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Senior Project Data Analyst Resume

Little Falls, NJ


  • I earned a second Master of Science, Biomedical Informatics, from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ); my GPA was 3.9. I was especially adept at Health Care Data Management, Health Care Information Systems, SAS Applications in Biomedical and Clinical Research. However, I most enjoyed Health Care Database Management Systems and Management & Leadership in Health Care as well as Health Information Processing using XML/HTML.
  • I learned to employ XML and associated technologies in data management in the biopharmaceutical sector(s). I was exposed to advanced database theories applicable in health management systems. I was educated about the structure and management of medical information as it is organized into structured knowledge bases. I learned about relational database design including database structure, programming languages and DBMS using SQL as well as Access. As well, I was exposed to the application of those principles of management and leadership specific to the health care industry.
  • As an Implementation Manager, I would data mine and map data from the legacy system and test the new platform to ensure the data migration went smoothly. I’ve done this in my previous career with each merger/acquisition. My forte’ is liaising with vendors and programmers to transition data from older ecosystems to newer, more robust ecosystems. I implement new software platforms for enterprises of 100k+ employees by accurately mapping data from outdated mainframe systems using COBOL, Sybase to web - based systems using a host of programs, languages, queries, forms, reports (using Access &/or SQL), etc.
  • Among other things, I was, ultimately, able to (do the following at the end of my tenure as a student):
  • understand XML and its relationship with HTML and XHTML;
  • edit and validate an XML file describing a certain data structure;
  • process a given XML file using JavaScript;
  • transform XML documents through the of XSL and CSS;
  • write code in SQL;
  • perform statistical analysis in SAS.
  • I am a single woman with no dependents (and a willingness to relocate, if necessary) who recently renewed her USA passport. I am a native US citizen who is willing to/can travel without hesitation. Lastly, I am familiar and comfortable with the implementation of software. To this end, your enterprise seems to be an “employer of choice” for me because my mantra is “Be Always Learning”.
  • My interest in your enterprise is profound. I am a woman making choices about her career and personal future. For me, this role is merely a change of industry as it relates to my professional skills. I believe in always learning and so your job description of Implementation Manager seems to be a well-made match.
  • Seeking industry change to long-term career in data handling of medical informatics. Accomplished project manager with over 15 years’ experience delivering large data-driven solutions for major companies including Confidential and Chase Manhattan Bank. Excellent communicator with proven ability to lead change through collaboration. Two (2) master’s from top-tier programs in Industrial Labor Relations and Biomedical Informatics. Relevant coursework in Health Information Processing using XML/HTML, Health Care Database Management Systems, and Management and Leadership in Healthcare, with additional capabilities in:
  • GAP Analysis Business Requirements Vendor Relations
  • Programmer Relations Procedure Documentation System Creation
  • Workflow Process Tracking In/Outbound Interfaces
  • Test Plan Creation Test Script Creation Data Mapping


Confidential, Little Falls, NJ

Senior Project Data Analyst


  • Managed staffing and implementation, converting over 120K former and current pensioners to new payroll platform by testing for accurate tax and h&w deductions. Communicated business requirements to programmers, resulting in project being completed on-time and error-free.
  • Interpreted business and technical requirements, including analyzing incoming data interfaces and field and file definitions, for conversion from Sybase to a web-based solution.
  • Owned relationship with major clients EDS and ASI, charged with ensuring mapping of mainframe files to in-house templates converted on time and without error.
  • Wrote database (DB) SQL queries ensuring up to 100,000 employees were eligible for defined benefits, preventing over payment, and ensuring surviving spousal benefit were paid in a timely manner.
  • Communicated with programmers to resolve escalated pension issues guaranteeing that eligible pensioners received benefits in a timely manner.
  • Coached and assisted project managers, customer service representatives, and operations associates in reviewing and designing technical specifications documents.

Confidential, New York, NY

Vice President, Senior Benefits Analyst


  • Ensured vendor specifications adhered to enterprise Confidential, as well as Confidential and IRS rules.
  • Wrote specifications documents enabling vendor layouts to map with internal data to ensure complete data transition.
  • Planned, scheduled, and wrote test plans enabling programmers to map data with vendor’s.


Assistant Vice President, Senior Benefits Analyst


  • Launched a series of websites for Confidential employees, including pension website, interactive 401(k) website reducing the burden on HR staff to provide timely answers.
  • Updated relational databases to systematically collect monies underpaid by employees who reported new dependents late. Recovered over $100,000 in 2001 in underpaid funds.

Senior Benefits Analyst,



  • Determined the 401(k) eligibility of 7,970 employees to receive matching contribution funds, resulting in matched funds of $2.7 million contributed to employee accounts.
  • Awarded 30,000+ eligible employees stock-grants totaling 2.3 million shares.
  • Calculated and authorized service bridging for all re-hired, merged, and acquired employees.

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