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It Architect / Senior Certified It Specialist Resume

Moraga, CA


Highly motivated, self - starter and dynamic account manager, technical leader and architect with expertise in assessment, problem solving, and strategic planning for business integration. Successful in delivering solutions for a variety of customers, leveraging a vast and deep technical knowledge from numerous industries. Proven track record in sales, customer retention and customer satisfaction in all contracts for software and related software services for over 60 corporations.


  • Established infrastructure and Business Process Manager (BPM) applications for a new compliance system at Confidential. Responsible for the setup of Confidential Softlayer Clouds offerings for Confidential BPM 8.5, Confidential ECM, and a SQL Server database cloud. Developed BPM applications and services.
  • Designed and built a new batch eligibility processing system for Cerner’s X12 clearing house architecture using Confidential BPM Advanced, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and Confidential MQ.
  • Implemented the first Latin American production use of Business Process Manager V8 (Lombardi) and WebSphere Business Monitor for a vendor workflow process at PepsiCo in Mexico City. Also developed a SAP Material workflow interface through Message Broker to WebSphere Business Monitor and Cognos. Collected process SLA and statistics for process improvements. Led teams for technical pre-sales and coordinated critical trouble tickets.
  • Upgraded WebSphere Process Server (WPS) 6.0 to Confidential Business Process Manager (BPM) V8 at Frontier Communications and American Express, planning over 18 environments. Responsible for the strategy to move the code to the Confidential BPM Telecom Pack 7.5 SID versions, build strategies and concurrent development procedures. This involved the creation of custom capacity planning, and upgrade analysis tools.
  • Chief architect for a CenterPoint Energy Smart Meter project involving real time data collection and analysis. This system used WebSphere Business Events (WBE), Confidential Business Monitor and WebSphere Process Server (WPS). Created diagnostic tamper reports in Confidential Monitor for a system performing two million meters reads three times per day.
  • Implemented a migration of 170,000 employees for World Com, Confidential, and Skytel from legacy systems to a new PeopleSoft human resource system.




Moraga, CA

  • Owner of Confidential for software sales, consulting services, system reviews, implementation, integration and development of Confidential Integration software and applications.
  • Coordinate, size and install customer infrastructure for Confidential Server (WAS) with Confidential Business Process Manager (BPM), Confidential BPM Advanced, Process Center, Confidential Monitor, Confidential HTTP Server, Confidential MQ, supporting databases and a variety of other Confidential and third party vendor software.
  • Liaison customers with the sale, setup and integration of their systems to cloud infrastructure and software offerings like Confidential BPM on Cloud, Confidential ECM on Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud.
  • Facilitate development of customer applications in Confidential Integration Designer (IID, WID), and Confidential Process Designer for code, team collaboration and governance.
  • Worked at American Express to prepare documentation for operational teams for BPM 7.5.1 - Advanced Edition and Lombardi regarding: architecture; installation; sizing and capacity planning; administration; maintenance; support; usage guidelines and best practices.
  • At Morgan Stanley Smith Barney I developed an upgrade migration strategy of their current WebSphere Process Server (WPS) and Confidential Business Monitor systems to BPM 7.5.1.
  • Chief architect implementing a highly available production topology at CenterPoint Energy incorporating WebSphere Application Server (WAS), WebSphere Process Server (WPS), WebSphere Business Monitor (WBM) and WebSphere Business Events (WBE).
  • Chief architect at Confidential insurance for a WESB implementation for a business banking partner gateway for X12/ EDI / ACORD / MISMO and custom data format documents. This includes the allowance for infrastructure and design for support services.

IT Architect / Senior Certified IT Specialist


Burlingame, California

  • Managed Confidential Software Services teams and negotiated contracts ranging up to $20 Million.
  • Worked with Confidential, WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, Lotus and Information Management brands at numerous customers, contributing to the SOA initiatives at Confidential . Also integrated with non- Confidential software.
  • Implemented a high volume Websphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus clustered environment at McKesson, SafeCo and MGS. Developed a reusable installation and configuration methodology across multiple environments and multiple software vendors.
  • Collaborated with engineering to design enhancements to Confidential ’s integration tools.
  • Partnered with sales and pre-sales teams to engage new accounts and software sales.
  • Interacted extensively with external customers on integration projects. My knowledge of ERP back end systems, combined with specialties in numerous areas like PeopleSoft, Mainframe, MQSeries, and databases, enabled the establishment of a specific niche within each customer engagement.
  • Key contributor of intellectual capital assets to Confidential and have conducted numerous Confidential education sessions on a variety of topics.

Technical Lead / Project Manager


Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Spearheaded a team of fifteen people for a major data migration project, which specialized in distributing legacy databases to a consolidated PeopleSoft human resource system.
  • Independently Worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers as an implementation partner.
  • Devised customized metadata extraction techniques using SQR and SQL. At Confidential I designed and automated the loading of mainframe systems to a common RDBMS Oracle database. The federation of this complex information proved pivotal in the analysis and success of the project.

Technical Lead / Sales Specialist


Denver, Colorado

  • Fulfilled customers’ requirements ranging from pre-sales and educational services, to analyzing and managing projects using the integration tool sets provided by Confidential .
  • Designed customer integration and data migration strategies.
  • Technical lead for a PeopleSoft financials upgrade at Brinks for the conversion of tens of millions records to asset, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger modules.

IT Architect / Project Manager


Walnut Creek, California

  • Managed and coordinated a team for the modification of all COBOL batch programs and ADS/Online dialogs for IDMS for a Y2K conversion.
  • Designed numerous custom utilities to assist with impact analysis and data analysis, including the writing of an IDMS pre-compiler since the site did not own an IDMS license.

System Analyst


San Francisco, California

  • Performed a detailed system analysis of family support bureau systems for the San Francisco District Attorney office.
  • Facilitated the implementation of welfare distribution, welfare reform, and legal date of collection changes onto the district attorney's database, programs and online screens.
  • Expanded applications to allow for the addition of twenty-three Californian counties.

Consulting IT Specialist


Napa, California

  • Analyzed and implemented programs for insurance, claims and financial systems.
  • Fulfilled ad-hoc requests for maintenance, wrote new programs and dialogs for mainframe and PC interfacing, and supported 3,000 company employees.
  • Participated in a data migration project with a scaled down team of four people and converted legacy network databases to SQL-Server and Oracle.

Analyst / Programmer


Melbourne, Australia

  • Integrated new government legislature into an occupational health, safety and personnel applications, running on IDMS/COBOL and ADS/Online.
  • Upgraded the system to allow for the phased implementation of the AUSTEL plan which converted all of Australia’s telephone numbers to a new 10-digit format.

Programmer / Analyst


Melbourne, Australia

  • Shaped a new budgeting system for Sales Analysis and took part in two twelve-months projects for eliminating the manual entry on the ' Confidential ' and developing an ' Confidential system.
  • Worked within costing and accounting, plant human resources, sales analysis, customer service, brewing and quality control, distribution and accounts receivable.


Integration and Architectural Software: WebSphere Business Events (WBE), WebSphere Services Registry and Repository (WSRR), DataPower, WebSphere Information Server (DataStage), WebSphere Interchange Server (ICS), DataStage, Rational Application Developer (RAD), Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL-SSIS, Informatica B2B Suite DX / CDE / Power Center. Confidential Cloud Offerings, Oracle Cloud offerings.

Standards: Web Services (WSDL), Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), Business Process Definition (BPD), Service Component Architecture (SCA), Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), Insurance Application Architecture (IAA), EPCIS (GS1), EDI, X12, J2EE, Universal Modeling Language (UML), Service Oriented Modelling Architecture (SOMA), UCCNET, S.W.I.F.T., ACORD, SaaS

Database: DB2, Oracle, SQL-Server, IDMS/R, JDBC, XML/XSD/DTD, Cloudscape, Derby

Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, SQL, COBOL, JCL

EAI Software: SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel

Operating Systems: Windows, AIX, UNIX, MVS, OS/370, zLinux, z/OS

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