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Software Security Testing Intern Resume



  • Highly motivated emerging technology professional prepared to leverage related education and experience to make lasting contributions in a challenging cyber security role. Actively pursuing CompTIA Security+ certification (Expected to obtain by March 2018).
  • Excellent understanding of cyber security practices, tools, and techniques used to protect against vulnerabilities and threats to software and systems.
  • Skilled at performing penetration testing, software security testing, vulnerability scanning, and ethical hacking to proactively identify and resolve security issues.
  • Perform object - oriented programming, run manual and automated tests, and correct coding errors.
  • Recommend and initiate new projects following established methodologies and protocols.
  • Collaborative team player, adept at communicating with and assisting colleagues in fast-paced environments.


Key skills: Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection Systems, Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Scanning, Software security testing, Attention to details, Team collaboration, Excellent communication

Environment: s:: Linux, Windows

Software/Tools: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Power BI, Confidential, Nmap, Nessus, Wireshark

Programming: Java, C++, HTML, Python


Confidential, Raleigh

Software Security Testing Intern


  • Gained hands-on experience with automated and manual software testing to identify code violations and improvements related to efficiency, transferability, changeability, robustness, and security.
  • Utilized Confidential Application Intelligence Platform to analyze applications for vulnerabilities and ensure adherence to architectural and coding standards.
  • Prepared impact analysis reports based on Confidential results for development teams.

Confidential, Greensboro

Computer Science/Engineering Mathematics Student


  • Developed Web application for car insurance using Java; implemented security features to protect application.
  • Performed penetration testing for various applications using Black Hat and White Hat techniques.
  • Used Nmap and Nessus to conduct port scanning. Analyzed network traffic with Wireshark.

Confidential, Raleigh

Project Management Intern


  • Spearheaded development of several projects to support development of resource capacity planning system.
  • Developed and disseminated a variety of reports using Power BI to provide key information to PMO staff.
  • Extracted and analyzed data from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and consistency.

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