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Business Analyst Resume

Napervill, IL


  • Nearly 15 years of experience in Information Technology specializing as a Business Analyst, Program Analyst and Programmer.
  • Well experienced in Mainframe application design, development, testing implementing using COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, JCL and testing IMS based applications
  • Well experienced in Micro Focus Cobol on UNIX and Windows platform.
  • Experience in Business reviews, Functional and System Level Requirements and Design implementation
  • Experience in making Process flow diagrams and Data flow diagrams to document Business processes and creating user documentation.
  • Experience in developing Business Based Functional Test Scenarios, User Interface, Business Requirement Analysis, System Specification Analysis, Testing Methodology and Test Plan Formulation
  • Experience in writing System Test plans, defining Test cases, developing and maintaining Test scripts, Shell scripts, documenting all phases of QA process and Release management using PVCS
  • Experience with coordinating a UAT Test effort before deployment of the software product to production.
  • Experience in estimation of test effort and coordination of Test schedule with overall Project Schedule
  • Experienced in maintaining software applications on Mainframe, HP-Unix and Windows based systems.
  • Expertise in Problem solving and Bug Tracking Reports using Bug tracking Tools
  • Experienced in change management requests using tool like Doors.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Experience in Business reviews, Functional and System Level Requirements and Design implementation
  • “Hands on” experience in Object Oriented Design using UML and RUP (Rational Unified Process)
  • Extensive knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), including various methods such as Water Fall, RAD, RUP
  • Experienced in maintaining software applications on Mainframe, HP-Unix and Windows based systems.


  • Bachelor Of Business Management
  • Honors in Systems Management
  • Certified at Pentafour Software And Exports Ltd


  • Programming languages: Micro Focus Cobol, COBOL (VS-Cobol-II, MF-COBOL, (Fujitsu-Cobol and Power Cobol), UNISYS COBOL, Acu-cobol, Casegen - COBOL, C, HTML, Java-Script, PL/I(Knowledge)
  • Operating Systems: Mvs/Esa, Mvs/Xa, UNIX, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, Ms-Dos, Os/2
  • Tools:Crystal Reports, Ms-Project2000, Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage 98 & 2000, IBM Netobject Top-Page, FILEAID (MVS and DB2), Pegasus, Star-Tool, CA-7, VIASOFT TOOLS, FOCUS, Princeton Softech's Relational Tools. Netron Fusion, ILE COBOL, PEP.
  • Billing System: FDR, TSYS


04/2009-10/2009 Confidential Client: United States Department Of Agriculture. FSA. Business/QA Analyst.

  • Analysis of data both on Mainframes and SQL server database.
  • Modifying COBOL programs to sent files from Mainframe to Client/Server.
  • Adding new programs to generate transactions to update Automated Discrepancy Processing System.
  • Testing Mainframe applications for modifications made.
  • Prepared SQL queries to access data from SQL Server database.
  • Writing SQL Queries to access data for analysis of data from DB2 database.
  • Analysis and modifications of PLAS Mainframe system for process flow corrections.
  • Analysis of JAVA application programs for flaws in process flow.
  • Preparing UML diagrams.
  • Writing Business Rules, Test cases and detailed project plans.
  • Preparing Use Case Models and creating Use Case Diagrams
  • Designing object oriented applications along with systems analysts.
  • Testing applications, queries, scripts, stored procedures for requirements and business rules compliances.

08/2008-11/13/2008 Confidential Client: Nicor Gas, Napervill, IL. Programmer/Analyst.

  • Analyzed application programs Meter Configuration applications.
  • Modified Microfocus Cobol programs to add new Roll Over logic for meter configuration programs.
  • Prepared SQL queries to access and update data from Oracle database.
  • Embed SQL queries in Micro Focus Cobol programs .
  • Extracted data from production writing new queries
  • QA analysis and created test plans and test cases
  • Tested programs using shell scripts and prepared them to be migrated to production.

1/2008-04/2008 Confidential. Sterling VA. Client: Walmart, Judge Group (Contract Completed). Programmer/Analyst.

  • Analyzed application programs for treasury systems to make modifications requested by client.
  • Modified COBOL/DB2 programs to insert, delete and update DB2 database.
  • Written new programs according to the specification given by client for the treasury systems
  • Processing data from production to different test environments
  • Modified COBOL/IMS batch programs to generate reports for Treasury systems.
  • Modified COBOL/CICS/IMS/DB2 programs to remove IMS code for the migration of a previous project.
  • Written new JCL and modified existing JCL to accommodate changes
  • Tested programs and JCL and prepared them to be migrated to production.
  • Supported migrated applications in production.

10/2007-01/2008 Confidential. Sterling VA. Client: Walmart, Wipro info tech.(Contract Completed). Programmer/Analyst.

  • Analyzed application programs written for accessing IMS database for the migration of IMS database to DB2.
  • Written technical specifications for each programs that needed to be migrated.
  • Modified COBOL/CICS/IMS programs to call STORED PROCEDURES to update DB2 database.
  • Modified COBOL/CICS/IMS programs to insert, update and delete new segments added to the IMS database.
  • Modified Pricing/Items systems COBOL/CICS/IMS programs to accommodate dual update of IMS and DB2 database.
  • Processing data from production to different test environments
  • Created Test Validation plans for the programs that are migrated
  • Analyzed data for creating test cases for QA
  • Tested CICS applications(online) using Xpedieter and Batch applications manually.
  • Created remedy tickets for the migration of tested programs to production.
  • Coordinated with offshore developers for different tests
  • Coordinated with International users to test application programs before migrating to production.

10/2005 - 4/2007Confidential. Sterling VA. Client: OTDA (Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, NY) Social Security Administration/Lockheed Martin. (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst/

  • Analyzed application programs for interfacing SSA systems with New York state disability systems.
  • Written new programs to transfer files from UNIX to Windows.
  • Modified programs to transfer files to UNISYS and IBM Mainframe systems and receive the files to update the UNIX Applications. Modifying programs written in COBOL for DB2 access to process data send from JAVA applications. Writing Queries to access data from DB2 tables on Mainframes and send them to Windows Platform. Writing JCL and modifying JOB schedulers to accommodate new jobs.
  • Unit tested applications from UNIX to Windows and data flow.
  • Analysis and desing of applications for ILE COBOL for PEP generation.
  • Production support for applications written and modified during the project.
  • Involved in design review, code and test review meetings
  • Environment: COBOL, Micro Focus COBOL, UNIX, Micro Focus NetExpress, MS-Word, MS-Excel, UNISIYS.

4/2005 - 8/2005 Confidential, Atlanta GA. Client: ICS/Global Crossings. Sterling VA. (Contract Completed) Analyst/Tester

  • Wrote functional specification documents for migration from Mainframe to a Java based application
  • Created business flow diagrams for various modules in the application
  • Extracted program logic as well as business rules.
  • Created detailed test plans and generated test cases
  • Converted business requirements to system requirements and generating UML diagrams.
  • Created VISIO diagrams and generating logic for Data driven application programming
  • Identified bottle necks in the system and proposed enhancement to improve performance
  • Involved in design review, code and test review meetings
  • Environment: Mainframe OS/390, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, JCL, MS-Visio, MS-Visual Source safe, FDR, TSYS. FILEAID

12/2004 - 3/2005 Confidential, Atlanta GA. Client: Sprint Long Distance and Networking. (Contract completed) Programmer/ QA Analyst

  • Analyzed production issues and categorize the tickets into program related or data related issues.
  • Analyzed data in files as well as DB2 database for any data related issues.
  • Generated detailed design specifications for changes and document the changes in the Wisdom documentation system.
  • Modified the programs or JCLs that needs modification to fix a specific problem.
  • Tested the programs, unit tests are performed and on some problem fixes, a system test was also performed.
  • Supported the production support team during their on-call work.
  • Supported the off-shore team in their training and assisting them as a contact point on-shore.
  • Environment: Mainframe Z/390, COBOL, DB2, VSAM, JCL. FILEAID

5/2004 - 11/2004 Confidential, Atlanta GA. Client: Sprint PCS, Overland Park, KS. (Contract Completed) Requirement/QA Analyst

  • Analyzed business requirements during the Define phase of projects.
  • Created Functional requirements for different projects from JSP based applications
  • Created Systems requirements for projects during the Discover phase.
  • Created Architecture Blue print for different projects. This includes detailed technical design, test plans and implementation schedules.
  • Coordinated development of application both with the Business unit and development team.
  • Tested developed applications using Test Director.
  • Implemented the applications in production.
  • Environment: Windows NT, UNIX.

5/2003 - 8/2003 Confidential, Atlanta GA. Client: Metavante, Milwaukee, WI. (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • Written a new COBOL program to extract data from db2 tables and write the data into a GSAM file.
  • Written a new COBOL program to format the data into 6 different record formats and convert the records into binary. The program also does a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) before triggering the ftp job that transfers the output file to the workstation at the client site in New York.
  • Created and modified JCLs required for the compiling and execution of the programs.
  • Tested the programs both unit test and system test.
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe OS/390, VS-COBOL-II, DB2, FILEAID

2/2001 - 3/2003 Confidential, Atlanta GA. Client: State Compensation Insurance Fund. San Francisco, CA (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • Modified existing COBOL programs on Mainframe to add a new payment code. It includes adding a new column in the claims payment table and unit testing.
  • Wrote programs in Accu COBOL to add Evaluation period processing in the claims processing system.
  • Migrated existing systems from AccuCOBOL to Micro Focus Cobol.
  • Converted existing AccuCOBOL Indexed files to Micro Focus Indexed files using Netron Fusion.
  • Wrote test plans, test cases and test the newly written programs and the modified programs.
  • Designed, Developed and Implemented ON DEMAND check processing Application
  • Coordinated the mainframe update of mid-day processing and update of the backend DB2 database.
  • Redesigned the Mainframe applications to accommodate the Automated Bill Review application which was migrated from Unix systems to Mainframe
  • Wrote shell scripts to run Micro focus Cobol programs to convert utility files
  • Environment; HP-UX, Windows NT, WANG, ACCUCOBOL,UNISYS, MicroFocus COBOL, Netron Fusion, Clear Case and Mainframe DB2 (Back End) FILEAID, MOVE FOR DB2

9/2000 - 11/2000 Confidential, Atlanta GA. Client: Chase Mellon Shareholders Service, Ridgefield Park, NJ (Contract Completed) Progammer/Analyst

  • Created and tested QA/Test environment by optimizing the existing QA environment.
  • Wrote and changed existing JCLs and PROCs
  • Created new Generation files using VSAM.
  • Developed new Job schedules for the QA/Test environment
  • Environment: Windows 98 and Windows NT, MVS, IBM-ES9000, Cobol, CICS, JCL, VSAM, DB2, FILEAID, Star Tools, MS-Project

9/1999 - 7/2000 Confidential, Milwaukee, WI Full Time Web Designer/Analyst/Tester Project: Web Design and Development (12/1999 to 1/ 2000) (Windows 98, MS-Frontpage98)

  • Designed and developed web pages with forms to accept user information.
  • Generated Java Scripts for rotating banners and images.
  • Co-written PERL Scripts for generating greeting cards for the flower site.
  • Environment: Windows 98, Windows NT, IBM Net-objects-top-page, Netscape Composer, MS-FrontPage 98, MS-Frontpage-2000

Project: Web Design and Development (9/1999 to 11/1999) (Windows 98, Windows NT4)

  • Developed and tested web pages for a site that generates discount coupons.
  • Designed program logic for the CGI-Scripts for the site.
  • Trained new web developers in MS-Frontpage2000 and IBM Net objects Top Page.
  • Environment: Windows 98, Windows NT, IBM Net-objects-top-page, Netscape Composer, MS-FrontPage 98, MS-Frontpage-2000

1/1999 - 5/1999 Confidential. Milwaukee, WI= FullTime Client: State Of Indiana, IN (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • Did system testing for the Quality File Processing system of Indiana State Police.
  • Written test specification, test cases and test report.
  • Generating reports with Easytrieve.
  • Was part of a five-member team that created and maintained the IMS test database for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, of the Indiana State.
  • Modified COBOL programs on UNISYS platform to fix production tickets.
  • Environment; IBM Mainframe. VS-Cobol-II, Assembler, JCL, CA-7 FILEAID, Star-tools, Easytrieve, UNISYS.

9/1998 - 12/1998 Confidential. Milwaukee, WI Client: Alamo Rent-a-car, Boca Raton, Florida (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • Done the remediation, testing, and review of more than 200,000 lines of code written in VS-COBOL II with CICS for online programs.
  • Remediation included windowing dates and changing JCL parm dates.
  • Used VIASOFT smart test was used for testing the programs for Year2000 compliance
  • Was also the member of an Independent remediation team, under his supervision there were eight members that helped to finish the project one month ahead of Schedule, which included, remediation, testing the programs using VIASOFT tools and documentation.
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe, FILEAID VS-Cobol-II, and VIA-Soft tools

7/1998 - 9/1998 Confidential. Milwaukee, WI Client: Case Corporation, Racine, WI (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • Analyzed COBOL programs written for using the IMS database with CICS Interface.
  • Detailing logic and data flow of the system for migrating the system from Mainframe to Client/Server platform.
  • Created flow charts and Data flow diagram of the system.
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe. FILEAID VS-Cobol-II, JCL, IMS, CICS

7/1998 - 7/1998 Confidential. Milwaukee, WI Client: M&I Data Services, Milwaukee, WI (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • A temporary assignment for helping the Keane Application outsourcing team to add new banks to M&I data services system.
  • Role in this short-term assignment was to write JCLs and create VSAM files for the addition of new bank to the existing system.
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe, FILEAID VS-Cobol-II, JCL

6/1998 - 6/1998 Confidential. Milwaukee, WI Client: Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, WI (Contract Completed) Analyst/Testing

  • The assignment was to prepare JCLs for the unit and integration testing and prepare the pre-test documentation for system testing.
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe, VS-Cobol-II, JCL FILEAID

4/1998 - 5/1998 Confidential. Milwaukee, WI Client: Johnson Controls Battery Group, Milwaukee, WI (Contract Completed) Programmer/Analyst

  • Analyzed existing COBOL program on the Mainframe to find the logic.
  • Designed and developed Filebridge mapping on the DEC platform.
  • Test the maps developed for seven incoming EDI documents.
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe, VS-COBOL-II, JCL, FILEAID DEC VAX, ALPHA, Filebridge

7/1995-10/1997 Confidential, Kerala, India Mainframe Programmer (Left Job For USA)

  • Analyzed, designed and developed Mainframe systems.
  • Coded and tested programs in COBOL.
  • Designed SQL queries and testing using SPUFI.
  • Offloaded and maintained systems using Micro Focus Mainframe emulator on OS/2
  • Environment: IBM Mainframe, VS-COBOL-II, DB2, CICS, JCL, VSAM, MS-COBOL, Micro Focus, Workbench, OS/2

12/1993-4/1995 Confidential, Alleppey, India Software Programmer (Left Job)

  • Designed and developed systems on PC and Unix Environment.
  • Coded programs in COBOL and C.
  • Designed spreadsheets for the application.
  • Negotiated with the clients for new project possibilities.
  • Marketing new recruits

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