interface Software, FIX(FPL), NOSTRO, Securities Reconciliation, OFAC, AML and Electronic Trade Confirmation.
  • 10 years plus experience in implementing EAI software. Strong experience in ETL and mapping different financial message formats and their usage.
  • Architected a Java Based Money Transfer Application at Deutsche Bank called MTNA.
  • Successfully Architected an Electronic Trade Matching system for Morgan Stanley.
  • 4 years experience in Architecting Consolidation Solutions for Storage/Server.
  • Stays current on industry trends using different channels like Google Groups and Google Alerts.

Technical Skills:

Amazon Web Services: Route 53, ELB, EBS, S3, EC2, VPC, RDS, Availability Zones, Regions,

Cloud Watch, Direct Connect.

Operating Environment: Solaris, VMware ESX 4.0, Linux, Windows Server 2003, VMS, and


Virtualization: Hardware (LPAR - IBM, LOOM-Sun), OS (Solaris - zones, containers,

Windows - VMWARE, Microsoft Virtual Server), Storage (Logical-

RAID, Volume Manager, Network- Appliance, SWITCH).

Security: OS Hardening, Firewall, Identity Management, IPS,IDS

Strong Authentication, OTP,PKI, Encryption, SSL, IPSEC, VPN.

Computer Architecture: CPU (RISC, CISC, threading), memory, cache, X86 Rack servers,

BladeServers, SMP systems.

Network: OSI model, TCP/IP, AAA

Storage Architecture: NAS, SAN (worldwide name, loop initialization, zoning), disks (hot Spares,hot swapping, dual ported, MTBF,MTTR,MTDL), host I/O controller, Configuring cache (LRU, read - ahead, write through, write back), RAID (Host based, I/O controller, disk subsystem), mirroring (synchronous,Asynchronous), file system (raw, Volume Manager), Backup ( RTO,RPO, cold, hot, copy-on write, snapshot, image VTL), Disaster Recovery, Clustering, ILM, DeDuplication.

Protocols/Topologies: SCSI (serial, parallel), fibre, point-to-point, loop, switch, PCI, SSA

Cloud Computing: Virtualization, dynamic resource provisioning, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Middleware: IBM MQ, JAVACAPS and MS MQ

Financial Applications:

OFAC, AML, Profiling, Proprietary Message Flow/Transformation/Integration Tool similar to Biz Talk All Major SWIFT Interface Software SWIFT Alliance, Confidential and TurboSWIFT ( acquired by BankServ) Central Trade Matching systems Thomson Oasys Global, Financial Models FMCNET.Cash Reconciliation and Securities Reconciliation. Buy Side and Sell side Order Management Systems.

Message Standards: FIX, ISITC, S.W.I.F.T.


Independent Consultant

Confidential New York City, New York

Team Lead

  • Work as a Project Cloud Architect under the Integrated Cloud Group Architecting Solutions to help customers take advantage of the AWS offerings like Route 53, ELB, VPC, EBS, S3 etc.
  • Lead an application team, system administration, Database Administrators, Middleware Architects and network teams in documenting the applications current state and defining the future state of the application that will be hosted on a cloud under AWS.
  • Successfully managed migration of 100 plus applications from internal DC to AWS VPC. The solution used auto scaling for elasticity and used security groups, Subnet ACL to offer multitenant solutions.
  • Mentor Project Managers and Architects of Confidential to help improve communication and processes.
  • Developed specifications and best practices to deliver the AWS project by meeting the budget constraints and tight schedules.
  • Managed and coordinated project activities with an off shore team based out of India.
  • Conducted biweekly conference calls with all stake holders to address concerns and provide progress reports.
  • Managed, lead and coordinated the migration of Apache Web Servers and Weblogic Application Servers from Physical Server to Amazon VPC, this included working on test Plans, issue logs and deployment guides.
  • The Architecture included Apache and Weblogic on AWS Cloud and the database tier hosted by Datapipe.

Confidential Jersey City, NJ

Team Lead

  • Worked as a lead Project Architect with the PMO team for a windows 2000 upgrade project to VMware .
  • Lead an application team, system administration, Database Administrators, Middleware Architects and network teams in documenting the applications current state and defining the future state of the application that was hosted on a cloud under VMWare.
  • Successfully managed migration of 100 plus applications on 25 physical Windows 2000 servers in a distributed environment to the VMware.
  • Designed Run book for the Cutover activities and conducted conference calls on weekend to cutover the Windows 2000 applications to the new VMware environment.
  • Developed specifications and best practices to deliver the VMware project by meeting the budget constraints and tight schedules.
  • Trouble shooting VMware POC issues and installation of software for the Application Teams.
  • Managed and coordinated project activities with an off shore team based out of India.
  • Conducted biweekly conference calls with all stake holders to address concerns and provide progress reports.
  • Managed a SQL 2000 Server Cluster migration from a 30 Physical system to the 10 VMware Servers . Resulted in MS cluster licensing savings and also SQL licensing savings.
  • Managed, lead and coordinated the migration of SQL Server from Physical Server to Virtual Server, this included working on SQL test Plans, DB migration and DB user accounts.


Confidential, New York City, NY

Business Architect

  • Business Architect for AML/Profiling software vendor. Worked as consultant for EASTNets. Trained by the Vendor on their Anti Money Laundering and Profiling Software. Worked with my former employer SWIFT in developing interfaces to the AML software and presented/demonstrated the product at Trade Shows. Worked with Product Management on enhancing the offering based on research and customer interactions.
  • The product used MS SQL Server on the back end. Involved in querying the SQL tables.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Business Architect

  • Responsible for Demonstrating and Architecting the XcelaSAN ( A Memory Based Cache system). Accounts handled Wachovia, Dunkin Donuts, Interactive Brokers, Eastman Kodak.

Confidential, North Wales, Pa

  • Present, architect and pilot IAM and Strong authentication solutions and their benefits to customers.
  • Managed an implementation of a Strong Authentication Solution (One Time Password) at Confidential .
  • Architected a SSO solution based on PKI certificates.
  • Worked with internal Project Managers, Product Managers and Insurance Companies Project Managers to define customizations for the client. Conducted several meetings and conference calls to define requirements and agree on deliverables and expectations from all parties.
  • Managed customer escalations and managed customer communication.
  • Architected PKI Solutions for authentication (local and remote), Email Signing, device encryption, smooth roaming of thin clients, VMware Datacenter Infrastructure and wireless access.
  • Authored RFP and RFI responses working with Project Management, Product Managers, Implementation team, Sales and Microsoft.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Solution Architect

  • Trained on Sun JavaCaps, Sun Identity Management and Oracle Identity Management.
  • Authored RFP/RFI responses collaborating with OEM’s.
  • Used white Board sessions for elicitation of requirements and understanding process and data flows.
  • Lead and managed a team of Professional Services to architect a SUN IDM solution at a Financial Services company. Defined USE cases for business processes flow for Identity Management (process name, pre-conditions, assumptions, process steps, dependencies and open questions).
  • Presented Sun One Identity Management, Sun Java CAPS and Oracle Identity Management solutions.
  • Oracle and Sun trained on their respective IAM products.
  • Responded to RFP’s and RFI’s.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Solution Architect

  • Worked extensively with SQL Server to validate data, troubleshoot and design workflows.
  • Lead a team of Developers and Business Analyst to develop a cloud based offering for its clients.
  • Designed the FIX interface to a Central Trade Matching system for all asset classes i.e. equities, fixed income and derivatives that were hosted on a public cloud.
  • Documented on boarding procedures for Asset Managers, Brokers and Global custodians.
  • Documented business, functional and technical requirements for FIX message flow and its processing based on customer feedback and industry best practices.
  • Did unit testing of all Fix messages like execution (NOE), allocation, Don’t Know messages. Used a tool similar to MS Biz Talk to define message transformation rules/ message flow rules. Worked extensively with Developers to help define features and enhancements for the Message flow/transformation tool.
  • Documented Use Cases i.e. Use Case Name, References, Stakeholder, Primary actor, Use Case Goal, assumptions and constraints, pre-conditions, scope, post-conditions, frequency of use, triggers, minimal guarantees and success guarantee.
  • The Messages for transformation were received via MQ.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Enterprise Architect

  • Architected a Java based solution in collaboration with Dovetail ( Vendor of Chips and Fed wire) and Deutsche Bank Business to design a state of the art Money Transfer System based on a cloud architecture.
  • Lead a team of Consultants in designing and implementing a migration from NIS to LDAP.
  • Lead a team of Field Engineers and Professional Services to deliver services and solutions to Deutsche Bank that allowed DB to migrate several standalone systems to cloud based centralized offering.
  • Teamed with Technical and Business stakeholders at Deutsche Bank to Architect and document standards for Server and Storage configurations based on cloud standards.
  • Worked with Product Managers, Sales, Vendors to define and document POC engagement terms and responsibilities/deliverables.
  • Authored responses to RFP’s and RFI in conjunction with Engineering, Product Managers, Sales and Field Support.
  • Identify, qualify and determine feasibility of new opportunities along with Sales Representative.
  • Activities included Presentation of Sun Solutions to the Deutsche Bank Technical Staff and head of Business Units.
  • Teamed with Sales, Vendors, field engineering and marketing to define account and sales strategies to increase revenue and foot print of Sun portfolio at Deutsche Bank.
  • Designed Systems to meet stringent security requirements of the Bank.
  • Trained and Used Sun System Development Methodology called AIM (Architect, Implement and Manage), the methodology was a blend of SDLC and Six Sigma methodologies.

Confidential, NY, NY

Senior Consultant

  • The back end of the software product used MS SQL. Worked with SQL for querying SQL Server.
  • Worked with CTO of the company and lead a team of Developers and Implementation Engineers.
  • Trained and Implemented Middleware and STP (Straight Through Processing) Software at Financial Institutions.
  • Worked on automation of manual and error prone messaging system for a major Financial Institution.
  • Worked with a Major Financial Services Company in documenting their business processes and business rules for mapping FIX to OGD messages.
  • Conducted several meetings and brainstorming sessions to finalize Requirements and Business Processes between different stake holders at the FI.
  • Worked with Development and Product Management team in Designing Message work flow and transformation tool for FIX and Thomson OGD messages.
  • Authored Functional and Technical Specifications.
  • Authored Mapping and work flow rules for FIX messages.
  • Designed Test Cases for UAT.
  • Trained Customers on the Confidential SWIFT Interface Software and the use of the Message Transformation and Work Flow middleware Software.
  • Implemented the Confidential SWIFT Interface Software.

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