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Selenium Automation Engineer Resume

New York, NY


  • Experienced, determined and quick learner having 5 plus years of strong Information Technology Industry experience with extensive background on automation testing, its framework building and design.
  • Have advance programming knowledge on Java with extensive experience on various test automation tools and worked under highly dynamic Agile environment.
  • Team player, hardworking and calm demeanor who is willing to learn as well as deliver know - how to others.
  • Have extensive knowledge on JAVA objected oriented programming language (Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation)
  • Expertise on Selenium test automation using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, JAVA, TestNG, Cucumber, Maven, GitHub, Jenkins, Sause Lab and JDBC
  • Designed and implemented different automation framework from scratch using POM (Page Object Model) framework and Data Driven framework with the help of TestNG and Cucumber
  • Expertise in writing Selenium WebDriver automation scripts in JAVA for web application and exposure in Appium automation scripts for mobile application
  • Maintained and enhanced Selenium & Java Automation code from source code repository and version control like Git and GitHub over the time for improvement of existing application and new features
  • Experience writing CSS Selectors, X-path expression to identify web elements
  • Extensive experience with writing test scenarios on cucumber feature file
  • Wrote proficient Java glue code step definitions for test scenario using regex
  • In depth understanding on how and where to use gherkins annotations
  • Implemented Cloud Based Selenium Grid on Sauce labs and local Selenium Grid for various applications with various combinations of OS and Browsers
  • Excellent experience of build tools like Maven and managing JAVA automation projects
  • Experience working with TestNG and Allure testing reports
  • Performed continuous integration testing using Jenkins
  • Experience in Appium to automate iOS and Android applications
  • Have in-depth knowledge of various SDLC methodologies including Waterfall, Agile and SCRUM
  • Experience in designing, preparing and executing test cases for web application and mobile application using SDLC concepts
  • Good exposure on Bug Life Cycle to resolve the defect in-conjunction with the developers
  • Used JIRA as bug tracking tool and task management tool for software development in Agile Methodology
  • Proficient in writing basic SQL queries to extract and fetch data from data base


Programming Languages: JAVA, JSON, HTML, XML, CSS

Testing Tools: Selenium, Appium, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Sauce labs, Maven, JIRA, Jenkins

Frameworks: Hybrid Automation Framework with Page Object Model, Data Driven Framework, TestNG, Cucumber

Database: MySQL, SQL Server 2008/2012

Version Control: Git and GitHub

OS Environments: Windows 7/8, Windows Server 2008/2012, MAC, DOS, Android OS, iOS

Software Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, SDLC, STLC


Selenium Automation Engineer

Confidential, New York, NY

  • Experienced with POM (Page Object Model framework) using JAVA and Selenium Web Driver library
  • Extensive experience with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE
  • Used Maven, Selenium Grid to execute Selenium automation suites on different platform; performed browser combinations in parallel
  • Experienced in dynamic AGILE environment
  • Used Sauce labs to execute Selenium automation suites on different platform and performed browser Combinations in parallel
  • Wrote test scenarios on cucumber feature file
  • Executed Java glue code step definitions for test scenario using regex
  • Applied gherkins annotations
  • Applied TestNG to view detailed test execution reports
  • Extensive experience in source control with GitHub
  • Automated iOS and Android app using Appium Java-Client library
  • Always kept the framework up to date to accommodate all test scenarios
  • Worked closely with manual testing team to discuss which test cases should or should not be automated
  • Identified weaknesses in QA Processes, Web testing and executed Selenium Automation to suggest and implement improvements
  • Performed Defect Tracking & Management in JIRA and generated automated daily reports using JIRA API
  • Performed database testing by writing SQL
  • Participated in sprint and scrum meetings and walk through with project managers, developers and QA testers

Environment: s: Selenium, Maven, GitHub, Jenkins, JAVA, SQL Server, HTML, XML, CSS, Windows, Mac OS, iOS

Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jira, Selenium, TestNG, SQL Server Management Studio 2008

QA Automation Engineer and Quality Assurance Analyst

Confidential, Pennsylvania

  • Developed, documented and maintained test artifacts like test data, data validation and automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver using JAVA as primary language
  • Responsible for automating Ikea Internal Web Application
  • Assisted in developing and maintaining robust and effective Page Object Model Framework
  • Used Firebug and Firepath to identify and locate elements as needed, along with creating custom xpath using xml functions
  • Implemented Maven for build management and implemented CI tool - Jenkins
  • Applied TestNG and Allure to view detailed test execution reports
  • Experience in source control with GitHub
  • Implemented Selenium Grid for parallel testing on multi browser and OS combination
  • Executed full test on every regression build and provided detailed report to the upper management
  • Modified test scripts to handle all checked and unchecked exceptions which helped running test smoothly
  • Used Maven as primary build management tools
  • Ensure successful delivery of final content by the testing deadline including test sign off reports, any outstanding defects and how they would be handled, and hand off to UAT
  • Automated iOS and Android application using Appium

Environment: s: Selenium, Maven, GitHub, Jenkins, JAVA, SQL Server, HTML, XML, CSS, Windows, Mac OS, iOS

Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jira, Selenium, TestNG, SQL Server Management Studio 2008

Software QA Analyst

Confidential, Teaneck, NJ

  • Extensive knowledge of functional testing, developing software testing process, testing scenarios, test plan and strategy for testing, reporting and analyzing test results
  • Developed Test Scenarios and Test Cases for large-scale data validation and comparison between two web applications and between the UI and Database defining simple to complex scenarios
  • Thoroughly execute Peer reviews for developing the UAT test plan, strategy, test cases which are used while testing the application
  • Created UAT test plan documents, strategy, test cases, executed UAT test scripts, and created test reports using quality center
  • Analyzed and validated system requirements
  • Performed Functional testing on Mobile Application for iOS and Android
  • Worked with automation team to help them run Selenium test suites as part of regression testing
  • Involved in Analyzing data, and developed enterprise and ad hoc reports
  • Identified system problems and provided solutions to develop, test and implementation of the application
  • Involved in developing, reviewing and maintain IT technical and user documentation

Environment: s: JAVA, Selenium, Maven, GitHub, Jenkins, JAVA, SQL Server, HTML, XML, CSS, Windows, Mac OS

Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jira, Selenium, TestNG, SQL Server Management Studio 2008

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