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Sr Performance Engineer/system Test Engineer/system Engineer Resume



  • Over 25 years' experience designing, testing, troubleshooting and managing performance for multiple software and hardware platforms. This work was performed on a variety of Operating Systems including Windows, UNIX and Linux.
  • Over 7 years' experience designing, optimizing and trouble - shooting multi-partition IBM P 5, 6, 7 and 8 series servers, IBM Blade Servers and VMware. This work included dedicated, shared, virtual and physical resources.
  • Over 20 years of extensive experience with a variety of automated testing tools \: Quick Test Professional, LoadRunner, Compuware test suite, QA Run 4.8, QA Load, Test Partner 5.1, File Aid, Rational Performance Tester, RadView WebLoad 4.0, Selenium, SilkTest 5.0, JMeter, NMON and PerfMon.
  • Over 20 years' experience using network protocol analyzers and packet sniffing software.
  • Over 20 years of experience in a variety of database environments: SQL Server 2000, and 2012, Oracle, TCL HUB, Sybase, DB2 and Access utilizing ADO and ODBC connections.
  • Over 20 years' experience with a variety of development environments: .Net, C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, MS SQL, Transact-SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, COM, CGI, HTML, Perl, Visual InterDev, FrontPage and Crystal Reports.
  • Over 20 years of software testing, development and design experience. Working knowledge of Healthcare, Financial, Aerospace, Semiconductor and Retail industries. Testing methodologies include Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Black box, White box, Grey box, Functional, Load, Destructive, etc...
  • Over 15 years’ experience in the following configuration tools: PVCS, Remedy, Star Team AccuRev and Visual SourceSafe 6.0.
  • Mercury Quality Center, Test Director, Star Team, Rational Clear Quest and Track Record.
  • Over 25 years' experience with a variety of testing methodologies and environments, including manual, black box, white box, database testing, data driven and automated testing of stand-alone, client/server, internet applications, web services and multi-tier environments.
  • In depth understanding of QA methodologies in writing test plans, test cases, use cases, test scripts, test procedure and perform defect tracking through the entire Software Life Cycle.
  • Proficient in different phases of testing including smoke testing, functional testing, GUI testing, load testing, stress testing, unit testing, regression testing, integration testing, system testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • Experience working as a Business Analyst writing requirements documents in both CMMS and ISO 9000/9001 environments.
  • Over 20 years’ experience with Microsoft Office Suites - Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, and Word.
  • Experience in the following Operating Systems: AIX, Linux, Power Linux, Windows and UNIX.


Confidential, FL

Sr Performance Engineer/System Test Engineer/System Engineer


  • Develop system performance models that serve as a baseline for system design and resource allocation. This includes cpu, memory, storage, and network.
  • Worked with System Architect to understand the system architecture and performance requirements. Defined system performance requirements and provided estimates to management for the hardware required for the estimated workload. This includes hardware layout and design for multiple IBM p series server, virtual and physical networks, network virtual IO servers, SCSI virtual IO servers, blade servers, VMware, SAN and desktop workstations. The system runs on multiple OS platforms including: AIX, Linux, Power Linux and Windows.
  • Develop performance scripts using Java Script, C, bash and korn shell scripts to quantify system resource utilization. Analyze system data to identify existing resource issues and trend data to predict future requirements. Write system requirements documents to be used as guidelines for software development and for the purchase of new hardware.
  • Create and automate performance test cases to baseline system behavior for both functional and load testing.
  • Implement and monitor system behavior using IBM Workload Manager (similar to Dynatrace).
  • Develop unit and load test using C# and VB.net.
  • Develop and execute the functional/performance test plan and test cases for the AIX, Windows, Linus and AIX servers, SQL Server databases, networks, workstations, and associated hardware.
  • Execute tests to identify system performance issues. This includes all facets of the system network, disk, san, cpu, memory, shared memory and software. Suggest changes to software design, system settings, hardware resources or overall design changes to reduce latency and increase throughput.
  • Size blade server hardware and network connections to support a varying number of users and multiple software configurations.
  • Execute and analyze performance tests to validate system performance. Identify hardware, software performance bottlenecks and recommend solutions to the identified issues.
  • Produce reports for upper management that quantifies system behavior.
  • Design performance models to maximize use of shared system resources including cpu, memory, disk and network to maximize efficiency of blade and enterprise servers.
  • Develop a standard traffic model to estimate network throughput and latency for load testing, load balancing and to capture system resource utilization.
  • Develop scripts to quantify system behavior under different loads.
  • Utilize Rational Requisite Pro to create and modify business, system and functional requirements.

Software utilized: NMON, IPerf, Netperf, Wireshark, VMWare, MS Office 2010, Visio, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, C, C#, VB, VB Script, VB.Net, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2012, Windows, Linux, Power Linux, Unix, AIX and Internet Explorer, MagicDraw UML, Rational Requisite Pro, ClearQuest, bash and korn shell. CMMI level 2 for this project.

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL

Performance Engineer /System Analyst


  • Implement Mercury automated suite to Load, Performance and Functional test n-tier banking software. This includes client, server, web service and database testing of system response times, memory usage, and network thresholds.
  • Develop manual test cases and implement them as automated load testing scripts utilizing LoadRunner software. The focus being web service scripts utilizing SOAP protocol for a .Net application, a proprietary middle tier, and a SQL Server database.
  • Develop manual test cases and implement them as automated functional testing scripts using Quick Test Professional software. Applications were developed using .Net, Probe, and SQL Server utilizing a web service middle tier.
  • Verify load and functional test case results in ‘real time’ by creating code to validate status codes and other pertinent data received in the XML response files.
  • Analyze load test results and identify application and system bottlenecks.
  • Utilize SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Query Profiler and automated tools to test stored procedures, validate database activity, update records and create trace templates.
  • Create data sets for Virtual User test cases to validate ‘true banking’ environment for all test scenarios.
  • Act as Quality Center Site Administrator to update VB script code to customize and ensure proper testing procedures.
  • Develop unit test GUI using VB.Net.
  • Develop requirements for banking software to meet business and system requirements.

Software utilized: QuickTest Professional 9.0, Mercury LoadRunner 8.0, Controller, Performance Monitor, XML, Wireshark, VB Script, C, Microsoft VB.Net, MS Visio, MS Word, MS Excel, VBA 6.2, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and Internet Explorer 7.0.

Confidential, FL

Sr. Business Analyst / Sr. Test Engineer


  • Created manual and automated cases using Mercury Quick Test Pro on systems using .Net, Oracle, SQL Server, JAVA, Visual Basic and Cold Fusion.
  • Site Administrator for Test Director and Quality Center including project customization using VBScript, workflow, user groups, permissions, connectivity, licenses, servers and reports.
  • Implemented and tested the upgrade from Mercury Test Director 8.2 to Quality Center 9.0 for use by the IT Directorate
  • Trained entire QA team members to use Quick Test Pro and Test Director.
  • Created templates for importing and exporting data from the Test Director application.
  • Developed database queries, modified data types and updated fields using Oracle 9i and 10g.
  • Verified XML files using in-house parser and .Net tools.
  • Developed application demos using VB.Net Lite with a MS SQL Server 2005 database.
  • Developed algorithms for planning, tracking and forecasting utilities implemented in Confidential budgeting application.
  • Developed verification reports to certify all user requirements were met and tested as part of the SDLC
  • Created System and Software requirements documents for CMMI Level 2 certification.

Software utilized: Mercury Test Director 9.0, Mercury QuickTest Professional 9.0, WebLoad, Citrix, VB Script, Microsoft VB.Net, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA 6.2, SQL Server 8.0, SQL Server 2005, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i and 10g, Toad v 8.6 Internet Explorer 6.0, Rational Team Test, and Siebel.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. Test Engineer/ Software Developer


  • Developed white box test plans, test cases and use cases for testing a Java application accessing DLLs written in C++, C, TCL utilizing a DB2 database.
  • Developed white box test plans, test cases and use cases for testing a .Net application accessing DLLs written in C#, VB.Net, and TCL utilizing a SQL Server database.
  • Standardized documentation procedures for a Confidential level 2 environment.
  • Automated entire testing process from requirements to test case phase utilizing Compuware QA Center.
  • Developed and implemented system performance, load, and system test requirements.
  • Performed system analysis identifying memory leaks and enhancing query performance.
  • Developed a diagnostic utility using Visual Basic 6.0 and VB.Net to assist in resolving technical support issues.
  • Developed parsing routines utilizing the DOM to extract XML data and insert records into a DB2 database
  • Developed scripts using VBA 6.2 to interact between test tools and MS Excel.
  • Developed data integrity tests using File Aid, TestPartner, SQL Server, DB2, ActiveX controls and TCL scripts.
  • Install and maintain new software releases at Beta sites.
  • Logged and tracked defects using StarTeam and QA Director
  • Created and developed GUI prototypes using HTML, ASP and VB 6.0

Software utilized: Visual Age for Java, VB.Net, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA 6.2, IBM DB2 7.1, SQL Server 8.0, TCL, TCL Hub (Hume), Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape Navigator, SPC Charting, QUMAP by IBM, IBM Automation Connection (SiViewMate), Simpca P, Test Partner 5.1, QA Run 4.8, QA Load, File Aid, QA Director and Star Team 4.2.

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