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Sr Uat Analyst Resume

Birmingham, MI


  • A Quality Assurance professional with 6+ years of extensive experience defining, scoping, and testing systems in the Information Technology industry. Exhibits a strong communication, written, verbal, and organizational skills with keen attention to detail. Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to the team and the department and the drive to get the job done.
  • Strong knowledge of B2B and B2C business environments in information technology and financial services.
  • Worked very closely with Project lead and Project managers for 6 plus years.
  • Extensive experience in writing SQL scripts to validate and update MS SQL Server Database for System Integration and Database Testing.
  • Expert in Test case creation, Test documentation and Defect creation, tracking and closing phases.
  • Expert Knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
  • Expert knowledge testing Web Based Application, Client/Server Application, Mobile Web Application and Native Mobile Applications along with Vehicle Infotainment Testing.
  • Hands on Experience working with Defect Reporting & Tracking tools like Team Foundation Server (TFS), HP Quality Center (ALM) and JIRA.
  • Highly motivated, a worthy team player with ability to Organize and Lead Teams to develop Quality Software Applications.


Tools: HP Quality Center ALM, Quick Test Professional QTP, JIRA, Zephyer, Share Point, Test Runner, Extra View, Microsoft Test Manager, Team Foundation Server, MS Visual Studio, Vector Canoe, Matlab, Share Point, Sitecore CMS, Perfecto Mobile, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) WSDL. Google Sheets, Google Doc, HMI, iOS, Android, Mobile, WIFI Domain, Bluetooth Domain, Tuner Domain, Vehicle Infotainment systems - IVI, Microsoft Office Suite.

Test Methods: Black Box Testing, Exploratory testing, Functional testing, Automation Regression testing, Database Testing, System Integration Testing, End to End Testing, Smoke testing, Boundary testing, UAT Testing, Content Testing, Mobile Testing, Vehicle Infotainment Testing, Positive and Negative Testing.

Operating Systems & Languages: C++, Java, SQL, HTML, XML. OS Windows - Macs Versions. MS Windows Embedded for Automotive

Methodologies: Agile (Scrum), Waterfall, TDD.

Defect Management Tools: HP Quality Center (ALM), Team Foundation Server (TFS) and JIRA.

Testing Tools: MS SQL Server, Test Runner, Microsoft Test Manager, Vehicle Head Unit HMI, iOS, Android devices, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Native Browsers, SEOs, Sitecore CMS, Broken Link Checker, Text Compare, Viewport Dimensions, and Web Developer.


Confidential, Birmingham, MI

Sr UAT Analyst


  • Gathered and analyzed user and business requirements to understand the overall project to help track and resolve defects discovered during UAT testing.
  • Attended Agile sprint planning and daily scrum to discuss User Story’s, Issues found during testing and Collaborated with team to discuss added enhancements.
  • Attended Weekly Defect triage meeting with Business, Test, and Content and Development team. Addressed critical/Blocker issues found during testing and reprioritized issues if necessary/deferred issues to post Launch.
  • Played a major role in determining various test approaches and test timeline during test planning estimations meetings.
  • Validated Grid Configurations at Various Viewports using Mobile, Tablet and PC Screens.
  • Validated Vehicle Description Card (VDC) verbiage, images, prices and colorizer against copydoc during functional testing. Also Validated Main NAV, Secondary NAV dropdown links deeplinking to destinations and if all Disclaimer daggers were implemented as stated on the copydoc.
  • Validated applications Functionality, Usability and Compatibility during Functional, Exploratory, Regression, System Integration Content, Smoke, UAT and Mobile Testing phases.
  • Compared different verbiage displayed in web pages, vehicle images, images pixels, where a specific CTA, Footer, Various page links should deep linking to according to Copy Doc.
  • Conducted Smoke Testing of Tools and Non tools URLs during Production to see if all the links were successfully redirecting to live environment.
  • Reported all defects and managed project using JIRA.

Environment: HTML, JIRA, Adobe AEM 6.2 (Quantum), Agile, SQL Server, MS Office Suite, Windows, Skype, Egnyte, Cross Browsing, Broken Link Checker, Text Compare, Viewport Dimensions, Web Developer, Mobile, Tablet, iOS, Android.

Confidential, Southfield, MI

Sr UAT Analyst


  • Gathered and analyzed user and business requirements to understand the overall project to help track and resolve defects discovered during content UAT and Business UAT testing.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking and reporting. Also followed up with the development team to verify bug fixes and update bug status.
  • Working with multiple portal owners, vendors (Medtouch) to help resolve issues within the HAP.org application.
  • Collaborated closely with product and business testers, and configuration analysts to ensure an in-depth understanding of requirements.
  • Created test log sheets for UAT testers to log issues found during UAT phase.
  • Logged and translated all issues found by team members during review and test sessions to Vendor.
  • Managed the entire project using JIRA and Google Sheets.
  • Hosted Weekly Defect triage meeting with Business, Test, and Content and Development team. Addressed critical/Blocker issues found during testing and reprioritized issues if necessary/deferred issues to post Launch.
  • Keep track of work items and hours using JIRA AGILE.
  • Performed Exploratory, Regression, Positive, Negative, System, Integration and Mobile Testing Manually.
  • Validated whether newly added business logic/functionality has been implemented and how they are interacting with existing content/CTA functionalities during Content Testing phase.
  • Met with the developers and technical content writers on a daily basis to resolve defects found during UAT testing.
  • Participated in Daily scrum meeting with UAT, Development and Content team.

Environment: Healthcare IT, .Net, ESB, HTML, JIRA, Sitecore, Agile, SQL Server, MS Office Suite, Windows, Skype, Google Sheet, Google Doc, Cross Browsing, Mobile, Tablet, iOS, Android, Broken Link Checker, Text Compare, Viewport Dimensions, Web Developer.

Confidential, Dearborn MI

Sr UAT Analyst


  • Wrote detailed test cases according to the functional requirements and design specifications.
  • Ensured all the test cases were created/updated in Google Sheets.
  • Performed defect reporting and tracking of the bugs found during testing phase.
  • Developed Test Summary Report and Defect Summary Report post testing using Google Docs.
  • Ensured all the test cases were updated in Google Sheets.
  • Tracked, reviewed, analyzed and compared defects using JIRA.
  • Tested multiple Vehicle spec Pods and games on Site (Cobo Center) to make sure they were activated correctly and users were able to request/receive eBrochure/Test Drive/Souvenir from the NAIAS Ford Stand.
  • Manually Conducted Mobile testing for FAS.com and LAS.com with various smart phones and tablets.
  • Validated Crossbrowing, Compatibility, Functional and usability test scenarios to ensure Application meet & exceeded Business and user expectations.
  • Conducted Regression Testing, UAT Testing, Exploratory Testing, System Integration Testing and Smoke Testing.
  • Validated various Web browsers and mobile devices side by side during GUI testing to deliver a consistent user experience across every platform using Perfecto Mobile test application.
  • Attended weekly meetings with Project Lead, Operations, and Business and Development teams.

Environment: SQL, JIRA, Google Docs, Sitecore CMS, Perfecto Mobile, iOS, Android, Google Sheets, XML, Windows XP/7.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Sr Test Analyst


  • Responsible for testing Schwab Index Advantage Single Loan Process Application.
  • Reviewed Use Case Documents, Create and Execute Test Cases and reported defects using Team Foundation Server TFS.
  • Validated all clients’ information in Database using MS SQL Server and data shown in the Loans Pages are matching with the Data received from Various Internal Applications.
  • Performed Data setup for various Plans and participants in Internal Applications and SQL Database.
  • Performed Exploratory Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing. System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Smoke Testing, End to End Testing and Mobile Testing.
  • Managed new and existing defects and work items using Team Foundation Server TFS.
  • Created and executed Manual and Automation test cases using Microsoft Test Manager and Selenium IDE.
  • Participated in Daily Standups, Weekly Scrum Meetings, Defect triage Meetings with the team and provided and received status reports and new requirements.

Environment: .Net, SQL Server, Agile, UAT, XML, TFS , MTM, HTML, Selenium IDE, MS Office Suite, Windows XP/7

Confidential, Highland Heights, OH

QA Testing Analyst


  • Responsible for testing all software updates and page layout changes made to the Confidential web site.
  • System Test Activities: Review Requirements, Update Test Cases, Execute Test Cases and Document Defects.
  • Validated the flow of all orders placed in the testing environment for correct charges, taxes, shipping costs and product costs, as well as product quantity, shipping information, billing information, PayPal, credit card and bill me later.
  • Created various end to end test scenarios to validate 3rd party Payment systems (PayPal Bill me later).
  • Validated text messaging, sending store directions and product information from the Confidential web site to mobile devices.
  • Performed Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Boundary Testing, End to End Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Performed Tablet testing and Mobile testing.
  • Testing on the following platforms: Chrome, Safari, IE (versions 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11) and Firefox.
  • Participated in defect status meetings and Daily standups.

Environment: Java, SQL, UAT, JIRA, Browser stack, Mobile Web, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, XML, MS Office Suite, iOS, Android.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Testing Analyst


  • Accurately monitor and record results in test documentation.
  • Developed and maintained manual/automated test plans and detailed test cases that are reliable, repeatable and maintainable.
  • Analyzed requirements and design documents and attending specifications meetings.
  • Wrote reports providing analysis, communicating results to colleagues & managers.
  • Monitored the testing process and identifying and logging test failures.
  • Performed peer reviews and estimates.
  • Performed GUI Testing, Functional Testing, Black box testing, Integration Testing, Negative and Positive Testing, Regression Automation Testing.
  • Testing full product suites, identifying problems & resolving them with the development team and the client.
  • Regularly executed basic SQL queries to validate data updates in database tables.
  • Provided feedback on test strategy and test plan preparation.
  • Kept detailed logs for all bugs and defects found during testing and reviewing.
  • Performed other duties as requested including cross training.

Environment: SQL, GUI, UAT, XML, DDT, Share Point, HP Quality Center, Quick Test Professional QTP, MS Office Suite, Test Runner. Windows XP/7

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

IVI Test Analyst


  • Tested and Validated Multimedia/Infotainment systems from the Consumer Point of Interest.
  • Collaborated with test lead, subject matter experts, and dev engineers to identify and gather requirements. Communicated with Tier 1 customers regarding Test scenarios/Test data/Test results.
  • Wrote detailed test cases using Microsoft Excel / JIRA and executed them using the AVN system.
  • Involved in-vehicle and bench testing of the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Entertainment, Tuner(AM/FM/Presets/), SIRIUS XM, Network Connectivity, Voice Recognition, Navigation, and various Settings of Confidential AVN System.
  • Validated Navigation System Data by driving to major U.S and Canadian Cities in Real-time.
  • Compared Vehicle Navigation data with Personal navigation device data for destination entry, routing, points of interest and estimated time of arrivals.
  • Validated various commands sent to vehicles ECU (Radio, Park, Reverse-Backup Camera, Drive, Climate Control, Ignition) using VECTOR CANoe.
  • Performed System Integration Testing of the KIA UVO Native Application, 3rdParty Applications and collected detailed log report for all defects found during Bench and Drive testing.
  • Participated in post-Drive Test wrap-up meetings with Confidential and PRX teams explaining test Scenarios/Approaches and Results.
  • Maintained all company equipment.

Environment: MS Office Suite, Windows Embedded for Automotive, Bluetooth Connectivity, Navigation, WIFI, JIRA, HMI, PND, GUI, Vector Canoe, Matlab, XML, iOS, Android, Various Smart Phones and Tablets.

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