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Sr. Qa Analyst Resume

Bentonville, AZ


  • Performed planning and development of Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Scenario to meet product’s business requirements.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), QA Methodologies like Agile (SCRUM) and RUP.
  • Possess knowledge in Risk Analysis such as Credit Risk, Market Risk and Business Risk, etc.
  • Transitioned software development efforts to a test - driven development (TDD) process, which brought QA testing in on the front-end of the development cycle for gains in code quality, software functionality and programmer productivity.
  • Experienced in developing and executing automated test scripts using Selenium Web Driver, and Quick Test Pro (QTP).
  • Involved in creating various testing scenarios to improve the applications logistics.
  • Developed test cases for the EOM (Enterprise Order Management) to manage multiple order workflows.
  • Authorizing XMLs generated for customer communications.
  • Utilized SOAP UI for validating web and store orders.
  • Performed functional testing of web services using SOAPUI
  • Created Complex Functional Testing Scripts using Descriptive Programming in Quick Test Pro.
  • Good knowledge of Test-Driven Development, XP (extreme programming) and Agile Environment.
  • Experience in UAT Testing.
  • Experienced in performing Data driven testing to validate the components displayed on the website using Selenium.
  • Proficient knowledge in various types of software testing such as Regression Testing, Integrated Testing, Black Box Testing, Positive Testing, Negative Testing, Backend Testing, Stress Testing, Load Testing, Volume Testing and Functional Testing.
  • Experienced in GUI, Regression and Functional Testing.
  • Expertise in working on OLTP Applications like e-Commerce/Order processing application, Invoice generation/Payment Collection application.
  • Extensive knowledge of writing Complex SQL Queries for doing backend testing.
  • Implemented Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, White Box testing, Black Box Testing, GUI Testing, Functionality Testing, Positive and Negative Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Regression Testing of Web Based Applications and Client-Server Applications.
  • Knowledge of J2EE, Java Script, HTML, XML Applications
  • Experience in maintaining Test Matrix and RTM.


Testing Tools: QTP/UFT & Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Test Management Tools: QC/ALM, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Selenium Web-driver & Rally

Test Documentation: Use Cases, Test Conditions, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Scripts & Traceability Matrix

Languages: VB Script, SQL, HTML & XML

Documentation: MS Office & Adobe Tools

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows & UNIX

Databases: Oracle 10g, DB2, MS Access & MS SQL Server

Methodology: Agile (SCRUM) and Waterfall


Confidential, Bentonville, AZ

Sr. QA Analyst


  • Performed Functional, System, Security, Regression & User Interface testing of software and applications
  • Implemented a successful supply chain management process within the POS group.
  • Interacted with the client groups to determine performance requirements and goals, determine test strategies based on requirements and architecture.
  • Tested baseline image, operating system, MS Applications, and configuration of the software.
  • Checked compatibility of all the applications configured by the image capture specialists.
  • Drafted detailed system Test cases for the Application; worked with the built team to modify the documents and updates.
  • Involved in continuous Business Requirement scrubbing to ensure the stores merchandising and POS strategies.
  • Created and executed test plans and scripts to verify software functionality and adherence to business requirements.
  • Developed and maintained test status reports for each certification.
  • Created graphs and generated performance reports.
  • Involved in the discussions of Defect Tracking Process and Updated Work Progress in Excel Sheets.
  • Experience in developing Automation Frameworks right from scratch for huge testing projects using Business Process Testing (BPT).
  • Created a new project using SOAP UI and run request with input XML to receive a response XML for the request sent.
  • Created Text area Checkpoints to test the properties of the text in the application using Quick Test Pro.
  • Tested the properties of the tables using table checkpoints using Quick Test Pro.
  • Created page checkpoints to test the properties and contents of the web page using Quick Test Pro.
  • Conducted Parameterization to data tables using Quick Test Pro.
  • Created Multiple Actions using Quick Test Pro.
  • Analyzed the responses of the web service using SOAP UI and validating the data in backend.
  • Wrote and maintained test documents; converting documents to soft version maintained by the customer. Revised testing methodology depending on release, pre-and post- testing documentation and deliverables and entering bug in defect tracking database.
  • Monitored resources to identify performance bottlenecks, analyze test results and report the findings to the clients, and provide recommendation for performance improvements as needed.
  • Tested and validated the database tables using SQL queries and Stored Procedures and performed Data Validation and Data Integration.
  • Assured entry/exit criteria are met for the different phases of testing (e.g., Unit testing defects closed before hand off to System/Integration testing, high severity S/I anomalies are closed before start of UAT, successful UAT prior to production deployment
  • Participated in various meetings and discussed Enhancement and Modification Request issues.
  • Worked together with Quality Assurance team to develop test plans, generate test cases
  • Used Quality Center to manage and keep track of defects identified by the quality assurance team
  • Conducted User Acceptance Tests to meet the users’ requirements

Environment: ORPOS Application, 360Conduits, Windows 2000, Linux, Mercury quality center.

Confidential, MN

QA Tester


  • Involved in analyzing business requirements and writing Test Plans and Test Cases as per the specifications
  • Prepared Test plan, Test cases and Test scripts based on the functional specifications
  • Performed functionality testing, system testing, integration testing, regression testing, end to end testing, unit testing, user acceptance testing, positive testing and negative testing.
  • Involved in discussion with the business analyst and Subject Matter Experts (SME) during creation of test plans and updating of business requirements.
  • Coordinated with the developers and test lead on Defects Status on a regular basis.
  • Involved in testing the functionality of POS application based on the Requirements document provided by BA
  • Responsible to ensure transactions are managed correctly by validating Returns are enabled according to the business-specified returns policy and taken into account any local and fiscal requirements.
  • Interacted with business analysts, users and developers to prioritize user functionality issues.
  • Querying various databases for data validation by executing SQL queries.
  • Tested the custom point of sales program and interface to handle the windows stations including, file serving, database, security, user account management, sales, logon authorization and web services.
  • Performed Functional testing by executing test scripts
  • Performed Regression testing to ensure that new changes in the application did not broke any existing functionality
  • Experience as SOAP web services tester.
  • Extensive knowledge in testing web services via SOAP using the source testing tool SOAP UI.
  • Involved in performing Negative and Positive testing by executing various test scripts in Quality Center
  • Used SQL Navigator for Writing and execute Queries.
  • Checked the data flow through the frontend to backend and used SQL Queries to extract the data from the database.
  • Conducted Data Driven Testing to test the application with different sets of Test data
  • Performed the Back-End testing to ensure data consistency on front-end by writing and executing SQL commands

Environment: UNIX, SQL, MS SQL Server, Windows 2000, IIS, JAVA, Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, SOAP UI, POS, VMS.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

QA Analyst


  • Prepared Test Plan and Test Cases according the business requirements.
  • Participated in setting up testing environment.
  • Designed, Developed, Maintained and Documented POS Business Applications and interfaces for multiple environments.
  • Strong Knowledge and experience testing of POS and retail.
  • Extensive GUI / Usability interface Checkpoint testing.
  • Performed Configuration Testing.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) on Continuous Integration tools Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Responsible to validate different kinds of downloads such as Full Item download(FID), Non Merchandise download, Employee DB, Price changes/Markdowns, MUP Promos
  • Validated Tender Types such as Visa, Master Card, Debit, PAGO Card, Maestro, Gift Certificate, Traveler cheque, store credits and Mall Certificates
  • Creating functional automation scripts using open source tool Selenium.
  • Performed data driven web services testing via SOAP using the source testing tool SOAP UI Pro.
  • Responsible for providing data to the Revenue Accounting(RA) team to process and validate Italy transactions through Sales Audit
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Java programming language.
  • Designed and executed manual and automated test cases through Quality Center by integrating SOAP UI.
  • Responsible to escalate any critical issues to Track Leads and project manager.
  • Conducted Back-end and Regression testing during the various phases of the application.
  • Performed Back-End Testing using SQL queries.
  • Used the Load Runner Online Monitors to monitor the possible bottlenecks in the application.
  • Assisted the UAT support team
  • Analyzed test strategies, test cases for UAT.
  • Involved reporting and tracking the defects using Test Director.
  • Used Test Director to run manual and automated tests, report execution results.
  • Conducted result analysis and interacted with developers to resolve bugs.
  • Participated in the project meetings.

Environment: UNIX, SQL, MS SQL Server, Windows 2000, IIS, JAVA, Selenium Web Driver, Quality Center, SOAP UI

Confidential, New York, NY

QA Analyst


  • Involved in the creation of test plan and test cases based on functional specifications required for manual testing of marketing campaigns (promotions).
  • Determined user requirements and goals by conducting meetings.
  • Designed, scheduled and executed test plans within the pre-defined timeframe.
  • Performed Functionally Testing using Quick Test Professional and Performance Testing using Load Runner.
  • Performed Functional and Integration Testing using Quick Test Professional.
  • Performed GUI testing manually.
  • Performed Functionality testing of the application.
  • Conducted Backend testing on the Oracle Database using SQL.
  • Regression tests were performed after every bug fix or system enhancement.
  • Performed Integration testing and Configuration testing.
  • Involved in running UNIX Shell Scripts to back up daily test data.
  • Used complex SQL queries to perform Back End Testing manually with UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Developed Base line scripts in order to test the future releases of the application.
  • Performed Unit and System Testing.
  • Tested SOAP and POST API using automated scripts developed in JUnit
  • Team lead for Integration, Interface and UAT testing. Review test plan and test results and walkthrough test results with the Business Analysts and Client. Design project management tools, product specification documents and projects tasks
  • Assisted the business partner in preparing UAT plan/scripts and assured project manager has taken steps for alignment of Operational Quality Checklist
  • Coordinated with the developers on Result and Defects Status on a regular basis.
  • Executed Test Cases manually and used locally developed tool for bug and defect tracking.
  • Participated in Inspection and walkthroughs.
  • Used Mercury Quality Center for tracking and reporting defects found during the functional and regression testing and followed up on the bug life cycle.
  • Used Mercury Quality Center for documenting requirements and planning tests.

Environment: Java, HTML, DHTML, Quality Center, Oracle/UNIX.

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