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Business Analyst Resume


Programmer Analyst with expertise in corporate applications design, development, deployment across multiple platforms (including migrating critical midrange applications to client server environments) and Life Cycle maintenance of legacy applications. Extensive experience in relational database programming in both enterprise and web environments. Detail oriented. Ability to exceed customer needs while maintaining bottom - line savings.


10 years of 3-Tier Visual Studio Asp.Net using C#, JavaScript & JQuery, & SQL (T-SQL, Oracle, Soap, & Sybase) Asp.Net from a server side perspective (Web Page Life Cycle) and MVC from a separation of concerns perspective. Microsoft BI Stack in terms of SSIS and SSRS (RDLC). 12 years of Visual Studio VB WinForm with backends xBase, MS Access, T-SQL, and AS/400 connectivity:

  • Agile development in terms of Team Foundation Server 2012 and CRC cards (systems in a version release cycle excluding maintenance)
  • Waterfall TKD, BTM, and WPR (enterprise systems in a continues cycle including maintenance)
  • Visual Studio 6 - 2013 ASP.NET, Linq, JQuery, C#, MS SQL 7 - 2012, Oracle 11g, DB2
  • SharePoint in terms of Web Applications via Access Services 2010/+ and VBA/SQL (When applications are suited for a business analyst perspective, even large Web Systems can be developed quickly and maintained by staff economically)
  • WPF XAML Visual Studio 2008, VB, C#
  • Classic ASP, Soap XML, XSL, XSLT, IIS 6 - 7.5
  • SilverLight 5, ASP.NET, XML Visual Studio 2010 C#
  • Confidential 2012 / Restful Repository Design Pattern: SQL 2012 and Visual Studio 2010 MVC2 and MVC3 (JavaScript, JQuery, Razor)
  • Web Services ASMX and WCF (Separation of Concerns)
  • Implement AS/400 iSeries native iDB2 .Net driver as a 3-Tier SQL Server for ASP.Net Web Forms (The AS/400 supports fast native .Net Drivers, WebForms, WCF, and the Entity Framework without the need for expensive / slow Link Servers or Middleware)
  • Exposure to Mobile Web development and Win 8
  • AS/400 RPG II/III/IV/LE, CL, IBM Client Access Express, and PC Support
  • Microsoft Server (setup IT infrastructure from topology to training a non IT staff)
  • MS Access databases to hold data from a RPG/COBOL mainframe for management reports
  • SharePoint: C#, SQL and Linq commands to process Access Databases and Excel spreadsheets
  • Win Forms Visual Studio 6 VB6
  • Convert Access 98 to 2003+, VBA Scripts for Excel spreadsheets and Access databases
  • Legacy DOS, COBOL / RPG, xBase (Clipper, dBase, and FoxPro) and IBM Visual Age Java



Business Analyst / Software Developer

  • Quality Portal System
  • Supervisor Portal System
  • Analyst Portal System
  • Backend Server


  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Web Applications via Access Services
  • MS Access 2010, initially as a Hybrid Web/Client Application (95% Web Database Tables)
  • Sybase SQL
  • SharpDevelop (C#) for Native Sybase Connectivity

System Delivery and Maintenance: Trained staff business analysts in system’s maintenance needs, SharePoint, Access Services, and Web Databases LCCA - eMids Contract


Administrated Team Foundation Server 2012 via Visual Studio 2012

  • IIS 7.5 Set up Apps, SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Certificates, Endpoints (Rest), and Authentication
  • Agile development in terms of Team Foundation Server 2012
  • Repository Design Pattern: SQL 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 MVC2 and MVC3 (JavaScript, JQuery, Razor)

Confidential, Systems Engineer at TennCare

Development for TennCare (Medicate) and various Providers

  • Developed for and supported the TennCare Tennessee Anytime web site
  • Developed Visual Studio 2010 / SilverLight 5, and ASPX.NET ASXM web services with Oracle connectivity
  • Soap development in terms of accessing the soap server to execute XML and Oracle SQL
  • Soap development in terms of developing Classic ASP screens based on XML to XSL / XSLT
  • Waterfall design (TKD, BTM, and WPR)
  • Agile development (Agile defines multi-customer release cycles but not a maintenance cycle which for a delivered or an in house application can be 35 years or more - fast sprints do not always mean economical or even quicker life-cycle development.)

Confidential, .Net Web Form Developer

Developed Confidential Web Forms applications that consume middle-tier components utilizing Visual Studio 2010, C#, ASP.net, Ajax, Ajax Toolkit, JavaScript, and jQuery (from a server side perspective.) The database tier consisted of the IBM iSeries native SQL DB2 driver for .Net which permitted treating the AS/400 as a database server in exactly the same way as MS SQL, Oracle, or MySQL; namely, it is Store Procedure based without ODBC, OLE DB, or Link Servers that would severely limit scalability and performance.

Sr. Programmer

Election Commission Systems to WPF VS 2008

I joint the Hamilton County conversion team to convert the Election Commission Systems from VB6 to Visual Studio 2008 Framework 3.5 WPF (Window Presentation Foundation). In my six month I delivered every project tasked me. My most significant contributions to this project were that I was able to:

Significantly reduced the development and debugging time. My boss noted that they were expecting the testing and debugging to be a major problem. I had so few errors that I was tasked to debug other team members systems.

Addressed security model in Net. In VB6 it was common to store connection strings (passwords) in code. Because Net code is managed the net framework expects that the connection strings (passwords) be stored in the net protected Web.config or App.config files and thus prevents important security information from being distributed in assemblies or being displayed in error messages to unsuspecting users.

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