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Sr. Qa Analyst Resume

Bentoville, ArkansaS


  • Overall 7+ years’ experience as a QA Tester in Manual/Automation testing of Web/Mobile apps and client server application, to validate functionality of the applications.
  • Experience in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) Including Agile, Waterfall, V - Model, Iteration, and Scrum methodologies.
  • Expertise in Manual Testing and Automation tolls like Selenium WebDriver, JMeter and SoapUIPro.
  • Expertise in gathering requirements, writing software Test plans, Test case Design, and Test Data and execution of test cases in both Manual and Automated modes.
  • Extensive experience with Software Quality Assurance Testing on GUI based Client Server & Web Based Applications, Data Driven Applications using Automated Testing procedures.
  • Implemented different automation frameworks like Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, Behavior Driven Development Framework/Acceptance Test-Driven Development Framework (BDD/ATDD).
  • Well experienced with automation of Rest API using Rest Assured package in java with Cucumber.
  • Experienced with Continuous Deployment (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) capabilities and Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using Quality Center (QC), JIRA, IBM Clear Quest, Bugzilla, Jenkins etc.
  • Expertise automation testing tools and automation framework JMeter, Selenium, SOAPUI, Junit, TestNG, Appium.
  • Proficient in performing different types of testing like Smoky, Sanity, Functional, Non-Functional Testing, System Testing, Integration testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), GUI testing, Browser Compatibility testing, Ad-hoc testing, Black Box Testing, White Box, System Testing, Shakeout Testing, Front End and Back End Testing.
  • Expert in developing Java Selenium Web Driver test scripts using Java, JavaScript and Rest Assured packages and Test Frameworks using TestNG, Junit, ANT/MAVEN/Gradle build tools.
  • Automation testing of web applications using Cucumber and Selenium Web Driver. Experienced with SOA, Web Services, SOAP, Soap UI, RESTFUL.
  • Experience in Administration/Maintenance of source control management systems, such as SubVersion (SVN), TFS, GIT, GITHUB, GIT BUCKET.
  • Dexterous in coordinating multiple projects involving varied areas of quality assurance like Web Services Testing, Database Testing, User Interface testing, and Mobile Testing.
  • Performed Backend validations using SQL Queries in PL-SQL Developer to validate the test results.


Languages: Java, JavaScript, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, VB Script.

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, SoapUI, Cucumber, HP Quality Center(QC/ALM), TestNG, Junit, JMeter, Maven, ANT, Gradle.


Databases: Oracle 9i,10g,11g, SQL, MYSQL, MS Access, Mongo DB

SDLC Methodology: Agile, V-Model, Waterfall, Scrum

Project Management Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Clear Case, Clear Quest, MKS Integrity

Continuous Integration Tools: Git, Github, Bit bucket, TFS, SVN, Jenkins, Maven, Hudson, Firebug.

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows 7/8/10/XP, MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux, IOS


Confidential, Bentoville, Arkansas

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Design & Develop automation framework using Selenium Java, WebDriver, TestNG & apache POI.
  • Performed Data driven testing using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG functions and JDBC Connections, which reads data from scripts using property and XML files.
  • Performed Regression Testing for every modification made in the application and new builds using Automation.
  • Performed Stress and Load testing using JMeter - used Thread Groups, Samplers, Plans and Proxy recording with listeners to calculate the average response time.
  • Enhanced existing test cases using Java programming features and TestNG annotations.
  • Mapped the test cases to the Requirements in JIRA and executed the test cases in Test Environment.
  • Cucumber was used for the entire Regression testing and functional testing with selenium as a primary tool to the test Test scenarios, Test cases and test conditions identified.
  • Maven tool and created selenium automation scripts in Java using TestNG framework and page object model (POM).
  • Involved in executing SQL queries procedures, functions and packages for backend testing.
  • Integrated the test suites to Jenkins to execute them automatically after every successful deployment and used Jenkins continuous integration server to run automated test suites.
  • Created test data and generated web services scripts using SOAP transactions, WSDL files, executed them using SOAP UI and performed Functional testing for web services.
  • Used HP ALM/Quality Center for reporting and tracking bug and generating reports.
  • Implement short sprint cycles of Agile Estimation method of Testing, including the need for fast feedback, high visibility and alignment with customer need.
  • Wrote automation test cases using selenium and java to perform smoke testing.
  • Created Data Driven Approach to perform regression testing using automation.
  • Created many users and work flows to check the performance testing using Load Runner.
  • Created and Retested defects in HP ALM and attended the Defect review meetings on daily basis.
  • Coordinating user acceptance testing (UAT) activities for business groups and IT.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, TestNg Framework, Java, IntelliJ IDE, XPath, Web Services (RESTFUL, JSON), Firebug, Windows, Jenkins, JMeter, SOAPUI, page oriented model (POM), Gradle, SharePoint, HP ALM, MS Office (MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Oracle SQL Server, GIT and Bit-bucket, Agile, JIRA.

Confidential - SFO, California

Sr. QA Automation Engineer


  • Use test management tool HP Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) to design and execute Test Cases for various modules of the application under test (AUT), log defect and tracking change request as well as generate Test Analysis Reports and Graphs.
  • Work with the QA Team to write the instruction for User Acceptance testing (UAT) to support the non-technical employee.
  • Worked in Agile environment and was responsible for analyzing system requirements for the project based on SDLC , by performing Gap Analysis and major and minor functionality.
  • Independently designed and structured complete project framework from scratch, includes design page classes, test classes, develop selenium and project utilities, manage input data and environments.
  • Work with the QA Team to perform Regression, negative, and positive testing as, and when required to ensure the stability of the application.
  • Run the test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and generate the test reports.
  • Performed Parallel, Cross - Browser, multiple platforms Testing using Selenium and TestNG.
  • Working with Java to use Selenium, WebDriver API library to write automation test scripts with
  • Automated Restful Api using Java Rest Assured package, Cucumber Feature and Scenario and validated the Status code, Endpoint Urls, Content type, JSON body with parsing as well as partial and full schema using assertions.
  • Worked with the Web programming language HTML5, CSS3, XML and selected web element by using Firebug and Fire Path.
  • Execute the test cases, and report the Defects in JIRA
  • Experience in using Jenkins as a Continuous Integration server to configure with GitHub and Maven.
  • Performed Mobile Automation testing on Web app, Native app using Appium and running the scripts on Android and iOS devices

Environment:: Selenium Webdriver, Eclipse, JUnit, SVN, Maven, Jenkins, Appium, Firebug, HP Quality Center(QC/ALM), SOAP UI, Git, JIRA, SQL Server, Java, REST, POM, XML, Salesforce, CSS, TestNG, JMeter, Jira, SOAP, MySQL, MS Excel, Agile Methodology.

Confidential - Michigan

QA Test Engineer


  • Performed functionality and regression testing during the various phases of the application using Selenium.
  • Used Selenium to expand test scenarios to catch more bugs and improve quality.
  • Developed and implemented Hybrid Framework with Selenium Web Driver.
  • Expertise in using Selenium Grid for compatibility testing to test whether the web application is working as desired in different environments.
  • Involved in defining the performance scenarios based on the client provided QA use cases and inputs. Performed Business process integration between HP ALM and SAP solution manager.
  • QA testing automation setup to set up Selenium WebDriver to run automated test scripts.
  • Modifying the existing test cases based on change in a feature. Used Jira as a defect tracking tool for product backlogs and reporting bugs.
  • Experience in Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple Databases Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL. Used Unix commands to access and troubleshoot Errors by accessing the Error log files.
  • Expertise in Selenium Automation using Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG & Maven. Ported existing QTP automation scripts into TestNG and Selenium test cases.
  • Performance testing using JMeter tool & Agile and Scrum environment. Involved in developing Java code for automating the creation of the scenario file, OS metrics and import data into SQL DB tables and also for other project requirements.

Environment:: Windows XP, Oracle, Quality center, java script Web Driver, Cucumber, SoupUI, HTML5, JMeter, TestNG, CURAM, MAVEN, Windows 7/XP/Vista, Linux, UNIX., Clear Case, TFS.

Confidential - York, PA

QA Test Engineer


  • Followed Agile Methodology for this project. Involved in design and implementation of Selenium WebDriver automation framework for Smoke and Regression test suites (TestNG and ANT). Setup the Automation framework using Selenium WebDriver to run test cases in multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Developed custom libraries for automation using JAVA & Selenium WebDriver. Created Java based scripts for Selenium WebDriver with TestNG as automation frame work.
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers using HTML IDs and XPath in Selenium. Extensively used Selenium (data-driven, XPath locator) and WebDriver to test the web application.
  • Developed automated tests in partnership with developers for continuous regression testing and reducing manual testing using Selenium, TestNG, and Maven.
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers using HTML IDs and XPath in Selenium. Extensively used Selenium (data-driven, XPath locator) and WebDriver to test the web application.
  • Created automation scripts in SoapUI using JavaScript for web services testing. Used Selenium WebDriver using TestNG and Eclipse for automation in Hybrid model.
  • Monitored the test execution in Jenkins once the code pushed into Continuous Integration and continuous development. Involved in Defect Management, Defect Review and Defect Status Reporting.
  • Performed Regression testing on new builds, every modification in the application using Selenium WebDriver. Used Firebug for the web based application testing with selenium for the Commands and Locator application.
  • Set up Jenkins, GIT, and Maven to work together and provide a smooth continuous integration
  • Reported software defects in Quality Center(QC) and interacted with the developers to resolve technical issues. Analyzed test results, tracked the defects and generated reports using Quality Center(QC).
  • Involved in writing programming scripts in TSL and writing a number of User defined functions. Performed Back end testing by writing SQL statements like Join, Inner Joins, and Outer joins and Self Joins used SQL Developer.
  • Actively participated in daily Scrum meetings and involved in bi-weekly Sprint releases. Contributed to and assisted in the management of bug tracking databases built in Bugzilla and JIRA.

Environment:: Selenium WebDriver, Java, Eclipse, JUnit, Jenkins, Maven, Firebug, CSS, Fire Path, SoapUI, Git, Jira, Appium, JMeter, SVN, TestNG, HP Quality Center(QC/ALM), SQL, PL/SQL, XML, MS Excel.

Confidential - New York City, NY

QA Test Engineer


  • As an Automation Engineer, involved in plan & perform testing, verification & validation, and quality assurance of the application.
  • Involved in test cases review by development team, product management and modified the test cases based on their feedback.
  • Involved in Black box, Functional, Regression, Negative, Compatibility and Integration testing. Also, involved in patch and upgrade testing.
  • Created Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to analyze changes and identify the areas of application for Regression Testing. Executed Test Cases, logged defects, developed Test Defect Reports and Escalated issues.
  • Setup and Configured the testing environment with Eclipse, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Java client driver.
  • Identified test cases to automate. Automate those test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Java (Eclipse IDE).
  • Written and executed Selenium tests for automation testing of the web application using Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Implemented assertions, error collector functionalities for better validation using TestNG.
  • Involved in the Continuous Integration(CI) of the automation framework with Jenkins.
  • Developed automated tests for continuous regression testing and reducing manual testing using Selenium, TestNG and Maven.
  • Designed and developed test structure for web services to validate API calls using SOAPUI. Used Maven, SVN, Selenium WebDriver, Java and Selenium Grid to create nightly automation scripts.
  • Performed SQL query executions in Database as a part of Back end Data Verifications.
  • Involved in Defect tracking and Reporting using JIRA defect tracking tool.
  • Worked with Developers, Business analysts and Project managers to determine requirements (H/W specs, Test Cases, Test Data).

Environment: Selenium Web Driver, Java, JIRA, TestNG, Jenkins, Maven, SoapUI, HTML, Firefox, Chrome, Apache, SQL, Windows, UNIX, Oracle, MS-Office, XML, Git.

Confidential - Kansas City, MO

Automation Tester

Responsibilities :

  • As an Automation Engineer, involved in plan & perform testing, verification & validation, and quality assurance of the application.
  • Interacted with Business Analysts to get the business requirements and functional specifications documents.
  • Performed manual testing before performing automated testing.
  • Reviewed Manual testing methods, developed, and executed automated scripts and Developed use cases, test cases and executed test cases.
  • Evaluated application testing results and recorded the discrepancies using ALM/ Quality Center to track, analyze and report on them. Generated detailed reports of Bugs, Pass-Fail report and Comparison Chart.
  • Interacted with developers and reported the software bugs through Quality Center.
  • Wrote SQL queries for backend testing.
  • Used SOAP UI to test the web services for supplier interface .
  • Performed regression testing for fixes using QTP and closed the defects in Test Manager .
  • Maintaining Bug Reports, assigning priorities to bugs and reviewing user documentation.
  • Developed the complete Test documents like Test Plan, Test Cases and Test Scripts by analyzing
  • Business requirement documents, Technical and functional design documents, Use cases.
  • Created & executed Test Scripts in Quick Test Pro during Regression Testing.
  • Created Automation Framework in QTP in Expert view (VB script functions) to automate test cases
  • Tested ETL jobs and wrote scripts in SQL Server to verify the data
  • Prioritize testing efforts based on release plan, analyze and interpret test results, finalize the test plan and get approvals.
  • Identifies and manages project-level risks associated with systems integration.
  • Involved in preparing Test Plan, Test Strategy, Test Cases and Test Scripts.

Environment:: HP QC, QTP, Java, JSP, HTML, VB Script, SQL, QTP, Oracle, MS Windows, MS Office Suite


Manual Test Engineer

Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for functional specifications based on the business requirements and interaction with the subject matter experts, developers and users
  • Performed complete Finance/FI System assessment and involved in the development of test strategy documents
  • Tested compensation, salary administration and salary budgeting solution combining existing standard functionality and several custom personnel development information types into an integrated solution
  • Generated Invoice Verifications by entering invoices with order references
  • Experience in Business Analysis, Manual Testing, GUI Automation Testing, System testing, including Functionality, Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, Performance, Stress and Regression Testing of Client/Server and Web based applications
  • Involved in setting up the Testing Methodology for the QA department and generated various documents to enable uniformity in recording the test process and results
  • Creating user requirement document for companywide reports by extensive interactions with the user teams, development teams and management team.
  • Developed TSL scripts for performance test of SAP R/3 using Mercury Win Runner and Load Runner
  • Perform Backend testing by using SQL queries to verify the integrity of the database
  • Experience in preparation of End user documentation and Training to end-user
  • Involved in Test Specifications and Unit test plans for all the developed objects
  • Created automated scripts and executed them as part of regression tests on these applications
  • Reported the defects to the development team. The defects are reported to the development team using Mercury Test Director.

Environment:: Mercury Test Director, SAP FICO, LoadRunner, Java, JSP, HTML, GUI, SQL, MS Windows, MS Office Suite, MS Excel.

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