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Pentration Tester Resume


  • Over 20 years of experience in development and delivery of training in advanced IT/IM educational programs across a wide spectrum of governmental and commercial organizations.
  • Seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of diverse experience servicing Federal, State, cooperate and local needs.
  • Experienced in assessing, developing, and implementing technical business requirements of clients through workshops, interviews, conferences, and other client activities.
  • Expert in performing Cyber Security auditing and analysis for a variety of governmental organizations with an emphasis on current Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA) policies, procedures and regulations as required by law.
  • Expert in the Information Systems field providing project management, Certification, and Accreditation (C&A), Policy and Procedures, marketing, consulting, training, system integration, security, documentation, and oversight services.
  • Spoke at multiple engagements ranging from lectures, radio broadcasts, Webinars to round table discussions at various conferences, seminars and symposiums addressing current and future cyber security concerns.



Pentration Tester


  • Performs successful penetration assessments for the Confidential including Incident Response, Red Team(s), Network Surveying, Port Scanning, System Identification / OS Fingerprinting, Vulnerability Research and Verification Service Identification, Internet Application Testing, exploiting vulnerabilities remotely, recommending appropriate countermeasures to thwart malicious hacking.
  • The type of tools used to perform these assessments included but are not limited to open source and commercial tools such as Retina, Core Impact, Metasploit Framework, Nessus, Nmap, Qualys, MBSA, Nikto, Paros, WebInspect, AppScan, Burp, Acunetix, Wireshark, NetCat, Hping2, Kismet, KisMac, AirCrack, and Nemesis.

Senior Cyber Security Analyst


  • Performs as a lead Cyber Security analyst, preparation, and execution of a comprehensive audit of all Critical Digital Assets (CDA)s using the Nuclear Regulatory RG 5.71 and NEI 08 - 09 cyber security frameworks.
  • Audited and tested over 7000 unique CDAs to be used in construction of two new AP1000 nuclear power plants in the United States.
  • Assessed critical vulnerabilities and threats present in any connected CDAs throughout the plant. Provided weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports tracking audit progress as well and annual findings reports as required by the contract. Designed and developed LRM training for future educational requirements for both Westinghouse and their clients.

Information Security Training and Lead/Senior CM ANALYST


  • Lead designer and developer of specialized cyber security courseware for the DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM).
  • Responsible for instructing all EM IT personnel on cyber security topics ranging from strategies for an effective defense-in-depth to best practices for everyday users in securing their information.
  • Courses include training for high level senior government officials such as the Designated Approving Authority (DAA) to the System Administrators who operate critical network resources to the end users who use those resources to achieve the mission.
  • To date, over 30,000 employees and contractors to the DOE EM program have been trained with proven results.
  • Conducts Continuous Monitoring and individual EM Field Site cyber security assessments to audit and assist in compliance to the current mandated regulatory environment.
  • Develops whitepapers, Webinars and presentations focused on all cyber security and IA issues within the DOE EM program.
  • Performs as a lead Cyber Security analyst for the Confidential ’s Environmental Management Mission Information Protection Program (MIPP).

Senior Education Consultant


  • Program Manager and designer of the Federal IT Training program for Confidential, which serves the entire Health and Human Services Department of over 65,000 personnel including the Food and Drug Administration, Confidential and Confidential .
  • Instructed over 1,500 Confidential federal employees and contractors on a wide range of desktop, SQL database, and spreadsheet and project management applications.
  • Audited and reported program progress to senior management. Analyzed and consulted on client critical mission needs in database, spreadsheet and project management skills and provided consulting to increase employee productivity in theses mission critical areas.
  • Evaluated and audited new online client relationship management and reporting tool for registering, listing, reporting, and managing the IT Training curriculum at Confidential .
  • Designed and instructed IT curriculum focusing on core business methods and practices and developed training modules and course content from vendor manuals and guides and customized consumer-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to reflect current systems, specification, and procedures.



  • As a Senior Technical Instructor for MicroStrategy, lectured and certified technical personnel from over 900 strategic partners on MicroStrategy 6 & 7 Business Intelligence platforms and Oracle 7.3 warehousing around the world.
  • Class sizes ranged from 10 - 15 students for an intense 2 to 3 week training program.
  • Lead in the design and development of new lectures and courseware including class demos, lab exercises, and visual training aids.
  • Lead Production Consultant for the MicroStrategy 7i Business Intelligence suite responsible for the implementation and consultation to partners, clients, and customers of MicroStrategy.
  • Job duties included systems analysis, report building, database interfacing, I-Server setup, and customer relations.
  • Expert in Business Intelligence software applications including Business Objects® and Cognos.

Senior Program Analyst


  • Lead marketing and business developer for Confidential . Negotiated the GSA IT Contract vehicle used for new IT services contracts with the Federal Government.
  • Used the MOBIS GSA contract vehicle to provide marketing and technical support on a Functional System and Analysis contract with the Defense Depot Center Office of the J6.
  • Developed and implemented a cyber security compliance review program including continual monitoring and research of upcoming policy and regulation requirement changes. ocedure web database for future Federal clients.

Lead Technical training program manager


  • Lead the development and modernization of the Confidential, Health Affairs/ Confidential Management Activity training curriculum by applying knowledge of adult education theories and methods and techniques, computer-assisted learning methods, as well as instructional system design and systems approach to training methodologies.
  • Program manager for the Confidential Supply Inventory Database project.
  • Re-engineered and integrated legacy Access database into Web-based application using SQL 7 and Cold Fusion. Provided technical instruction and direction to TMA correspondence personnel on matters pertaining to correspondence and the Document Management System (DMS) using PCDOCS workflow tool.
  • Chief technical support liaison for Confidential medical terminology database used to catalogue all medical nomenclature by Confidential for reporting purposes.

Senior Technical Instructor


  • Provided software instruction and consulting for clients
  • Specialized in project management software training and database design and development integration on the Defense Medical Information Systems/Systems Integration, Design, Development, Operations and Maintenance Services (D/SIDDOMS) contracts.


  • Managed the production and dissemination of training materials, courseware and reference materials for the various professional development training classes offered by Confidential for staff.

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