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Sr. Quality Analyst Resume

St Louis, MO


  • IT Professional with over 8 years of experience.
  • Expert in all phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC) including detailed Test Plan, Test Strategy, Test Metrics, Requirements Traceability Metrics, Test Cases, Final Reports and Defects Management (Agile/Scrum & Waterfall).
  • Experience in Software Quality Assurance (QA) in Banking, Healthcare,Reatial and Telecommunication IT sectors.
  • Experience in testing and QA of various web - based, object-oriented, client-server and multi-tier applications.
  • Extensive experience in all testing methods and automated testing using Rational tools such as Selenium Quality Center.
  • Using SOAP UI handles the Data conversion using Data driven framework
  • Hands on Selenium scripts using Java and POM framework
  • Scheduled the jobs using Jenkins tool
  • Participated extensively in Facets, HIPAA, and Health Claims under Health Care domains.
  • Extensively created and documented Test Plans, Test Cases, Use Cases and Test Scripts in testing internet/intranet/client-server/stand alone applications.
  • Conversant with all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, and refinement form of water fall, Agile/Scrum.
  • Experience testing on large mainframe systems and familiar with the languages.
  • Skilled in creating test harness, Test tractability matrix, test design, automated test scripts defect reporting.
  • Writing test plans and executing them to ensure full test coverage and quality product releases.
  • Developed Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases (Functional and Non-Functional) and Test Scenarios from Functional Requirement Specifications according to the Business requirement.
  • Possess excellent skills in GUI Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Stress Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Test (UAT), Database Testing, Load / Performance Testing and XML Application using automated tools.
  • Expertise in performing Black box, White Box, System, Functional, Unit, Integration, Performance, Security, Regression, Ad-hoc, End to End, (UAT) User Acceptance Testing and bug tracking system on both Windows and Unix environments.
  • Expertise in RDBMS backend testing for data validation and data integrity.
  • Experience in Database testing by using Oracle, MS SQL Server, and SQL Queries.
  • Experience in build files for maintaining test automation builds & Java based library to read test data & Properties files using JUnit and Selenium.
  • Generation of Bug (Defect) Reports, tracking the status of each defect (Open, fixed and New) and analyzing the bugs using Quality Center, Bugzilla and JIRA.
  • Expertise in the usage of Selenium, HTML, Java Script, Java, .Net, COBOL, DB2.
  • Experience in testing batch outputs and reports using JCL on mainframe.
  • Extensive knowledge developing and executing shell scripts for testing in UNIX environment.
  • Experienced on working Agile Methodology.
  • Extensive experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance and Application Testing.
  • Team player and have good verbal and written communication skills.


Testing Tools: Test Complete 12.0, Quality Center 11.0 ALM, RPT, JIRA, Selenium RC/Web Driver, Test NG, GIT

Web Technologies: XML, Java, JSP, ASP, HTML and DHTML.

Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and MS Access

GUI: Visual Basic, Oracle, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access).

Scripting Languages: Jscript, Groovy

Web tools: HTML, Java Script, EJB, XML and ASP.

Tools: & Utilities: XML SPY, XML, Java, Web logic and EJB.

Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98 / NT, Windows 7, Windows8

Languages: Java, SQL and PL/SQL.


Confidential, St Louis,MO

Sr. Quality Analyst


  • Established an onsite, offshore testing model, where the Requirements and other supporting documents along with user manuals and design documents were analyzed
  • The Test Scenarios and Test cases were created based on priority and with multiple interactions with the Business team.
  • Writtenan Automation framework in Selenium Web Driver.
  • Tested multi browser compatibility on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera by using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Responsible for streamline testing workflow, to co-ordinate deadlines, risks and issues with the Project Test Manager, keep track on the overall quality for the testing project.
  • Worked closely with business and technical teams to determine project releases for specific projects. Facilitated Business acceptance testing with the end users.
  • Formulated testing scenarios from the end users to mimic in the staging environment and to maximize the testing coverage
  • Documented all the tasks and the issues into Clear Quest for further analysis
  • Prioritized the issues from a business perspective and helped communicate to the development teams
  • Used SQL queries to analyze backend and communicate unseen discrepancies to the Business
  • Prioritize the BAT timelines and work on the testing schedules and finish the test artifacts as soon as possible
  • Set expectations from the testing team to work within the parameters of the project business plan and scope.
  • Worked with the Business stakeholders, program managers and application owners of the organization to conduct project analysis, risk/issue analysis and schedule for major project decisions.
  • Work directly with users/employees to translate customer business requirements into functional requirement specifications for System integration testing.
  • Contributed towards improvement of process and feedbacks and suggestions for continuous process improvement.

Environment: Selenium, WebDriver, Java, Jquery, Junit, Agile,Sql Server 2013

Confidential, Brooklyn Park,MN

Sr. Quality Analyst


  • Implemented automation using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, Selenium Grid
  • Extensively automated regression and functional test suites by developing test cases, test suites using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, JUnit.
  • Implemented Page Objects framework, Hybrid framework and Page classes from scratch to represent web pages.
  • Developed Keyword Driven and Data Driven frameworks to retrieve test actions, test data from Excel files and SQL Databases.
  • Configured Maven for JAVA automation projects and developed Maven project object model (POM) .
  • Used Maven, Selenium Grid to execute Selenium automation suites on different platform, browser combinations in parallel.
  • Developed BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behaviours and step definitions. Developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.
  • Wrote SQL queries extensively, queried database and generated test reports. Performed Purchase Orders Database testing by developing 14 SQL scripts .
  • Performed Defect Tracking & Management in JIRA. Generated automated daily reports using JIRA API.
  • Worked in a highly dynamic AGILE environment and participated in scrum and sprint meetings
  • Assisted Manager by providing automation strategies, Selenium/Cucumber Automation and JIRA reports.
  • Identified weaknesses in QA Processes, Web testing, Selenium Automation. Suggested & implemented improvements.

Environment: Selenium,Java,Sql,Windows

Confidential, Richfield,MN

Sr. Quality Analyst


  • Involved in writing and executing detailed Test cases, Test plans and Test design documents.
  • Involved in using data driven tests to validate API calls.
  • Identified Test cases based on the requirements, participated in implementation of Test Cases, and Test Script according to the Business Requirements, System Requirements.
  • Performed different kinds of testing like Black Box, GUI, Functionality, Integration, Regression, Usability, System, User Acceptance and Back End Testing.
  • Created Requirement Traceability Matrix and also updated the Requirement traceability matrix timely with the changes.
  • Developed and maintained Manual and Automation test scripts.
  • Used Jira for Bug Tracking, Bug fixing, and Bug Reporting.
  • Using Jenkins continuous integration to schedule the jobs
  • Involved in the Database Testing using SQL Quires of the Application like checking all the Tables in the Database and checking whether the data is moving in their Respective Tables.
  • Performed functionality and regression testing during the various phases of the application using Selenium.
  • Developed a Data Driven Framework using Selenium.
  • Developed Automation Scripts, Execution and Analysis Test Results using a Hybrid Framework in Selenium.
  • Used Jenkin as a Continuous Integration server to configure with Maven.
  • Run the regression test scripts both in Soap UI and Selenium Web driver
  • Scheduled testing job and set up the flag to run automation script every time developer commits new code and make a new build.
  • Involved in providing the efficient locators strategy like xpath and css to run WebDriver script in stable condition.
  • Worked on different SDLC methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, RUP and Spiral.
  • Built Safari browser extension to be able to run WebDriver in Safari browser.
  • Designed the future state testing to be implemented in the next phase of this effort.
  • Enhanced database structures as per the business requirement, which is applicable for contract accounting in an efficient way .

Environment: Selenium RC, WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Windows, Agile Methodology, MS Office tools, Oracle, SQL Server, HTML, XML and UNIX.

Confidential, Topeka, KS

Sr. Quality Analyst


  • Analyzed Product Requirements in Design, Build Phases.
  • Written an Automation framework in Selenium Web Driver.
  • Created functional, integration and regression Test Cases based on Use cases, Functional Requirements Documents and Design Requirement documents.
  • Developed and executed manual test cases for Functionality and Regression testing Updated existing Test Cases as per application functionality
  • Involved in conducting Black box testing of the application
  • Tested multi browser compatibility on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera by using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Created a JAR folder and created a BAT file that executes a command to locate a Selenium
  • Validated and develop both positive as well as negative test cases.
  • Performed functionality and regression testing during the various phases of the application using Selenium IDE.
  • Performed functional, system, integration, Ad hoc and regression Testing.
  • Generated Test data for positive and negative test scenarios.
  • Used SQL query to validate the masked data fields from DB2 and SQL server.
  • Followed HIPAA Privacy rule.
  • Managed the testing phases and trouble shouted defects.
  • Worked with the development team very closely and made sure that all the defects were fixed and closed in a timely manner.
  • Generated Execution status reports from QC.
  • Worked closely with the development team to reduce the communication gaps
  • Develop Test strategies and estimate effort/cost.
  • Created a JUnit framework and created sub-functions as a class and called by main function to run a test Suite in Java Eclipse IDE.
  • Attended weekly project review meetings with Product Management and Development team.
  • Done defect Tracking, defect reporting and Summary Report Analysis using bug tracking tool
  • Provided weekly build Regression Support by executing test cases evaluating test results and maintenance of New/Fixed bugs
  • Prepared the Test status report every week based on the test results.
  • Analyzed the property of different embedded API like HTML, CSS, AJAX web based application and tested the functionality by the help of Firebug
  • Worked on Agile methodology
  • Created different classes and function in Java to enhance Hybrid Framework.
  • Created Java Variables and used to capture the required values by calling a function.
  • Provided support for Unit and UAT testing as required for the application or any other assigned application.
  • Identified the areas to perform the Regression testing for each build of the application and test accordingly.
  • Prioritized the defects to resolve and developed defect status reports.

Environment: Selenium, WebDriver, Java, Jquery, Junit, Internet Explorer, Agile, HIPAA, Share point, SQL Server 2005, SOUPUI and SQL Server 2005.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Quality Analyst


  • Involved in creation of Test Scripts for Automated Testing.
  • Interacted with developers to report data related bugs and re-tested the fixed issues.
  • Performed web-testing on Rate-Plan module where customers can browse and purchase service plan according to the coverage area, confirming with the back end.
  • Pulled the testing data from Prod Environment to the Test Environment to test the different modules of OSS/BSS Amdocs application by using SQL queries to match the front and backend data.
  • Performed the data driven functionality testing in Selenium on Amdocs OSS application in different modules like, service modules, asset module, distributors module, commission module, distributors module, billing module, Port a number module.
  • Built a different class for each module as Add-a-Line, Convert Non-Pooling plan to Pooling, Change Rate plan, Change Contract Term, Equipment; created different function; tested the UI by running an automated test suite in Eclipse.
  • Tested Voice CDR with different sets of parameterized data as National dialing code, Regional Dialing code, Sales price list, purchase price list etc. on OSS/BSS application.
  • Done data mapping and data analysis to identify the data sources and data fields to be selected.
  • Uploaded the requirements in ALM Quality center.
  • Created the OSS/BSS functionality requirement in ALM Mercury Quality Center for Test planning, test execution, Defect Tracking, RTM, Analysis and Reporting.
  • Extensively involved in testing CSM module with activities like Billing account number (BAN) creation, activate/suspend/cancel/restore subscribers, and billing on OSS/BSS application.
  • Tracked Defects reported them using ALM Quality Center.
  • Prepare the Test status report every week based on the test results from the Mercury Quality Center ALM.
  • Performed testing OSS application in different activities like network and services, including service quality monitoring, network and server performance, logical and physical resources management, inventory for the operation of the business.
  • Used Web driver and tested Web based UI compatibility for different browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Analyzed the property of different embedded API like HTML, CSS, AJAX web based application and tested the functionality by the help of Firebug.
  • Used FirePath to identify the Xpath to define the object value of the web application.
  • Used breakpoint by using ToggleBreakpoint to debug the AUT in Selenium IDE.
  • Used customized commands by using extension
  • Responsible run billing for all cycles and to test all the available Price-Plans/Offers, Discounts, Promotions, Probations, Usage specific to business and Individual customers.
  • Performed Data Validation and Database Integrity testing by executing SQL statements.
  • Participated in regular meetings with developers, users and managers to resolve the technical problems
  • Created the Integration and Functional Test Plans.
  • Manual Testing was done to perform functional testing on the User interface
  • Performed data integrity testing by executing SQL and PL/SQL statements.
  • Written data driven test to handle the scenario requiring multiple sets of data.
  • Analyze the Discrepancies, severity, tracking system and reporting through Quality Center.
  • Used SQL Queries to verify the data from the Oracle database checked the PL/SQL Packages developed as a part of Backend testing.
  • Conducted Functional and Regression testing of the application using Selenium.
  • Responsible for weekly status to show the Progress of the automation testing effort.
  • Engaged in data modeling and executing data validation and researched alternatives for the development of business requirements and analyzed business needs and requirements for proposed new housing goals by using MS Excel on Selenium.
  • Tested Online Payments and created job requirements, jobs, and parameters passing in Microsoft Excel as a Data Driven framework.
  • Performed Regression testing in Reports.
  • Analyze and write detailed specifications and Test Requirements using Mercury Quality Center.
  • Involved in exhaustive unit level and integration testing for all the modules of the application.
  • Modifying existing automation scripts for automated regression testing using Java.

Environment: Selenium, Java, Eclipse, SQL, Oracle, Eclipse, Windows 7 and Windows Mobile

Confidential, New York, NY

Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Involved in writing Test Plan and making sure that the development process is according to the requirements
  • Knowledge of Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Gathered requirement for SOX consultants.
  • Performed Regression and Functional testing for financial projects.
  • Created XML files using XML Spy to send data.
  • Interact with analyst, system staff and developers to ensure the overall quality and testing efforts
  • Involved in Back End Testing by extracting flat files from the server, which were generated by a Batch process to verify data against expected results
  • Wrote SQL Statements to extract Data from Tables to verify the output Data of the reports
  • Created test cases and test scripts using Quick Test Pro for Functionality, Security, System, Negative, Positive and User Acceptance Testing
  • Performed Back end testing by writing SQL Queries to see that the data does not get corrupted while traveling from Oracle Database.
  • Maintained a Traceability Matrix.
  • Used QuickTest Pro’s Data Table, to manipulate the data sets and create multiple test scenarios.
  • Parameterized the data of Quick Test Pro.
  • Used Quick Test Pro’s Active screen technology to interact with the components of the Application under the test.
  • Inserted various checkpoints in Quick Test Pro to verify various web-based characteristics.
  • Tracked defects and reported using Quality Center.
  • Conducted result analysis and interacted with developers to resolve bugs
  • Involved in writing test cases.
  • Perform regression testing to ensure that the bugs are fixed.

Environment: QTP 10.0 and Quality Center 9.5, XML Spy, Windows NT, UML, Rational Requisite Pro, SQL, MS-Visio, MS Project, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2008, SOAP,ADO, HTML, DHTML, XML, SQL Server 2008 and CSS.

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