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Payment Cartography Business Analyst Resume

San Francisco, Ca


  • Around 8 years of experience as Business Analyst in various enterprise verticals such as Financial, Digital Marketing, Salesforce platform applications
  • Ability to elicit requirements across multiple business areas by analyzing, interviewing SMEs to determine workflows, data requirements and functional requirements
  • Experienced at analyzing the current business model for performing GAP Analysis; and generating “As - Is” and “To-Be” process flows
  • Liaison between Business, Technology, User Experience and Quality Assurance teams in various phases of the project life cycle to transform complex requirements into software solutions
  • Skilled in interacting with business users to identify business requirements for creating Use Case document including Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams based on UML methodology using MS Visio
  • Detail-oriented with a keen ability for problem solving skills to break down ambiguous requirements to deliver clear and easy to follow business requirements using UML diagrams
  • Responsible for gathering complex business and functional requirements by transforming them into software solutions with deliverables such as Business Requirements Document, Use Case document, Business rules, User Stories, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Screen Mock-ups and Wire-frames on increasingly complex and cross functional projects
  • Experience in User Interface (UI)and User Experience (UX) design with understanding of User Centered design in Mobile and Web-based products using Agile Scrum and RUP iterative methodologies for Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, Wealth & Portfolio Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Employment Eligibility, Financial and Banking Services
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills with ability to communicate with stakeholders at various levels and collaborate as a liaison between Technology and Business partners including vendors, offshore teams and internal onshore groups


Software tools: MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Outlook, SharePoint, Documentum, Atlassian Confluence and JIRA, SnagIt (Screen instance capture), Balsamiq (Wireframes), Invision (Interactive prototyping - web/mobile apps)

Analytics Tool: Google Analytics to capture metrics (product/device/browser, site performance, web traffic usage)

Platform/ Technical Environment: UNIX OS, Java J2EE, MVC, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Databases & Tools: Oracle 11g

Quality Assurance: Rational ClearQuest, HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP-ALM)

Methodologies: Agile Scrum, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Waterfall


Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Payment Cartography Business Analyst


  • Responsible for identifying and analyzing various Wires and ACH payment initiation channels that send payment transactions to the Payment processing systems such as ACI Money Transfer System and PEP+. The analysis included all Outbound and Inbound payment flows for Domestic and International payments
  • Participated in capturing and analyzing the payment channels, payment types, message types and protocols between the payment initiation channels and payment processing systems by interviewing the stakeholders of Payment channels in the North American IRB territories
  • The deliverable included detailed referential diagrams on Payment data flows for Outbound and Inbound transactions for Wires and ACH payments that included Compliance Control Focus related to IRIS - fraud detection, BSA/AML check and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) which is Federal financial intelligence and enforcement agency responsible for planning and executing of economic and trade sanctions
  • BNPP cartography modeling convention was used to generate standardized modeling rules for Data flow and Compliance Control diagrams for Domestic and International payment channels to meet BNPP Target Operational Procedures and Confidential Country Policy Guidance
  • The documentation was reviewed with BNPP Paris stakeholder team to ensure compliance with audit requirements with regard to KYPS (Know Your Payment System) used for building the payment cartography

Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Strategic Planning Business Analyst

  • Participated in business requirements gathering and analysis of cross-channel risk -based authentication strategies across multiple lines of business (LOB) that required partnering with various stakeholders and product owners to capture their requirements
  • Developed Product Definition Document to capture “current” authentication methods and proposed “future” authentication strategy for a single common authentication service to be leveraged across the Enterprise
  • Explored the current authentication methods such as Single Sign-On, 2-factor authentication, Wholesale Common Authentication (WCA), Access Phrase, One Time Passcode (OTP) and Out of Wallet questions to determine the requirements for an enterprise level common authentication service
  • Consulted with architects and partnered with the Innovation Group to understand long term strategic direction for authentication involving biometric, touch ID and voice print for digital platforms
  • Gathered metrics to analyze the transactional data for online, mobile and email customer profiles within various LOBs in order to evaluate and strategize the future migration path for utilizing a common authentication service
  • Responsible for producing various artifacts by using Microsoft Office tools such as Word for PDD, Excel for comparative analysis of various authentication methods and PowerPoint to present the findings of the analysis to Leadership team.

Environment: MS Office Suite, MS Visio, SharePoint, Atlassian Confluence

Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Bank Lending Platform Modernization Business Analyst

  • Developed detailed business requirements for various loan servicing types that an existing PAL account can be serviced by producing business process flows and breaking down functions into detailed requirements
  • Analyzed customer profile and loan account data to develop the data model and Entity Relationship and Data mapping document
  • Met with vendor team at off-site meetings to discuss Loan Origination and Servicing integration to define high level user stories, UI screen flows that were used to create product backlog and sprint plans. The conceptual and logical architecture was used to determine various integration points
  • Developed Straight-Through-Processing (STP) business requirements that integrated multiple application types and roles into step-by-step detailed process to develop future state bank lending platform
  • Worked closely with the business team to gather detailed loan origination and servicing requirements, facilitated the discovery and prioritization of requirements for developing the product backlog that was used for planning the sprint cycles
  • The Business team transitioned the work to a third party vendor team for development and customization effort for building the final lending product
  • Worked with the Business team and SMEs to capture the business requirements for CDD for developing the Business Requirements Document (BRD)
  • Collaborated with line of business stakeholders of Loan Originating systems to standardize and identify gaps in KYC/KYA questionnaires by carrying out a comparative analysis of the questionnaires of various loan products for better alignment with BSA/AML, risk scoring and OFAC requirements
  • Utilized Actimize engine for transaction risk scoring and detecting anti money laundering and fraud activities
  • Analyzed reporting requirements for KYC/KYA data and Demand Deposit Account packages to facilitate data tracking and analytical requirements for developing the BRD

Environment: MS Office Suite, MS Visio, SharePoint, Agile Sprint methodology

Confidential,Los Angeles,CA

Mobile Check Deposit Business Analyst

  • Worked with the Business team to gather Mobile Check Deposit related business requirements for BSA/AML (Bank Secrecy Act, Anti-Money Laundering) to document the process and functionality of existing “ As-Is ” platform including end-to-end data flow in the BRD
  • Participated in discussions with various stakeholders to capture the “ To-Be ” requirements for the new platform that is compliant with BSA/AML Regulatory requirements. The requirements captured the desired processes including data modeling and mapping of data elements for the new platform
  • Worked with the business stakeholders to discuss, analyze and elicit requirements for the new product. Documented the Project Charter, functional and non-functional requirements using process flowcharts including functional decomposition of the key processes required for developing the Business Requirements Document
  • The requirements discussions with end-users were used to document UI / UX user experience, wireframes, mockups, functional flow diagrams and report specifications . The Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) was used to document the end-to-end requirements to ensure there were no gaps in capturing the business requirements

Environment: MS Excel, MS Visio, PowerPoint, SharePoint, HP Application Lifecycle Management tool (HP-ALM), Metadata Repository (MDR), SnagIt (screen capture tool)

Confidential,San Francisco,CA

Employment Verification System Business Analyst

  • Carried out comparative analysis of key functionality features of other Employment Eligibility products in the market to derive a short-list of desired functionality for a best in class and user friendly product. Presented the analysis to Senior Management and Stakeholders to get their buy-in for finalizing the business requirements.
  • Served as an application subject matter expert and liaison between Business stakeholders and Technology by collaborating with cross-functional teams and provided clarifications for obtaining agreement on the requirements
  • Documented the business requirements and produced artifacts such as Business Requirements Document (BRD), Use Cases document, UML diagrams, Business Rules and Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Collaborated with Business, Technology, UI/UX designers and QA to create UX design concepts, wireframes, navigation flows and UX interaction rules for various sections of Form I-9 form including “document selector” feature. Helped to create a design prototype to demonstrate critical functionality such as selection of acceptable documents for Form I-9
  • Performed data mapping and conceptual data modeling to help in identifying data elements including data attributes, data flow and reporting requirements as per Data Governance standards
  • Extensively collaborated on a daily basis with offshore IT vendor team to provide clarifications on requirements and conduct walkthroughs to ensure requirements were clearly understood
  • Worked with Content team to create and integrate content using Content Management System (CMS) with Application Front-End interface and captured the requirements in Functional Specification Document (FSD)
  • The project plan was created based on RUP iterative development approach to deliver functionality in a phased manner under tight deadlines. Participated in all phases of the project from Inception to Transition to help development teams for delivering logical chunks of functionality with QA performing automated and manual regression testing for the deployed code
  • Engaged Technology and Business teams to review and finalize the change management process for design and development of the I-9 Employment Verification System
  • Worked closely with Technology and QA teams to ensure that the requirements traceability matrix properly reflected the finalized requirements, software design, system test and implementation plans. Utilized Confluence to maintain project requirement documentation and linked to JIRA to create user stories in JIRA and automatically link them to the epics. Tracked the progress of the stories from the Confluence page or from within JIRA
  • Worked closely with QA during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for filtering and uploading test data to I-9 dashboard. Also worked with Performance Stress Test team before production release
  • I-9 dashboard was an important aspect of the product since it was leveraged to provide deep insight from the analytic data. The detailed requirements helped the team to design the navigation flow, definition and placement of analytic tags for capturing trends and metrics of the dashboard
  • The data collected during the usage of the product was captured on a database to produce Analytic reporting for displaying the end users’ experience on product usage, device / browser usage, product site performance, trend patterns, statistical variations / spikes in traffic and event tracking / alerting
  • Helped with building user training material for the product including navigation and reporting functionality that was presented to Business, Marketing and Customer support teams
  • Utilized critical thinking and conflict resolution skills to obtain agreement in complex situations related to customer adoption and feedback of the product
  • Worked with the Project manager to track Change Requests (CR) and Open Issues for weekly status reports for Project Sponsor and Senior Management. Also helped in monitoring the Project Plan (MS Project) for tracking planned versus Actual progress of project tasks and maintained all documentation on Project SharePoint.

Environment: MS Visio, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, SnagIt (screen capture tool), Balsamiq (wireframes), Oracle 11g, MVC, J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Confidential,Santa Clara,CA

Portfolio Management and Money Transfer Business Analyst

  • Worked with Business team to gather business requirements for Portfolio Management, and Customer Information functionality to develop Business Requirement Document (BRD), Use Case document and Software Requirements Specification
  • Utilized Documentum 5.3 WCM (Web Content Management) and Epic Authoring Tool to optimally manage and publish content
  • Participated in website development from inception through implementation and maintenance; edited and updated XML content files using Epic WYSWYG tool including Rich text, Images, PDF’s, Videos etc. to improve content and user experience
  • Attended trainings on CMS authoring, advantages, usage and implementation of CMS
  • Conducted JAD sessions for Requirement Analysis, Risk/Compliance Analysis, Adaptability and feasibility studies with various stakeholders including designers, developers and QA teams
  • Participated in requirements gathering for Wealth Management system that included Deposit accounts and Fund Transfer functions for Domestic and International Payments. The FX forward contracts required compliance with Dodd Frank regulation including Reporting and Record-keeping requirements for.
  • Analysis of the current Regulatory reporting requirements and policies for record keeping and gathered requirements to identify gaps. Global Trade Repository (GTR) provided pre-defined asset class reporting and messaging architecture that employed Business Intelligence reporting interface allowing creation of customized reports to view data submitted to repository
  • Participated in daily meetings to work with Product, Technology and UX teams to refine and decompose high-level business requirements into smaller deliverables and used MS Visio for business modeling to develop the business architecture
  • Facilitated project kick-off meetings and followed up on actions items. Worked closely with technical team and business stakeholders to obtain consensus on project plan and scope
  • Facilitated communications to stakeholders, including internal/external business, technology development/support teams and maintained the weekly meeting notes on SharePoint
  • Collaborated with Business and Quality Assurance team to create Test plan, Test Scenarios and Test data for executing Test scripts for Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) and used Rational ClearQuest for defect logging
  • Worked closely with the technical project manager to develop overall project plan based on RUP iterative development approach to deliver functionality in a phased manner

Environment: Oracle 10g, Documentum WCM (Web Content Management), Epic Editor, RUP, MS-Visio, SharePoint, Rational ClearQuest

Confidential,San Jose,CA

Mobile Food Ordering System Business Analyst

  • Analyzed business and customer requirements for Mobile Food Ordering e-Commerce application using Agile Scrum methodology
  • Compared the functionality and business process model of other similar products in the market for a comparative Gap Analysis to create “As-Is” and “To-Be” process model along with a prioritized list of requirements for an innovative solution with User-friendly interface
  • Participated in daily stand-up and product backlog grooming meetings to work with Product, Technology and UX teams to refine and decompose user stories into smaller deliverables , poker planning sessions to estimate effort of user stories
  • Maintained and prioritized the Product Backlog constantly and created Epics, Feature List and User Stories based on user and product requirements
  • Documented the business requirements and detailed product specifications using UML Activity diagram and Sequence diagram, Use Cases and Requirement Traceability Matrix
  • Created and documented Wire-frames, mock-ups and navigation rules to display the User Interface (UI) and navigation for the mobile app targeted for devices such as iPhone and iPad
  • Coordinated the work on Proof-Of-Concept prototype during the initial stage of the project with the Development team for a demo version of the product to showcase Food Ordering functionality that was used for marketing presentations to prospective customers
  • Worked with Product and Technology teams to ensure that the functional and technical design requirements were understood. Partnered with Business and Technology cross functional teams to develop requirements and followed the Change Management process
  • Participated in SIT and UAT testing with the QA team for test script execution, review test results and reported defects using Rational ClearQuest
  • Worked on product strategy and roadmap for initial release and implementation of product and later on future feature enhancements of the product
  • Participated in user training and technical assistance to end-users of product and helped to verify User Acceptance test results

Environment: MS Visio, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Rational ClearQuest, Agile Scrum, Java J2EE, JavaScript, MVC, JSP, JQuery, AJAX

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