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Business Analyst/customer Relationship Coordinator  Resume



  • IT Project Development
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • SLA and OLA Documentation
  • Research & Development
  • Workflow Analyzing
  • Process Optimization
  • CRQ Documentation
  • Relationship Development
  • Employee Mentoring/Training
  • Risk Management
  • Workflow Diagramming

Business Analyst Project Manager Solution:

Results - oriented Information Technology Professional with demonstrated success in facilitating initiatives to improve operational effectiveness through streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and developing new processes based on analyzing workflow processes, as well as ensure optimal internal client relationship management. Performs comprehensive analysis of business needs design, implementation of business solutions, project management, network/system administration, and team coordination to meet and exceed key performance indicators. D evelops business process models, completes workflow analysis, elicites functional and non-functional requirements.

Business Process Competencies:

  • Displays a balance of technical proficiency, leadership, initiative, and the ability to interface effectively with all levels of management, personnel, and clientele
  • Demonstrates a high level of confidence, integrity, a can-do attitude, with a hands on approach to problem resolution
  • E xcellent written and oral communications skills - clear, concise, creative, and persuasive
  • Flexible and proactive with the ability to react quickly when the need arises
  • Proven ability to identify and implement improvements to streamline processes and increase efficiency and productivity
  • A dept at writing SQL queries to extract data and leverage it to find trends positively or negatively in business processes

Project Management Competencies:

  • Possess strong commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives at appropriate times
  • Management level decision-maker accountable for setting priorities, planning and meeting goals and leading the team
  • Handles comprehensive documentation and user stories for workflow development and systems analysis
  • Able to create project time lines and budgets, defining deliverables, and identify key milestones
  • Engages in risk management and change control
  • Manages project scope, budget, risks, and expectations
  • Identify ways to share resources across business services/processes

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Knowledge of System Development Life Cycle including planning, analysis, design, testing, and implementation
  • Able to diagnose and analyze system related issues and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, Visio, Blue Works Live and VOIP oversight
  • Skilled in utilizing Exchange Server, Server 2008 and other company wide software systems

Career Highlights:

  • Project M anager for overhaul of HR hiring system for Confidential bringing together multiple lines of businesses saving thousands of lost work hours per week for r e-hires and t emporary to FTE
  • Developed and sold an automated 3rd party billing software that allows a metering company to bill multifamily properties for water or allows the multifamily property to bill themselves for water usage
  • Implemented a solution to allow electronic devices to communicate via cellular networks using SIM cards and internal cellular modems without having to change the architecture of the electronics board
  • Used project management skills and resourcefulness in outsourcing to create a website that allowed owners of multifamily properties to bill back utilities themselves without having to hire a 3rd party company

Professional Experience

Confidential, MELLON

Business Analyst/Customer Relationship Coordinator 

Position Profile:

  • Applies identity administration skill-sets, project coordination, and business analysis methodologies to customer relationships with the express purpose of allowing the Identity Access Management team to meet strategic goals.
  • Responsible for over 900 applications with many being provisioned through Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) in which access is defined by creating comprehensive roles based on job responsibilities and are assigned to individuals via one request.
  • Responsible for working with internal LOB’s to workflow, co-ordinate, design, test and implement RBAC roles and assignments.
  • Provisioning experience for ID Administration by receiving user requests, providing access via REMEDY and SAM ID provisioning tools and then notating and communicating the successful implementation to the customer.
  • Work with MS Project for tracking, timelines, tasks and resources.
  • Reporting experience writing SQL queries to collect pertinent metrics over multiple databases and deliver metric reporting via Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts.
  • Creation of PowerPoint decks to deliver reporting metrics to multiple LOB’s during weekly calls for OLA requirements.
  • Presents data to managers for strategic planning.
  • Specific responsibilities include appraising and discovering access request patterns in order to develop strategies for efficiency gains.
  • Reviewing Access Management customer survey responses and identifying enhancement opportunities for current procedures and customer education.
  • Liaison with internal technology partners and external vendors to develop and enforce SLAs to meet aggressive Identity Administration objectives.
  • Facilitating the resolution of Identity Administration access conflicts and concerns with business lines.
  • Spearheading the introduction of new Identity Administration responsibilities into GAMO work streams.
  • Proactively discovering inefficient identity management processes and engaging stakeholders to implement changes for efficiency gains.
  • Acting as a primary communication channel to all internal lines of businesses to communicate application and technology changes.
  • Analyze and educate management on new internal financial applications being centralized to facilitate awareness of audit and risk concerns.
  • Position specifically created because of excellent customer engagement and teaching skill-sets to facilitate the vertical integration of disparate technology teams

Confidential, MELLON


Position Profile:

  • Led high visibility projects ensuring project milestones were met and dependencies tracked.
  • Acted as a shared point of contact between internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provided management with an articulate summary of project status.
  • Tasked with managing high value projects for VIP business lines by daily engagement of issues and constant daily reports and updates on their project status.
  • Researched applications for risk and audit Concerns providing reports on technological updates needed to meet Federal Audit guidelines.
  • Trained provisioning team(s) on new applications brought into the Bank acting as SME of the application.
  • Utilized Business Process Methodologies to integrate and optimize LOB processes by capturing current states and documenting with workflows efficiency gains.
  • Built and maintained positive professional relationships and functions as the change agent for customers.
  • Managed all resources when project turnaround situations occur.
  • Led team resolutions to mitigate project risks and issues.
  • Provided timely and constructive performance feedback regarding resources assigned to projects.
  • Improved team dynamics and performance by building cohesiveness.
  • Weighed business needs against security concerns and articulated issues to management.
  • Provided programming support for an operational area in information security.
  • Assisted in the development, implementation and enforcement of corporate-wide Information Security standards, policies and procedures.
  • Implemented new versions of software for existing technologies and architectures.
  • Worked with various internal and external clients to establish communication, cooperation and compliance related to information security standards.


  • Centralized application provisionment by bringing LOB applications under control of one entity inside of the Bank with 12 successful projects and trainings.
  • Lead manager on a project to completely overhaul how contractors and new hires are brought into the company globally (North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Middle East), saving the organization hundreds of hours in lost employee work time and 2 million dollars in savings per year. This spanned close to 300 hours and involved global teams and multiple lines of businesses including HR, Wealth Management, Information Risk and Security, Information Feeds and Application Vendors.
  • Analyst on over 15 successful projects to modify financial and trading applications to more efficiently provide access.
  • Trained teams located in Europe and Asia on applications and troubleshooting
  • Above and beyond achievement award for actions taken in leading a project to fulfillment in record time and under budget

Confidential, FRANKLIN, TN


Position Profile:

  • Spearheaded the technical operations for all office equipment as well as an additional 85 remote computers through accurate and installation of hardware and software.
  • Trained employees on industry specific billing software.
  • Provided recommendations to the client for integration of the information system into the customer’s workflow and processes. Developed and updated functional use cases and conducted process modeling to explain functional requirements for systems engineers. Partnered with development & QA team during project lifecycle to design and put into production automated metering equipment for utility usage and billing. Ensured cost-containment strategies through locating international and national contractors for programming and web development.


  • Created an electronic file, which is sent to the properties for uploading into their accounting software to allow them to see the water/sewer/gas charges for their residents
  • Oversaw project management of Cellular based automated metering hardware that is now installed in 35 different states and serving over thousands of customers

Confidential, SPENCER, TN


Position Profile:

  • Provided daily upkeep of small company infrastructure totaling 10 computers.
  • Implemented software and hardware upgrades and installations including general administration of operating systems, servers, and networks and hardware.
  • Maintained and created records, documentation, processes, reports and databases.

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